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Chapter 5: Heated

"Rebecca, where are you?" A voice asked as soon as I put the phone to my ear. My eyes widened to the size of saucers as realization dawned upon me.

"Oh, Ralph! I am so sorry, I-uh- I actually had to go home, I can't make it there. I was not feeling well... " I ended my lie with a loud cough to convince him.

"Oh? Well, take care, Rebecca.... Hope you get well soon. I don't really want to go without you on that trip."

"Don't worry, I think I just need to sleep it off, I'll be fine by tomorrow. Bye!," I quickly finished off, I really wasn't the best at lying or keeping out of trouble for that matter as my eyes shifted over to the figure of the man sitting next to me, pateniently waiting for the light to turn green.

"Lying to your boss?" His green eyes flashed with amusment, the corner of his lips rising slightly up in a devilish smirk.

"You-uh! You knew I had dinner with him! You were in the lift, with us, you made me forget..." I huffed out, under my breath, blaming him instantly.

He didn't say anything to my accusations, focusing his attention on the road while I narrowed my eyes at him.

"That is not the way..." I muttered out slowly as he took a sharp right turn, taking me in the opposite direction from my place.

He ignored me and I noticed it was getting dark now and the air outside was chilly, typical weather for the city. His hand suddenly fell on my knee and I jumped at the touch.

"I want to show you something," He responded back after a while, his hand burning my bare skin, his fingers skimming the edge of my skirt. I inhaled sharply, feeling all my blood rush south and so did my thoughts as I bit my lip, wondering about all the things he could show me.

I hummed back a response as we again stopped at the red light, "Spread your legs."

He suddenly commanded and my things instantly parted, electricity running through my body as I felt goosebumps rise on my arms. I had no idea why I was listening to him in the first place when I was upset at him for making me skip the damn dinner but I was silently grateful that I wouldn't have to sit across Anita all evening.

"Naughty girl, Rebecca. No panties?" He muttered with humor in his voice as he successfully rolled up my skirt a little, his fingers meeting my skin instead.

I revelled into his touch as he moved away from my nether region, his hand coming back out from between my legs to change the gear and finally again, rest on my thigh.

"Becca, I prefer Becca," I muttered out under my breath, my nipples harshly grazing the lace of my bra, waiting to be exposed out in the open.

His fingers again teased me and I thanked heavens that the road was mostly clear as we stopped at another red light. He took a sharp left and led down the road until we were in a secluded alley that gave a wonderful view of the waters across one side, the edge of the city between two corporate buildings.

"Wow, that is beautiful..." I slowly started, taken away by the sight as I stepped out of the car, lowering down my skirt after him to hear the melidous sound of light waves, the chilly air making me wrap my arms around myself as we looked at the sun just setting across the blue water, it's reflection sparkling as it disappeared.

"It's my favourite place in the city," He told me, standing next to me as we leaned against the car.

We both calmly watched the sun disappear and I felt his gaze on me as his arm wrapped across my waist, pulling me close to him and turning me around so that I was facing him. His lips gently met mine, his one hand wrapping itself in my hair as he guided my face to his and his other hand fell on my derriere, burning my skin through the flimsy material.

I kissed him back feverishly, melting into the handsome brute's touch. Despite standing in my heels, he still had to bend to claim me and I realized how short I was in comparison to him. His teeth bit my lip slightly, making me gasp into his mouth and open up to him, allowing him to slip his tongue and meet mine, engaging us in a silent battle.

I clutched onto his hair, only pulling away to breathe slightly before my soft lips again fell on his, his scruff harshly poking my skin and his erect member now making its appearance as it poked my belly.

His hands reached behind me to bunch up my skirt around my waist, my lower half now completely exposed to the cold air. I had been in a hurry in the morning, ready to escape Aiden and had put on anything I could find, which didn't happen to be any panties.

His fingers traced my ass, grabbing it harshly as he hoisted me up into his arms, my legs wrapping around his torso as my chest heaved.

"Rebecca, I-uh-" He started against my lips, "I haven't been with anyone for six years. Are you sure you want to do this?"

"Yes, I'm sure..." I whispered against his lips, my lips falling to his cheek as I kissed him along it. "Don't hold back," I let out with a moan as I remembered that he had told me he would lose control. It didn't matter, I liked it rough anyway and this wasn't anything serious- it was a one night stand.

He hummed out something in agreement, carrying me to the backseat as he asked me to open the door, placing me inside in the hotter car. He again found my lips, his fingers fluttering across my buttons as he popped them open. I joined him in doing so, pulling my arms out of the satin material.

He instantly unhooked by bra, leaving my pebbled breats exposed to him as he devoured the sight, his lips latching onto my one nipple, rolling the excited bud between his teeth as he flicked it with his tongue, his other hand grabbing hold of my other breast as he squeezed it, his long fingers pinching my nipple. I gasped out loud at the sensation, my head a mess and my heart ready to escape my chest.

He let go of my breasts, his attention on my lips once again as I reached between us to grab a hold of his belt, hoping to expose more of him to my hungry gaze. The woman in my head strutted around in her high heels and her skimpy lingerie, dancing in victory as he finally took over and proceeded to unzip his pants, not before reaching behind in his pocket to take out his wallet. He took out a rubber, pushing his pants and boxers down in one go, leaving me awestruck as I gazed at the monster awaiting me. I knew he was big but I hadn't even considered how big he could be.

"Oh my god...," I slowly let out as he quickly pushed the rubber on, my mind still not comprehending how a cock that big could fit inside me in the first place. He spread my legs wide open in the little space that we had in the car, his thumb rubbing my clit gently while he pushed two of his digits inside me, making me flinch at the pain that caused me.

"Relax..." He muttered, rubbing my clit faster as he felt the two fingers being coated in my juices soon enough as they moved inside me. His mouth found my lips once again, leaving them only to push my still pebbled nipple into his mouth, biting on it.

He pushed his digits away from me, his thumb stopping the circular motions on my clit, making me sigh at the loss but I could only moan as his mouth found the treasure between my legs, his tongue exploring me.

He licked along my slit, his hands spreading me open as he flicked his tongue across my clit, making me writhe in ecstasy. A finger joined the pleasure and I felt myself so close to reaching an orgasm as my heels dug into his back, my legs wrapped around him while my head rested uncomfortably against the seat.

"No, please, just...I want you inside me," I impatiently muttered, wishing to come only with him inside me, ridding him of his misery as I looked at the raging hard on he had. He nodded, our bodies a mess as he sat back down, motioning for me to climb over him.

I quickly scrambled to reach into his lap, looking into the green pools of his eyes that only seemed darker with lust now as he looked up and down my body.

"It won't fit..." I mumbled under my breath, a little concerned as he guided his python towards my folds, "Relax Rebecca..."

I slowly pushed myself down his length, a gasp escaping me at the sharp sting as I inch by inch descended myself on his girthy shaft. My hands grasped onto his shoulders, his hands resting on my hips, guiding me as he let out a hiss.

Half-way down his length, I stopped, starting to move myself on top of him. He pushed me closer to him, my chest now flush against him, my face in the crook of his neck as he started thrusting his hips upwards.

"Fuck...that's huge-", I muttered out as I felt him push himself into me with little resistance, making me feel so full. I met his hips with mine, my lips falling on his, engaging us in a kiss that made me ignore the slight pinch of pain that followed with the pleasure that each stroke of his member brought.

He latched onto me tightly, making me afraid that he was bruising me slightly but I didn't mind it as he continued to plough into me, earning more than a couple of moans from me. My silky cunt fit perfectly over his hard shaft, the two of us moving both in synchronization as we craved for more.

"Ah, Rebecca, so tight..." He grunted out, pushing me down on his entire length, filling me completely to the hilt and I felt my walls tighten around him, making me shake in ecstacy as I felt myself close to my high. His pace only seemed to increase as I ran my hands over his broad shoulders, my lips falling onto his skin as I nipped at it.

Seconds turned into minutes as I continued bouncing on him, realizing that the car was suddenly so hot and full of steam as we both sweated profusely, our breaths uneven. I latched onto his hair as he continued filling me up whole, his mouth falling right above my breast as he sucked on the skin, marking me and I let out a cry at the sensation.

"Think about me buried so deep inside you before you even consider jumping into bed with some other man, Rebecca..." He whispered against my ear, making me mewl out some incoherent response.

He reached between us to rub my bundle of nerves, making me see stars as he whispered something else filthy in my ear. I latched onto him as he suddenly pulled me off him, asking me to flip over. I placed both of my legs besides him, sitting on my knees as I grabbed hold of him and guided him back into my cunt.

"Nathan..." I hissed out his name as I sank down on his cock, he grabbed my hair into his one hand, bunching it up to push me closer to him. I rode him slowly but both of us grew impatient of my slowed motion, making him start thrusting his hips up with so much force that I was pretty certain that his car was looking like a lowrider.

"So close", I muttered as I felt my eyes roll back in my head. A couple of his feverish strokes and his free hand rubbing my clit was my undoing, causing me to shake uncontrollably. My lips formed into the rare O-shape I had achieved only a few times in my lifetime as I felt myself ejaculate, squirting out some of my release, the feeling so unknown and rare to me that I felt myself get red in embarrassment. The tight contraction of my walls around his shaft setting off his orgasm as well as I felt him jerk inside me, unloading himself into the layer separating the two of us.

I lifted myself of his body after the both of us had caught our breaths, my heart still beating fast as I realized that my release had spoilt the car seat in front of us.

I turned my head to look at him, awkwardness surrounding us as we both decided on what words were to be spoken between the two of us in our heads but before I could say anything, the sharp sound of a horn being blared reached the two of us.

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