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I felt like everyone would see there was something different about me. Did I look different? I certainly felt different. I felt like a woman. I’m so glad I didn’t do it with anyone else. Cal was perfect, in every way. He took his time, continually asking me if I was ok throughout. I have never felt yearning like it before. I almost got angry with how slow he was making us go. But then he took it to a different level entirely, and I felt as though those final moments were out of this world. If I thought I wanted him before, it was nothing compared to the way I felt for him now. I leant on my side and smiled at him.

‘I don’t suppose we can do more of that....’ I whispered.

He looked over at me, his hair messy.

′Come here.′ he pulled me close to him. ‘I fucking adore you.’

I pulled the duvet close to my chin, snuggling closer to him.

‘I don't ever want to go home,’ I murmured. I buried my face into his neck, inhaling the delicious smell of his aftershave. He sat up and looked down at me.

‘Finish school first, then we will be together. Properly.’

I gazed up at him. ‘You serious?’

‘You make me want to be a better person Gretchen. You make me wish I could rewind my life and do things differently.’

He rubbed his head and seemed to be lost in thought.

’Rewind your life how?′ I asked, my fingers trailing down his chest.

He sighed. ’I’ve done some unsavoury things babe. With some pretty nasty people. I would never want you to get involved with any of that, ever.′

He seemed so angry, his jaw clenched as he thought. I felt scared, not of him, but of what he had done. I sat up, pulling the duvet around me for modesty, my dark curls spilling over my shoulder.

′Do you wanna tell me about it?′

He shook his head.

‘Not today. Today has been pretty strange as it is. But we just made it spectacular didn’t we?’

I blushed and held his gaze.

‘Yeah we did.’

I reached over and grabbed my phone out of my bag. I had a text from my mom asking me what time I was due home. I groaned and Cal looked at me with exasparation.

‘What now?’

′No its cool, just my mom wanting me home soon.′

He laced his fingers through mine.

’Until tomorrow then?′ He whispered softly.

I stood and dressed quickly, still feeling odd about him seeing me completely naked. He watched me sliding my jeans back on. I stared at his tanned body and remembered my legs wrapped around it less than ten minutes earlier. He caught me staring.

′Want me to walk you home like this or shall I get dressed fully?′

He winked at me and I giggled.

′You might cause quite a stir walking around like that,′

He walked over to me and kissed me slowly. It felt different, more intense, more passion.

‘I really don’t want you to go.’ He muttered. ‘How long we got left of school?!’

I met his gaze and I bit my lip.

‘Don’t keep biting those lips, Raven. Its my job.’

My heart thudded in my chest.

’You don’t have to walk me home you know,′ I said half heartedly.

He didn’t respond other than to roll his eyes at me. We made our way downstairs and thankfully no one was in. I had an image of his mother glaring at me like she knew what we had done. To be fair, if anyone was in, surely they would have heard it, I smirked to myself. He held my hand and walked me home. He waited at the end of the drive until I blew him a kiss from the front door and closed it. I leaned against the door and breathed in the delicious smell of casserole.

‘Mmm something smells good.’

I dropped my bag down on the stairs and walked into the kitchen where my mom stood over the stove.

‘Hey stranger! I feel like I barely see you these days. Where have you been?’ I was so nervous she would look at me and just KNOW. I shrugged.

’I have been with Cal, studying remember?″ She put down the spoon and looked over at me with interest.

′So, this Cal...′

She raised her eyebrows, clearly wanting me to elaborate. I couldn’t stop smiling.

‘He’s really nice mom, hes new in town. They don’t live far from us.’

She nodded. ’I see. Does this Cal have anything to do with you falling out of love with Luke?′ I stopped and stared at her.

′Oh! Erm, maybe a little......′

She wiped her hands on a towel and frowned at me.

′Are we going to get to meet Cal?′

I rolled my eyes and headed towards the stairs.

′Yeah of course, not sure when though. I’m just going to shower.′

I pulled my phone out and saw a text from Rosie.

’The Rink, tomorrow night, girls ONLY.X′

I texted her back happily.

’Yes, thank you. Just what I needed. Hope you are ok, lots to tell you....wink emoji’

She immediately replied with a

‘OMG- you didn’t!’

I laughed and skipped into the bathroom to have a shower.

Cal picked me up for school the next morning. I smiled at him as I saw his sexy self leaning against his car waiting to see me. His face looked a bit better, swollen but not as bad as it was yesterday. I kissed him softly and he kissed me back urgently, his hands sliding into the back pockets of my jean pulling me closer to him.

‘Morning baby,’ he whispered. We got into the car and I smiled. ′

What you smiling about?′ He asked me as he pulled away.

‘Nothing. You need your seatbelt on.’

I warned. He laughed but made no move to put it on. We reached school and as I went to get out he put his hand on my arm.

‘Baby I am not going in today. I’ve got some things to take care of. I will pick you up after and take you home. Will you be ok in there?’

His eyes searched mine.

′Cal you can’t keep skipping school.′

He rolled his eyes.

‘Listen beautiful. You don’t need to worry about me, just focus on yourself.’

I glared at him. ’But what are you going to do when its time to find a job Cal? You need to pass-′

He looked at me seriously.

’Are we having our first argument?′

I smiled then. ′Maybe.′

I kissed him intensely and then dragged myself to class as he watched me appreciatively.


I put my arm through Rosies.

’You seem very happy indeed,′ she winked at me. ‘How do you feel?’

I leant back and pouted. ′Like a woman?!′

She laughed.

′So, where is he today?′

I bit my lip. ′He has some things to take care of....′

Rosie rolled her eyes. ′He’s cutting school again? Attractive.′

I nodded sadly. ′I know, its shitty. But you can’t help who you fall in love with.′

She turned her head and looked at me.

‘Love?’ Her mouth agape.

I stopped at my class, cheeks burning as I giggled. Rosie looked past me and mouthed ‘turn around’ before walking away to her class.

I turned around to see Luke walking towards me, followed by Finn. Finn ran past to catch up with Rosie and I braced myself for more verbal abuse from Luke.


He stuffed his hands in his pockets. I stood waiting for him to speak.

‘I need to talk to you. Its not about us or anything like that.’ He added quickly.

I folded my arms.

’Right. So go.′

He fixed his blue eyes on mine.

‘Not here. After class, meet me near the bleachers. Please?’

I walked past him into class muttering that I would meet him after class. He smiled to himself and walked away.

The bell rang and I checked my phone. Nothing from Cal. I texted Rosie to tell her I was going to meet Luke- and that he wanted to talk. She wished me luck. I pushed through the doors and headed to the bleachers. I saw a couple kissing pretty heavily, and I tried not to stand too close to them. Where the fuck was he? I checked my phone and then sighed. The couple to my right broke apart and I saw it was Krystal. I rolled my eyes. I was just pleased she had moved on. Krystal smirked as she walked away and I saw the other half of the couple kissing. It was Luke. I felt like I had been punched in the stomach.

’Krystal? Really Luke?′

He wiped his mouth and smiled at me.

’Sorry princess, didn’t see you there. ′

I folded my arms and stared at him.

’What did you want to tell me?′

He flicked his black hair out of his eyes and leant back against the bleachers.

‘You can come closer, I won’t bite. Unless you want me to. ’

He winked and I stared at him in fury. I walked closer to him and stood infront of him, my hands on my hips. I didn’t have time for his fucking games.

′What? What did you want to tell me?′

He moved his eyes from my lips down to my chest.

’Did you really fuck him G?′

I blinked, caught off guard.

′What?! It has absolutely nothing to do with you.′

I was seething. He did a low whistle.

‘You really did. Wow.’

He looked over the field as I furiously wondered who had told him.

Rosie? Surely not? He looked back at me and said coldly,

‘So what, I wait a YEAR and he waits a DAY?’

We stared at each other in anger. Finally I spoke.

′Is that what you wanted to talk about?′ I said coolly.

’No actually its not.′ He cleared his throat. I waited.

‘Has Cal told you anything about himself? Anything you might not have liked princess? Or do you not talk?’

He said the last part bitterly. I felt my heart go out to him then.

‘I’m really sorry Luke, I can’t help how I feel.’

He nodded.

’Yeah I know. So did you know why Cal moved here?′

I didn’t want to hear this from Luke, of all of the people.

‘Luke don’t you think Cal should tell me?’

He laughed.

′Absolutely. He should have told you by now. The thing is, he’s family. So you will hear it from me, and no one else- because no one else will know. If he thought anything of you, he would’ve told you that you could be in danger.′

He fixed his eyes on me at that point.

′I actually care about you. I didn’t think for one second you would have left me to be with him, so it would have remained a secret. But you did, so now you need to know.′

I frowned as I watched him kick the floor with his foot.

′He took part in a robbery. They got away with a fuck load of money and jewellery. There was a girl there. She ended up in hospital.′

I couldn’t breathe.

′The problem was, she was the daughter of a very important gangster in New York. Cal got arrested, sure. But then there was money on his head, and all his family.′

I blinked furiously as I stared at Luke.

’They want to kill him?′

He looked at me his eyes flashing in annoyance.

’He is a bad fucking person Gretchen. His family had to go into witness protection and move here. He isn’t even Cal fucking Fallon.′

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