Mine- Book 1

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By seven I was dressed and ready for wherever the night was going to take me. Nancy still wasn't back so I imagined Josh was going to be disappointed. I had jeans on with a silk grey top that tied both at the neck and at the bottom of my back.

I left my apartment, feeling slightly nervous as I made my way down to the second floor. I knocked on the door of Josh & Nicholas's apartment and smiled as the door opened to reveal Josh. He whistled and ran his hand through his hair.

"Looking good Curls."

I rolled my eyes and told him my name was Gretchen, to which he shrugged. He looked behind me hopefully and I laughed.

"She hasn't come home. Sorry…"

We heard the entrance door slam as our eyes met.

"Ooh…" I teased as we watched the staircase curiously.

Sure enough it was Nancy, but she wasn't alone. An older man followed her in a suit with his tie loosened, his dark brown hair loose. Nancy stopped and I smiled, introducing her to Josh and Nicholas.

I stepped back as Josh stepped forward, totally unfazed by the man by Nancy's side. Nancy eyed him appreciatively, taking in his muscular body and all American good looks.

"I'm Josh. You must be Curlys roomy."

Nancy raised her eyebrow at me then looked back at Josh.

"Have you anything to drink in there?"

She walked past him into his apartment, to which he smiled wickedly, following her. The man in the suit smiled and I looked at him awkwardly.

"I'm Tate, Nancy's brother."

His voice was deep and masculine, but friendly. Unlike his sister, I noted. I smiled.

"I'm Gretchen, Nancy's roomy."

His eyes twinkled.

"Lucky you," he laughed sarcastically and I laughed with him.

"Shall we follow?'" he gestured into the room behind me. I jumped, laughing.

"Yes, better than congregating in the hallway…"

I felt nervous as I noticed his eyes on mine a beat longer than they should've been.

We headed into the apartment to find Nancy and Josh doing shots. Josh beckoned us over and I looked at Tate and Nicholas who looked as uncomfortable as I did.

"To NYC!" shouts Josh, raising his shot. He nodded to the table where many other shot glasses lay full to the brim.

Tate shrugged and leant over, picking one up for me and one for him. Nicholas grimaced as Nancy pushed one into his hands. We all knocked it back, and I began to cough. What the hell was that vile liquid? Josh laughed, handing me another. I shook my head, no way was I having another of those.

"You owe me little lady. One more!"

I met his eyes and sighed. I was a student after all.


I woke to beaming sunlight in my face. I blinked, shielding my eyes.


My head hurt and my mouth felt like it was filled with cotton wool. I glanced around the room, looking for my phone. It was strange waking up to my new bedroom, but even so, I was happy to have made it home in one piece. We didn't even make it out of the apartment last night, instead we ordered pizza and sat drinking. It was quite enjoyable, but today I was meant to be looking for a job.

I felt so sick and wondered again what those shots were.

I needed water.

I groaned as I swung my legs out of bed, opening my door to see Tate laying on the sofa in a pair of navy joggers, his top half bare. I averted my eyes and cleared my throat, so he knew I was there and could pull a top on or something. He tilted his head and smiled.

"Good morning. What a night eh?"

I nodded and walked over to the tap, pouring water into a mug from the draining board. I drank it gratefully before pouring another. I walked over to the sofa, tapping Tates legs so he could make room. He sat up and stretched.

The door buzzer went off and I looked at Tate who shrugged as though to say he didn't know how to answer it either. We both laughed as I saw Nancy come out of her room and press the buzzer angrily.

"Who is it?" she hissed.

The reply was muffled as she rolled her eyes and allowed the stray inside the building. She only had her underwear on and make up was smeared all over her face as she stomped back to bed. Tate and I started laughing, trying not to let her hear us.

"Coffee?" Tate asked, getting up to make his way to the kitchen.

I felt strangely at ease, and reached for my phone. Nothing from Cal. I checked my calls and it seemed I had called him last night, twice. He hadn't answered though. I missed him so much.

It was really odd of him to not answer my calls though. I studied Tate and wondered what his story was. He was older than us for sure, definitely in his thirties. He walked over, handing me a mug of steaming hot coffee. I moaned appreciatively and sipped it.

Suddenly there was a knock on our door, and I realised that whoever Nancy had let in had finally managed the stairs. Tate stood and walked to the door, peering through the spy hole.

Looks like another of my sister's admirers," he said dryly and I laughed as he opened the door. I curled my legs under me and watched as Tate greeted the guest.

I almost dropped my coffee when I saw Cal standing in front of me.

He was taking in the scene- Tate half dressed, me with wild messy hair dressed in my nightwear- as he looked back to Tate, then me. I stood, putting my coffee on the table.

"Cal?" I murmured, in shock. He studied me for a minute, a frown on his face as his eyes met mine.

"Am I interrupting something?"

It was said so softly I almost didn't hear him. My eyes widened and flew to Tate who looked as puzzled as I was. At that moment Nancy came out of her room heading for the bathroom. She left her door open and there in her bed was a very content Josh.

"Sup Curls!" he called.

Cal turned back to me, looking at me with anger in his eyes.

"No, it's not what it looks like," I said, desperately looking at Tate for help. He leaned against the counter, arms folded as he watched Cal, clearly refusing to help the situation.

"Tate, this is Cal, my boyfriend. Cal this is Tate, my roomies brother," I babbled as fast as I could. My god he was so beautiful, I felt my body screaming for his.

Cal walked towards me, taking me in his arms. When our lips met I felt like I was finally home. He pulled away from me slightly and his green eyes burned into mine.

"God I've fucking missed you."

He picked me up and my legs wrapped around his waist as he kisses me deeply.

I kissed him back, my tongue exploring his mouth urgently as his hands cupped my ass.

"So, you are who woke me up," I heard Nancy say. We broke apart and Cal turned to see who was talking.

"Looks like it. So you are Nancy."

I frowned. I didn't recall telling him her name. She beamed at him.

"That's right. The one and only."

I saw a smile play at the corners of Cals mouth and I felt a twinge of annoyance. Did he like her? It was obvious she liked him. Josh leant in the doorway of her room, clearly coming to claim his woman.

"I'm Josh, good to meet you erm…"

Cal nodded at him.

"Cal. You too. I owe you for helping Gretchen with her case last night. I take it that was you?"

Cal eyed him suspiciously. I snaked my arm around his waist and snuggled close to his chest, hearing his familiar heart beat.

"Yeah, it's cool. Nancy thanked me actually," he winked and Cal laughed in understanding. Nancy glared at Josh.

"Urgh. My brother is standing right there. And you can leave now."

She walked past him into her bedroom, closing the door behind her. Josh stared at the door guiltily.

"Wow. She was much friendlier last night," he laughed awkwardly. "Guys I'm beat. I'm gonna hit the hay. Nice to meet you, Cal."

He nodded at Cal and Tate as he left. Cal turned back to me.

"Where were we?" he smiled as he leant down, kissing me softly. I pulled away and glanced at Tate who was still in the same position, sipping his coffee.

"Come to my room," I murmur, wanting to be alone with him.

Cal smiled at Tate.

"The ladies wish is my command man, what can I say?"

We went into my room, pulling the door shut behind us. I couldn't believe he was here, in New York!

I kissed him so much my tongue actually hurt. We fell into bed and he leant above me.

"Only you could make me come back to this fucked up city."

He kissed me in between words, driving me insane. My body arched towards him, begging for him to just take me.

He trailed kisses down my stomach as he pushed my underwear down with his fingers.

"I didn't like what I saw when I walked in, Gretchen."

His eyes met mine as my body shook with anticipation.

"What?" I gasped as he kissed me further down.

"You're mine, and I don't fucking like him."

His tongue licked my clit as he slid my underwear off with his long fingers. I almost screamed there and then, the electric shot I felt inside when he did that was incredible.

"Who do you belong to Gretchen?"

His tongue flicked again as he sucked and played with my clit. My hands pulled at his hair and I tried to find my voice. He slipped his tongue all the way from the top to the bottom of my sex, before slowly easing his finger inside of me. My body arched and lost any grip on reality. He pumped his finger in and out of me, as I gasped. He sat up, loosening his belt as he gazed down at me.

"Gretchen? Who. Do. You-" He entered me roughly, causing me to moan loudly. He thrusted hard, pulling my hair back as he gazed into my eyes, pausing as I clawed at his back. "Belong to?"

"You," I gasped as the thrusts got deeper and faster, his mouth on my neck.

"Say it again. Say it," he commanded. I would have said anything in the world at that point; but I meant it.

"You. You Cal, you!"

I was shouting now but I didn't care. I could feel my body building up to the point of explosion. His mouth met mine and I felt him release deeply inside of me, at the same time I gasped, my body shaking and shuddering underneath this amazing man. He breathed heavily, still inside of me. He kissed me slowly and I wanted him so much it hurt.

"Don't leave me. Please," I begged him softly. He raised his eyes to look at me, rolling away from me. I pulled my underwear onto my legs from the bottom of the bed as he slid his boxers on. He ran his fingers down my back as I lay beside him. He was my everything.

"You left me if I recall?" he teased. I closed my eyes and wrapped my arms around him. Maybe if I held him tight enough, he wouldn't go.

"Why are you here?" I whispered, looking up at him. He kissed my swollen lips and softly bit them.

"Other than the obvious? I fucking love you. I can't be away from you. If you are in New York, so am I."

Our mouths met again.

"But...I will be living here. You have a house in Winterburg...how will it work? We said long distance- you said you couldn't be in New York."

He leant back on his arm, looking at me happily.

"The thing is Gretchen," I felt myself shudder when he said my name. Will this man ever cease to have an effect on me the way he does? "I want to be with you. You want to be here, so I am here. Last night you called me when I was at the airport. You were drunk, and I couldn't bear the thought of dirty bastards taking advantage of your innocence," he growled, looking towards the door, clearly meaning Tate.

I shook my head.

"No, hes not-"

Cal silenced me by pushing his finger down onto my lips.

"If not him, it will be countless others. I am not fucking sharing you. You wanna be a student? Do it. But I want to be able to protect you, and I can't do that from Winterburg, baby."

I stared at him.

"What are you saying?"

He smiled lazily. "I'm saying, shall we do New York together? I can sell the house in Winterburg, I can move here."

I panicked at the mention of his house in Winterburg, remembering the reason I could never go there again.

"Verno?"I asked him, my eyes meeting his, my heart pounding.

Cal kissed my fingers, something he had done since the day we met. My body tingled as I ran my hands through his hair.

"I think I have redeemed myself in his eyes. He took care of the body. He isn't a friend, but he doesn't want me dead anymore."

Relief coursed through my body. This meant Cal could stay in New York.

Excitement ran through my veins. I sat up like a kid on Christmas morning and Cal watched me with a bemused expression on his beautiful face.

"Seriously?" I breathed, staring at him in adoration.

"Seriously," he laughed. "On one condition."

I met his eyes with mine, prepared to do anything to be with this perfect man forever.

"Anything," I said confidently.

"You call me Leo from time to time."

I fell onto him, kissing him all over his face.


His mouth met mine and I realised that whatever his name, he would always be my Cal. I would always be his and he would always be Mine.

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