Mine- Book 1

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I wake with a start.

I realise my phone is ringing, and I guess it must've been around four am, judging by the darkness in my room. I finally locate it, swiping at the screen until it stops making the damn noise.

"Hello?" I say groggily as I hear Sienna huffing down the phone.

"Gretchen. Tell me you are NOT in bed. I'm outside your house."

"At this hour?" I groan, as she chuckles.

"It's almost eight am babe," she informs me, as I sit bolt upright.

I end the call and look at the time to find Sienna is not joking. It is seven forty five am! I sit up, padding downstairs to answer the door as Sienna swept in, a flurry of perfume and glitter following her. I trudge back into the kitchen, delving into the fridge for the OJ.

"Sienna, where's the fire?" My dad laughed as he walked into the kitchen ruffling my hair.

"Morning Mr Red. I came early to remind Gretchen we have the dance tonight. I am not even sure she has an outfit."

She pouts at me and I groan loudly.

"The dance? Arghhhhh."

"See?" she raises an eyebrow at my Dad as he chuckles She returns her attention to me, her hands on her hips. "If you're quick we can hit the mall before school."

I slide some toast into the toaster as she holds her arms up in dismay.

"You haven't time for toast Gretch!"

My Mom sails in at that point, smiling at Sienna.

"There is ALWAYS time for breakfast."

She poured herself coffee as I add, "Especially with Nutella."

Our eyes meet as we share a secret smile. We adored Nutella.

"What are you wearing?" I ask Sienna, smothering my barely toasted bread with heapings of Nutella.

"I have the most beautiful dress. Wait till you see it!" Sienna smiled smugly.

Twenty minutes later we were in the mall, trying to find me a dress.

"What about this, my god Gretch, its stunning."

I yawned and turned to see the dress. It was strapless, in a deep emerald green.

"Wow, I do like that!"

Decision made. I really didn't care what I wore, I just needed something.

I paid at the till and we made our way back to Sienna's car.

"What would you have done if I hadn't mentioned the dance this morning? Hmm? Where would you be without me?" she grins as I stick my tongue out at her.

"I totally forgot about it. It's just not that exciting is it?" I tease playfully.

Sienna turns to gape at me.

"Are you for real? The annual dance is 'not that exciting'?! Come on, what has happened to you?! Sorry, what would you class as exciting my lady?"

"Oh I dunno, Brad Pitt in Fight Club?" I offer, as her eyes glisten over.

"Hell yeah in that red jacket? Gotta love a bad boy, hey Gretch?"

I didn't answer that, and instead asked who Rosie was going with to the dance in an attempt to change the subject.

"She mentioned something about a guy from her history class."

I nod wordlessly, wondering again about my conversation with Cal last night.

"Si, do you think you and Ethan will be together forever?"

She parked at school and turned to look at me with an exasperated expression on her face.

"You are acting really strange Gretch, what's going on? Are you and Luke ok?"

She peers at me with concern as yet again my eyes fill with unexpected tears.

"I don't know, Si. I just don't know how I feel about him anymore."

Admitting it to Sienna felt so different to admitting it to Cal last night. Sienna hugged me tightly, her sweet perfume wraps around me as she does.

"Babes, this is ok; it will be ok. Maybe you are just going through a rocky patch. Luke is amazing and he is so into you. I really would LOVE to be with Ethan for the rest of my life, I couldn't imagine being with anyone else, honestly."

I sigh and dry my eyes, forcing a smile as I turn to her.

"I know, probably just hormones hey?"

We got out of her car and walked up to the school, both stopping when I heard my name being called.

"Gretchen, wait."

It was Krystal. She totters over to me in her excessively high heels and I try not to groan out loud. All I can see is her removing the cigarette from Cal's lips before she kisses him, and my stomach is twisted in agony.

"What do you want Krystal?" I snap, folding my arms with annoyance as Sienna leaves us to it.

As usual, Krystal had on a super short mini dress, and a full face of makeup. She was a pretty girl underneath it all; she didn't need it.

"So, I don't like you. You don't like me, I hope not anyway," she makes a face as she flicks her hair. "I need you to swap partners for Psych. I have been partnered with your little boyfriend and I see you have been partnered with mine?"

I glare at her with disbelief, unable to disguise my jealousy.

"Cal is your boyfriend?" I echo, as she laughs in my face before smiling smugly.

"What do you call someone who you spend most of your time naked with, exploring each other's bodies? Yes dumbass, he is my boyfriend. So we are swapping partners. I need as much time with him as possible. Have a nice life."

She stalked off, leaving me furious. How dare Krystal think she can tell me what to do? Cal was my partner! We had already started working together too. I was about to storm into school when I felt a hand on my shoulder.

"Hey baby."

It was Luke, his handsome face creased with worry.

"Are you ok? What was up with Krystal? You haven't answered my texts or calls?"

I blinked at him, half listening.

"Sorry Luke, I'm just tired...and you know Krystal, always dependable to be a bitch."

He reaches up to kiss me as I step back, pointing towards the school as a way of explantion.

"I can't babe I need to get to class, I'm already late..."

He frowned and looked at me suspiciously.

"Can we talk later Luke?" I call over my shoulder, as I turn and hurry into school, not waiting for his answer. I ran down the corridor, despite the signs declaring it was banned. The day passes in a blur, until I receive a text from Luke asking me to meet him by the bleachers after school. I knew I couldn't avoid Luke much longer, especially with the dance being tonight. I make my way to the bleachers, finding him fresh from football practice. He was all sweaty and gorgeous making me feel guilty for being such an awful girlfriend, but what could I do? I couldn't help how I was feeling.

"Here you are," he says happily, tugging me into his arms. "What time shall I pick you up for the dance later?"

Why was it annoying me that he assumed we were going together? Of course we would be; we are a couple after all.

"Is seven ok?" he murmurs, tilting my head up to kiss my lips softly. "Are you ok?"

I notice Krystal and Cal sitting on the bleachers behind us, Cal leaning back whilst Krystal runs her hands down his chest, whispering in his ear. He literally made me feel like I couldn't breathe just by his close proximity. His aviators hid his eyes so I couldn't see where he was looking; I just hoped he wasn't watching us- how awkward. I force a smile as I move my gaze back to Luke.

"I just need to relax I think. Tonight will be good for me. Can we just enjoy the night without any pressure or questions?"

"Of course baby. I'll meet you at seven. Can't wait to see what you are wearing."

He winks and pats my ass as I walk away. Why did it always seem to come down to sex and ass with him? I can't help but notice Cal was now alone, with Krystal leaning forward talking animatedly to her little posse. There was no doubt his eyes were on me, and he didn't look most pleased. I avoid his gaze and move back towards school, refusing to allow him to make me feel guilty.

It's not like I was his girlfriend.

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