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'Hey neighbour.' He spoke softly and I felt the butterflies return as he took me in,almost like he was inhaling oxygen. 'Neighbour?' I repeated. What? 'Hey neighbour.' He spoke softly and I felt the butterflies return as he took me in,almost like he was inhaling oxygen. 'Neighbour?' I repeated. What? Meet Den & Angel. They are best friends, have been for their entire lives. Suddenly they are thrown into a world that only one of them believed existed...and probably wished it wasn't real.

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I stared at the blank page, almost as if by willing the words to appear they would. I sat back in my chair in defeat. This was pointless. I gazed out of the window and longed to be outside, chasing leaves in the autumn air with my friends. I shook my head, laughing. How old was I? Seventeen, not seven. I imagined Dens face if i told him i thought we should be playing with the leaves. Den was my oldest friend, and lived just down the street from me. I sighed and tried to focus on my short story assignment. I just literally had to write a story, not a book, yet i hadn’t even wrote a line. Suddenly my door opened and my mother strode in, heading for my window.

‘Angel, they’ve arrived.’ She breathed as she stared down at the street. She was so nosy naturally, but on this occasion even i was. See the house across the street from us had a history of failed tenants for one reason or another, and today the newbies were moving in. I craned my neck to peer over my mums shoulder. There wasn’t much to see, as the moving truck had covered most of our view. I rolled my eyes in annoyance before skipping out of my room.

‘Where are you going young lady?’ my mother called as I pulled on my jacket.

‘I’m going to Dens ma. I’m going to see if he can cure my writers block. ’ I smiled, knowing how much she adored him. ‘let me know if you will be back for dinner!’ she yelled as I left the front door. I held my thumb up at the window to my bedroom, knowing she was still there. I turned around, feeling happy at finally being outside. Ever since i was a child i had loved being outside in all weather.

My favourite season was winter, for some reason I never felt the cold like other people. Summer on the other hand, yuck. I hated being hot and sweaty. I looked at the moving truck as I walked past it, seeing if I could gather any gossip for my mum. I couldn’t see anyone, other than the driver who sat in his cabin making notes on his pad. They must be late. I scrunch my nose up and shrug as I make my way to my friends house.

I walked up the footpath to Dens house and knocked on the door, before it opened to reveal a guy with spectacles and a checked shirt over jeans. His eyebrows furrowed with confusion.

‘What are you doing here?’ I rolled my eyes at his social etiquette, or lack of it. I walked past him into the lounge before flipping on the sofa. He closed the door and sighed, putting down a book I failed to see he was holding. I looked over in interest as he says, ‘It’s not as good as I expected, but it helps pass a Saturday. ’ I reached over, seeing the cover showing a graveyard. I shuddered.

‘I really don’t know how you sleep at night.’

He stared at me then as he said, ‘I dont. ’

I laughed at him as I took my coat off. ′ I’ve got writers block. ′ I announced, flopping back down on to the sofa. He pursed his lips then.

‘I’m sure you haven’t. You have quite the imagination.’

His hair fell in his eyes and he blew it away. ‘What are you going to write about?’ he adjusted his glasses as he watched me.

‘I don’t know. I can’t even pick the genre.’ I pouted then, causing him to eye roll.

‘I’m not doing it for you Angel.’ He said sternly and I blinked at him in mock horror.

‘I would never suggest that Den!’ I gasp as he threw a pillow at me.

‘Go home and write then.’ He commanded as he picked his book up.

‘Can we go for a walk? You know you love it. It clears the senses, not to mention your mind-’

I was interrupted by him sighing heavily and him pulling me up by my hands. He was much taller than me, somewhere around the age of twelve he just shot up, leaving me like a useless stump behind. I beamed at him and pulled my coat back on. We made our way out of his house and walked down the street. I noticed Carly, a girl from our year walking down towards us. I groaned and made a face at Den as he stared ahead.

Her Barbie doll features lit up and she pulled her big wet lips into a smile as she saw us.

′ Hey Den...′

She reached out for a hug and he just stood awkwardly, patting her back like she were a dog or something.

‘Are you coming to the game tomorrow night?’ she gushed, staring at him like I didn’t exist. I felt like I was going to vomit in my own mouth. I tried to look at him like Carly clearly did, like he was a piece of meat. He was handsome in the plain way, dark brown eyes framed by large black glasses, floppy brown hair and he was of a slim but somewhat toned build. I think part of his appeal was that he wasn’t interested in anyone, and didn’t make an effort to be like anyone else. Instead of not fitting in, it served him to gain the attention of most of the girls at our school. He was my best friend, and a massive geek. He was into the supernatural in a big way, always insisting I watched paranormal shows with him before arguing with me about my views as a complete skeptic. In return he indulged me with my love of nature, walking with me at all hours, camping outside in the summer and roasting marshmallows over a fire in the winter. To be fair, I think he only did the latter because it meant we told ghost stories. I looked back to see Carly snaking her hand around his waist as she walked away, smiling at him.

‘Can we please walk?’ I asked in annoyance. He shrugged his shoulders and followed me.

‘What I fail to understand is why these girls seen to fall to your feet and you don’t bat an eyelid. Most guys would kill to have that effect on women. ’ I teased as he frowned at me.

“What is the point? Mindless flirting is pointless if you don’t feel something substantial for that person. Which I simply haven’t felt, for any of them. I’m highly flattered though.′

His words were spoken matter of fact and i wondered why I bothered talking to him about this. I noticed the moving van and i nudged Den.

‘So I’ve got new neighbours. ’ I smirk as he looks at the house.

‘I wonder if it’s haunted. ’ he muses aloud.

‘It’s really not. You read and watch too many things. ’

I follow his gaze to the house, agreeing that ok, from the outside it did look run down and tired, but it was an old house. Plus no one cared for it at all. It was bound to look like that.

‘How’d you know?’ He asked, squinting at me.

‘Because I’m normal, and you’re not.’ I teased.

We walked on, Den staring at the house as we did. I linked my arm with his and i get him stiffen slightly.

‘Den, you have to get used to human contact,’ I giggle as he smiles.

‘Your not human though.’ He teased.

I punch his arm playfully.

‘then I’d be your dream girl.’

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