Mine- Book 1

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My nerves begin to evaporate as his mouth moves expertly with mine. His tongue dances deliciously in my mouth as I feel myself moan against him. His fingers move slowly under my top, dragging against my skin as he gazes at me, his head moving down so his lips could meet the skin that was now cold without his touch

I look down, seeing his mop of blonde hair resting on my stomach as he trails kisses down to the tip of my jeans. He looks up at me as he loosens the buttons, hearing me gasp with anticipation. I was now beyond nervous, but it was because his beauty made me that way. His manly presence left me awe, after years of dealing with mere boys. He may be the same age, but for some reason he was worlds apart.

His lips kiss the bare skin left behind from the waistband of my jeans that he had slid down ever so slightly. My breathing hitches as he sat up on his knees, tugging my jeans off slowly as he discarded them on the floor.

His gaze swept up my thighs, settling on my underwear which I feared was revealing far too much of my core. He pulls off his t-shirt, dropping it to the floor as my breathing increases, my lungs gasping for air as I study his perfect form. He sinks to his knees, his mouth littering soft kisses on my inner thighs as I inhale sharply. I'd done this before with Luke, and it wasn't something I'd ever enjoyed. But Cal continues, his fingers lacing with mine as he moves further up towards my core, sliding my underwear down my thighs as he looks at me with a confidence I find exhilarating.

"Let me do this, I promise you'll enjoy it."

I sink back into the bed, my fingers gripping the sheets as he suddenly buries his head in between my thighs. His tongue slides expertly between my silky folds as I feel myself shudder with delight. I bite my lip as he sucked on my clit, his finger ever so softly moving around the entrance to my core as I clenched instinctively.

"Relax baby. I can stop anytime you want me to."

"No, don't stop," I mumble, as his breath on my exposed core makes me tingle and shiver. Suddenly he slides his finger softly inside of me, muttering under his breath.

"I won't last with you."

I arch my back as he moves his mouth against me, my body bucking against him as he reduces me to a wreck. Everytime I get close, he stops, kissing me softly.

"Cal, I'm ready," I gasp, pulling him up to me, his throbbing hardness pressing against my wet core as I began to shiver in delight.

"Oh I don't know if you are, Raven," he murmurs against me, his lips suddenly on my neck as I feel him grab something from the bedside table.I'm almost in a drunken daze as I kiss him, noting the taste of me on his tongue as he shifted me carefully beneath him. His breathing is heavy as he lifts the condom packet for me to approve.

"Are you absolutely sure?"

"Cal, please," I beg as he tore it open with his teeth, pulling out the condom as I watched him roll it onto his alarmingly large member.

"I can stop, anytime," he murmurs again, as I nod. I was part terrified, part desperate to feel him inside of me, when I felt it press into me. I bite my lip as I arch back, sucking in a breath. He continues to move slowly, gazing at me as I try to ignore the agonising pain. Where was the pleasure everyone spoke of?

"Baby, it will hurt. It will feel better soon, I swear. Do you want me to stop?" he whispers as he holds himself up on his forearms, gazing at me intensely as I shake my head.

"No. Just do it the way you think," I manage to say, wriggling underneath him.

He nods, his mouth on mine as he kisses me, moving slowly inside of me as my body tries to accommodate his size, my walls stretching around him as I saw him bite his lip; as though it was causing him pain too. After lots more kissing, I feel a deep pressure and I moan out loud.

"Ok, it's in, all the way. I'll go as slow as I can."

As he moves inside of me I grip his back, as the pain begins to subside, replaced by an insanely pleasurable feeling. Combined with his delicious kisses and his voice in my ear, I began to see what all the fuss was about.

"Oh god, yes." I moan, as he laughed softly against me.

"Sshh, you've gotta be quiet."

It was then that as my pain subsided, he began to pick up pace, making me moan so loudly he covered my mouth with his.

"I swear, I won't last if you keep moaning like that."

I didn't care, my fingers digging into his back as he groaned, leaning up to watch his cock slide in and out of me slowly.

"You're insane, Gretchen."

I lift my legs around him as he buried himself deeply inside of me, my hands clawing at him as he finally lost himself. His body was slick with sweat as his finger slid down to my core, massaging my sweet spot as I covered my own mouth from crying out as I felt my body spasm in a way I had never experienced before.

"Cal," I moan as he seemed to halt for a minute, holding his breath before he gasped loudly, letting out groans as he seemed to shudder between my thighs. Had he cum? I lay completely still, as I heard him chuckle softly in my ear.

"Are you ok? I'll take it out now, real slowly."

I gaze at him as he moves from within me, leaving me feeling totally empty. How had I ever felt complete before? He stands up, handing me some tissues as he smiles.

"You're incredibly wet."

I cringe, pushing the tissue between my thighs as I felt the intense wetness. I panicked when I saw blood on the tissue, but Cal soothes me instantly.

"It's normal to bleed when it's your first time, don't panic," he said softly, walking over to me as he helped slide my underwear back up, rubbing his hands on my thighs as he gazed at me.

"Are you alright? How was it?"

I sat up, pushing my hair out of my eyes as I stare at him.

"Are you for real right now? That was... mind blowing. How many girls have you been with exactly?' I exclaim as his eyes widen.

"It's irrelevant," he says dismissively as I frown.

"Why is it?" I demand, as he holds my gaze.

"Because now none exist. It's only you. I've got a feeling you're gonna be my forever."

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