Mine- Book 1

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If I wasn't already sitting down, I would've collapsed.


I begin to cry then, not sure what has happened, or how he is still alive in front of me.

"You are in witness protection!" I hiss, stunned by his apparent sheer stupidity.

He raises his beautiful green eyes to mine then and I start to cry.

"I need you to tell me what happened to you," I whisper, my hands shaking.

Cal shakes his head slightly, his expression unreadable. He starts to peel the label from the beer bottle, and absentmindedly I remember reading that it was a sign of sexual frustration. Why does that make me feel happier? I jump when he speaks gruffly.

"It's fucking hard Raven. But you are safe now. That's all that matters. I don't want to tell you everything, I just...can't ok? Not yet. Give me time, please."

He holds his face in his hands and I crawl forward to where he is. I peel his hands away from his face to look at him.

"It's been months," he murmurs, pain in his eyes. "I get that you may have moved on, and if you have, I swear I will never bother you again," he cups my face in his hands before continuing. "You deserve to be happy, with a decent human being who isn't in trouble with less desirable fuckheads."

I cut him off with my lips on his. He pulls me onto his lap effortlessly, his fingers sliding up my back as I kiss him harder. I run my nails down his chest, biting his neck as he lifts me up to throw me down onto the sofa. I gasp and look up at him in awe as he pulls my jeans and panties down, tossing them aside. He kneels over me, unbuckling his belt without taking his eyes away from me once.

I surprise him as I take control, pushing him down onto the sofa, straddling him. I lift my hoodie off to sit on him completely naked. He pulls his jeans down, and I could feel him against me, causing me to moan softly. I lean forward and kiss him slowly on his face, his lips, his throat.

I can't get enough of him.

His hands skim my body greedily, his fingers tracing down my thigh until he slips a finger easily inside of me. My body reacts so intensely I feel like I'm going to be done there and then. I reach down and grab his member which is now thick and hard. He lifts me easily by the hips, pushing himself deep inside of me.

I arch back in pleasure as I lift myself up and back down on him, taking the full length of him inside of me.

"You're fucking perfect," he mutters into my ear as our bodies rock in perfect rhythm.

I wake a little after two am to Cal shaking my shoulders softly.

"Raven, wake up."

His voice sounds urgent; worried. I sit up with confusion to find I'm drenched in sweat and completely naked. I take in my surroundings, my gaze resting on Cal, who is watching me with concern.

"Cal, what's wrong?"

I still couldn't believe we were entwined together on his sofa.

"You were having a nightmare," he sighs softly, kissing my head.

I'd dreamt he was dead. I'd dreamt it before of course, but this seemed so final. I had watched his casket being lowered into the ground, and people walking away sadly. I had sat on the soil screaming his name.

"I'll get you some water."

He gets up from the sofa, and I pull the throw around me, shuddering despite the warmth of the house. I watch Cal pad over from the sink, a glass of water in his hand. I could watch him all day. I can't help but stare at his body which he smirks at.

"Seen enough?"

"No," I retort playfully as he sits on the sofa, his hand running up and down my leg reassuringly. I swallow the water gratefully and check my phone. He watches me as I put it back on the floor and sigh contentedly.

"Everything alright?"

His tone is casual but I know he is worried.

"Yeah, my parents bought that I was staying at Rosies. I think they would let tonight slide either way with it being prom," I shrug, sipping the water before placing it on the floor beside my phone.

"Prom?" Cal echoes, wrapping his arms around me and scattering kisses all over me.

"I was hardly going to go was I?"

"I bet you had lots of opportunities to go. I can't even imagine how much attention you got the minute I was out of the picture. It kills me actually."

His hand finds mine as he brings it to his lips, kissing my fingers softly.

"You're mine. You always have been Raven, and you always will be. I just hope you always want to be."

I smile as I nodded my head.

"Always baby."

I notice his eyes cloud over with something, which quickly passes.

"Are you back now? For real?" I ask nervously.

I need to know, there was no way I was going through that hell, ever again.

His finger strokes my cheek.

"I left because I had to. I'm here now, and there is no reason for me to have to leave again, know that."

I frown and despite myself I asked the question I most want to hear the answer to.

"What happened in New York?"

His eyes narrow.

"I know you need the truth, but I just don't feel I can. Not yet. But I will never leave you again. Ok?"

I watch him and realise suddenly he seems a lot older than his seventeen years.

"Can we go and sleep in a proper bed now?" I grin, as he yawns and smiles at me lazily.

I couldn't push it. Not at two am. I stand up, bringing the throw with me. I follow him upstairs, my mind racing with the possibilities of what had happened to Cal in New York.

His bedroom was simple, floor length curtains adorned the windows, a thick grey rug on the varnished floor. His bed was up against a plain wall, white sheets lay crumpled on the mattress and I noticed an ashtray on the floor. I roll my eyes; some things don't change.

I crawl into the bed, tiredness overtaking me suddenly. Cal slides into bed beside me and kisses my head before exhaling.

"I can't tell you how much I have missed you."

I smile as my eyes close, our fingers laced together.

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