Mine- Book 1

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The rest of the day passes agonisingly slowly. When I finally leave school Cal is waiting for me by the stairs, gazing into the distance. His jaw is clenching as he sighs, and my heart aches for him. I want to know what he is thinking, what is making those green eyes so cloudy.

I walk over and he pulls me in close, kissing me deeply. I apologise for keeping him waiting.

"As I said earlier, you are worth waiting for," he breathes into my neck. My entire body was screaming for him, his touch making me shiver.

"So, what are we doing tonight?" I ask in between kisses. A smile plays at his lips.

"I have a few ideas..." he murmurs as he kisses my forehead softly, his hands dropping to my ass as I gulp nervously.

"We need to work on our presentation..." I remind him weakly as his arm circles my waist, bringing me close enough to feel his hot breath on my face.

"Ah yes, therapy. Come to mine now and we will work on our...presentation," he laughs and I silence him by kissing him. I feel almost giddy with happiness. What Luke had said earlier was hurtful, but I also know Cal was right, he was hurting. I follow Cal to his car to find Luke sitting on the bonnet.

My stomach drops as Cal releases my hand, addressing Luke with his sharp tone.

"Get the fuck off my car."

Luke jumps down, standing squarely in front of Cal.

"See, I thought seeing as you was fucking my girlfriend I could sit on your piece of shit car," he spits angrily. I reach for Cal, feeling his body tense as he replies.

"She's not your girlfriend," he corrects him, and I close my eyes.

"Oh, but you are fucking her?"

Luke pushes Cal and I beg him to stop, but he ignores me, continuing as though I hadn't even spoken. I notice Cal's eyes narrow as he takes a deep breath.

"I don't want to hurt you Luke," he warned through gritted teeth.

Luke steps closer, goading him again.

"No? You should've thought about that last night you slimy bastard."

He swings his fist out suddenly, hitting Cals face with a crack. I shriek and try to drag Luke away, as he pushes me onto the floor.

"This is all your fucking fault. You could've said NO!" he hisses, his eyes almost black with rage. I move backwards as he towers over me, before he turns back to Cal.

"Did she tell you we kissed yesterday? Twice actually," he sneers.

I watch as confusion passes over Cal's face as he registered what Luke was saying. I scramble to my feet and stand close to Cal, pointing my finger at Luke angrily.

"That's bullshit and you know it Luke. You kissed me and I kissed you back out of habit, I stopped straight away. It was you that forced yourself on me the second time after I had said no."

I start to cry then, hot, fat tears sliding down my cheeks as Luke glares at me. How had it come to this?

Cal grabs Luke by the throat then, and pushes him against the bonnet of his car.

"I asked you fucking nicely. She doesn't want you. She wants me. She is mine. Get that into your fucking skull. If you ever touch her in any way again, I will fucking kill you and no one will find you. Do you understand me?"

He speaks so calmly it frightens me to my core. Luke's hands pull at Cals that are wrapped around his throat as he struggles to breathe.

"Cal, let him go, let him go!" I begged, pulling at his arms desperately.

Cal threw him onto the floor, before leaning down to his level.

"Get the fuck away from us."

Luke sits up, gasping for breath. He stares at me in horror, pointing at me in disbelief.

"You chose this? This fucking monster?"

He stands slowly, his hand still on his throat as he starts to walk away.

"Oh and Luke," calls Cal slowly, "She's not frigid, not in the slightest. With me, anyway." he smirks, as Lukes face falls.

"But you said, Gretch, you said..."

Cal stands in front of me, his eyes glittering dangerously as he glares at me.

"Get in the car. Now," he barks, his voice laced with anger as he guides my arm to the passenger door. Tears stream down my face as I gulp, noticing Cals' eye had started to swell and blood was trickling from his lip. He slams my door shut, moving to the drivers side in record speed. I gaze at his wounds, my hand at my mouth as he shakes his head dismissively.

"I'm ok," he snaps as I put my hand to his face. "So you kissed him?"

He slams his hand on the steering wheel, turning to face me.

"He kissed you, and you fucking kissed him back?" he says quietly, as I reach for him, despite my terror.

"I did it because I am used to it! It's a shit reason but it is the truth. I felt nothing Cal, and I knew I was doing the right thing leaving him."

He starts the ignition and the car screeches away, causing me to fall into the side of the door. He looks at me in alarm and I hold my hands up.

"I'm ok," I mutter.

"Don't ever kiss anyone else, ever again. Those lips are mine, you belong to me."

His voice was husky, and despite the dark tone in his voice, I feel alive with passion. I should probably feel worried, scared or wary; but all I felt was content. We drove to his house in silence.

As we walk in, we find Alice at the kitchen table drinking a glass of white wine.

"Cal! What happened?"

She barely glances at me as I follow him in, exhausted from the day. I quickly sent a text to my Mom, telling her that I was studying with Cal and that I would be home later. It wasn't far from the truth, not really. Cal reassures his Mom that he is ok and holds his hand out to me.

"Gretchen is...not with Luke anymore."

Alice gazed at him, her green eyes seeming to mirror his before they flicker over to me.

"Is that what this is? You had a fight with your cousin over Gretchen?"

I put my head down in shame, as Cal ran his hands through his hair.

"She's with me now."

His mother looks over at me, and I try not to meet her eyes. The last thing I wanted was for her to dislike me because I was some kind of harlot.

"I see. Well, if you're happy; I'm happy. But try not to cause any more trouble with your cousin. I'm sure he is hurting quite a bit losing a beautiful girl such as yourself, Gretchen."

I blush at the unexpected compliment as I smile, "Thank you Alice. Cal is...amazing."

She nods as she watches the two of us exchange a look.

"But we really do have a project to work on. So, we'll go and do that now," Cal mutters and pulls my hand towards the stairs.

His mother sits back down, draining her glass of wine.

"I hope that girl knows what she is doing," she mutters to herself, massaging her temples.

We walk into his room, and he pulls me over to the bed. I kiss him carefully, avoiding his split lip as best as I could.

"I'm so sorry he hit you," I whisper, my mouth close to his.

He licked his lip, wincing slightly as he shrugged.

"It's ok, you're worth it."

He stares at me as he runs his hands through my curls, then down my body. He continues to kiss me, lying me down on his bed, his hair falling into my eyes.

"I really want you. All of you..." he whispers, as his lips brush against my jawline.

I allow myself to relax into his arms, unable to fight my body's desire anymore.

"Cal I haven't...I haven't done this before," I stammer as I feel my hands shake with nerves.

He stops and stares at me, frozen temporarily.

"Really? You've never slept with anyone?"

He was in total disbelief. I shake my head, biting my lip. His eyes move to my mouth, before he sits back and exhales.

"I'm not going to make you do anything you don't want to do. I can always have a cold shower you know," he smiles at me, then grimaces as his cut lets out fresh blood. I lean forward and kiss him.

"I don't want to wait. I want to be with you in every way possible..."

He pulls me onto his lap.

"I'm not gonna lie, I really find it difficult being with you and not being able to completely fuck you the way I want to."

I suck in my breath as he begins to slide my top over my shoulders, kissing me softly as I close my eyes with delight.

"So do it then," I breathe, terrified of what was about to happen, but at the same time feeling incredibly sure it was what I want. He was the most beautiful man inside and out, and not being with him in this way felt wrong. He gazes at me, his eyes meeting mine.

'You're perfect Gretchen, honest to fucking god. I have never felt this way, ever. But there are some things you need to know about me...'

I raise my fingers to his mouth, silencing him.

"This first. Therapy after yeah?"

He laughs then, climbing onto the bed with me, kissing me so hard I could taste his blood in my mouth.

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