Mine- Book 1

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Rosie gapes at me with pure admiration and a hint of pride, her jaw dropping as she gasps.

"You spent the night with Cal Fallon?!"

I glance around us, making sure no one was listening to her little display of excitement.

"Please keep your voice down, my god..." I hiss, pointing my finger at her warningly.

"Does Luke know?" she demands, her eyes shining with curiosity and scandal.

"Yeah," I admit sadly. "I told him this morning, it wasn't great."

I sigh and look over at her as she shakes her head and laughs.

"I mean, I had my suspicions. I thought there was someone else, but Cal Fallon? I did not see that one coming. Fuck! What was it like?"

I gaze dreamily in the distance as I remember his lips on mine, his hands unzipping my dress...

"Hello?!" Rosie clicks her fingers in front of my face. I blink at Rosie, breaking out of my reverie.

"I'm sorry, it was amazing I am not gonna lie. I just feel bad..." I murmur quietly.

"No shit you do. I bet you are looking forward to school tomorrow. Two of the hottest guys in school fighting over you."

Her voice was filled with envy as she made a face at me.

"What am I gonna do Rose?"

"I suppose you have to go with your heart," she shrugs, sipping on her drink loudly. "I thought Cal seemed a bit of a prick if I am honest. Plus he's been with Krystal, who is, let's be honest; the biggest slut in school."

I narrow my eyes, inwardly seething at the thought of him with Krystal, I didn't want to think of his hands anywhere other than over me.

"I think," Rosie continues, "If you aren't happy with Luke you need to tell him and break it off. He deserves that Gretch. You did spend the night with Cal Fallon-"

"Can you stop using his full name?"

"Because he deserves it. He is so hot! Speaking of which, did you fuck him?"

I shake my head, grateful that Cal hadn't allowed me to have my wicked way with him that morning or I would be feeling even more of a jerk right about now.

"What? So both said hot guys want to bone you and you aren't giving it up to any of them? Can I be you for a day?" Rosie begged.

I roll my eyes, opening my phone and sending a text to Luke.

"So um, how was your night? I saw you dancing with Finn; that was quite the surprise..."

I sound like the coward I am, trying to deflect the subject away from me, as Rosie waves her hand dismissively.

"You know what he's like. I just entertained him because I was drunk. I went home when we couldn't find you."

I nod, watching her carefully as she plasters a smile on her face.

"I know, I'm sorry again for just leaving. It wasn't planned. I just thought you and Finn seemed a little cosy on the dance floor..."

She laughs, wrinkling her nose up at me with amusement.

"Cosy? Me and Finn? I can assure you we are anything but," she flicks her hair over her shoulder. "So what are you doing today? Seeing Cal Fall- Cal?"

Her eyes flash with mischief as she stops herself using his full name. I bite my lip and shrug, rubbing my head with exasperation.

"I should really see Luke but I don't think he wants to."

I check my phone again.


Why was life so difficult all of a sudden?

"Well I am heading home babes. I am beat. Last night really took it out of me." Rosie yawns again, sliding out of the booth. "Do you want a ride home?"

I shake my head as I gather my things.

"No thanks. I need to clear my head anyway, the walk will do me good."

She kisses the top of my head, pulling me in for a hug.

"Love you Gretch. Chin up ok? You spent the night with the hottest guy in school, possibly the world!"

I smile to myself as she walks away.

So why didn't I feel happy?

I left the Lounge and decided to walk the long way home. I needed to think. I crossed the road and walked down a street lined with pretty houses, picket fences, kids playing outside and sprinklers on the lawn. They looked so happy. I watch a girl playing with her sister, chasing her around with what looked like a snail. The girl shrieked for her mother whilst the other laughed so hard she held her stomach. I smile again, then realise I'm staring, so I made a move. At that point, my phone rang.


I gulp nervously before I answer the call.

"Hey," I say softly.

"Where are you?"

He sounded tired and annoyed. Wonderful.

"Near the lounge. I'm just walking home," I say, checking the road as I start to cross the road.

"That's a long way to walk. Stay there, I'll come and meet you," he orders gruffly.

He hangs up before I can respond. I sigh, stuffing my hands in my pockets. I glance around and sit on a low wall near one of the houses. I don't know what I'm going to say, or even if he would listen. He was a good guy and I had treated him like shit.

Luke's car pulls onto the road, and my stomach lurches with guilt.

"You getting in?" he snaps. His eyes watch me intently as I cross in front of his car, before I climb into the passenger seat beside him.

"Look Gretchen," Luke begins, his eyes meeting mine. "You made a mistake, right? I get it. He's a handsome guy. You got a bit tipsy...We all make mistakes."

He reaches over, grabbing my hand.

"We all fuck up. This is pretty fucking big though. Family meals are out of the question from now on," he gave a bitter laugh. "Was this the first time?"

He grips the steering wheel as he shifts towards me.

"Yes," I reply in a small voice. Other than the time I nearly begged him to bend me over the sink in your bathroom...I closed my eyes at the memory. I am such a bitch.

"Luke I am sorry. But I do like Cal, I just feel so confused..."

He leans over and kisses me, hard on the mouth. I feel my back against the car door as he pulls me close to him, and as I am so used to it, I kiss him back, his familiar taste in my mouth.

What am I doing?!

I put my hands on his shoulders and push him back, shaking my head as I do.

"I can't Luke."

He glares at me with disbelief, his face close to mine.

"Why? Do you feel disloyal to him?" he spits the last word out in disgust. "I didn't think you felt disloyalty Gretchen. You sure didn't last night."

I turn in my seat to stare out of the window, my body trembling with guilt and anxiety. Luke starts the car angrily, and pulls away from the curb. I feel a trickle of fear as I pull my seat belt on, and ask him where we were heading. He stares ahead in stony silence, not responding. My mind began to race quickly; he was a nice guy, he wouldn't hurt me. He was hurting.

My phone rings then and I reach for it, stopping when he snaps at me.

"Don't answer it. I just want your attention for a little while longer, if you would be so kind."

I sit back in my seat and stare out of the window wordlessly.

"A year, Gretchen. Are you going to throw that away over a punk like him? Do you even know anything about him? He's a fucking dick. I assume you know that he's got a temper?"

I decide not to speak, and let him continue.

"Oh boy has he got a temper. Why do you think they moved here?"

I glance at him curiously as he continues with a nasty look on his face.

"Why don't you ask your lover that?" he snarls, pulling up not too far from my house.

"Home sweet home, honey." he whispers bitterly. I release my seat belt slowly.

"This is bullshit," he whispers, as he leans forward, pressing his lips down hard on mine again. This time I don't kiss him back, instead I push him away angrily.

"You want him don't you?"

Tears fill my eyes as I look away, refusing to answer him.

"Get out of my fucking car."

He stares ahead, his knuckles whitening as he tightens his grip on the steering wheel. My body trembles as I swing my legs out of the car, desperate to get away from him. The car door barely closes behind me before he speeds away. I stand on the street, tears running down my cheeks. What had I gotten myself into?

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