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Chapter 3: Wylde, Wild

"Who do you want to see, ma'am?"

"Nathan. Is he here? He told me to come here at eight thirty." I awkwardly looked between the four pair of eyes trained on me, finally resting on the tall, bald man who was talking to me.

"Oh, you mean Wylde?" He started, a smirk forming on his thin lips and I stumbled back slightly, afraid of where he was going to go with this already.

"I'm not sure, I don't know..." I honestly said. I had no idea what his last name was. I hadn't even bothered to find out.

"Men, look at what we got here. Someone has come to see our boss. Wylde is surely a lucky man... Are you his girl?" I narrowed my eyes at him and let out a little awkward laugh.

"Girl? Oh no, I don't even know him- Can you just-um tell me where he is? I really don't have time for-" I started but got interrupted when someone grabbed me by my arm and I was suddenly yanked back into a chest.

"Griffin, do want me to tell your wife that you have been hitting on young women half your age or would you rather have me go to her place and fuck her brains out since you are not doing the job well. You know how much she fancies me." A voice behind me said and the men around us started laughing as they teased the bald man who I assumed was Griffin now. Griffin seemed a little red and glared at Nathan.

"Why don't you take care of what your dead wife thinks about-"

"Go pick up Mr.Parker from the office." Nathan suddenly interrupted and I felt his body turn stiff. His wife passed away? I felt a wave of remorse pass through me but it slowly vanished as the man behind me grabbed me roughly by my elbow and pushed me out of the house and away from hearing distance from the group of men.

"Okay, I came all the way over here, now give me my wallet." I let out, my empty hand hovering down infront of him.

"I forgot." He muttered and I dropped my jaw wide open in shock.

"You what?"

"Slipped my mind. Maybe you should come back tomorrow and get it? I am still on my duty."

"Excuse me, mister! I did not just come all the way to the other side of the city, driving for an whole hour to go back empty handed." I said, my voice rising as I pushed my chest out and pointed an accusing finger to his face that somehow landed on his chest, poking his hard skin.

"Well, too bad. I can't help you-"

"Is it at your house? Where did you keep it? You are taking me there, right now!"

"I can't take you to my place. Who knows whether you try to have sex with me again, Rebecca, was it?" How dare he Rebecca, punch the hell out of him.

"What the fuck dude? Who do you think you are? I am not that desperate and that what happened yesterday, was just a drunken mistake. Believe me, I have no interest in sleeping with you. Besides, you are not even that attractive, just so you know."

"I am flattered. See you tomorrow." He said, his voice flat and his face serious.

"No! Please, I want it back. I already feel like a bad person for driving without my licence. You have to help me out here."

He huffed out a breath, his face still stone like. It still felt like I was talking to a statue. I furrowed my eyebrows, resorting to begging to him now,"Please Nathan?"

"Fine, follow me. I'll drop you back here. You can take your car then." He started walking towards a black Mercedes and slipped in the driver's seat. Confused, I went to go sit in the back but he stopped me.

"What are you doing? Go sit in the front." He muttered as he waited for me to walk around the car and get inside.

"So...where do you live?"

He didn't reply and I looked at him from the corner of my eye. He was so rude and suddenly I was a little afraid of the fact that I had jumped into a car with a stranger, a very arrogant and rude stranger.

"Okay, so you don't like to talk then..." I muttered, half to myself as I played with my fingers that sat in my lap.

"You don't know how to shut your mouth then. Maybe I should teach you..." I frowned at him and secretly appreciated the arch of his nose and how angular his jawline was. As soon as his words registered in my mind, I realised what he had said and my eyes widened as he stopped the car on the side of the almost empty road and suddenly undid my belt and picked me up. I couldn't say a thing as he placed me in his lap, my mouth wide open.

His lips fell on mine rather harshly and I felt a fire ignite in me, a sensation driving me wild and crazy as I clutched his luscious black hair and kissed him back with equal passion. I felt myself get aroused as soon as his tongue managed to meet mine, in the heated mess of the kiss we were sharing. It suddenly got very,very hot in the car as I grinded my hips against his, our tongues in a battle and his hands ran up and down my sides before resting on my waist.

Catching a breath, I moved away from him, finding myself drowning in the green pools that his beautiful eyes were. My hands traced his manly scruff, my nipples now painfully grazing against the soft satin of my blouse and I let out a tiny gasp when I felt his hardness press into me. He opened his mouth to say something and I shut him up by kissing him instantly, my lips moving away from his lips, tracing them along his jaw and down his neck. I popped open the first button of his dress shirt, itching to make more of his skin visible.

"No... I can't." He suddenly muttered, pushing me way from him by my shoulder as one of his hand still lingered in my hair, pushing it away from my face and my back ended up touching the steering wheel.

"Why?" I ended up asking once I had shifted back into my seat, flushed from head to toe and breathing only slightly heavily, disappointed.

"I wouldn't be able to control myself."

"Don't then." I slowly said, adjusting my hair as I still tried to process what had just happened. The taste of his lips, still lingering on mine, I couldn't help but bite my lower lip as my throat itched to produce a sound.

He ignored me and started the car again. I chose to look out the window as he did so, feeling awkward. Needless to say, a guy had never said no to a sexual advance while here this man was, slowly torturing me.The car suddenly skidded to a stop and I jumped up in my seat, taken aback.

"Get out." I squinted my eyes at the gentleman accompanying me. I chose not to say anything as I opened the door and got to my feet in front of an apartment complex.

He led me up the stairs and finally we arrived infront of his apartment as he suddenly stopped. I took a deep breath. Climbing up ten floors surely was not fun and I was out of breath but he didn't seem fazed by it at all and looked at me, confused.

"Why are you huffing so much?"

"Because I am a God damn human and not you...fucking Greek god." I said under my breath, rolling my eyes at the back of his head as he unlocked the door. He stepped into his house and I tried to do the same before his voice cut me short.

"Wait here." I nodded, even though he was gone and shivered slightly in the cold hallway. Half a minute passed and he finally made his way back to the front of the door, handing me my wallet back.

"Thank you." I slowly muttered once I took it from him and opened it to have a look inside.

"Don't worry, I didn't snoop in way too much-" He started with a smile and I was taken aback by his teeth glinting at me but unfortunately enough my phone decided to start ringing at the very moment. I quickly took it out of my pocket and placed it on my ear, apologizing,"Hello?"

"Becca, where are you? Is everything okay?"

"Yes,uh- yeah, Aiden, everything is fine. I am just coming back in like an hour." I mumbled, looking at my watch.

"Do you want me to make you dinner?"

"No, don't worry, I already ate."

"But are you-"

"Aiden, just stop, I am coming home, alright? Bye!" I quickly ended the call, a little flustered. I had to kick him out as soon as I went home. He had overstayed his welcome.

I looked up at Nathan, who was leaning against his still open door, intently listening to my conversation and I only blushed more as he raised an eyebrow at me,"I have some leftover pizza in my fridge. Maybe you should eat", he said, shrugging his shoulders.

I slowly nodded, considering my options. It was 9:30 already and I was beyond hungry. He turned around and led me in and behind his back, I slowly patted my stomach, soon baby soon.

I could already tell his place was much better than my small crammed apartment as I looked around, appreciating the minimalism and how clean it was when suddenly, I was broken out of my reverie as he slammed the door shut as he reached behind me and soon enough my back somehow met the wooden door, his much taller body encasing me between him and the door. I couldn't help but let out a gasp as his lips suddenly found mine again with a burning need.

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