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Chapter 6: Embarrassed

I let out a sigh as I finally spotted Ralph sitting in the waiting area of the airport, already checked in. I quickly made my way over to him, clearing my throat as I stood in front of him.

"Hey boss..." I muttered out, neatly placing my luggage next to his.

"Finally, you are here Rebecca, I thought you were going to cancel on me," He let out with a smile, patting the empty seat next to him for me to sit into. "Running a little late today, huh?"

My cheeks seemed to only redden and I cleared my throat again as I plopped myself down in the seat, "Uh-yeah. I couldn't wake up."

I had woken up hours before in preparation for the trip, rechecking that I had packed everything necessary with me and preparing myself a full fledged breakfast, singing half naked in my kitchen since Aiden had finally disappeared. My fine morning had been interrupted by a knock on the door and a certain set of lips falling on mine as soon as I opened the door.

"When are they going to start boarding? I thought I was extremely late..."

"Fifteen minutes, there was an announcement." I nodded my head, awkwardly fidgeting in my seat, uncomfortable as I played with the strap of my watch, my mind going back to just an hour and half ago when the gorgeous hunk of a man had his head between my legs, devouring me and I clenched my legs close as I recalled the sweet, blissful hour we had spent together. I had been surprised to see him but being pounded into on my kitchen counter early in the morning was not something I was totally opposed to...

"Are you well since the other day, when you got sick and couldn't come to that dinner?"

"Oh yeah, it was just a one night thing, the next morning I was as fit as a fiddle," I let out, my mouth suddenly dry. I let my eyes wander over the crowd of people in the busy airport.

"Well, that's too bad. We all wished you were there, the food was awesome. Anita missed you the most honestly."

I scoffed under my breath, not expecting to hear that, "Oh, did she now?"

He hummed and started talking about the case we were going on this expedition for and the conference we were going to attend on the last day of our trip.

"Yes ma'am, I understand if you don't want to help," I mumbled under my breath, putting on my most convincing and charming smile, "But I also understand that you want revenge on your husband and the only way for you to get the justice you deserve is if you can cooperate with us."

"Ms.Miller, I am still a little hesitant to do so, I really can't involve myself in a case as critical as this, I don't want to be stuck in the middle of anything, I hope you understand, " She mumbled out, unsure and uncomfortable with two people trying to convince her to give a statement against her husband in the middle of the day in her fancy little garden.

I sighed in disappointment, still not able to convince the woman in front of me. I looked at Ralph's face for any sign of what to do next, only to be greeted with a blank look. He huffed out a breath, his broad chest moving up and down. He still was quite attractive with his boyish features and his brown warm eyes but the only thing unattractive about him today was the tweed jacket that he was wearing and refused to take off, saying it was very British and he wanted to fit right in.

"Mrs. Shaw, I do get where you are coming from but I have an inkling that you are only hesitating to help us because you are afraid that you will have to divorce your husband after this and will have nothing left for yourself," He straightforwardly said so, making her gasp.

"Excuse me, sir!" She started, offended but he quickly cut her off,"I don't mean to offend you, but that is the truth but we give you full assurity that you will have enough money left after this to last a lifetime, most of your husband's remaining shares will be in your name..."

She huffed out a breath, knowing he was spot on,"Fine, Mr. Davis, what do I have to do?"

"Just tell us about what you witnessed your husband do the morning of seventeenth October that made you suspicious about his intentions..." She nodded her head, starting talking about her story while the officer sent by the police department started writing down her statement.

Ralph smiled at me in victory, and I smiled back, nervously tapping my foot against the grass. Once Mrs. Shaw was done, we thanked her and gave her all the necessary details about the case, giving her the lawyer's name who will keep us connected over the continents.

We both finished our business with the officer quickly, saying our goodbyes as we both found our way sitting into an awaiting taxi.

"That went well, all things considered...," The man next to me laughed out once we were on the road once again.

"You are a genius, Ralph, as always..."

"You flatter me, Becca," I let out a laugh, shaking my head at him. His phone started ringing in his pocket and he reached into it to take it out. My eyes peered at his screen, trying to catch the name of the person calling him.

I blurred him out talking to someone, my eyes capturing the beautiful view out of the window, my lips coming up to form a smile as I let my head lean against the glass. My eyes fluttered in exhaustion and I let out a loud yawn, quickly covering up my mouth with my hand. Within no time, we reached the hotel and my door was opened.

"Thank you," I muttered to the guard, and turned around to see that our luggage was being carried by a bell boy. Ralph came by my side and together we climbed up the staircase to the hotel. I zoned out when Ralph went to the reception, only breaking out of my reverie once he came back with a man who had a card key in his hand.

"Let's go..." Ralph muttered and I followed them both into the lift, impatiently tapping my foot as we finally reached the eighth floor. We all stepped out and the man guided us to our room, opening it for us and left us alone.

I heaved out a sigh as our luggage was placed within a few minutes, loosening the scarf around my neck as I gazed around the suite. It wasn't the biggest but it was quite a glorious sight.

"Why don't you make yourself comfortable?" Ralph suddenly broke me out of my daydream, his hand resting on the small of my back. I nodded my head, feeling intimidated by being in such near proximity to him as I felt his breath flush against my hot skin.

"Yeah, I'll just take a minute..." I hummed out, moving to reach to my suitcase. I quickly sat on my knees and pulled out some casual clothing and rushed into the washroom. Humming under my breath, I relieved myself and slipped into the pair of jeans and warm sweater and walked back out to see Ralph undressing.

He was shirtless and my eyes swept over his toned body. He wasn't overly muscular but still was lean and fit. He was just about to pop open the button of his dress pants before I cleared my throat, shaking out of checking him out.

"I'm sorry, Ralph," I muttered and he looked up, stopping from undressing. "You can use the bathroom now..." I muttered out, my gaze falling down his body once more before I met his eyes, my voice not apologetic in the slightest.

He nodded his head and moved past me, his shoulder brushing against mine as he did so, making me shiver. I quickly packed my open suitcase and headed over to warm myself some water in the electrical kettle for making tea.

I took out my phone and yawned as I saw the time on the screen. It had been a hectic trip for the two of us and we had been rushing from one place to another. Only tonight we had some time to sleep since the conference was tomorrow morning.

"So, you know Anthony?" His voice suddenly reached to my ears as he walked outside and I clenched my legs together, my hand stopping from changing the channel on the flat screen television in the room as I sipped on my cup before keeping it on the nightstand.

"Anthony Gonzalez? The associate manager?" I questioned as he sat down next to me on the bed, very uncomfortable with the fact that our shoulders were touching. Was he even aware of what he was doing? I shivered as his arm rested behind my head over the headboard.

"Yeah, that one. Well, he was working for Ramone's firm previously..." He told me and I nodded, changing the channel to finally rest on the football match. "I actually got to talking to him, he was a really nice guy from what I could tell but he let me know a detail or two about the firm's move to win over our Peterson case."

"They have trying to fight over it with us for two years now, haven't they?" I asked distractedly, pushing my feet into the duvet by the foot of the bed. Ralph grabbed onto the duvet, pushing it over our legs and my cheeks flamed as I realized how close I was sitting to my hot boss. My panties drenched at the thought of doing things, nasty things with him on the bed.

I turned my head to gaze at him, my eyes resting on his lips as he continued talking. My mind raced to find out how soft his lips would be, how they would taste...

"Yeah, he's the one. So Anthony said he would tell me about Ramone's big move if I took him out for dinner," Huh? "I was a little hesitant at first but then we both went to that little Taco place and he, oh God-" Ralph laughed for a second, making me break out of the stare down his lips and my eyes were having.

"And he is hilarious-oh, So anyway he told me that Ramone was going to try to talk his way through with our new intern. You know how gullible they are and apparently, it so turns out that Miss Rachel Quinn had already blurted out everything about our motives to him while they were, you know-in bed... So, Anthony and I came up with a plan to tell the interns false information and the next time slept with her, she told him of her fake plan and it worked, I can't believe it worked! I am finally going to win against him for once."

He smiled in victory, looking down at me and I smiled back up," Congrats Ralph." Time seemed to stop as we both looked at each other, our breaths fanning against each other's skins.

I couldn't help but lean in close to see his eyes widen as I did so and captured his lips with mine, slowly kissing him. My one hand came to grab onto his sweater while my other hand found his face, tilting it towards me as I moved my lips over his, tasting him. He smelled of old spice or some other manly scent and all my blood rushed downstairs.

Suddenly, his hands grabbed onto my my own, pushing them away from his body as he broke the kiss. "What are you doing, Becca?"

I looked up at him through my lashes, my lips burning and my heart racing, "I am kissing you, Ralph." I was not ready to be rejected once again, not so soon after Nathan had initially refused to kiss me. My ego was bruised, men never refused me. I again pushed my lips on his but he moved back, stopping me as the words that escaped his lips made me gasp and question why the hell had I been pining after the man for the few years I had worked there. I felt myself flush in embarrassment, trying to figure out how I was going to spend another day with him now.

"Rebecca...I am gay, I thought you knew."

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