Drunk In Lust [A TBS SPIN-OFF]

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Chapter 11: Drunk Confessions

“I love you, Jake! I love you...” I yelled into his face with a wide smile on mine own.

“Jack,” The blonde man yelled back out,“How drunk are you?” He laughed with me and I shook my head at him, letting my hands loop around his neck and my body flush against his front, grinding our hips together.

“I’m not drunk!” I felt myself say, pressing my thighs shut together. I desperately wanted to pee but I knew if I broke the seal then I was just going to spend the entire night going back and forth from drinking to standing in the long queue in front of the washroom.

“Rebecca....” I looked up into his blue eyes as he looked down at me, his hands resting on my hips. “This was a bad idea.”

I nodded with him. Dancing in a sea of hot, sweaty bodies in a nightclub where every man was grinding against your ass wasn’t the best idea, obviously but I had to do something. I had to get myself distracted from my life just for a couple of hours.

“I know...” I sighed out, shaking my head at him. “I am going to get another drink...” I muttered out, moving past him to squeeze myself through the people and found myself sitting next to the empty stool next to Ralph.

“Hey boss...” He smiled slightly at me as he raised his glass of whiskey up to his lips. “What are you doing here all alone?”

We had won one of the major cases today- thanks to Ralph once again and he had brought his two favourite colleagues, that of course being Prince Jack and my old self, out for drinks in one of the nearest clubs that his cousin apparently owned and hence, we didn’t have to wait in the long line and were being given VIP treatment, which meant: free alcohol. I was definitely getting my ass wasted tonight.

“I don’t really like to rub my dick against women, to be honest...” He slurred out, laughing under his breath. I suddenly noticed how red his cheeks were and realized he was absolutely wasted. “Although, Jack over there looks like a total meal. I wouldn’t mind fūcking his brains out...Too bad he is straight.”

I followed his eyes to where Jack was. It really wasn’t pleasant looking at men grinding their hips in the air awkwardly while flailing their arms around while they were all sweaty and stinky but apparently Jack somehow made even that look good.

“Back off, hoe...” I growled at Ralph with a loud laugh,“He is mine!”

It took me four seconds to realize that I had just called my boss a...hoe.

“I am sorry. Fūck, I didn’t mean to say that!” I gasped out, my eyes widening as he looked at me, amused. “Nah Bex, you good. It’s okay. I am a hoe.”

I smiled at him, shrugging,“Guess what? Me too!” A giggle escaped my lips as I high-fived him. I couldn’t even believe that a couple of months ago, I was lusting after Ralph who suddenly seemed like the gay bestfriend I had always wanted. “I am a fūcking hoe!”

I grabbed onto the glass in his hand, snatching it to down the remaining liquid in one go,“Hey!” He protested, trying to push me away but before he could do so, I lowered the glass down, making it clink against the counter. “Fūck, that does not taste good...” I groaned, my tongue coming out of my mouth in distaste. “Why the fūck do you drink that again?”

“To pretend to be a man,” He heaved out a breath and I raised an eyebrow at him,“You are a man. You don’t need to pretend.”

“I know that...” He gripped his hand around the glass, his knuckles turning slightly white. I was waiting to get a drink for myself but I was too lazy to gain the busy bartender’s attention
It seemed like too much of an effort.

“Let your gayness show, Ralph...” I bit my lip as he ran a hand through his hair. “You shouldn’t care about what others think. Just be you, Davis.”

“I need to care about what others think. I am a gay lawyer. Trust me, no one will take me seriously if I show up in a...pink suit to court.”

“If Reese Witherspoon could do it, so can you,” I slurred out, flashing him a grin and he shook his head slightly.

“You know what, I think I should go home...” He yelled out over the suddenly loud music and I nodded at him. “You want to come with? I’ll drop you off.”

“No, I’ll be here for some more time...” I let out, shaking my head. “You go ahead...” As soon as the words left my lips, I felt a hand fall on the small of my back, making me jump slightly.

“What do you want?” Jack asked me, his dirty blonde, messy hair looking darker in the club and his blue eyes eccentric and bright as he looked down at me.

“Surprise me,” I shrugged as he nodded and headed over to gain the bartender’s attention while Ralph got up from his seat, distracted by his phone as he called an uber for himself.

“I’ll see you tomorrow, Becca...” He muttered out, looking down at the watch on his wrist,“It’s one already. I guess I’ll see you...later today.”

“Bye Mr. Davis,” I nodded at him as I watched him go and I pressed my legs together as I felt the pressure between my legs increase. I couldn’t control it anymore and as Jack stood at the bar, waving money around, I quickly rushed over to the bathroom.

“Shit,” I cursed as I saw the long line of women outside the women’s bathroom. Time seemed to pass as I somehow waited for my turn and made my way back over to Jack who was still waiting for me, three shots of vodka waiting for me.

“Hey,” I muttered, unstable in my heels as I raised the first one to my lips, chugging it in one go. An expression of pure disgust again covered my face as the strong liquid slided down my throat. Taking a deep breath, I raised the other glass to my lips, downing it in less than a few seconds.

“Woah, calm down, Bec,” I heard Jack say as I reached for the third glass as I tried to remove the image of stupid Nathan Wylde from my mind. I didn’t even know what he was doing in my head all day long but for some reason, he was always there, nagging me, irritating me, making me miss his stupid, magical cock.

That stupid buffoon of a man probably didn’t even know that I was thinking about him. Hell, even I didn’t even know why I was thinking of him. The past two weeks a silent little cuddling pact had formed between us. I didn’t even know why I didn’t protest against it when he used to come around at ten every night to just sleep in the bed next to me.

The thought suddenly made me realise that he wasn’t going to find me at home today.

“You good?” Jack asked, his blue eyes running over my face in concern. I probably looked like shit.

“Yeah,” I grunted out, leaning against him. “Make sure...I don’t drink more.”

“Yeah,” He laughed out,“You are going to regret this tomorrow morning.”

“I regret everything already.” I muttered out as I finally reached into my back pocket to find my phone that was on silent, suddenly noticing the fifteen missed calls I had on it along with a couple of texts.

“I have this thing coming up- this family dinner party. I need a date. Can I take you?” He yelled into my ear as Usher’s DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love blasted in the club.

“Like your family- the Royal family of Monaco family?” I laughed at his words,“Do you actually think a peasant like me will be able to survive them?”

“Sure,” He let out, “They can’t hate you more than they hate me.” He shrugged his shoulders,“They already think that I am throwing my life away by trying to act...normal. So, what do you say? Come with me...”

“Okay, sure...,” I nodded to the beat of the music. “Let’s dance, I love this song!” I grabbed his hand, making him stand and follow me to the dance floor. My hands instantly looped around his neck as his fell on my waist, pulling me flush against his front.

Our hips swayed to the music and the song changed to Enrique Iglesias’ Dirty Dancer and I couldn’t help but grind my hips against the man’s, suddenly feeling slightly slutty. I was dressed in dark pants and a halter top, not really the most provocative outfit in here but for some reason as I turned around to connect my hips with Jack’s rather excited front, my eyes suddenly found a familiar green pair and I felt like the dirtiest whore in the entire world.

She’s a greedy girl to never get enough.
She don’t wanna love, she just wanna touch.
She’s got all the moves that make you get it up.
She’s a dirty dirty dancer, dirty dirty dancer.

Jack dug his pelvis into my butt, making me automatically move against him as my breathing turned a little too slow for my liking. I would rather die of lack of oxygen than from the angry look that Nathan, the tallest and hence clearly visible man on the floor, passed my way. I cowered back into the man behind me who was oblivious to Nathan’s dominating presence as he continued rubbing himself on my ass.

Never ever lonely.
She’s a dirty dirty dancer, dirty dirty dancer.
You’ll never be her only.
She’s a dirty dirty dancer, dirty dirty dancer.

“Nathan?” I gasped out as he suddenly made his way over to me, pushing two men out of the way and I couldn’t focus on the music around us as his one hand wrapped around my upper arm, his fingers grasping onto the sensitive skin over there a little too harshly.

He ignored my voice as he started dragging me out of Jack’s grasp who let out a sigh of protest but it was not enough to stop Nathan who proceeded to pull me along with him from between the sea of bodies.

“Nathan! Leave me... You are hurting me,” I let out, trying to pull my arm away from his hold but he only tightened his hand around me as I stumbled on my heels. I didn’t even have time to process that we were at the entrance of the club and he was pulling me out into the dark night.

“Nathan...” I sighed out as he continued his long strides and I failed to catch up with him,“Please stop.”

The anger radiating off him surrounded me whole. The air around us was tense and the night seemed to weigh me down as we reached a familiar black car.

“Are you just going to i-ignore me?” I asked him, my voice coming out as a slur. The mere fact seemed to annoy him even more as he clenched his jaw and reached into the pocket of his jeans with his other hand that was not holding me, pressing onto the unlock button on the remote. He opened the passenger door, practically throwing me inside the car and I let out a sigh at his actions, annoyed.

“Why are you so mad?” I groaned out as he entered the car from the other door and I narrowed my eyes at the sharp street lights.

He started the car, remaining silent as the vehicle purred into motion and we started on our way on the almost empty road. I looked out of the window, trying to sober myself up while peering at him from the corner of my eye.

“Sober up,” He finally decided to speak after ten minutes, his voice low and deep as he picked up the water plastic bottle in the cup holder, throwing it in my lap.

“You don’t have to be so rude...” My voice broke at the end for some reason and his grip on the steering wheel tightened. I gripped the bottle, unscrewing the cap and slowly bringing it to my lips, taking a sip.

I slowly registered that we were on the way to my apartment. Another sigh escaped my lips as I realized that I had already chugged down half the bottle. I must have been thirsty. “How did you find me?”

“I put a tracker on your phone,” He shrugged his shoulders like that was totally a normal thing to do and he just ran around everyday, putting trackers on people’s phones.

“You what?”

“And I made a good decision...” He growled back at me, “You obviously don’t know how to make those.”

“What the fūck do you mean?” I glared at him, narrowing my eyes at his perfect face. I couldn’t help but again noticed the high arch of his nose and the beautiful cheekbones on him that made him look like he just stepped out of a GQ magazine.

“You are a mess, Rebecca...” He sighed out, shaking his head,“You are a hot mess.”

“Excuse me?” My mouth fell wide open. I knew exactly who and what I was. I didn’t need him to remind me of my poor choices in life- one of them being letting him in it.

“You are a hot mess. A disaster- a fūcking chaos, Rebecca. You have it all: brains, beauty and fūcking everything and I fail to understand why you try to act so...bad.”

“I do not try to act bad-”

“You cannot honestly expect me to believe that. I know what lies under that hard bitch exterior you put up,” His green eyes snapped to mine and I ran a hand through my messy, wavy hair, resting my elbow against the window. “You crave love. You crave affection.”

“I crave shit! Do not talk to me like that! Do you think you are my fūcking therapist?”

“Have you ever even had a normal relationship with someone?” He asked, taking a left turn and I let out a loud breath.

“Yes, I have actually. It sucked. He left me. Okay?” I shouted at him,“Is that what you wanted to hear?”

“No. I was not talking about your love life. Nevermind.” He let out,“Your parents. Your brother...Their deaths changed you.”

I stiffened instantly, my breath caught in my throat. No one except for Elizabeth knew about my brother, Dale.

“How do...how do you know about Dale?”

“You...” His hand again tightened around the wheel, making me question how it hadn’t snapped in half already. “Uh, you...” His tongue slipped out of his mouth to lick his lips,“You talk in your sleep.”

“Oh?” Colour filled my cheeks in embarrassment. Oh lord, what all had I said in my sleep...

“Yeah...” He whispered out, his car coming to a stop right in front of my building. “You have nightmares about...them.”

“I know...” I whispered out, goosebumps rising on my arms. “Dale was my twin.” A sad smile graced my lips,“My other half.”

He kept quiet as his concerned eyes again met mine and I heaved out a breath. “He just killed himself one day and...I had no idea he was even suicidal. What a perfect sister is was...” Tears started running down my cheeks as I remembered the last time I had seen him, just on our seventeenth birthday. Elizabeth had thrown us a party at her place and Dale had decided to go home alone. I had been too engrossed in having the time of my life that I hadn’t thought too much about the fact that my parents were not even at home and he would be alone...and the next morning, I had come home to witness the crime scene in Dale’s room that changed me completely.

“It wasn’t your fault...” He started but another loud cry escaped my lips and I just couldn’t stand to be in the small space as him so I reached for the handle, opening the door and stepping outside on shaky feet. My hands came up to my face and I rubbed away my tears, slowly realizing that my handbag was in Jack’s car and I didn’t have my keys.

“Fūck, I don’t have my keys...” I groaned out as I heard him step out of car, locking it behind him.

“You door is still broken. You don’t need them.” He reminded me and I remembered the large hole in my front door from the day he broke in on me and Jack. I still hadn’t gotten it fixed. That hole was the excuse why Nathan persisted on sleeping with me these last few days, saying that he wasn’t going to leave me alone when anyone could break in.

“Right,” I muttered out, stepping towards the entrance and climbing up the stairs. He followed me, his hand landing on the small of my back, making me jump.

“You don’t have to come with me, Nathan.” I sighed out as I opened the front door, slipping inside the building and walking towards the staircase with him on my side.

“Of course, I do. What if someone tries to break in and...have their way with you, kill y-”

“You are the only one trying to have their way with me, Wylde...” I let out as I stepped on the first step with precaution. I took another step and realized walking in heels was only going to end up with me dead or at least with a broken ankle. I sat down on the next stair, taking off my heels and letting my toes finally breathe.

“Do you think that’s the only reason why I’m with you?” I looked at his booted feet, afraid to look up and meet his captivating eyes.

“That’s the only thing we agreed on, as far as I can remember...” I mumbled out, using the railing to hoist myself up as I held up my shoes in my other hand.

Turning away from him, I again started on my way up the stairs, my feet now slightly padding against the wood. He followed me in silence and I found myself get sobered up as soon as we reached my floor.

I reached my door, reaching inside the hole to unlock it. I was so going to get robbed. As soon as my hand met the lock, Nathan’s hand landed on my ass unexpectedly, the sound of skin slapping breaking the heavy silence.

“What the fu-” I started but he cut me off,“I didn’t like it. I didn’t like the way you were dancing with him. I didn’t like the way he was looking at you.”


“I know you believe in casual sex but Rebecca...this is hard for me.” He let out against me, his breath flushing against the small of my neck, making the hair there stand to attention,“I am not really a wham bam thank you ma’am kind of a guy.”

“I know that...” I let out, my shoulders sagging,“I do know that, Nathan and that’s why I am asking you again- why the fūck are you still here? Why did you agree to this?” I finally managed to open the door, stepping inside so that he was not breathing on me. His presence did something crazy to my body. I was always excited and...wet around him. He always managed to keep me aroused.

“I am here to be...your bodyguard for the night,” He told me, shutting the door behind us as I dropped my heels to the floor.

“Should I be paying you then?” I turned to glare at him, tired of this little charade we both enacting. “For your...excellent services?” I slurred out, my excellent sounding like eggsellent.

“I am not your whore.” He laughed behind me, kicking his shoes off. “You don’t need to pay me for being an asshole to you.”

“So, you do admit it- you are an asshole.”

“Sometimes,” He shrugged, looking down at me,“But you are a bitch too.”

“What the fūck did you call me?” I glared at him once again, confused at the man. The random things that came out of his beautiful mouth perplexed me, always.

“Do not pretend that it’s not true...” He took a step closer to me,“You flirt with other men, touch them, let them rub their dicks on you. Has that asshole fūcked you?”

“That is none of your business!” I narrowed my eyes at him, leaning against the back of the sofa for support,“What I do with him is none of your concern and if you are so hell-bent on making it your concern, why don’t you just leave, okay? I don’t care, Nathan! I do not want to have a relationship with you, okay? I do not care whether you get jealous over the next guy I look at.”

“I can’t...leave. You’ll get robbed.”

“No, I won’t,” I took a challenging step towards him, matching his action. There was no way in hell I would back away from this man, ever. “You can leave.”

“Am I not enough for you, Becca? Do I not satisfy you?” He asked, changing the topic. He was very good at that. He was almost like a chameleon- whenever he didn’t like the thought of talking about one thing, he quickly changed colours and made the entire conversation about something else instead.

“No,” I honestly replied, seeing his face fall. He was more than enough. I couldn’t handle him- or that anaconda in his pants and he was definitely aware of that. “Considering the fact that you haven’t had sex with me this past month, no, you are not enough! The only time you touch me is to like- sweetly kiss me on the bloody cheek or cuddle with me or some stupid girly shit like that. Man up, Nathan, fūck my brains out! I am a woman...” I stupidly stated the obvious, taking another step towards him so that my chest was completely flush against him and I had to crane my neck to look at him,“I have needs and you are not meeting them.”

“You are always horny...” He concluded and if I wasn’t drunk, I would have rolled over and had a laugh but I held his gaze bravely.

“Yes, I am. I am really horny and unless you don’t have your way with me tonight, I will never ever talk to you, ever again!” I childishly told him, pressing myself completely against him.

“You are drunk. You don’t know what you are saying.” I stood on my tippy toes, only being able to reach his chin sadly enough. I kissed it, I kissed his chin as passionately as I could and my lips moved down to his neck and I licked the skin there.

“I am sober enough to know that I won’t regret this...” I whispered out, my one hand reaching under the simple black t-shirt he had on, finding the hard planes of his abdomen. He had an almost eight-pack and I wanted to pour some maple syrup or chocolate all over his abs and lick them clean, pretend that they were a delicious plate of waffles.

“I am not going to have sex with you when you are intoxicated.” His hands started to push me away from him but I held my ground. His presence was the only thing that was intoxicating.

“No. You are going to be a good boy and fūck me, Nathan, okay?” I demanded of him and realized that I looked silly. A man like him could not be dominated- especially not by me but it was worth a shot.

He laughed in my face, the sound of his chuckle so beautiful that it sounded like angels were singing from the heavens above. “I don’t want to be a good boy though.”

“No,” I whined,“Please.” I begged and started wondering how desperate I really was. I pushed myself forward, rubbing my belly against his member, feeling it harden under my touch.

“Really, Rebecca? Do you actually want me that bad?” He mocked me, his one hand finally falling on my hip, caressing the soft skin of my ass. “I must be good in the sack.”

“Don’t play with me. You know you are good. You are the best I have ever had and you know that,” I heard myself say, my eyes widening as I registered my words. Drunk confessions were the absolute worst and I knew I was going to regret saying this my entire life. I was so drunk- drunk in his presence, drunk in the lust I had for him and drunk in the way he gazed down at me.

“I didn’t,” He said, amused,“But I do know that now...” I had boosted up his ego and as a result, he bent down to finally brush his lips against mine. I greedily tried to kiss him before he backed away, straightening up, “I am going to take that as a compliment.”

“Screw you.”

“You already told me that six times before in just under a minute...” He again let out a chuckle, his eyes darkening all of a sudden,“Tempting, a very tempting offer but...I don’t want to take advantage of you.”

“Holy shit, just do me already!” I yelled at him, grabbing his shirt from the top and pulling him towards me with some super-human strength even I didn’t know I possessed. Maybe drunk Becca was a bodybuilder. Becca the bodybuilder....I swallowed a giggle at how funny that sounded. I looked like a twig....with some ass but no tits whatsoever. I wish I had boobs.

I planted my lips against his instantly, making his eyes widen. I grabbed onto his hair once our lips connected and he bent down to kiss me and I smiled against his lips as I was suddenly lifted into the air and my legs wrapped around his hips.

Electricity suddenly ran through my body and I am sure he felt the zap that I felt rush through me and excite me in ever way possible. Our lips bruised each other and his stubble burnt me. His tongue teased my lips and I granted him access, letting him discover my mouth. My breath probably stank of alcohol but I couldn’t care less and neither could he as our tongues continued fighting for dominance.

He let me lead the kiss and my tongue found the roof of his mouth and I teased him as I discovered his mouth, devouring him like he was my last meal on the planet. His one hand came to grab onto my hair to push my head back, making me break our liplock.

“Don’t make this hard for me, I won’t be able to control myself...” He begged me and a grin formed on my lips.

“You are already hard, Wylde...” I grinded myself against him, feeling his member poke against my ass. “And I think I told you to always lose control with me.”

I knew I broke him as he set me back down and pushed my pants and my panties down my legs in one go, making me step out of them. As he stood up straight, I let my own hands undo his button, pulling down his zipper.

“Maybe I am going to be the one who will regret this tomorrow instead...” He let out, his eyes looking almost black as they bored into me, helping me pull down his boxers.

“No one regrets anything. No regrets....” I gripped his member as soon as it escaped from the hold of his boxers, staring at his hard length. My hand automatically started moving over his shaft, noticing the drop of precum that was already gracing his tip. A low hiss escaped his lips as I kept stroking him.

He removed my hand from his length, instantly picking me up in the air and my hands found his shoulders as his member suddenly teased my already slick folds. His lips fell against mine once again, kissing me like I was the only thing he needed to survive, like I was oxygen.

“Please....” I begged him, a whimper escaping my lips as his cock somehow managed to tease my folds on its own without any of our assistance. “Please Nathan...I want you inside of me.”

“Condom,” He grunted out in annoyance and I shook my head,“It’s okay. I have an IUD. Just do it, please...” I again pleaded, desperate to be invaded by him. I was breaking one of the silent rules of just hooking up- always wearing a condom because God only knew once you went bareback you never go back...and you start catching dumb feelings because of the absence of a literal thin layer between you and your booty call but in this moment, I couldn’t care less.

He supported my weight in one hand, taking his length in the other to guide himself to my hole and he entered me in a quick thrust, a loud gasp escaping my lips at the invasion. “Big...You are so big....More...” I encouraged him, wanting to see if I could even take half of him.

“I am going to fūck you against your door...to remind you of why I don’t leave you alone...” His breath flushed against me, making me feel very, very hot.

“Someone could see us from that hole...” I teased him my toes curling as he somehow already managed to brush himself up against my g-spot, making me see stars,“Hear us even...”

“Your neighbors already know my name, Rebecca...You like to scream it now and then, don’t you? I don’t think they care anymore...” He told me and I gripped onto his shoulders tighter than before as my back hit the door and he managed to enter me even deeply. My walls tightened around him and a hiss escaped his lips at the sensation.

“You feel so good...” He grunted out in my neck as he thrusted into me, the poor door rattling behind us at the impact of his thrusts. The position was borderline uncomfortable but I couldn’t bother to ask him to take this elsewhere because the idea of breaking the door even further excited me to my core.

I moaned as he stretched me out like never before, my eyes almost rolling back instantly as he continued to hit the sweet spot deep within me over and over again. Everything blurred out as I felt him deep inside me, over and over again till my back started hurting, the door behind us started protesting and I couldn’t moan anymore.

“Tell me you won’t ever let that Jason touch you again,” He whispered over me, his eyes locking with mine as his pace increased and the sound of skin slapping became way too evident.

“I can’t tell you that...” I let out, panting over his skin.

“No, you can. You can tell me that and you will tell me that...” He ordered and filled me up completely, his dick hitting my cervix and the unexpected feeling made a cry escape my lips at the pain he caused.


“Yes, say it...Say that you are not going to touch him...” He growled out, his one hand coming up to wrap around my throat, making my neck straighten and suddenly my head harshly hit the door,“Tell me.”


“Don’t be so stubborn,” He grunted, staying buried deep within me,“Tell me you won’t let any other man besides me touch you.”

“I won’t, Nathan!” I cried out, the words slipping out of my mouth without much thought.

“Good girl...” He pressed me further against the door and I heard a crack behind us, knowing we had done something to it. He heard it too and instead moved with me latched onto him to the side, my back now digging into the wall. “You will not try to sleep with him, say it...my squirtle.”

“No,” I started but his both hands suddenly squeezed the skin of my ass, one of them raising up slightly to hit the flesh there. “Okay, no! No sleeping with him...” I hushed out quickly as he tilted me up, resting me on an angle on his member so that his cock always teased my sweet spot even better than before, “Only you.” I was so going to regret saying all of this.

Get your shit together, Bex! Tell him what you really feel like.

“You will not even look at any other man. Fucking him or anyone else is not even an option, Rebecca. Am I clear?” He suavely said, his arms caging me between him and the wall. Talk about a rock and a hard place. Literally.

A little angry laugh escaped my lips as I came to my senses,“You have no claim over me. I will do whatever I please and with whoever the fūck I want to...” I gushed out breathlessly, my hands gripping his shoulders tightly as my legs stayed wrapped around his hips completely, connecting the two of us together.

“You are going to regret saying that, kitten.” The fire in his emerald green eyes promised me that and his grip on me only seemed to tighten as he pushed himself deep inside me with a very particularly harsh thrust and I already regretted the words that I felt tumble out of my mouth in a frenzied whisper or what rather sounded like a moan,

“Make me.”

“I will,” He grunted out, glaring down at me,“I am going to make your regret it...” He promised and for some wild reason, I knew that he would keep his word, “but I am going to make you come first.”

He did make me come because within seconds I somehow crumbled and exploded into his arms at the same time, my body vigorously shaking as my orgasm hit me in waves of pleasure and his name left my lips. He followed close, my walls tightening being his undoing as with one final thrust inside of me, his own release shot from his body and covered my walls completely, reminding me of the fact that he was the first guy I had ever let come inside me.

“Rebecca, shit...” He let out into my neck as I tried remembering what breathing was. In. Out. In. Out. In. In. In.... Oh wait, I messed up. “You are going to kill me...” He groaned out as he stayed buried deep within me and my walls tightened around him once again, afraid to let go.

He was definitely going to kill me first. Or at least kill all of my rules, my sanity and my ability to breathe properly apparently...

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