Drunk In Lust [A TBS SPIN-OFF]

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Chapter 12: Not A Date

“This was a bad idea,” I mumbled out in Jack’s ear, clutching onto his arm that was looped with mine.

Taking a look around the banquet hall we were in, I took a deep breath. It was golden and white. A huge chandelier hung from the ceiling in the centre where Jack was leading me to. People looked fabulous, royal and held a sort of power to themselves. I felt stupid...and really fucking poor.

“No,” Jack let out a chuckle under his breath,“Don’t say that, Bex.”

Dressed in a simple black gown, I looked miserable and trashy compared to the other women in this room who were in intricately designed clothes that were probably more expensive than my entire apartment.

“I feel so...out of place,” I honestly said as a woman’s eyes traveled down my body, judging me.

A scornful look sat on her face as she saw my arm wrapped in Jack’s. Apparently, every single woman in this room wanted Jack to be their suitor and I was the witch who was by his side. As soon as I had entered the hall, I had heard snickers come at me from all directions, ridiculing me.

“Relax,” His blue eyes ran over my face, a smirk forming on his lips,“You look lovely.”

“Thanks,” My cheeks flushed in response and I felt silly at my body’s reaction. I never blushed...except when I was with Nath– nevermind.

What was wrong with me? Why was I even thinking about that green eyed sexy ass of a man?

“Jack,” A woman’s shrill voice reached our ears,“Is that you?“My eyes found the pudgy woman. She was shorter than even I was. How shocking. Her red hair fell around her shoulders in waves and she had a wide smile set on her warm face. Her blue eyes, similar to Jack’s glinted at seeing him.

“Aunt Jenna,” He acknowledged her presence,“It is lovely to see you.”

“Of course. Always a pleasure, Jack. You are my favorite nephew,” She laughed, looking from him to me, her eyes suddenly narrowing as she looked me over, judging me,“Who is this?”

“This is Rebecca Miller,” Jack looked between me and his aunt, smiling from ear to ear,“She is my girlfriend.”

“Oh?” Jenna let out, her eyes doing a once over of me once again while a gasp escaped me and my jaw awkwardly dropped at his words.

“What?” I incredulously asked and he laced our fingers together, squeezing my hand tightly. His eyes met mine and screamed at me to just go with the flow.

“I have been meaning to introduce Rebecca to you for so long,” Jack added while the woman looked at me like I had walked into the bloody party with a trash bag on.

“Hi...” I awkwardly muttered out and mentally facepalmed myself. My hands suddenly got sweaty and I got embarrassed thinking that Jack could feel it.A smile faker than Kylie Jenner’s lips formed on her face and she quickly looked away from me.

“I didn’t know you were dating again, Jack. If only I knew, I could have set you up with princess Sienna. Remember her? You both met a couple of times when you were younger. She has matured into a young, beautiful and wise lady and is absolutely perfect to be your bride. You two will look lovely together.”

“Aunt Jenna. Let’s not do this again,” Jack groaned out, shaking his head. His hand tightened around mine,“I have no interest in getting married right now.”

“You don’t?” She raised a challenging eyebrow at him, her eyes skipping over to me for a second,“Last time we met, you told me that you didn’t want to date anyone.”

“But then I met Becca, Aunt Jenna...” He smiled towards me once again, pulling me closer to his side,“I realized that I could still fall in love. Rebecca showed me what love was once again...” I awkwardly smiled at his words, having an internal battle within myself.

What the fuck was he saying?

“Sure,” She sceptically looked at me once again, nodding her head in apprehension. “But...Jack, you cannot possibly think you can be with a...” Her eyes ran over me,“...mundane.”

“And why not?” He chuckled out,“You can’t choose who you love. Love just...” I looked at him, meeting his gaze that was sitting on my face,“happens.”

“Right,” Jenna said, her lips forming into a thin line,“But you are you, Jack...“He raised an eyebrow at her, tilting his head to the side,“And?

"“Your parents will never approve of someone like her,” She muttered out in distaste,“Talk to them. Talk to Theresa first, see what she has to say about...this Rachel girl.”

“Rebecca.” I corrected her and Jack heaved out a breath in annoyance.

“My mother never agrees with anything I do anyway. Thank you for your concern Aunt Jenna but I am never going to leave a woman I love just because you don’t approve of her.“”Jack, I didn’t mean to offend-”

“No,” He clenched his jaw,“I think your message was pretty straight forward. I will be sure to keep in mind how little my happiness matters to you. If I was your favorite nephew, you wouldn’t have even questioned who I date.”

The woman started to speak but he silenced her, raising an hand up to keep her from talking,“Spare me, aunt. I have to introduce my girlfriend to others.”

Before I could blink, he was tugging me along across the room and I struggled to walk in the sky high heels, wondering why the hell I was wearing those demonic shoes.

“Jack, stop!” I whisper yelled and he took a deep breath, slowing down slightly.“I am sorry about her, Be-”

“So, I am your girlfriend now?” I cut him off, throwing a sly smirk his way,“When did that happen?”

“It might, soon...” He suddenly stopped moving, his hand tightening around mine as he turned to face me,“If you want that to happen.”

I let out a chuckle, shaking my head at him. “You know I don’t do relationships, Jack. They...” I took a deep breath,“never end well for me.”

“You shouldn’t be thinking about how it will end in the first place, Bex...” He smiled, his white teeth taunting me,“Just think about how it can be. I know that you haven’t had a good experience with dating in the past...”

He shrugged his shoulder,“It’s not all bad. Sometimes- you just need to put yourself out there. Just...let a man take you out for a date for once, treat you right...just let him in.” His words hit a nerve and I suddenly clenched my jaw.

Just let him in.

“Let me take you out someday,” He suddenly broke me out of my thoughts, his eyes wide and hopeful,“As a date. Not as friends.”

“Jack, I don’t know...” I sighed out, “Isn’t this...like a date already?”

He looked around the hall and I suddenly noticed that half of the people were still staring at us– at him. He was obviously a very important man here and I felt silly compared to him.

“No, this sucks...” He laughed, “I mean a proper date. Would you let me take you out?”

“If we survive this today,” I raised my eyebrows at him,“It’s a yes.” I mumbled out, despite how much I wanted to refuse. I couldn’t care less about him. I couldn’t even consider dating him, or any other man for the matter.

“Sounds like a plan,” He nodded in agreement. “I am sorry if this is boring. We can do something fun after this.”

“Fun like?” I asked as he grabbed two flutes of champagne from a passing waiter, handing one out to me.

“Fun like...watching a movie?” He shrugged, raising the flute to his lips,“Anything...except for this.”

My hand tightened around the glass in my hand for some strange reason. I had movie night with Nathan tonight. The last three weeks, I made him watch at least a dozen movies and I had started liking that he was the one who was more eager for movie nights nowadays...while they were getting annoying for me since I couldn’t get him to fuck my brain outs anymore.

“No,” I flatly said,“Maybe some other day?” I took a sip, swallowing the bubbly alcohol to buy myself a couple of seconds,“I am just very...tired. I think I just want to sleep in tonight.”

“Oh, sure...” He nodded, his eyes running over my face,“Are you okay?”

“Yeah, yeah, I am fine...” I smiled at him, bringing the flute back to my lips. I took a huge chug of the remaining golden liquid in the glass emptying it in a go.

“Hey, calm down, tiger...” He laughed, taking my empty glass from my hand,“Go easy with the alcohol.”

“Like a glass of champagne would get me drunk,” I let out a snort under my breath. “I am good with my alcohol, Jack.”

“No, you are not...” He disagreed, shaking his head,“But sure, I’ll believe you.”

“Not like you can tolerate your alcohol either.” I laughed back at him and he rolled his eyes.“Rebecca, can you excuse me for a moment?” He suddenly asked me, his eyes landing on a middle aged woman who was already looking at us,“I have some business to attend to.”

“Sure, go ahead!” I mumbled out but it was pointless because he had already nodded and was taking long strides towards the woman, placing our empty glasses on a tray being carried by one of the waiters. I looked away as he bent down to kiss the woman square on the lips.

“I am just going to stand in the corner, I guess...” I talked to myself, feeling slightly awkward as a woman walked past me, her shoulder meeting mine and throwing me back slightly.

Grabbing another flute of champagne, I took a deep breath as I took a sip only to allow my eyes to find Jack...who was suddenly missing from the spot where he was earlier.I let out a sigh as I tried to look for him once again but instead, my eyes landed on a handsome man walking towards me.

“Rebecca Miller,” The blonde man greeted me, his sharp blue eyes judgmental and calculative,“You are Jack’s new girlfriend.”

“Hi?” I muttered out, my cheeks suddenly reddening.

“Landon,” He introduced himself,“I am Jack’s brother.” His one hand came up for a handshake and I met mine with his, taking a deep breath. He really did look similar to Jack- only he had a chiselled jawline covered by a stubble and was perhaps a couple of inches taller than him.

“Oh,” I let out as he tightly gripped my hand and shook it,“Jack never told me had a brother.”

“I bet he didn’t tell you a whole lot of things about himself, Miss. Miller...” He told me, letting go of my hand quickly. “He has always been secretive. We all knew he would lead a double life in the future and leave the palace.”

He looked into the distance behind my head, his one hand suddenly closing around my upper arm. “We should have talk...“I gasped as he quickly tugged on it, his fingers digging into my skin.

“Hey!” I started, trying to pry my arm free from his hold,“What the hell are you doing?”

Landon didn’t listen to me and instead dragged me to one of the corners. I let out another gasp as he opened one wooden door, leading out to some sort of a garden.

“You cannot be with my brother,” He said as soon as we were outside and he had closed the door behind himself. I looked up at him from looking down at my hand that I had spilt champagne all over.

“Excuse me?”

“You are going to leave him, Miss. Miller...” He started walking on the cemented pavement, next to the gazillion flowers surrounding a statue of a half naked woman holding a pot on her hip. I reluctantly joined him, my pace matching his.

“No. Landon, I don’t think so...” I spit out a him, annoyed by the high headed man.

“I can’t let my brother date someone like...you,” His eyes ran down my frame once before he was again looking straight ahead.

“Someone like me?” I narrowed my eyes at him,“What the hell is that supposed to mean?”

He took a deep breath and I looked around to see that we had walked to the front of the entrance of the hall where a line of guards were standing. “Miss. Miller, you don’t know how our family works and you are just a normal girl...with a bad reputation-”

“Bad reputation?” I glared at him, finally managing to free my arm from his tight clasp. “I do not have a bad reputation.”

“So you do. You have slept with more men than you can even count. I believe that clearly talks about your character, Rebecca.” He seethed out my name,“You sleep around. You are a promiscuous woman–”

I turned towards him, having had enough of this conversation and I didn’t know what compelled me to throw the rest of the champagne left in my glass at his suit. His jaw dropped as soon as the alcohol hit him and he let out a hiss under his breath,“What the bloody hell?”

“You do not know anything about me,” My nostrils flared, my chest reddening in anger,“Do not interfere with my life. If I want to date your brother, I fucking will date him. He can make his own decisions.”

“You little bitch,” He seethed out once again, reaching into his pocket to produce a handkerchief. He unfolded it, cleaning his clothes with it. “I will have you removed from his life soon, anyway.”

I rolled my eyes at him, letting out a silly chuckle under my breath. I involuntarily handed him my empty glass and without thinking, he grabbed it before realizing what he had done.“I am not a waiter...” He glared down at me, taking a threatening step towards me.

“I didn’t say you were one,” I shrugged my shoulders at him,“But good to know.”

Feeling cocky and a little victorious, I smiled at him while he took a deep breath and turned to the guards, a snarl sitting on his handsome face.

“Do not let her in. She is not invited.”

He turned around before I could react, walking inside the hall. I frowned at his retreating back, taking a step towards him but before I could go further, a man dressed in a black suit stepped in front of me, his eyes hidden by a pair of aviators.

“You can’t enter, ma’am,” He stoically said, his voice monotonous.“Get aside.” I mumbled out, trying to walk past him but he stepped in front of me.

“You can’t enter, ma’am.” He repeated.

“I am Jack’s date, prince Jack’s date. I need to go back inside, dude!” I tried to step past him, succeeding in doing so but his hand wrapped around my elbow and he pulled me back into my earlier position, not letting me move.

“I am following prince Landon’s orders. I can’t let you in.”

“Fuck you...” I mumbled out, shaking my head at him,“Jack will be so mad if he finds out how you are treating me.” I tried to threaten him, not sure why I was doing so.

“I don’t care, miss. You are not going inside,” He enunciated slowly, his jaw clenching as he finished his sentence.

“Ugh!” I groaned out, embarrassed that I was being refused entry in front of a dozen eyes. “Fuck you!”

“Becca...” I heard a voice next to me and turned my head to notice who it belonged to, “How lovely to see you here.”

“Reid! Uh–Hi!” I muttered out as I looked at the handsome businessman, my eyes wide in surprise. His sharp, smart ocean blue eyes took in my form and landed on the guard who was blocking my way.

“Is there a problem here, Becca?” He asked, looking down at the guard.

“Um...” I turned completely towards Reid Parker, licking my lips as my eyes took in his authoritative, strong, tall form before they landed behind him at a taller and stronger man- his bodyguard.

Nathan frowned at me, his familiar green eyes running over my face and immediately resting on my lips. I stopped licking them, feeling nervous all of a sudden. Taking a deep breath, I let my own eyes take him in. Dressed in a tight black t-shirt that covered his body so deliciously, he looked panty-droppingly gorgeous as always. His hands were behind his back, making the shirt over his chest stretch out more to the point where it seemed like it was just going to rip off his body. The shirt was tucked in a pair of long, dark pants that made him look like a runway model and a gun sat tugged in a gun holster over his belt.

“Becca...” Reid again said my name, capturing my attention,“Why are you here?”

“I...I came here with Jack Harrington...” I muttered out, shuffling on my feet as he nodded in response.

“Oh.” Reid said, taking a step closer to me,“Is this man not letting you in?”

“Uh,” I took a deep breath, deciding that I did not even want to be here anymore. Landon had killed my mood. “No, whatever. I am actually just leaving.”

“Oh, alright,” He let out,“How are you going?“I bit my lip, a shaky breath escaping me. I reached for my clutch, opening it to find my phone,“I’ll call for a cab.”

“No,” Reid intervened, shaking his head at me. His eyebrows furrowed as he pushed his hands into his pant pockets,“It’s late. Nathan can drop you home.”

“I-uh...I can go on my own. You don’t have to-”

“No, it’s totally fine-”

“But sir,” Nathan interrupted Reid, making him turn back towards him,“Your father told me to stay with you at all times after last time.”

“What happened last time was an accident, Wylde...” Reid laughed, shaking his head,“Please take Becca home. I’ll be fine here.”


“Nathan, leave right now or else you are getting fired...” Reid interrupted him, not giving him a chance to speak and Nathan took in a deep breath, nodding.

“Of course,” He muttered out, his green eyes falling on me and instantly running over my body once,“If you need me, Mr. Parker, just give me a call.”

Reid nodded, glaring at the guard who was blocking my way once only to walk past him into the hall. I bit my lip, looking up at Nathan whose one hand how rested on his gun while the other on his hip.

“Nathan,” I started as the guard behind me reluctantly moved a little away from us. “You don’t have to. I’ll go on my own.”

His jaw ticked once and I didn’t fail to miss the slight roll of his eyes as he suddenly grabbed me by the elbow and gently pushed on my arm, making me walk with him. I was just being manhandled today.

My heels clicked against the floor as we started walking and I took a deep breath as his calloused fingers burnt me, igniting a fire of desire within my core.

“What the hell happened inside?” He asked once we were away from hearing distance of any of the guards, his jaw clenching and his hand tightening around my arm.

“What the fuck did that Jack do?“”I-Uh...Nothing...” I lied.

“What happened?” He frowned deeper, seeing right through my stammering.

“Jack didn’t do anything. It was his brother- Landon. He kind of kicked me out,” I mumbled out, looking at his expressionless face as we suddenly stopped in front of a black car.

He let out a sigh under his breath, shaking his head,“I am going to kick his ass.”

“No,” I looked at him in confusion,“What? Never mind. It’s okay–whatever. I don’t care.”

“I do,” He mumbled out, his hand leaving my elbow to trail his fingers over the skin of my upper arm. I looked down to see that my skin was red and had a mark of fingers left behind. I heaved out a breath as I inspected my arm to see that I was already bruising. “He hurt you.”

“It is not much, Nathan...” I snatched my hand away from his hold, leaning against the car. “I am okay.“He stepped closer to me, his eyes narrowing as I suddenly found myself caged between him and the car, my breath leaving my lungs.

“Why did he kick you out?” His eyes ran across my face and I but my lip, looking down at his neck to break our intense eyelock.“He said that I don’t belong here and he is right. I don’t...” I mumbled out, shrugging in thought.

“Rebecca,” Nathan’s breath fanned against my forehead as he pressed me further into the car,“You don’t need someone to tell you whether you belong or not. He had no right to throw you out. Where was your Jack when this happened?”

“He was...talking to someone...” His eyes ran over my face once again, resting on my lips,“Look, it doesn’t matter. Just drop me home, I’ll be fine.”

I forgot how to breathe as his one hand suddenly came to my side and he moved my loose hair behind my ear, moving it out of my face. His fingers didn’t move away and he caressed my cheek slowly, making me tilt my head for him and let out a purr under my breath.

“Nathan...” My voice was desperate and I was unsure how I managed to land my lips closer to his. They touched his lightly, making my head spin and my heart beat fast. “Kiss me.”

“No,” His voice came out husky and I was suddenly pushed back further into the car. The metal dug into my skin almost painfully but I couldn’t even begin to care as I felt instantly felt something dig into my stomach. My one hand trailed down from between us, down his chest to realize that it wasn’t his gun that was poking me but rather his arousal.

“What are you doing to me? Fūck...” He cursed under his breath once he knew that I was aware of the effect of me being just in close proximity had on his body.

“Nathan,” I whispered out,“Please...”

“Please what?” He asked, his mouth against mine. I struggled to keep my eyes from fluttering shut. “What is it that you want, Miller?”

“You,” I croaked out before I realized how desperate I was coming off as. I quickly cleared my throat, my hand pressing against his chest to push him away from me before I completely lost my mind,“I mean I want you to...come home with me tonight so that we can watch a movie together.”

“Right,” A faint smirk formed on his lips but it disappeared as soon as it had come,“I can’t. Not tonight.”

“Uh,” I nodded,“You didn’t tell me...you had to work today. I thought we had plans...as always?”

“You didn’t tell me you had a date,” He flatly replied, his face void of any emotion. I swallowed tightly, licking my lips nervously.

“It was not a date,” I argued. I had no idea why I found the need to argue in the first place.

“Jack is a friend.”

“You are dressed like it was a date,” His eyes fell on my cleavage and I felt insecure, knowing that my cleavage was only there because of the push up bra I was wearing.

“What is that supposed to mean?“I scoffed under my breath defensively.

“You are showing too much...skin,” He looked back up at my face in irritation. He stepped closer to me, every inch of his body pressing against mine.I let out a laugh,“I can wear whatever the hell I want. It’s none of your damn business, Nathan.”

“It is my damn business, Rebecca...” He clenched his jaw once again, angry. His eyes narrowed at me and I let out another harsh breath under his intense gaze,“Anything that concerns you, Miller...it’s my fūcking business.”

He closed the distance between us. His lips were harsh, rough and demanding as they crashed against mine. The familiar minty taste of his mouth consumed me and I let out a sigh into the kiss as my one hand automatically came up to clutch his soft, thick hair between my fingers.

“No,” I whispered out, breaking the kiss. “It’s not any of your business.”

He shook his head, rolling his eyes at me,“Get in the car.”

I didn’t need to be told twice as the door was opened for me and I slipped inside the car, my head spinning. It didn’t take him more than a couple of seconds to go around the car and slip in the driver’s seat himself. I put on my seat belt, my mind far away as the car suddenly sprang into motion.

The awkward silence between us made me reach for music system and I pressed onto the volume button, turning the radio on to some lame pop song. I leaned back in my seat, looking out the window into the dark night. The moon followed us around everywhere we went- full and bright.

A couple of minutes passed before Nathan got annoyed by the music and shut it off.I rolled my eyes at him, my challenging hand coming back to turn the radio back on, making Lady Gaga’s voice fill in the car.

“Would you stop that?” He groaned out, hitting the button harshly once again. Silence again consumed the two of us for a couple of seconds before I again reached for the button and Poker Face distracted me from my thoughts.

“Fuck that shit,” He shut it off once again, making me glare at him and turn the radio back on.

“What is your problem, Nathan? Let me listen to a fucking song...” I glowered at him, narrowing my eyes at the brooding man.

“It’s loud,” He muttered out,“I can’t concentrate.” His hand fought against mine, slipping behind mine to turn the radio off and I let out a sigh.

“You are so...ugh!“I turned it back, my fingers dancing over the button for protection just in case he decided to again reach for it.“Ugh?” He questioned, his hand wrapping around mine.

“What am I?” He guided my finger onto the button, turning it back off and then gripped my hand tightly in his, bringing it down to the gear with his. He made me change the gears, the car speeding up and the lightest touch of his suddenly gave arise to a weird, unexplainable tugging at the base of my gut. Butterflies started going absolutely nuts deep within my stomach and I bit my lip.

“Annoying,” I muttered out,“You are fucking annoying.”

“Jeez, thanks Rebecca,” He sarcastically replied,“I am absolutely flattered...” He rolled his eyes at me, his attention shifting between the road and my face, his hand still holding mine over the gear stick.

“Have you met yourself? You are the most infuriating person I have ever met.” I yanked my hand away from his touch, folding my hands in my lap. “I-I...I...um...I’m not that bad.”

“No...” He mumbled out, letting out a chuckle under his breath,“You just make me wanna tie you to my bed.” I stiffened at his words.


His head turned towards me to gaze at my face before he shrugged casually,“I mean it. I have never been this infuriated in my life before so...Rebecca, you should be a good girl and listen to me before I kill that Jack.”

“What the hell, Nathan?” I let out,“I just...I fucking hate you.”

“You know, Becca...” He sent a cheeky smile my way, catching me off guard. It was only rare to see him smile that widely. “They say, there is only a thin line between love and hate.”

I raised my left hand towards him, my middle finger saluting him and he again let out a loud laugh.

“Mature...” He remarked,“Real mature.”

“I am mature,” A frown formed on my face and he just shook his head at me, making me stick my tongue out at him.

His eyes fell on me and he let out another laugh,“Uh huh. Of course you are.”

“Excuse me? I am mature! I am as mature as it gets. I am maturer than you!” I crinkled my nose at the man,“Wait. Maturer. Matur-er” I loudly said,“Is that even a word?”

“Becca, how much did you have to drink tonight?”

“Clearly not enough,” I let out a sigh as he finally parked the car in front of the apartment complex. My stomach rumbled loudly and my cheeks suddenly flared in embarrassment because I knew you heard it.

“You didn’t eat anything?” He said after a moment, his voice slightly amused and his eyes ran over me.

“No,” I honestly muttered out,“I didn’t. Dumb Landon threw me out before I could even reach for a fucking snack. I can’t believe I got this dressed up only to come back home with an empty stomach.”

“Let’s eat out,” Nathan started the car once again,“I know this little place that you might not completely hate.”

“No!” I reached for my belt, deciding to unbuckle myself but before I could make my great escape, Nathan’s hand fell on mine and he grabbed hold of it.

“Yes,” He mumbled out, “I am taking you out whether you like it or not. Keep your hands to yourself and don’t do anything stupid, Miller,” He dropped my hand in my lap and I huffed out a breath of irritation as he straightened in his seat to reverse the car.

“Maybe I don’t want to keep my hands to myself and do something stupid...” I don’t know what possessed me to reach for his crotch, instantly latch onto his manhood. I heard a hiss from him and a smirk formed on my lips as I caressed him, feeling him harden under my hold.

“Seriously, how drunk are you?” He spit out.

“I am sober...” I let out a shaky breath,“I am just...” I licked my lips as I used my other hand to undo my belt. I shifted in my seat, sitting on my knees and facing him. I heard the sound of my phone falling down but I couldn’t care less as I struggled to come up with a word that could describe how I was feeling in the moment.

“You are?” His voice was coarse and deep as we were back on the road once again. Either of us should be embarrassed that I was feeling him up with traffic on the road but then again, I couldn’t care less.

"Horny. I am horny.” I let out, unzipping his fly. “I want you, Nathan.”

“I can’t.” He pushed me back, leaving the steering wheel to zip himself up once again. “Don’t do this to me, Becca.”

I sat back in my seat with a frown on my face,“You don’t want me.”

“Are you kidding me?” He said with anger,“Are you fucking kidding me? I want you more than anything. I want to fuck you in every...” He looked over at me, his hands tightening around the steering wheel,“Way possible. Trust me, I want you more than you will ever want me but we can’t! We are in fucking public right now and the last time you did this, you almost got us killed.”

I clenched my jaw, looking outside of my window. Instantly my eyes locked with the man’s in the car next to ours. He curiously looked over, a smirk forming on his lips and I looked away in disgust.

“I just want to suck your dick. What kind of a man are you? What kind of a man refuses a God damn blow-job?” I picked up my phone from the car floor, looking back at him.

“A man who can control his urges,” He ran a hand down his face,“You should also learn how to...control yourself. This kind of immature behaviour can get you killed...or in trouble at least.”

“No, you are just a man who plays by the rules...” I informed him,“Rules are boring. Rules are meant to be broken, Nathan. You need to learn how to live-”

“I am the one who plays by the rules?” He scoffed, taking a right turn,“You are the one who fucking made those ridiculous fuck-buddies rules that make absolutely no sense to me. What about that, Rebecca? I should break those rules, shouldn’t I?”

My jaw dropped and hit the floor,“Don’t use that against me. Those rules are different.”

“Different. How so?” He mocked.

“They can’t be broken.” I mumbled out, feeling silly.

“Why so?” His voice rose,“Why can’t you break them? Is it because you are so afraid to get your heart broken? Is that it?”

“I am not...afraid,” I seethed out, breaking my eyes away from his. Deep down, I knew I was only lying to myself, “I don’t have a heart even left to be broken.”

He didn’t say anything and I stared at his jaw, waiting for him to break the silence.

“After...Dale, my parents, I-I can’t,” I spoke up, my nails digging into my palms. “I lose everyone I love. I can’t fall in love ever. I am only going to...lose them too. I have lost everything I have ever loved. I am...” I wet my lips, taking a deep breath,”Cursed. I am cursed to be alone.”

“No, you are not,” He took a deep breath at my confession,“I am sorry- I shouldn’t have said that.”

“I am,” I let out a bitter laugh,“I adopted a cat three years ago. He was this stupid, fat, little adorable creature,” I reminisced. “His name was Lucky...except he wasn’t so lucky. I loved him more than anything and he too...died,” I muttered out, lost in my thoughts. “Everyone I love dies.”

“Rebecca...” He started, his voice apologetic. “I am so-”

“I don’t need your pity,” I cleared away the one single tear drop sliding down my cheek.

“I was not pitying you. I am just sorry that I don’t believe any of that bullshit you believe. That’s not how it works. You are not cursed. I know you miss your brother, your parents, your cat...but their deaths does not mean the end of the world. You have your friends- you love them and they are still here. Elizabeth is here. She is your best friend.”

"Only Elizabeth is here...” I let out a bitter laugh,“I have no one except for her. I don’t even have any other friends who...care for me, love me.”

“You have me,” He said, his eyes meeting mine as we stopped at a red light. “You will always have me.”

Do not over think, Becca!

“I-uh,” Colour filled my cheeks instantly and I didn’t know what to say to him. “Nathan, I hardly even know you.”

“You know me more than anyone else does,” He looked straight ahead, accelerating the car. “We have a lot of time. We can always get to know each other...We are here.”

Suddenly the car skidded to a stop and I was thrown against the dashboard.

“I am fine. I am alive. Thanks for that,” I straightened myself up, running my hands down my sides in reassurance.

“No issues,” He let out a laugh,“Anytime, Miller.” Saying that, he quickly got out of the car and my eyes found the little restaurant in front of us. A neon sign that said Wylde’s Waffles hung on the little cafe’s entrance and my brows furrowed in confusion as I stepped out of the car.

“Nathan...” I started, turning towards him as he was slipping into a black suit jacket that he produced from the trunk of his car. “Wylde’s Waffles? Is this...”

He nodded, adjusting the collar of the jacket that wrapped around his body perfectly. He closed the trunk, locking the car with the remote and walking towards me.

“It is my family’s place...” He explained, his arm resting on my shoulder and pulling me closer to his side,“An old business. My parents still run it and they have been expecting me tonight. I guess you will get to meet them.”

"What?!” I gasped out, suddenly afraid to meet his parents. I tried adjusting my dress with shaky hands, making sure that my tits were not hanging out as he made me walk towards the door.

“You look perfect. Stop fidgeting. They’ll love you...” He let out a chuckle over me, seemingly amused by my nervousness.

“Why are we meeting your parents?” I let out quickly,“I don’t want to do this. They will most definitely hate me, trust me. Parents do not like me.”

“Just because,” He shrugged, looking down at me. His eyes shone in the dark, a hint of mischief hiding in them. “Besides, we are just friends, right? What my parents think about you shouldn’t even matter...unless we are dating...” He sent a testing look my way,“which we are not doing obviously, right?”

“Right,” I cleared my throat, reluctantly nodding. “It doesn’t matter.”

“Good,” He opened the door for me, leaving my shoulder for a second only to grab my hand,“Just to be clear- this is not a date, Rebecca.”

“Oh, this is so not a date.” I instantly agreed, nodding as we stepped inside the little diner. It was actually ridiculous that he was even dragging me to eat waffles at freaking nine at night. Sane people did not have waffles for dinner.

“Perfect,” He chuckled under his breath, looking indifferent as his eyes fell on my lips once again only to find their way back to my own,“I hope you like waffles.”

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