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Chapter 4: Distracted

I couldn't fathom when the touch of his lips left me as he suddenly turned around, leaving me pinned against the door and started walking away. I closed my mouth, touching my lips lightly as I tried to figure out what the hell was wrong with him. One second he was kissing me and the next second, pretending nothing happened.

I silently and slowly followed him after a couple of seconds, awkwardly gazing at him as he took out a cardboard box from his refrigerator, grabbing a plate to place four slices in it and putting it in the microwave as I shuffled on my feet, my gaze falling on the picture on the wall infront of me, the picture of him and his wife.

It was their wedding photo and he stood behind her, his arms wrapped around the beautiful goddess as they both stood smiling. I felt a little remorse as I thought about how she must have passed away.

"Here you go," Nathan muttered as he placed the now warm slices of the dish on the small dining table. I quickly walked towards him, pulling out a chair,"Thank you."

He sat down across from me as I awkwardly picked up a slice, bringing it close to my mouth,"You should take some too."

He ignored me and I felt a little creeped out and overwhelmed as I awkwardly ate under his unwavering gaze. I wanted to say something, something to break the tension but couldn't bring myself to. Quickly finishing up another slice, I dusted off my hands, smiling at him, "thanks again."

I got up from the chair, ready to leave as I picked up the plate and he took it from my hands, putting it back in the refrigerator. I felt compelled to say something as I again gazed at the picture of the two of them, her dark-skin tone so perfectly contrasting with her beautiful pearl white smile, my hand tightly clutching my wallet in one hand.

"She looks so beautiful..." I mumbled under my breath as I sensed his form approach me,"I am so sorry for your loss."

"It isn't your fault. No need to apologise for something you can do nothing about you." He muttered as he quickly moved past me, opening the door for me. I stepped out as he proceeded to lock it and quickly started descending the stairs after him, the awkwardness engulfing the both of us.

"When did you come back last night?" I heard a voice behind me and turned around to glance at Aiden, a towel wrapped around his hips while he ran another one in his hair, drying it out. I cleared my throat, focusing on sipping on the warm cup of my black coffee.

"Late. Not like it's any of your business."

"I was waiting up for you." I let out a sigh, raising an eyebrow at him. Was I supposed to care that he was waiting for me? I had waited for him long enough.

"When are you leaving, Aiden?" I muttered out, not caring about how he would react to my question.

His face seemed to drop a little as he stopped shaking the towel and brought his hand down to his side,"You want me gone?"

"I am going to Europe on a business trip in a two days, I don't want you to live here alone."

"Business trip?" He laughed,"I am not even sure what you do. We never really had a conversation about your job, did we?"

"Well, you left before we could, didn't you?" I breathed out, annoyed, "I want you gone. I am not comfortable with you living here."

"Fine. I'll go, but this is my apartment too," He sighed and I couldn't stand looking at his stupid face so I turned back around, refilling my cup.

"I don't care. You haven't lived here in ages. If you want, we could fight for it, take the case to the court if you would like. I'm pretty sure I'll get it in the end so why don't we save ourselves the trouble and you leave?"

"Give me some time, Bex. Let me find a place first. I don't think anyone would let me stay at their place for the time being."

"Live in a hotel or something," I let out, moving past him instantly, "I have to go to work."

"Heard you are going on that trip with Ralph. How did that happen?"As soon as I had entered, Anita found her way over to me, raising a condescending eyebrow as she folded her arms in front of her.

"Mr. Davis personally invited me... " I muttered, knowing she would be green with envy in just about a second, "Oh, did he now?"

I nonchalantly shrugged my shoulders, deciding to walk past her but she stepped in front of me, my head only meeting her eyes as I stood shorter than the tall, gorgeous but totally obnoxious woman, "I know what you are trying to do, Rebecca."

"And what exactly is that? I am not so sure myself."

"Don't play games with me. You and Ralph, never gonna happen! He knows better than to sleep with someone like you. Plus, just look at yourself...he is so out of your league. Sleeping with him won't get you that promotion you are looking for," she quickly muttered, her jaw clenching and I rolled my eyes at her.

"I am not the one who sleeps with her job for promotions, Anita. You and I, we both know that. Besides...I can't even get promoted, I am already the head paralegal here, can't really say the same about you though now, can I?" I turned back around, a victorious smirk gracing my lips, clutching the strap of my handbag that rested on my shoulder. Who did she think she was, treating me like a whore as soon as I entered the office?

I quickly stepped inside the glass rectangle, turning around to wave at her before letting the glass door shut in her face, distractedly letting out a gasp as my eyes landed on the man leaning against my desk.

"What the fuck? Nathan! What-what are you doing here?" He was the last person I expected to see this fine morning.

"I want something from you."

"What?" I asked, my jaw wide open as I stared blankly at him.

"I need to find something about a case that happened fifteen years ago. Eriksson & Emmerson happened to deal with it and they won the case. The lawyer in charge was Quentin Palmer."

"How did you get in here?" I skeptically asked, finally remembering how to walk and moving towards my desk, keeping my handbag on it.

"I have a visiting pass," he muttered, taking it out of his pocket and raising it in front of my face.

"Oh." I dumbly said, finding my way to my chair as I sat down on the chair, "do you have an appointment then?"


"I can't disclose any information about a case then," I slowly told him, taking a breath as he sleekly plopped down in the seat in front of me.

"Rebecca, you are going to help me out."

"No. Also, I need the clients to talk to me first. I can't work with their...bodyguards. Tell Mr. Parker to send his assistant to the firm," I let him know, slowly reaching into my purse to find my key and unlocking my drawer.

I looked up to see him blankly look at me, reaching into his pocket to take out a folded paper that he handed out to me.

"Let's pretend that's real..." I muttered under my breath as my gaze fell on the blurry ink on the page that stated the contract, "Fine, what do you want me to do?"

"Give me all the information. The case needs to be opened again." I hummed in response, getting back to my feet, "Follow me."

Slowly stepping out of my office, I started walking towards the elevator, knowing that Anita's gaze was following the two of us. Nathan patiently waited for the elevator to come back up while I clicked my foot against the floor.

The metal doors opened and I quickly stepped inside, followed by him,"Good Morning, Rebecca," I looked up in shock at Ralph, only noticing him then.

"Mornin' Mr. Davis," I said with a smile gracing my lips. "What floor?" He asked, "Tenth."

"I actually wanted to talk to you Rebecca. Would you mind sharing a room with me for one night on the trip? The conference in Dublin is going to be packed. I was only able to arrange one room, the entire hotel is booked."

"Um, Mr. Davis..." I started, realizing how inaporopriate that would be, "that wouldn't be really appropriate, don't you think?" Sharing a room with your hot boss?

"I'll take the couch. I don't think it will be that big of a deal."

"Sure then, no problem, sir."

"Good, this is my floor... I'll see you at six? So sorry for postponing that dinner."

I nodded at him and the doors opened as he stepped out of the little space, leaving Nathan and I alone.

I nervously reached behind me, rubbing my neck awkwardly as I peered at the intimidating man from the corner of my eye. I let out a breath of relief as the doors opened and I escaped the tension, quickly hurrying to one of the storage rooms that held all the information about the cases closed more than ten years ago.

"What was the name again?" I muttered, "Parker v. Michelakis," he responded and I let out a breath as I began the work of finding the file.

Finally after a couple of minutes, I found the file, Parker v. Michelakis (2000-2003). "Ah-a, here you go!"

He quickly grabbed it from my hand and I snatched it back, frowning up at him. The tall brute stood tall dressed in a dark suit today that made my mouth water.

"Hm... Let me have a look first," I muttered opening the file and looking at the various documents but the file was instantly again taken away from my hands and I looked up, stunned to see that Nathan had moved even closer to me. I stepped away from him as he took a step closer to me until my back was flushed against the wall.

"Um, what are you-" He cut me off as he bunched my loose hair in his one hands, his body brushing against mine. Pushing my head back, he gently brushed his lips against mine while I looked wide-eyed at him. His lips finally met mine and I moved my own lips against his fast, catching up to him as he devoured me whole.

He tugged on my hair as he felt me move away, pulling me even closer to him while my hands rested against his chest, my head suddenly heavy. His soft lips, his rough stubble and his manly scent consumed me whole as I felt my eyes flutter close again when I heard the sound of the file being placed somewhere near me and his other free hand now came to rest against my behind only to move to grab my cheeks to hold me only to break the kiss within a couple of seconds.


His fingers fluttered against my neck softly tracing the skin as he found the first button of the blouse, quickly letting it loose. My breathing was rapid as he slowly traced the space between the now visible skin to the next button, doing the same action to the next button, now reaching my cleavage. I shivered at his touch, feeling goosebumps rise along my arms.

"Not here..." I muttered slowly, afraid that someone was going to walk in on us any second. He hummed back in response, unbottoning the next small disc. His dark haired head suddenly found its way to my skin, his lips harshly tracing it and his teeth grazing the space just below my collar bone. He bit my skin and I gasped at the sensation when his tongue came out to rub against the possible mark he was leaving on me.

He suddenly moved away, leaving me cold and on edge as he grabbed the file from behind him, my head a spinning mess and my panties uncomfortably wet.

"When do you get free?"

"5?" I slowly let out, my answer sounding like an unsure question.

"I'll pick you up," He let out as his back now faced me, leaving my mouth wide open and my skin tingling as I could only muster up an incoherent noise at the back of my throat.

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