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Karma is a bitch and Rebecca Miller learns that the hard way when she starts falling for a very possessive man who turns her life upside down. ❝You will not even look at any other man. Fucking him or anyone else is not even an option, Rebecca. Am I clear?❞ He suavely said, his arms caging me between him and the wall. Talk about a rock and a hard place. Literally. A little angry laugh escaped my lips,❝You have no claim over me. I will do whatever I please and with whoever the fuck I want to...❞ I gushed out breathlessly, my hands gripping his shoulders tightly as my legs stayed wrapped around his hips, connecting the two of us together. ❝You are going to regret saying that, kitten.❞ The fire in his emerald green eyes promised me that and his grip on me only seemed to tighten as he pushed himself deep inside me with a very particularly harsh thrust, ❝Make me.❞ ▫ The last thing on Becca Miller's mind is finding love and the one thing she is good at is being bold and getting exactly what and whoever she wants. Heartless, afraid of commitment and simply bad at love, she is pretty much an advocate for casual sex. One night stands are her forte but once she gets a taste of a very sexy bodyguard, only does she realise what it's like to not getting her way for once and be truly painfully and irrevocably addicted to someone.

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Chapter 1: Intoxicated

I crossed my legs, one above the other tightly as I felt the pressure between them increase. This was too much for me. I couldn't help but cream my panties as I gazed at the screen in my hands, tantalized by the way the woman on my phone moved her body slowly, rolled her hips sensually as she rode the hell out of her supposed boss...

"Rebecca, can I talk to you for a minute?" My boss's voice boomed in my little office, his handsome head poking in my private space as he suddenly entered and my phone fell from my hands, landing on the floor.

I quickly bent down to retrieve it, thanking god that it had landed on the screen as I smoothly locked it first before picking it up, glad that Ralph couldn't seek a glance at my porn choice. I couldn't help but let myself imagine how that conversation would end- probably with me getting fired.

"Yes, Mr. Davis?" I let out, taking a deep breath and standing on my feet to greet him properly.

"Did you get all the information about the Griffin Case?"

"Yes. Here it is..." I picked up the two files from my desk that I had stayed overtime researching for yesterday and handed them over to him,"I would have given them to Anita but she was not available for the past few hours." Anita was Ralph's secretary and she hated my guts so I simply avoided talking to her. The last time we had had a conversation, she had not to accidentally spilt her hot coffee on my foot.

"Thank you." He muttered, his attention now focused on the first page of the file as he absentmindedly walked out. Being a paralegal for a corporate firm was not the most fun thing in the world but it earned me just enough after a short two year course and considering how broke I was, I was eager to find a job that would have been sustainable and stable for life when I was just eighteen and living alone.

I sighed and fell back on my seat, closing the porn website on my phone and my mind immediately started picturing a forbidden scenario in which I was being fucked by Ralph right on my desk and I instantly jumped when my phone started buzzing and I quickly received the call.

"Are you sure you dialled the right number, stranger?" I immediately teased once I looked at the caller ID and let a small smile shape it way onto my lips.

"Hello to you too, Becca." Elizabeth's voice sounded on the other line.

"So, what's up, Liz?" I asked, getting on my feet once I saw the time on my watch, realizing that it was already five thirty and I could finally leave for the day.

"Can we meet? I feel like we haven't really talked much since I came back." She said after a second, sounding a bit distressed.

"Sure, I'll just come over in an hour as long as you order me a pizza because I am so fucking hungry." My stomach growled loudly in anticipation. I patted it affectionately, Soon baby, soon, I whispered.

"You are getting kind of fat." She laughed as I quickly grabbed my bag and put all my things in it, ready to escape the miserable building as soon as possible. I was not ready to stay here working overtime today and besides I had nothing else left to do.

"Shut up or I'll eat you too, bitch."

"Oh shit, this is so good. I think I just had an orgasm." I threw my head back against the wall, moaning dramatically.

As I opened my eyes once I had swallowed the last bite of my last, well, second last slice of the heavenly food that Italians blessed us with, my eyes fell on the screen infront of us and I sneaked a glance at Liz who seemed a bit lost.

"You sounded worried over the phone... Everything good?"

She nodded with her eyebrows furrowed, not meeting my eyes. I sighed alongside her, grabbing the cardboard box and standing to keep it in a corner of the room as I came to sit on my knees infront of her, blocking her view from Dr. Mark Sloan's face.

"Spill." She moved uncomfortably, shifting her loose brown hair behind her ear and scratching the bridge of her nose unconsciously, a habit of hers that I had committed to memory.

"So, there was this article about Reid in this magazine and it's just basically talking about...me." She looked white, her eyes wide as she continued,"it talked about my school, my dad, my college. It's like my entire life is laid down for everyone for read..."

"Oh my god, that's horrible. Who do you think did it?"

"I don't know but if someone found out about my relationship with Reid..."

"Hey, no. That won't happen. Relax, no one except for me knows and I swear I'll never say a word about you guys." I truthfully said as I stole her wine glass from her, refilling it. She need to relax a bit.

"I know you won't. It's just that I feel like a...dirty whore. I am fucking my stepbrother. How disgusting is that?"

"You, a whore?" I let out a little chuckle. She was in every sense more close to being a prude than a whore. "Don't worry Liz, you are not one. I know one when I see them and believe me, you are not on my whore radar. And just because a woman likes having sex doesn't mean she's a whore, okay? Besides having sex is good for you alright. So enjoy it while it lasts. Plus, I might have heard a rumour or two about your fuck pal being amazing in bed?" I waggled my eyebrows at her, only to see her getting all riled up. She looked adorable when she was jealous.

"Hey!" She lightly slapped my shoulder, pushing me away.

"But like really, how big is he?"

"What? Oh my god Becca, I am not having this conversation with you."

"6 inches? 7 inches? 8 inch-" I continued pestering her, already knowing she was embarrassed.

Her cheeks flamed,"Stop! It's not like I measured his dick and it doesn't even matter."

"Oh wait...Don't tell me he has a small dick." I was very well aware and agreed with the fact that size infact did not matter, at all. All that mattered was that a man would be able to give me an orgasm, one way or the other but as I teased Elizabeth, she continued to get redder and redder until she looked like she was ready to burst like a tomato.

"No, the opposite! He's too big... I mean, I don't, like I-um-" She started in a frenzy and I smiled at how cute she was. Lucky for her and sadly for me, a knock sounded on the door and brought my teasing to a stop. Liz got up to answer it and from the corner of my eye, I saw one of the maids hand her another bottle of wine as Elizabeth hugged her tightly.

"Hey Becky, you have to go." She said and my eyes fell on my watch wrapped around my wrist. It was eight thirty already. We had already gone through almost three bottles of wine as we just simply talked about her time in Arizona in uni and took glances at the television infront of us that was airing Grey's Anatomy, a show that we both loved and I couldn't help but smile at how stupidly excited we used to be when it was first aired when we were just in middle school and how lamely we used to discuss every episode in between our History and English classes, the two that we shared together. It soon became a ritual of one of us coming over to each other's houses and watching it together.

"I can't drive now." I sighed when I realised I was stumbling on my feet as soon as I got up, lightheaded. The last time I had drove drunk, I had ended up getting a ticket and being a legal officer, that just contradicted against my own self when I knew all the rules and regulations. Besides, I was almost always a law abiding citizen. I slipped my one foot into one of my heels while I bent down, looking for my other one.

"I'll ask Linda to have someone take you home. Take you car tomorrow." She said, guiding me out of the room. Once down the stairs, she went to ask her maid the same and came back joining me in the large hall.

"So who do you think provided the information about you?" I asked, breaking the silence, suddenly concerned about her despite the fact that I had been the one who had just tried to distract her from the very same topic a few minutes ago.

"Uh...I don't know. Only you and my mom know that I'm here. I didn't tell anyone else-" She suddenly stopped mid-sentence, her brown doe eyes widening in realisation. God, she is beautiful. I shook my head, clearing my thoughts,"Jenny." She whispered and I immediately frowned.

Of course, who else.

She was one batshit crazy nutcase. I felt bile rise up my throat as I thought about the blonde woman. She had been obsessed with Elizabeth for as long as I could remember and was truly aimed at just making Elizabeth's life miserable.

"That does sound like something she would do." I hummed in thought. "I don't understand what she even want from me? She has caused enough trouble in my life already." She sighed, innocently. Sometimes, Liz was a bit too obvious.

"You know how she is. She always wants what you have. She has always been jealous of you." She gave me a look that said that she's didn't believe a word I was saying and in response, I just shrugged my shoulders, realizing that we were now outside and standing on her porch.

I shivered slightly in the cold outside and wished that I had gotten my coat with me. A car entered through the large black gates of the mansion, talking a half turn around the magnificent fountain in the centre and stopping in front of us. The driver immediately stepped out of the black car and my mouth almost fell open in awe. I had been expecting an old or middle aged man to step out but instead the man now standing and opening the door for me was a delicious brick wall of muscle, standing tall at about a foot more than me even though I was in heels but what striked out to me the most was his pair of emerald green eyes that stood out against his tan skin. Fuck, he's hot.

Shaking out of it, I shut my mouth that was hanging wide open and turned around to face Liz and quickly reached out to wrap my arms around her, resting my face in the crook of her neck, "Doesn't he look yummy?" Despite the pizza I had been stuffing into my mouth all evening long, I couldn't help but wish that I could get a taste of him.

She laughed in response and I quickly moved away from her to see the now waiting brute spot a redder face. Handsome and easy to blush? How endearing. I felt a smirk pave its way to my face when I realised that he had indeed heard what I had meant for him to hear and as I took the rest of the steps down the stairs, I winked at him before quickly slipping in the open door. Drunk Becca sure was confident.

Once he was also seated, I waved to a still smiling Elizabeth before the car sprang into motion.

"Where to, ma'am?" He asked, his smooth and deep voice making me very aware of my now wet panties. God, I needed to get laid. Why was I finding this man so incredibly sexy?

Right between my legs, "583 5th Avenue."

My phone suddenly started ringing and I dug into my handbag, looking for it and finally found it after a few seconds of rummaging.

"Hello?" I quickly answered once I saw Ralph's name flash on my screen.

"Becca, did you draft all the documents?"

"Yeah, they are in the file I gave you today. The grey one has all the affidavit in it. The black one has all the bills and the subpoena-"

"Oh yeah, found it... I'm sorry, I am just freaking about a case I have tomorrow."

"The one against Ramone?"

"Yeah, the one. He's so going to kick my ass in court tomorrow."

"Best of luck. Have fun, Ralph." I laughed, knowing he was going to loose already. Ralph Davis was a good lawyer but compared to Ramone Hayes, he was well-nothing. Ramone had won every case that he had been in, ever.

"Thanks, I need it." He laughed and my eyes fell on the rear view mirror as I felt the unmistakable feeling of having someone look at me. I held his gaze confidently and didn't look away but he quickly averted his eyes.

"Bye. See you tomorrow." I quickly muttered out.

"Bye, Becca. You are such a sweetheart, I don't know what I would do without you. How can I thank you?" Fuck me, Ralph. Fuck me hard.

I bit my lip, stopping myself from voicing out my naughty thoughts. I was definitely attracted to Ralph, I couldn't hide it. I was sure everyone knew how much I wanted him in the sack, especially Anita but the fact that I needed this job more than ever and I had had an oath with myself to never mix business with pleasure, I chose to keep quiet,"Give me a day off?" I joked, already knowing the answer.

"You know I can't do that... How about I take you out for dinner after the case tomorrow? Let's go to that new Mexican restaurant that I was telling you about?" Like a date? I squirmed at the sound of that. I was more of a stay-in-and-let's-just-have-sex type of a girl. I didn't even know why I was pinning after him. Maybe because he was forbidden fruit and you just had an office fantasy? A little voice said in my head and I knew she was right. It didn't matter whether it was Ralph or some other man, I just wanted to be pounded into on a desk.

"We'll take Daniel and Anita too if you like, it will be a nice break for all of us." So, not a date. Thank god, maybe I'll just fuck him afterwards.

"Yeah, sure. Sounds like a plan. Bye." I quickly ended the call once I realised that the car had come to a stop and the hunk was again looking at me through the mirror.

"Like what you see, sexy?" I asked, smirking a bit as he again looked away and I quickly put all of my things back in my handbag that I had taken out while searching for my phone.

"We are here." He declared and got out, opening the door for me. I quickly stepped out, standing close to him as he closed the door.

Dressed in a black tshirt that left little to the imagination and showed off his rock hardness beneath, he looked like a snack. The tshirt was tucked in a set of dark pants and I realised he looked more like a bodyguard. Judging by his physique, he probably was one. My eyes instantly zoomed in on the bulge in his pants. He certainly was not aroused, oh god was that his...oh he surely would be grand down there...

Maybe it was the alcohol acting or maybe I was just feeling a little too adventurous tonight but I slowly felt my left hand fall on his chest and my right tug him close to me as I wrapped it around his black belt and before I could think too much about it, I roughly pressed my lips against his.
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