Mine- Book 1

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I walk into school the following day with Rosie, aware of everyone staring at me whilst whispering. I refuse to make eye contact with anyone as I make my way to my locker.

"You ok?"

I hear Rosie murmur, looking at me with her eyes full of concern. I slam my locker shut, hoisting my bag onto my shoulder.

"Yeah, I will be. It's a real shitty situation. I am literally the worst girl ever."

I sighed as someone leaned on my locker door, his shoulder making me step back slightly.


He glares at me, his arms folding as he narrows his eyes at me.

"You have got to be fucking joking me Gretchen. You've ditched Luke for that prick? I can't believe you would do that to him. You know how much he adores you. Luke could've had anyone."

He looks at me with disgust and walks away, swinging his bag over his shoulder. I turn to see Rosie staring after him, in stunned silence. I shake my head as I take a deep breath, knowing this was to be expected. Finn was Luke's best friend after all.

"Urgh. Come on, let's go to class..." Rosie mumbles, her voice trailing off as we see Krystal standing at the bottom of the corridor, staring daggers at me. I roll my eyes and follow Rosie into class, prepared for even more grief. I search the room desperately for Cal, but he was nowhere to be seen. I slide into my seat and try to ignore the stares from everyone as I got my phone out and texted Cal.

Where are you?

He replied instantly.

Bit of something to deal with at home. I'll text you later...are you ok?

I text back furiously,

You aren't coming into school?! Cal don't leave me on my own here- It's fucking horrible.

I put my phone in my bag and rub my eyes, sighing when the door opened to reveal Finn, Ethan and Luke. I look out of the window, trying not to make eye contact with any of them.

All eyes were on me as Luke sat beside me, to my surprise. I reach down to drag my book out of my bag, causing my phone to drop out between us on the floor. He glances down, seeing the digital envelope with the name 'Cal' on display. His eyes meet mine, flashing darkly.

"So where is he? Left you to face the music alone? What a lovely guy."

There were a few sniggers around the class at his sarcastic tone, as he tilts his head to peer at me.

"Then again, I don't suppose he gives a shit about you, or school."

The teacher clears her throat, commanding our attention. She had no hope of me paying any form of concentration today. I close my eyes, as I feel tears pricking them. I suppose I deserved that from Luke, but it still doesn't make it any easier to swallow.

I opened the text from Cal.


Relief coursed through me, I couldn't wait to see him. Luke glares at me from his seat, leaning forward towards me.

"How could you do this, seriously?" he hisses at me.

"Luke, do you have to, here? I've said I am sorry..." I reply softly, fully aware that everyone is now ignoring the teacher as they listen intently to our heated exchange.

Luke points at my phone angrily.

"Yeah you keep saying. So why are you still fucking texting him?"

The teacher addresses us then, her hands firmly on her hips as she glares at us from the front of the class.

"Is everything alright there, Romeo & Juliet? If you would like to have a lover's tiff you can do that in your own time."

Nervous laughter breaks out around the room as I feel my cheeks flushing with embarrassment.

"Fuck this," Luke stands up, grabbing his bag as he storms out of the class, followed immediately by the teacher. All eyes turn to me, and I can't help but retaliate.

"This is none of your business, why are you all so fucking involved!" I snap, gathering my things up and leaving the class. Luke was sitting on a bench, his arms folded as the teacher walks back towards the class.

"Deal with your trauma, and get your asses back in here. We don't have time for these ridiculous games. I won't have it disrupting my class. In here working, or the principal's office. Your choice."

She glares at me, then shakes her head before she walks away. I stare at Luke, shifting my weight from one side of my body to the other as I tug on my hair nervously.


"Sorry. Yes, you said. Do me a favour Gretchen; don't fucking talk to me again. You've made your choice."

He stands up and pushes past me back into the class. I sat down on the bench, realising I couldn't stay in school today. It was too much, too hard. I walk out of the doors, tears blurring my vision as I walk into a hard chest.

I look up to see Cal's beautiful green eyes staring at me with concern, as he wipes my tears away with his thumb, tilting my head up to his.

"I can't do this Cal, its fucking awful. Luke doesn't want to speak to me and the whole school hates me," I sob as he wraps his strong arms around me.

"Come with me."

He takes my hand in one hand, sliding my bag from my shoulder as he holds it in the other.

"Fuck this shit today. We don't need it," he mutters, glancing back at me as I follow him, snivelling to myself pitifully. I had created this mess, yet I felt sorry for myself; I couldn't help the way I felt about Cal.

"Fancy skipping school, Raven?" he grins as we reach his car, tossing my bag into the back casually. He strokes my hair out of my eyes as he gazes at me with adoration. I wasn't sure how we were so intense so quickly; but we were.

"You're a bad influence, Fallon," I say, my breath catching as another sob racks my body.

"Yeah, I am. You coming?"

His eyes glint wickedly as I nod, opening the door as he walks around to the driver's seat.

"Let's go then."

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