Mine- Book 1

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I feel better as the car speeds away from school, leaving everyone behind us. I feel safe and happy beside Cal, even though I know no one agrees with us being together. I don't care what people think of the fact Luke and I aren't together, and I don't care that it is because I've got involved with Cal. Most girls would kill to be in my position right now, sitting in a car with Cal Fallon- full name usage and everything.

I turn to gaze at him, his dirty blond hair was messy and pushed back away from his eyes, which look slightly swollen and tired.

"Are you ok?" I ask with concern as he looks over at me, my stomach flipping as his lips pull into a slight smirk.

"I'm alright, don't worry about me."

He pulls off the main road into a deserted car park, near a local crappy diner. I frown as he cuts off the engine, turning towards me as he does.

"What happened?"

He listens intently as I tell him everything from start to finish, my eyes watering again when I mention how angry Luke was.

"Raven, if you ever left me I would be fucking angry. If you left me for someone else, well..."

He doesn't finish the sentence, but then he doesn't need to; I understand. The insane connection we have came with a strong form of jealousy that we felt on both parts; the fact he referred to me 'leaving him' despite us never actually having a conversation about us being official was a perfect example.

"I wouldn't." I say firmly, knowing it was true. No one had ever made me feel this way before, and in such a short space of time.

He tilts his head and looks at me, his pupils widening as he moves closer to me, his scent making me shiver with anticipation.

"No, you wouldn't. You won't ever want to leave me."

He pulls me into his arms then, and I can't help but moan softly under his touch.

"Are you mine yet?" he breathes into my neck, kissing me tenderly. I kissed him back, unable to believe this creature wanted me as much as he did.

"Yes," I breathe with excitement as he groans, kissing me harder.

"Cal," I pull away from him reluctantly and stare into his beautiful green eyes. "I need to go back to school. My parents will kill me if I don't."

He nods then, releasing me as he starts the car.

"Whatever you want."

I move back to my seat, biting my lip as I watch him anxiously.

"Are you mad with me?"

He frowns at me, grinning with confusion as he pulls out of the car park.

"Why would I be mad with you?" he seems genuinely puzzled, turning back to gaze at me.

I feel a flush of embarrassment as I mutter under my breath, "You know...for not...."

"Fucking me in the seat of my car?" he laughs mischievously. "Not at all. It will be worth the wait, I have no doubt." His hand squeezes my thigh. "Let's go face these fuckers."

When we get back it's lunch time, and I feel a wave of nausea sweep over me as we approach the entrance. Cal squeezes my hand as we walk into school, lifting our joined hands up to me.

"Is this ok?" he checks, a playful smile on his lips, as I almost burst with happiness.

"Yeah...although I don't think Luke will...."

Cal puts a finger to his lips.

"Fuck Luke."

We walk into the canteen together, and a hush falls instantly. I saw Rosie and Sienna sitting with Ethan, Luke and Finn. My heart was in my mouth as Cal and Luke stared at each other intensely. Ethan whispered something to Luke and I can't help but notice the hurt in his eyes. I pull Cal towards an empty table away from them.

"Cal," I whisper desperately. "Cal, please..."

I tug his arm and pull him away from the staring competition he seems to be in with Luke.

Luke stands up and Ethan tries to pull him back down, as Rosie stands up and comes over to us, glaring at Cal with clear dislike.

"Gretchen, why don't you guys leave? It's really raw for Luke right now..."

I stand to leave, whilst Cal remains seated.

"Why? She has apologised. She can't help how she feels."

His voice was low and strong, making me sit back down beside him. Rosie glares at him, licking her lips, preparing to do battle.

"Because it's courtesy, Cal. Less than twenty four hours ago Gretchen was his girlfriend, or did that slip your memory?"

Cal fixed his eyes on her bemusedly.

"I'm sorry, I thought you were Gretchen's best friend, I didn't realise you were the president of Luke's fan club."

Her eyes widen, her mouth dropping open in shock as I groan.

"Cal! Rosie, I am sorry, we should go..."

Rosie folds her arms and shakes her head, walking back to the table. Why was she being so loyal to Luke all of a sudden? I don't want to voice this in front of Cal, knowing he would probably waste no time in telling her exactly what a shit friend she was. Luke glowers at us, Ethan and now Finn sit on either side of him as they watch us with grim expressions on their faces.

"Cal, please..."

I'm aware I'm pleading with him, but I didn't know what he was capable of. I don't want Luke to antagonise him in any way; no matter how wronged he felt. Cal finally turns and looks at me, his eyes narrowing.

"He'll see it sooner or later. He may as well get used to it."

He lifts my hand to his lips and kisses it, my stomach filling with butterflies as his gaze sweeps over me briefly.

"If you want to go, we will go."

I nod pathetically. He swings his legs out from his seat, still holding my hand, gesturing for me to walk ahead of him towards the exit.


Luke's voice rings through the canteen, my body freezing in response, my hand gripping Cals as he turns slowly to face him.


It felt like the whole school was holding its breath, I for one was most definitely holding mine.

Luke got to his feet, before folding his arms and nodding at me.

"You're welcome to her. She's frigid as fuck and I'm glad to be rid of her."

His words cut through me like a knife. Cal doesn't blink, as he tilts his head to the side, studying Luke pitifully. Rosie's hand flies to her mouth as she stands up angrily in my defence, her eyes flashing.

'Luke, you can't say that!'

Luke puts his hands in the air, ignoring her.

"I'm a single guy now girls. Let the games begin," he smirks at me directly as he sits back down, smiling wickedly as a few whoops go around the canteen.

"Good luck cuz. You will need it."

Cal turns to me, holding my head so I was looking into his eyes.

"Listen to me, he is hurting. He's behaving like a fucking prick because he has lost you. If you want me to go and deal with him, I will. But I think the fact he hasn't got you anymore is punishment enough. I really don't mind punching him in the mouth though, the disrespectful little bastard."

Cal turns his head sideways towards Luke who seemed to be taunting him by opening his hands out in a beckoning gesture. I shake my head and Cal puts his arm around me and we leave the canteen.

Rosie runs up behind us, her hand on my arm as I whirl around to face her.

"Hey Gretch, wait up."

Cal rolls his eyes and pulls out a cigarette as he leans against a locker, a bored expression on his handsome face.

"Can we have a minute?" she snaps at him.

"Rose," I exclaim, fed up already with their animosity.

Cal looks into my eyes and kisses me softly.

"I'll be outside."

I watch him leave longingly, before I turn to Rosie, my eyes narrowing.

"Rose, don't be mad with him, we can't help how we feel-"

She shakes her head, interrupting me.

"Listen to me. There are rumours- bad rumours. You need to be careful. "

"Rumours? Started by Luke probably," I say sadly.

"It's his family, Gretchen. He wouldn't spread rumours about Cal, you know how much he values family. Despite the stunt Cal has pulled, Luke isn't like that." She hugged me tightly. "I love you Gretch, but please be careful."

She turns, walking slowly back to the canteen.

My mind reels as I push the doors open to find Cal. What rumours? Where had they started? I realise I know nothing about Cal really, other than the fact when I was with him everything felt right.

But was that enough?

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