Mine- Book 1

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Later that evening, I make my way downstairs, desperately trying not to trip in my heels. I lift the green dress up slightly as I walk, as Luke studies me with a low whistle. My Dad sends him a sharp look, causing Luke to straighten up and smile accordingly. My Mom then insists on taking a million photos, and I pose appropriately, a fake smile plastered across my face as I do.

"Guys please, I just want to go..." I groan, sending Luke a desperate look, as he holds his hands up in a way of apology.

"Sorry Mr & Mrs Red, ladies orders."

They both smile and wish us a great evening, whilst I promise to be back at a reasonable time.

The drive to the dance was very quiet, neither of us saying much to the other; which wasn't like us.

We pull up outside as Luke turns to me, his eyes searching mine as he takes my hands in his.

"Babe, just have a good night tonight. I'll be there whenever you want me, ok?"

I smile gratefully and we make our way into the dance. The hall was decorated in silver and white, and as we walk in I notice the plush red carpet, sinking beneath my heels- as I try desperately not to fall over. Straight away I spot Rosie standing with Hal, a boy from our history class. We make our way over to them as I embrace Rosie tightly.

"Babe you look sensational!" I breathed.

She really did; her hair was worn poker straight, her curvaceous body hugged by a full black dress with red slits in exposing her gorgeous legs. Her chocolate brown eyes were surrounded by smoky black glitter, whilst her lips were painted a deep red.

"Wow," I say, as she beams at me.

"You think so? You look amazing as per usual."

Hal excuses himself to get us drinks when Ethan & Sienna turn up beside us. Poor guy- I could only guess he didn't feel too comfortable around people he didn't know too well.

Sienna looked insanely gorgeous in a glitzy gold dress showing off her shiny red hair and tanned skin. Ethan couldn't take his eyes away from her, and she simply returned his gaze. It was usual for them to be this loved up, but I was relieved when we were joined by Luke and Finn, who didn't appear to have a date.

"Girls, who wants to dance with me?"

Finn held his arms open and did a double take at Rosie.

"Rose? Shit man, you look incredible."

His face changes as he stares at her, before he held his hand out to her.

"Please may I have this dance?"

He doesn't wait for a response, his hand lacing with Rosie's, walking to the dance floor as she obediently followed him.

Sienna presses a glass into my hand.

"Down that, I popped some vodka in to make it work quicker."

She winks at me and I struggle to drink it; it tasted like rocket fuel.

As the night went on I found myself searching the dance floor. Where is Cal? I bet he didn't want to come- I can't imagine dances are his thing. I remember Krystal's words about her relationship with him, and I knock back the entire drink, signalling to Sienna for another. Hal was standing on the side watching Rosie and Finn with annoyance, who seemed to be extremely close on the dance floor some ten songs later. Sienna nudged me, nodding at Krystal across the room.

"Look at her."

I follow her eyes to see Krystal standing on the side of the dance floor looking incredibly pissed off.

"I wonder where her date is?" I muse, fishing for information from Sienna.

"Well," Sienna slurred, "rumour has it she hasn't got one."

I look back at Krystal who is now speaking to Ray, another one of the football players.

"It won't bother her for long," I remark dryly.

I decide to search for Luke, finding him dancing with Wes and Grey, two of his friends, as they was attempt to make the floss look sexy. I can't bring myself to watch.

I feel my phone vibrate in my bag, and I pull it out curiously, to see it was a text from Cal. My heart was in my mouth as I scanned the room.


Where was he? I open the text, my heart thumping in my chest when I read it.

Come outside.

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