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I stared at my reflection in the mirror. I didn’t recognise the woman staring back at me. I had met Rosie at the mall earlier that day, begging her to help me get sensational for my date.

After Rosie had squealed and danced at the news Cal was back, she immediately went into Diva mode, dragging me to the hair salon. I wasn’t holding out much hope they could fit me in, it WAS a Saturday after all. A petite blonde girl called Molli (yes with an I!) had a cancellation and was all too excited to get her hands on my unruly mop. She had scrubbed, snipped and blow dried to within an inch of her life. I was astounded someone so small and slight could have such strength! She teased my hair into silky curls that tumbled down my shoulders, complete with caramel highlights. Molli ran some ‘product’ through my hair and some three hours later from walking in I was ‘done.’ Rosie stared at me agape as I paid Molli, making sure to give her a heavy tip. Wow. I felt awkward, not wanting to mess up the curls. Rosie walked over whistling.

‘Ouch. Cal is going to DIE, you look insanely hot momma!’

I giggled, linking arms with her as we made our way out of the salon, watched by a smiling Molli. Next stop was all the stores- we trawled through so many- Rosie getting agitated because she didn’t know where I was going that evening. In the end I sent a text to Cal asking for a location as I needed to know what to wear, to which he replied with

′Dress however the fuck you like- you won’t be wearing it long. We are going somewhere nice, I promise.′ I had butterflies in my tummy as I read it.

Rosie rolled her eyes. ‘They really do just think with their cocks dont they?’

I shrugged, remembering that morning fondly. In the end we settled on a simple yet figure hugging black dress, the back exposed.

Later that evening, I stared at myself in the mirror again, waiting anxiously for Cal to pick me up. I wore a diamonte choker, and I had gone all the way with the make up. I followed a tutorial on youtube on ‘smoky eyes’ and nude lips. I finished the lipliner on my lips as the doorbell rang. I squealed, grabbing my black fur collared jacket. I was careful walking down the stairs in my heels, desperately trying not to slip. My father had answered the door, and was standing at the bottom of the stairs talking with Cal, a relaxed expression on his face. Clearly mom had had a word. I smiled as they broke off their conversation to watch me descend the stairs. My mother walked in from the kitchen, her eyes resting on me. She smiled in delight, her hands flying to her mouth as I saw tears fill her eyes. I felt for them- they didn’t get to see me go to prom, this was as good as that to them. It was Cal who took my breath away, as his jaw dropped watching me walk towards him

′You look absolutely, beautiful, wow I am a lucky man.′

I could tell he was trying to behave in front of my parents, but as his eyes drank me in I could see his thoughts were not that of a behaved man, more likely depraved.

My father watched him carefully, as did I. He wore a suit, black, with a black tie. His long hair had been cut back to its previous length and slicked back, making me focus on his chiseled jawline which was now devoid of any hairs.

He raised my hand to his and kissed it softly, eyes on mine.

My parents stood watching us, my mother coming over to kiss me lightly on both cheeks, whispering,

’Be safe, and if you aren’t coming home, text me.′

I looked at her in surprise and she winked as she slid an arm around my fathers waist.

‘Have a good night honey and Cal, look after her.’

My father raised his eyebrows at him as he said this, and Cal nodded his head.

′Absolutely Mr Red, you have my word.′

My father crossed his arms and watched us go, his chest puffed out with pride. We left into the chilly evening air, the door closing behind us.

’Oh Cal you look amazing, can we just go to yours?!′

He held my hand and indicated in front of him. ′Or the back of this?′

I followed his gaze to see a sleek black limo stretched out in front of my house. I gaped, standing still as I took it in. ′A limo?!′

Cal laughed, clearly pleased with my reaction. A driver stood at the door which he now held open for me, holding his hand out as I climbed in. I had never been in a limo before and I couldn’t believe my eyes. I slid into a seat which curled its way from the door and around the length of the limo, a bar in front of that complete with champagne on ice. I turned to see a huge bouquet of roses lying next to the champagne there was a note attached. My heart thudded in my chest as Cal slid in the seat next to me, kissing my shoulders.

‘You look and smell good enough to eat.’

He looked up at me then, following my gaze to the roses. He handed me the bouquet and I reached for the note. I realised the limo was moving and I squealed with excitement. The note slid out and it simply read;


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