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Chapter 7: Challenges

This was stupid, so, so stupid!

I should have never signed myself up for this. I bit my lip, looking away from Aiden's naked form on the bed.

"Sorry, Becca. I-I swear this has never happened before. I can get it up, just wait..." He muttered out, his face flushed. I sighed as he pumped his flaccid shaft, hoping that would help.

I had been licking him up and down, sucking him for a while now- a while meaning thirty minutes and he somehow still couldn't get hard.

"Put on your clothes and leave..." I sighed out, picking up my cold, discarded shirt to slip onto it. My ego was absolutely bruised. Was I so unattractive that I had been rejected so many times continuously recently?

"I can still try, wait-" I grabbed his jeans and threw them at him, turning on my heel to slip into the bathroom, locking the door behind me. Sleeping with my ex wasn't the best idea in the first place but he had randomly showed up at my door and I had been desperate.

I looked at my reflection in the mirror, the woman staring back at me looked sad and disappointed. Why was I making such an issue about this? Just because a couple of men rejected me did not mean I was bad looking!

"You can do it, Becca! You can get any man you want- well, as long as he is not of the homosexual persuasion and doesn't have erectile dysfunction." I told my reflection, trying to boost up her confidence.

I quickly washed my face with some water and sighed in relief as I heard the door to my apartment shut in the distance, glad Aiden had left. Exiting the bathroom, I reached my phone and found a number.

My thumb hovered over it and I reluctantly pressed it, dialing the number to the man who had fucked my brains out a week ago. I cleared my throat and my breath caught in my throat when he picked up the call on the fifth ring.

"What do you want?"

"Hey Nathan, it's Bec-"

"I know, what do you need?" He asked and I huffed out a breath, telling myself that it didn't matter how rude he was. I just wanted him to fuck my brains out again-make me forget everything, make me feel good, make me orgasm.

"Can you come over?" I hummed out into the phone and heard a grunt on the other side. "Fucking hell, Brittany, don't-"


I heard some shuffling on the other side and heard him mumble out something before his voice again reached me, "You were saying?"

"Are you-can you come over?" I hummed out, biting my lip slowly. "Why?"

"I-uh. Well, you see-I...," I started slowly, my mind a mess as I reached my kitchen to find me a snack, "I don't have all day, Rebecca. I am at work."

Work with some Brittany?

"I want you to come over and...fuck the shit out of me, Nathan," I finally muttered out, hearing silence from the other side. "Give me an hour," He let out, his voice strained and he ended the call.

I smiled and put on my favorite playlist, enjoying myself as I prepared myself a meal, finally in a better mood. Soon after brushing my teeth and sitting in front of the TV, I found myself dozing off only to be woken up by the doorbell ringing.

I quickly ran to the kitchen, clearing out my mess and switch off The Bachelor on the screen, running my fingers through my hair once as I walked to the door, letting it open.

"Hey-" My greeting was cutoff by the familiar pair of lips falling on mine. His mouth on mine, he walked inside, making me take a step back only to lock the door behind him, keeping us connected.

I passionately kissed him back, devouring his taste and the feel of his soft, plump lips against mine. His tongue teased my lips, slipping into my mouth only for a second before he let my lips go. I looked up at him through hooded eyes, I was craving this, craving the touch of someone.

"Feel that. Feel how hard you made me thinking about just fucking you the past hour..." He muttered against my lips, grabbing my hand to guide it over his hard cock. I sighed against him, I could get someone hard after all.

I rubbed him through the material of his pants and moaned out when he pushed against my lips with his own, grabbing the back of my head to pull me flush against his body once again, leaving no space between us. "I am going to make you come so many times, Rebecca, you are going to forget your own name..."

"Sounds good..." I hummed out, my pussy clenching just at the thought. I again stood on my toes to kiss him. My hands eased off his black suit jacket. I felt something hard against my hand as touched just above his belt, only to break down the kiss and look. My eyes met the black gun and I quickly moved my hand away from it.

"Do you always have a gun on you?"

"No...Parker had some important meeting today, extra safety," He told me, guiding my hands to his belt while his slipped into my head, bring my mouth hard against his. I quickly let his belt unbuckle, slipping it out of the loops just so I could push open his button and pull down his pants.

I broke our kiss again, instantly hooking my hands over his black briefs only to pull them down slowly. His hard length instantly greeted me, his tip already glistening with some precum. I grabbed onto his shaft, pumping him slowly.

"Condom?" I let out slowly and he reached to grab his wallet, pulling out a foil packet. He tore it open, sheathing himself as pinched the tip and placed it over his bulbous head, rolling it down his length.

"Take off that damn shirt..." He muttered out, tugging on it and I quickly slipped out of the cotton, leaving my body completely bare and exposed to him.

He grabbed onto me, picking me up and making me wrap my legs around his waist as he carried me over to the bedroom. I sighed against his lips, letting my hands run through his soft, dark hair.

"Fuck..." I hummed out as my back met the bed and his lips trailed along my neck, his hands resting on my waist. I let out a loud moan as he kissed down my neck, reaching between my collarbones and finally between my breasts.

He grasped onto my small breasts, cupping them. I wasn't very blessed in the boobs department but I couldn't care less about being a member of the Itty bitty titty committee as his mouth latched onto one of my aroused buds, rolling the sensitive nipple between his tongue and his teeth.

He didn't make my other breast feel left out as he rolled the pad of his thumb over the other nipple, making pleasure shoot through my body.

"Just fuck me..." I couldn't help but moan out but he shook his head over me. "No, first I'm going to eat that pussy out, taste you..."

He trailed his head down my body, his mouth peppering kisses down till he reached my bare pink cunt, dripping and waiting for a release. I shivered as his fingers met my leaking core, his two digits running along my slit.

I sighed out as one of his fingers slipped inside me, pumping into me slowly. He took it out of my heat only for his mouth to connect itself on me. He licked up my slit, his tongue darting out to tease my tiny hole and I got into a sitting position to clutch onto his hair as his tongue started rhythmically moving in and out of me.

"Fuck, Nathan..." I hummed out as he moved his mouth slightly above my hole, finding my clitoris instantly and he let his tongue flicker across my bundle of nerves, making me move my hips with his mouth. His hands came to hold me to the bed as he continued his fast strokes.

I sighed as two of his fingers joined the torture, finding their way into me as he started pumping them in and out of me. I moaned out his name again, grabbing onto his hair tighter as he sucked on my clit.

My pussy clenched around his two fingers that stretched me out with each stroke, my walls tightening around his skin. I let out a gasp as he twisted them up and made a come hither motion with them all of a sudden, his hot tongue still sucking on my clit while his fingers found my g-spot, rubbing over the slightly uneven area deep inside me.

"Oh my God, please, I am going to c-Shit!"

And just like that I came undone as I felt my body shake and my orgasm hit me in waves, making me move my hips desperately against his hand, my body lifting off the bed completely. He slipped his fingers out of me, raising his head to connect his eyes with mine as he picked me clean off my arousal, his tongue again darting inside me.

I sighed out as he sat up on his knees and pushed his fingers into his mouth. "You taste good," He hummed out in satisfaction as he licked his digits clean. "You are going to get me addicted to this pussy now, Rebecca... I am going have to eat you out more often."

He let me know, snaking his way between my legs and I lied back down on my back, looking up at the ceiling as he teased my folds with his dick, guiding himself inside me.

"Oh my- please just fuck me..." I let out a gasp as he finally pushed himself inside me; invading me. His thumb rubbed my clit gently and I sighed out as his other hand fell on my breast and his fingers tweaked a nipple between them, making me mewl out.

"Shit, that's a big dick," I couldn't help but moan out as he slowly eased himself completely inside me, filling me up. My cunt wrapped around him tightly, letting him go only when he pushed himself forcefully back out, "You are too tight..."

"Am I hurting you?" He slowed down, ready to push himself out in case he caused me discomfort. I shook my head at him, "No, I am fine."

"Maybe we should use some lube," He suggested over me and I again shook my head at him, urging him to continue. I was more aroused than ever. I feared that the juices dripping out of my cunt would drown the entire city of Seattle, lube was the last thing I needed.

I felt a tinge of pain pass through me as I tried to get accustomed to his size. For a woman who had had a fair share of men, I had never met anyone with a length so magnificent as his. Hell, two of my ex- boyfriends' dicks together could not make up for his cock not that it mattered.

I muttered out something in response as I grabbed onto his arm still resting against my skin, clutching onto it as he started rocking himself inside me, thrusting into my sweet pussy. I threw my head back at the sensation, the feeling of being penetrated making me see black.

"Fuck, such a good little pussy. I love fucking you, Rebecca..." He told me and I opened my eyes to meet his, gasping as he pushed himself deeper. "So responsive..." He hummed out, letting his dark green orbs rake over my body as he rubbed my clit hard, making me arch my back at his touch.

I moved my hips against him, meeting his thrusts greedily. Seconds turned into minutes as he continued fucking me, grabbing onto my legs and pushing them over his shoulders.

"Fuck, Nathan!" I wailed out as he started only entered me halfway, his tip poking my sweet spot inside me as he continously rubbed it with his dick, the feeling driving me wild.

With my hips somewhat hanging in air and his head hitting just over my g-spot, teasing it with each stroke, I felt myself shake in his hold as I squirted my release between the two of us, my ejaculation covering him completely.

He laughed a husky laugh above me, "Aren't you a little squirter?" He knew exactly where to find my sweet spots and I tried breathing deeply, my cheeks flushing as I caught hold of his intense gaze. "You ruined my seat covers the other day, Rebecca..."

I flushed deeper at that, suddenly remembering our first sexual encounter that had ended with a car blaring its horn at us and only for us to realize that we were having sex in public. The poor old lady had only been trying to get us out of the way from parking in her favorite spot.

"You made me miss my dinner with my boss, consider us even now..." I told him and he made quick work of pulling his throbbing length out of me, making me turn around.

I sat on all fours, leaving my ass hung up in the air for him to devour. The feeling of his breath against my pussy made me shiver and his tongue darted out to get a taste of me again.

I moaned out something incoherent, my face falling flush against the pillow beneath me. His hands planted on my ass, holding me close to his face as he feasted on my dripping core, tasting me.

A finger again joined the torture, slowly drilling in and out of me. I let my body relax as I melted in the feel of his touch. He pushed his digits out, only to guide his shaft into my folds.

Having him take me from behind was another sensation in itself and I screamed out at the amazing feeling of being so full. With him deep inside me, I somehow felt complete. His hands trailed up my back, resting on my hips.

"You have such a beautiful body...This ass, fuck," He hummed out, the pads of his thumbs resting in the dimples I had on my lower back, pushing into my skin, making a strange tingling pass through my body. He ploughed into my body from behind, making my toes curl as I pushed myself back up on my hands, turning to look at him, his face contorted into an expression of pure ecstasy and lust.

"You feel really good, Nathan, so deep!" I moaned out, my voice shaky as I twisted in his hold, his lips falling on mine for a deep kiss.

Letting his lips go, I let my teeth bite onto his lower one, leaving it with a tug. Turning my face back around, I let myself sink into the wonderful blissful feeling, gasping as he pinched my nipple.

"What is your name?" He asked me out of the blue and being the stupid idiotic fool I am, I couldn't remember it for heaven's sake, "Oh, my-Nathan!"

My hands soon gave out under me and I couldn't hold back anymore. I again let my head fall on the pillow beneath me, knowing he would orgasm this time since he had been holding off his climax for so long, having made me come two times already.

I let the overwhelming sensation pass through my body as his cock his the most sensitive part inside me once again and I cried out when his one hand bunched up my hair, pushing head up, making me balance myself on my hands again.

"Tell me how good that feels..." He whispered out against my ear, nibbling on it. I had soon come to the realization that despite how little Nathan talked in general, he really knew how to make a girl drop her panties with his dirty talking in bed.

"Fucking good, so fucking good!..."

"You like me buried deep inside you, Becca?" "Yes!" I hummed out in a whisper as he pounded into me ruthlessly.

"Did you fuck your boss?" huh? "No!" I gasped out in a frenzy, not really sure why I was answering him. Because he is fucking your tiny little brains out, woman. The snarky woman retorted inside my head and I shivered as his lips kissed the skin where my shoulder met my neck.

"You know, I left work just so I could fuck this pretty pussy," He decided to inform me,"You are going to get me in trouble..."

He already had me in trouble, loads of it, chances were I was going to get addicted to his dick. I moaned out at his words, feeling my walls tighten around his shaft as I creamed around him.

"I will fuck this ass next time...Would you like that Rebecca?" He muttered out, his finger suddenly grazing my other tight opening. "Y-Yes!" I let out my answer as I finally reached an orgasm, shaking under his body. I had never even done anal, neither did I plan too. I wasn't too sure I would like it in the first place but if he asked me to jump off a cliff right now, I would probably even do that in a hearbeat.

"Fuck..." He hummed out, his pace increasing.

Unable to hold myself up anymore, I fell on the bed, my eyes seeing stars as I moaned out his name, grabbing onto the sheets tightly. My own orgasm triggered his and I felt him ejaculate into the layer separating the two is us, the feeling setting off another wave of pleasure through my body.

He pushed himself out of me and I tried to calm my breathing, my head still spinning as I heard him head over to the bathroom. A minute later, he walked back out, gotten rid off the layer of latex. I only then realized that he still had his shirt on.

He pushed his boxers and his pants back on, making me avert my eyes from his figure. "Leaving so soon?"

He looked up at me from doing up his zipper, "I have to go back to work. Parker needs me."

"Yeah..." I hummed out, not sure why I was acting like such a moody, clingy bitch in the first place. "See you soon?" I asked, sounding hopeful. I could just keep him here and fuck him all day long instead... I got to my feet, walking past him to open my closet and produce another lose shirt from the neat pile of clothes.

"I'll be over tonight again," He surprised me as he caged me between the closet and his body, making my gaze shift between his beautiful lips and his even more captivating eyes. He licked his bottom lip, knowing he had captured my attention as his lips again claimed mine,"You are going to suck my dick tonight and I am going to fuck you until you can't help but fall asleep, Rebecca."

"So, you kissed him?" Anita asked me as soon as I made my way into the snack room to make myself a cup of green tea.

"Huh?" I nonchalantly asked her, pretending to be confused. "Kissed who?"

"Ralph. He told me what happened... and why he is avoiding you today," I flushed in embarrassment. Why the hell did he tell her that?

"How was it?" She suddenly asked as she opened the refrigerator, taking out her box of lunch.

I frowned at her, even more confused. Did Ralph miss out a very important detail in his little story?

I contemplated telling her and crushing her dreams of finally sleeping with him. She took her own mug, filling it with water as she sipped on it, turning to face me with her eyebrows raised.

"Well, he is gay but except for that his lips were pretty nice and soft..." I hummed out, making her eyes widen in shock as she spit out the contents in her mouth.

"After the initial awkwardness, I did compliment his lips. He gave me his chapstick. Well, it is more like a plumper to be honest-"

"He is what?!" She gasped out, her hand falling on her chest, right above her heart as though she couldn't believe what I had just told her.

And just like that, both of us for the first time in forever started laughing hysterically, wondering why we hated each other over a gay man but our little bonding session came to an end as a well dressed handsome man blessed with jaw dropping looks walked into the little pantry.

His blonde hair complimented his pretty blue eyes and his mouth formed into a charming smile as he spotted us. "Hello ladies, I am new here...Is this the snack room?"

Anita's eyes met mine in challenge as we both simultaneously nodded, both knowing what was going through our minds as we again checked out the handsome man, waiting for someone to speak up.

A new man, a new challenge.

Let the games begin.

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