Drunk In Lust [A TBS SPIN-OFF]

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Chapter 10: Rule Number One

“Rise and shine, princess! Daddy’s here to fūck your brains out!” I groaned into my pillow as soon as I heard the voice.

“What the hell!” I gasped out, turning in my bed as I started hearing loud moans sound in my room. The sound of skin slapping became unbearable. I sat up straight in shock and looked frantically around the dark room.

What kind of weird kinky shit was going on?

I again heard a moan and realized it was coming from the wall behind me– from the apartment next to mine and suddenly my bed started shaking and I heard another scream from the other side.

What were my freaky neighbours upto now?

“Yes, Daniel! Deeper...Yes, daddy. Right there!” The woman monotonously screamed and I could tell she was faking every minute of their intercourse. Rolling my eyes, I banged my hand against the wall. No response.

I banged my hand once again,“Excuse me, Mr. And Mrs. Mosby! This is Becca from next door...and I am kind of trying to sleep over here!” I screamed at the top of my lungs and heard a scream from the other side in response, a very high pitched scream.

“Daniel, stop screaming like a little girl! Sorry, Becky....What the hell are you doing-” Mrs. Mosby’s voice said. I heard hushed whipsers that drowned down as I again threw my head back into my pillow, trying to pretend that my neighbours were not role-playing early in the morning.

I turned in the darkness, uncomfortable and rolling over to the other side of the bed as I felt a constant pounding in my head. I so shouldn’t have gotten drunk to the point that I couldn’t even recall what had went down last night.

I slowly let out a scream, similar to Mr.Mosby’s from just seconds ago as I found myself lying on something warm and breathing– a body.

What the fūck?

A man’s deep groan sounded from beneath me and he started moving.

“Who the hell are you and what are you doing in my bed?” The words escaped my mouth as I climbed on top of his back once he started getting up, holding him down by straddling him and he let out another grunt.

“Rebecca...” His husky voice caught me off guard and I narrowed my eyes in the darkness, running a hand down my body.

Clothes? Check.

“Wait...” I mumbled out, recognising the familiar man and I instantly shot up from his back, reaching for the lamp on the nightstand and turning it on. Light filled the room and I came face to face with none other than prince almighty.

“Jack?” I ran a hand through my hair, trying not to think too much about the fact that he was missing his shirt and his bare, broad muscular chest was mocking me. I didn’t want to know what was going on under the sheets that hid his bottom from me. “What the hell happened last night?”

“Huh?” He let out, turning to lie on his back as he looked up at me, disoriented and still confused. “Wait...” He started, rising onto his elbows, his eyes widening. “Did we...?” He asked, slowly raising the bed sheet covering his body to have a look under it.

“I don’t know!” I muttered out, running a hand through my head at the constant pounding in my head.

“Wait–” He muttered as he still continued looking under the sheets, bewildered at what he was seeing.

Suddenly, I heard a loud bang that made me jump out of my skin. “Rebecca? Where are you?” A man’s voice reached my ears and I looked from Jack to the door, reaching for the lights in my room.

“Who is it?” Jack asked as he straightened up in the bed and I put a finger to my lips, shushing him. “Shut up! We are going to die! They finally found me!”

I creeped around the door, tiptoeing to it and ignoring Jack’s questioning gaze. “Wait, what did you do? Please don’t tell me that you are a serial kill-”

His words got cut short as a particularly familiar bodyguard suddenly opened the door to my room, his sharp green eyes searching and calculating and a gun in his hand loaded as he pointed it at me.

“Rebecca!–” He let out in relief as his eyes landed on me, still shaking on my feet in shock. I had actually thought that the cops had found me...for some crime I had committed and was not aware of yet.

His eyes shifted from me to the man in my bed, pointing his gun at Jack who instantly raised his hands up in the air. “Who is this fūcker?” The man with the gun asked with a frown on his handsome face.

“Nathan! What are you doing? Why do you have a gun?!” I let out in one go, looking at him like a deer caught in the headlights.

“You didn’t open your damn door for the past hour!” He grunted out, his eyes narrowing down at me as he stepped closer,“I thought something happened to you, someone killed you!”

“Why would anyone kill me?”
He ignored my question, continuing his rant,“And here you are sleeping with some meathead while I am breaking down your door!”

“Meathead?” Jack started from behind me,“Watch it, pal. Who gives you the right to randomly break into a woman’s-”

“Shut the fūck up,” Nathan muttered, stepping besides me to still point his gun at Jack’s head. “Get up and out of here.”

“Nathan. What...what are you doing here?” I slowly asked, adjusting the tight black dress from last night still on my body as his gaze scanned me from my eyes to my toes.

“I-I don’t know.”

“Right...” I shifted on my feet,“Please wait outside and lower than gun down.”

He nodded, his eyes widening as though he suddenly realised that he was holding the gun up in the first place. He put the safety back on, pulling it in the safety of his coat’s inner pocket. I suddenly noticed the black suit he had on today, noticing how handsome he looked in it.

It was like the suit was made for only his body by the way it accentuated his shoulders.

I broke my eyes away from his body and sighed as he walked past me, stepping out of my room. My eyes fell on Jack who quickly jumped out of the bed. I sighed in relief as I saw him in his boxers. For some reason, I was incredibly embarrassed that Nathan had walked in on me waking up with a man in my bed.

“Where are my pants?” He scrambled around the room in search for them. My eyes landed on the pile of clothes near the nightstand and I quickly picked it up, handing it over to him.

“Jack–” I started, clearing my throat,“Do you remember what happened last night?”

He jumped on one foot as he started pulling them on, slipping his foot in the hole. “It’s hazy but we didn’t sleep together,” He muttered,“Sorry, Rebecca. We both got really wasted last night, I shouldn’t have ended up here.”

I nodded in agreement as he buttoned his pants, straightening out his t-shirt. “Right.”

“Thanks for showing me around yesterday. From what I can recall, I had fun,” He let out as he slipped in the garment. His hands reached into his pant pockets to search for his belongings.

“It was my pleasure, Jack...” I smiled at him awkwardly,“Hope my services as a tour guide were satisfactory, your Highness...” I bowed down and he shook his head.

“Stop it...” He muttered with a smile,“I should head out now...I have to go to that charity event I told you about and give a speech and besides, seems like you got company here.” Despite how much Jack talked about hating being a prince, he fūcking loved it deep down, that I knew. He somehow had to mention that fact every ten seconds and it was growing annoying at this point.

I nodded in response, walking out of my room to see him off. My eyes instantly found Nathan’s form who stood against the wall next to the entrance, watching the two of us with a hawk like gaze.

“Bye, Becca. I’ll see you Monday?” Jack muttered behind me as if he could sense the awkwardness in the room. I opened the door to my apartment, nodding at him.

“Yes, Monday it is. Bye Jack...,” I muttered out as he walked past me, his lips landing on my cheek to leave a peck. Colour flushed my cheeks and I quickly shut the door behind him, my eyes meeting Nathan’s once again.

“Jack really brings out the Rose in you.”

No, you do Nathan and you know that, asshat!

I blushed even more, grinding my molars together under his agonizing stare. I had no idea why I was even so embarrassed about him walking in on me.

“We didn’t sleep together,” I felt myself say, instantly regretting my words. Nathan couldn’t care less– he didn’t need to know but the woman inside me suddenly had no control over what came out of my mouth. She really needed to connect my brain to my mouth with a wire because I clearly didn’t know how to think before I spoke.

“You don’t need to explain yourself...” He shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly, his eyes sweeping across my face and taking in all of my features. I didn’t even know what it was about him but I suddenly found myself get aroused.

“I didn’t even kiss him.” What are you saying Becca? Are you dumb?

“I can tell...” He let out,“Your lipstick is still perfect.” He mentioned and I took a step back as he walked towards me,“Plus, your lips tend to swell up a little...” He added as an after thought,“but maybe that happens only when I kiss you, Rebecca.”

I swallowed in a deep breath, all too aware of the fact that my mouth smelled like a men’s public toilet but I stood rooted to the spot when he grabbed my face in his hands and brushed his lips against mine.

“You look beautiful,” I probably looked like a bag of cow dung but I couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed at his words, my heart somehow managing to skip a beat,“The rules, Rebecca. You don’t need to explain yourself for sleeping with another man. We are just fūck buddies, aren’t we?”

His tone was challenging and his gaze even more testing. The rational part in me kicked me in the nuts and I slowly nodded in response, coming to my senses.

“Good...” He muttered out, his lips falling on mine and my hand fell on his chest, pushing him away from me. “My mouth stinks...” Alcohol left a sour taste in anyone’s mouth, add in morning breath and you had yourself the worst smelling thing you could even comprehend.

Before he could say anything, I almost ran back to my room, shutting the door behind me. Taking a deep breath, I went straight to my washroom to notice the smell of vomit greet me. There was quite a possibility that that was all me. I obviously was not very good at handling my alcohol.

I quickly brushed my teeth twice, changing into blue jeans and a white t-shirt within a couple of minutes to head back out.

“Coffee?” He suddenly asked as I stepped into the kitchen and I noticed the pot he had in his hands. I nodded in response, smiling as I felt the consistent pounding in my head still bother me.

It had been almost two weeks since we had last seen each other, the last time we had sex and I was glad that my period was over and I could finally spread my legs for him because I surely missed him.

I watched him dance around my kitchen and sat into the stool on the kitchen island, putting my face in my hands and leaning on the marble to look at him. “Why are you here, Nathan? You should have called me first.”

“I didn’t mean to come here...I was just on the way to work and I...I decided to see you...” He walked over to me with the two brewing mugs of coffee, handing me one and I greedily accepted it, looking down to see he had prepared it just like I liked it–black, like my soul.

“Thank you,” I appreciatively let out, putting my hands around the hot mug to warm them as he sat next to me on another stool, his eyes on my face.

“So, you are not here to fūck me?” I asked, bringing the hot liquid to my lips after a couple of minutes in silence.

“You want me to?” He asked, peering at me from the corner of his eye,“You look a little hungover.”

“Maybe...” I sighed out, turning in my seat to look at him,“But I can tell that’s not what you came here for.”

“Yes, you are right...” He started, his eyes meeting mine,“I want to know whether I can share a few things with you...I want someone to talk to and I believe that friends with benefits can be friends too, right?”

I nodded at him, urging him to continue,“Sure, I am a good listener.”

“Fine...” He let out, bringing the mug to his pink lips to take a sip of the hot liquid. I tried not to just close the distance between his neck and my mouth to run my tongue over his bobbing Adam’s apple. “My wife died today four years ago.”

I took in a deep breath, not knowing what to say as he laid his heart out to me, sharing something so personal and intimate that I didn’t expect to come up anytime soon if ever. “I am sorry for your loss.”

“Again, you don’t need to apologize for something you can’t do nothing about...” He let out and I nodded,“I miss her, Rebecca. I miss her.”

“I loved her so much. I close my eyes, I still see her everywhere I go and I can’t seem to move on...from the fact that she died,” He confessed, his eyes distant and his voice sounding equally lost,“Have you ever been in love?”

“No...” I muttered out, shifting on my hips and shrugging,“Never. Don’t know what that feels like but I have heard it sucks, is a pain in the ass and makes you sad. Someone once told me that I am a heartless bitch and could never fall in love... What the fūck is love anyway?” I muttered, remembering Aiden’s face– my apparent ‘first love’ and the man who had said those beautiful words to me. Now that I looked back, I realized that I had never been in love with him. I was young when I had met him and had been infatuated with him but...it wasn’t love or whatever mundanes liked to call it.

He let out a deep chuckle, taking another sip. “You are not heartless...” He informed me, catching my gaze,“A bitch sometimes but not heartless.”

“Fuck you, asshole... Don’t call me a bitch or I swear to god I’ll chop off that dick and staple it to your forehead to show much much of a dickhead you are.” I let out, obviously being an inconsiderate bitch when I knew he was hurting.

“You are something else, Miller...I like your...zest. Such a fiesty, spitfire you are but...” He muttered, his eyes falling from my eyes to my lips,“The only thing you are going to do with my dick is suck it with those pretty little lips, alright sweetheart?” His words caught me off guard. He had been just talking about his dead wife and all of a sudden, he wanted me to suck his cock?

I took a deep breath in, electricity running through my body and making my nipples stand to attention as I broke our gaze. “I’ll bite it off, Wylde.”

He again let out a throaty laugh that sounded like music to my ears. “Don’t test me, Nathan. I will not hesitate.”

“I know you won’t. You are a crazy woman.”

“Crazy?” I raised my eyebrows at him, narrowing my eyes,“Don’t call me crazy, bitch. I’ll beat you up to a plump and...wipe away your smug existence from the face of this planet.”

“Cute. You are cute.” He muttered with a smile, a dimple appearing on his left cheek as I pointed an accusing finger at him. I wanted to move my finger into the said beautiful curve on his cheek and poke it.

“Don’t call me cute!” I let out an exaggerated gasp at his words, deeply offended. “No, I am not cute. I am fūcking sexy. I am the sexiest woman you’ll ever meet. I am sexier than Emma Stone’s r-rated sexy, thank you very much!”

“I have no idea what that means...” He let out with a soft, angelic laugh and I narrowed my eyes at him. “Still cute though.” His hand came up to my face, pinching the tip of my nose between his fingers and pulling on it.

“Wait, you haven’t seen Crazy, Stupid, Love?” I asked him in shock, swatting his hand away.

“No...” He shrugged his shoulders, “I thought you did not know what love was. I am shocked that you watch rom-coms.”

“I am shocked that you know what rom-coms are.”

“You don’t know anything about me, Becca,” He let out, the smile on his lips suddenly falling,“I am shocked that you let random people into your lives so easily. What if I am a serial killer?”

He did carry a gun around him everywhere he went...

“Are you one?” I asked him and he passed me a blank look. “Nathan, sometimes you just have to let people in...” I was slowly beginning to realize how similar we were. We both had lost someone dearest to us to death. I pursed my lips together as I suddenly remembered my parents and the day I had found out that they had been in a car crash.

“She died from breast cancer... She found out a little too late. She was already at stage IV when it got detected. She had been ignoring all the symptoms and I was not even here when it all happened....” He let out, his voice hurting and I had the sudden urge to throw my arms around him and comfort him only I knew I would be overstepping my boundaries if I did that.

“I was in Afghanistan and returned home after two years to find her on her death bed... Two days after I returned, she passed away.” He took a deep breath in and let it out as though a huge weight had been lifted off his chest.


“I was the worst husband imaginable. We had been best friends growing up, had been highschool sweethearts and got married as soon as we graduated. It was almost...natural and inevitable for us to be together. We both went to the same college and then I left to join the army...” He murmured, his hand tightening around the mug,“...and we just grew apart. Whenever I used to come back, we did not seem to connect anymore. Months turned into years and...suddenly she was gone. I was the worst husband.”

“Nathan, no...” I muttered, a deep ache starting within me. “Don’t say that...” I did not know how to comfort people, I was so well aware of that fact.

“It’s not easy to move on. I didn’t even think about moving on until recently. I don’t think Piper even wanted me to move on, ever. I think it’s my punishment for not being around her more...” He sighed out, finally meeting my eyes.

“Nathan, I don’t think you should beat yourself up for leaving for...the army. You were only serving our country–”

“–And I forgot to serve the love of my life...No, Rebecca it is all my fault.”

“No, it’s not... You both grew apart, that is not anyone’s fault. It happens to a lot of couples. My parents hated each other. I remember wishing that they both only got a divorce just so I didn’t have to witness World War III every other night in the house. They were probably fighting with each other when they died. Sometimes...” I took a deep breath in,“People just don’t get along. That’s why I hate marriages. The thought of being tied up to someone for the rest of your lives is horrifying.”

I cleared my throat when I realized I had gone off the tangent,“And, you cannot do anything about cancer. It can happen to anyone...” I huffed out a breath and he hummed in response, shutting his eyes close.

We both sat in comfortable silence, consumed by memories for a long time. My coffee was ice cold by the time I broke out of my thoughts and brought the mug back to my lips, chugging it in one go.

“Do you have to go to work?”

“No,” He replied simply,“Not right now.”

I stood up, grabbing my mug and his empty one and walking over to the sink to keep them in. “Do you want to eat something?”

“No,” He curtly replied and I took a large breath in, turning on my heel to open the top shelf of one of the cupboards by standing on my tippy-toes. I started to hoist myself up on the counter before I heard a voice behind me,“What are you doing?”

“I need to get that bag...” I let out once I was sitting on the marble,“I can’t reach it.” I explained as I met his confused expression as he stood behind me all of a sudden.

“You are so short...” He commented and reached above me to grab the said packet of chips.

“Screw you. I am not short, you are a fucking giant.”

“You did that already and you can do it again...” He let out, looking down at me with a frown,“Do you ever eat anything remotely close to being healthy?”

I stuck my tongue out at him in response, pushing him out of the way as I walked past him. I turned on tge television, grabbing the remote and sitting down on the couch.

I instantly started fiddling with the rectangular device while from the corner of my eye I saw him take off his suit jacket, leaving him in a black shirt and black fitted dress pants. He started rolling up his sleeves and my gaze lingered on his muscular forearms. I looked away before he could say anything and realized how much of a creep I was.

I finally found the movie I was looking for when he sat down next to me, at a safe distance.

“What are we doing?” He asked and I hummed under my breath,“Watching Crazy, Stupid, Love because you are missing out, Wylde.”

He hummed back in response and pulled me closer to him and for some strange reason, I let him as I hit the Play button and my body flushed against his. I dropped the packet of chips next to the couch on the ground, making myself comfortable once it started.

A loud yawn escaped my lips as Steve Carell’s face came into view and slowly, I felt Nathan get comfortable besides me, sending a glance or two my way whenever he caught me staring at him.

We both said a thing or two in between and within no time, my eyes started shutting close. I lied on the couch slowly, facing the TV and somewhere between falling asleep and finding it hard to focus on the bright screen, I felt Nathan shift and lie behind me, his front brushing against my back.

He held me close in his warm hold and a small smile creeped its way over to my face. Why was I actually enjoying being cuddled by a tall mountain of a man who could barely fit his legs on my couch on a random Sunday morning?

“You smell good– like lavender...” He hummed in my hair and I sleepily pushed myself closer to him. Instantly, something started poking my ass but I was too lazy to do anything about the fact that he was hard.

“You too...” I mumbled out with a loud yawn,“You smell like...like–a man.”

Rebecca Miller, come to your senses! What are you saying? Do I need to hit you over the head with a bat? My inner voice asked me and I flipped her the bird, telling her to go suck a dick. I was breaking rule number one already and was so liking it.

I heard a laugh behind me, a muscular chest shaking against my body. A hand looped around my waist and butterflies in my stomach started acting like they just had smoked some weed with Snoop Dogg and then proceeded to go get drunk with 2007 Lindsay Lohan by the way they were frantically fluttering like freaks within me.

I let the warmness of his hold consume me as I slipped away into dreamland after some time before I heard a loud groan in my ear,

“Fūck, you are a loud snorer, Rebecca. Keep it down, I can’t hear the goddamn movie.”

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