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The limo sped through the streets of Winterburg as I sipped the champagne in between kissing the most amazing man I had ever met.

‘Where are we going?’ I murmured, glad I had gone with the nude lips, considering how much we had kissed.

He smiled that smile and gazed at me adoringly. How had I managed to end up this lucky?! He really was absolutely gorgeous, but also addictive on about a thousand other levels. He leant back against the leather seat and ran a hand through his hair, the other entwined with mine.

’Somewhere different. You missed prom so..′ He shrugged, looking down. I rolled my eyes and sipped my champagne. I can’t remember feeling this happy, especially when I noticed Cal watching me.

’What?!′ I giggled nervously.

He ran his finger over my knuckles before raising my hand to kiss with his beautiful mouth. His green eyes met mine and I felt an electric bolt shoot through my body. How did anyone have an effect on anyone just by looking at them? I swear he had some sort of magical power, there was no other explanation. Voodoo maybe? As I pondered this the limo started to slow before coming to halt. I looked at Cal shyly as he smiled.

The door opened and the driver held his hand out for me to get out. As I stepped out I felt the wind greet me, taking my breath away. I gasped as I realised we were at the marina....


I turned to him, my eyes wide as I searched his. ′What are we doing at the marina?!′

He laughed, and turned me around to face the direction behind me.

’We are spending the evening on that...′ he nodded to a beautiful yacht in the near distance. It was lit up against the dark, and I squealed in excitement. He beamed at my reaction, grabbing my hand after tipping the limo driver. My heart thudded in my chest as I stared at the yacht. The ramp onboard had rails which had roses around them, small lanterns lining the path to it. I went to walk on it and Cal stopped me, removing my heels, then removing his shoes. I looked at him puzzled as he winked at me. ‘You need to take your shoes off before you board a yacht my lady, it may damage the decks. ’ I was relieved, I was worried how I was going to manage the walk in heels. I wanted to take so many selfies it was unreal! I walked up the ramp and onboard. I was immediately greeted by a lady in a crisp white shirt and pressed black trousers. Her hair was swept up into an elegant french roll as she handed me (another) ice cold glass of bubbles. I thanked her as I turned to take in my surroundings. I felt Cal’s arms slip around my waist as he kissed my neck.

′Do you like it?′

He sounded nervous. I rubbed his hand as I whispered how much I loved it. He led me by the hand to a table surrounded by small lanterns, candles and more roses. The chairs were so soft and comfy, with at least room for three people on each side. I slipped into one and Cal slid in opposite me, his eyes dancing with happiness. The waitress came over and we ordered our food- chicken for me and steak for Cal... and more champagne.

’You look absolutely amazing Gretchen.′

He said softly, his eyes drinking me in. I blushed and he noticed, smiling further as he leant back into his chair. The waitress poured more champagne and fluttered her eyelashes at Cal as he thanked her.

′No problem Sir.′ She swung her hips gently as she walked away, casting a sly glance behind her to see if he was watching. Unfortunately all she saw was my furious glare.

′Does she want to offer to take you below?!′ I muttered, annoyed that she was having the audacity to try it on with my boyfriend on a date! This was the problem with being with someone stupidly hot. He raised his eyebrows and flashed me a wicked grin.

’Now that is an idea. We should totally go below at some point Raven.′ He licked his lips suggestively and I felt my face burning. It must be the champagne, because I was genuinely considering it....

After dinner Cal and I went to the other end of the yacht and stared at the sky together, complete with a thick blanket to shield us from the cold. I couldn’t believe how many stars there were, it was such a clear night.

′It’s so beautiful′ I murmered.

Cal pulled me towards him, our lips meeting urgently as his mouth explored mine. Immediately I found myself pulling his hair and felt him pull me onto his lap. We were kissing hungrily and I found myself moaning as he pulled me down onto him, the blanket covering us. I could hear the waves lapping the boat, the movement of the boat on the water slight, creating the most wonderful moment. I pulled away from him and he groaned.

‘I think, it’s time for a dance.’

I frowned at him happily.

‘What?! Here? But..’

He lifted me up and stood me on my feet. He turned and held out his hand which i took, laughing softly. At that moment the lights on the yacht went out and I gasped and went closer to Cal, who smiled.

‘It’s ok.’

I looked up at him and realised I was smiling stupidly. I was standing in the dark under the stars, on a yacht, in a dress and bare feet, whilst Cal held me in his arms. He swayed me to invisible music and I felt tears prick my eyes. I sniffled involuntarily and he tipped my head back to look at him.

‘I love you, you know that? Nothing will ever tear us apart again.’

His voice was strong yet soft as his lips brushed against mine.

‘I love you too. So much.’

Our lips met properly then, as we danced under the stars.

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