Drunk In Lust [A TBS SPIN-OFF]

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Chapter 9: The Rules

“Right...And I am the fucking Queen of England!” I let out, obviously still a little shocked at his confession. “You can’t be serious!” It wasn’t everyday that a girl like me could just randomly run into a prince. Life wasn’t a fairytale, that was one thing I was sure about.

He shook his head, pursing his lips,“No, Rebecca, as much as I hate talking about it, I am from Mona- are you okay?”

I realized that I still had my jaw hanging wide open. “Wh-whu? What are you even doing here? Why the hell would a prince be an associate for a random law firm?”

“Well, I do have a degree from Harvard. The firm was hiring, I thought why not...,” He shrugged,“I wanted to get away from my family.”

“Right,” I hummed out. “And you somehow ended up at Eriksson & Emmerson?” I shook my head in disbelief, still not believing a thing he said.

“You don’t believe me?”


“Look me up on the internet,” He suggested as the waiter made his way over to us. Jack ordered a bottle of wine for us and sent the waiter away while I still tried to process everything.

I slowly reached into my purse, taking out the rectangular device to type in his name in the search bar. His face instantly popped up and I scrolled down, to see...

"Prince Jack’s Scandalous Affair with the woman who-” He instantly snatched away my phone from his hand. “Don’t read that!”

“Hey, give me my phone back!” I took it way from him, locking it instantly. “Fine, you are a prince. Alright...” I shrugged and he looked at me through narrowed, skeptical blue eyes. I waggled my eyebrows at him,“Scandalous Affair? Huh?”

“No, it’s nothing like that. It was an year ago and was...just a fling. Media over exaggerates things for no reason. They obviously have nothing new to talk about me,” He muttered out, awkwardly running a hand through his hair,“Can we just pretend that I am just a normal guy?”

“Sure...” I hummed out as I saw the waiter walk back with the bottle of wine. Alcohol surely was the one thing that I needed right now.

“How long have you been working here?” He smiled, leaning back into his chair as his white teeth glinted at me. “About three years now,” I let out, pursing my lips together.

The waiter poured the wine for us and as soon as he was done, I brought the glass to my lips as Jack told me about how he got to the small law firm in this city in the first place.

I jumped up, trying to reach for the family packet of the tortilla chips. Sighing when I realized I couldn’t reach the top, I sagged my shoulders, burning holes through it, annoyed.

“You stupid little shit! Come to mama!” I again jumped, bouncing on my toes but to no avail. A hand came above my head, grabbing the packet of chips and I turned around to thank the person, grateful for the help.

“Thank y-” My words got stuck in my throat as I looked at the familiar dark haired man put the packet of chips in his own shopping cart, my jaw dropping.

“Hey-Nathan!” I groaned out as soon as his name slipped from my mouth. I wanted nothing to do with the high headed and absolutely arrogant man after what he had done to me a month ago but I caught my breath as he turned around, his green eyes raking over my form.

“Oh, you, Rachel was it?” He muttered, turning on his heel to walk away but I couldn’t help but step forward, blocking his way.

“Come on, Wylde. You surely can remember the name of one of the only two women you have slept with,” I growled out, my hand reaching into his cart to grab the packet of chips.

He rolled his eyes at me, grabbing the packet in one harsh tug once and keeping it safely under his arm as he started rolling away.

“I was already having a bad day and now I had to look at your fucking face, thank you, God! I love you so fucking much! Little fucker can’t even grab me a packet of chips!” I muttered out, looking up at the heavens in distaste.

Suddenly, the packet flew right down the aisle in front of my eyes and landed in my cart. “You should watch those calories, Miller.”

"What? What did you just say to me? Did you call me fat?” I gritted my teeth in annoyance, folding my arms infront of my chest.

“Did I? Maybe you should get those ears checked too...” He muttered and I rolled my eyes at him. “Asshole,” I let out under my breath.

I sighed in relief as I saw him leave with his shopping cart from the corner of my eyes. I couldn’t help but let my orbs trail along his body, appreciating how good he looked in casual clothing. The pair of dark black jeans fit him perfectly and his boots only added to attractiveness. The coat over his body and the tight black t-shirt that I knew hugged him perfectly underneath seemed to suddenly make me bite my lip as I tried to imagine what it would be like to run my hand over that stubble...have him deep inside me, fuck me senseless for hours and as if he could feel my stare, he turned around to glare at me.

I forgot how to breathe, captivated by how devilishly handsome he was as he again started walking towards me. A gasp escaped my mouth as his fingers slipped through the loose hair at the back of my head, tugging on it to pull me closer to him.


“I forgot something...” He mumbled out, his green eyes shifting between my lips and my wide open eyes. “Don’t bite you lip so much,” He hummed out, his own lips falling on mine and my teeth let go of my lower lip as I took in a huge breath.

I couldn’t think clearly as he claimed my lips, his hot ones moving fast against mine and my hands fell on his chest, pulling him even closer to me. He grabbed my ass in one hand, making my mouth open for him as his tongue slipped inside, discovering mine. He tasted minty and smelled spicy, musky. I felt the dampness in my underwear as I sniffed him like a creep.

His lips left mine just for a mini-second before he bit on my lower lip, his hand on my ass coming up to rest behind me on the metal behind me,“Peanut butter, I forgot the fucking peanut butter.”

His right hand slipped away from my hair towards the shelf behind me to grab a jar of the item. I took a deep breath in as I stood caged, trying not to stare too much at him. I knew I was gawking with my mouth wide open but I couldn’t help it. His left hand came to caress my face, letting the hair in my face behind my ear and he guided his thumb along my lower lip, making me whimper.

“Close your mouth or you’ll catch flies, baby.”

He kissed my forehead gently, smirking down at me as he turned on his heel and walked over to his shopping cart, putting the jar of butter in it. I shut my mouth, swallowing my saliva as he started whistling and walking ahead, turning down the aisle.

Was he fucking whistling?

“Asshole,” I muttered out, looking down at the embarrassing clothing I had on-sweatpants and a fucking tee shirt that had SpongeBob’s face planted on it. I quickly headed over to checkout, paying and purchasing only my one miserable packet of chips with a bottle of cheap wine.

Jack had asked me out a week after he had told me about who he was and I had turned him down, knowing he was too important of a person to be hanging around me. He hadn’t taken the rejection to heart and I laughed a little as I saw the hilarious text message he had sent me.

I slipped into my car, instantly noticing the vehicle parked next to mine was none other than Mr.Asshole’s. I let my key slip into the ignition, wanting to leave the parking lot before he could come out.

“Fuck!” I let out as the car didn’t rev up after multiple trials, the engine giving out before it could start. I let my face fall on the steering wheel infront of me in agitation.

This was a great fucking day!

I had no idea how long I had my forehead on the wheel when a knock sounded on my door, making me jump in surprise. I cursed loudly as I saw Nathan’s smiling face staring back at me.

Why the fuck was he smiling so much today?

“What the hell do you want?” I mumbled out as I opened the door after pulling the bonnet release and stepping outside in the cold.

“Car trouble?”

“I’ll manage,” I moved past him, pressing down on the hood of my old piece of trash silver car and opening it. I stared down at the complicated things staring back at me, afraid to touch anything. Nathan sensed my hesitance and stepped behind me, his hand falling on my lower back.

“Let me,” He said and I sighed out in response, shrugging to stand behind him as I watched him fiddle with things, inspecting things while I zoned out.

He moved to the door, turning on the wipers that barely moved and came back outside, standing right in front of me,“Your battery is dead. How old was it?”

“I don’t know. Five-six years?” I shrugged. I wasn’t the best at taking care of the vehicle, obviously and I barely even used it in the busy city.

He hummed out,“Yeah. That’s where you went wrong. Get it changed in three or four.”

“What do I do? I should call-”

“I’ll get someone to pick up your car. I got a friend, he’ll fix it right up,” He muttered out, reaching into his coat pocket to take out his phone. He quickly dialled a number, talking to a man on the other side while I awkwardly shifted on my feet.

“I’ll drop you off...” He muttered and I nodded, not in the mood to argue. I went back to my car to take out bag and phone, locking it to head over to the passenger seat where he was standing with the door open.

He shut it behind me and walked to the other side, slipping into the driver’s seat. “I am sorry for the other day,” He started once we were moving. “I didn’t mean to be so rude. You just annoyed the fuck out of me. I am just a-”

“Wait, you are apologizing?”

“-little new to the whole...friends with benefits concept. I really am sorry for that day. I shouldn’t have left you like that, something could have happened to you, fuck.”

I stared at him for the longest time, not believing what I was hearing. I had not been expecting an apology from him at all and he looked at me, frowning when he saw my expression.

“Why is your mouth always open? Do you want me to shove my dick in it or-”

“I forgive you,” I let out, my mouth betraying my mind. I didn’t even care, I would thank him for ruining my life by running me over with a tractor for all that it mattered. He was so freaking hot, so intoxicating and it’s wasn’t my mind thinking but my sex- craving, needy pussy saying things out loud.

“You do?”

I nodded in response and he ran a hand through his messy hair,“Well, I was not expecting you to forgive me-”

His hand suddenly fell on my thigh, making his words inaudible to me all of a sudden. I creamed my panties, clenching my legs together. He started to remove his hand,“Shit- I am sorry, I shouldn’t. I-you are beautiful, Rebecca.”

I grabbed his hand, keeping it right there. “I want to have sex with you again,” I muttered out honestly, not holding back. “If and only if the two of us are just friends who-”

“Fuck each other?” He added and I ran my tongue along my lower lip as we stopped at a red light. “I am up for it,” He mumbled back and I nodded in agreement. It boosted my ego to know that he was just as desperate to sleep with me. His hand trailed up, right above my core.

“I have three conditions, Nathan.”

“I am all ears.”

“Rule number one- no strings attached, no hanging out with each other except for when we are having sex. No sleepovers, no cuddling-all that bullshit.”

He hummed out and I continued,“Rule number two- no jealousy, no clinging onto each other.” His hand tightened around the wheel but he nodded none the less.

“Rule number three- if one of us starts feeling the dreadful L-word or starts catching any feelings- we are honest with each other and instantly break things off and never see each other again.”

“I agree.”

I smiled in satisfaction,“And to seal the deal, Wylde-” I reached over to him as his hand left my thigh and I placed it right over his ever present bulge in his pants. He jumped in his seat, his hand tightening around the steering wheel.

“What the fuck are you doing?!” He almost screeched as I started undoing his zipper. “Let me stop-”

I reached into his boxers, taking him out of the fly, gripping his hardening length in the hand.

“This is not safe.”

I ignored him as I started pumping him, my thumb tracing the drop of precum at the top of his cock. I brought my thumb up to my mouth, letting myself taste him.

“No one is around,” I muttered out as I again let my hand hold his thick shaft. I undid the seatbelt holding me grounded to the car and I leaned over to him, instantly putting my mouth around him.

“You are going to kill us-fuck!” He muttered out as I sank my mouth down on his shaft. I let go of him, starting to lick him up and down.

I let my tongue play with the tip of his cock, hearing him groan out in response. I again took him whole in my mouth, sucking on him like a lollipop, hollowing in my cheeks.

His hand free from the wheel came into my hair. “Shit, Becca. You are-fuck.”

I hummed around him and the sound sent him shivering as he let out another low growl. I started pumping along half of his length, sucking on him while my tongue ran along his member.

“You are going to make me come, fuck!” And just like that he came apart in my mouth as I sucked on him. I felt his release shoot down my throat as I swallowed and moved back into my seat, sitting down properly.

“Fuck, I came so fast,” He muttered out, stopping on another red light and shoving his shaft back inside, zipping himself up. I looked at him, his cheeks a little red and he looked slightly embarrassed.

“Don’t worry. I won’t tell a soul that you can’t last,” I muttered out with a smile, letting my fingers run along my lips. I was so going to tell Elizabeth as soon as I got home. “You got yourself a deal, Wylde.”

He sent a scowl my way and I smiled back at him, winking. I let my hand reach for the radio, shuffling through the channels to rest on a decent one. I let my head rest against the window, taking in the view and finally started seeing other cars around us.

Time seemed to pass as the car again stopped and I looked outside to see us parked infront of my building. “I’ll get your car repaired and sent home. Give me your keys.”

I nodded, reaching into my pocket to give them to him. “Come on in up,” I muttered out before I could think.

He nodded once I had taken my things, following behind me up to the staircase. I found the key to my apartment, quickly opening the door and slipping inside and he followed close behind in silence.

“Nathan-” I started once I had kept all the things in my hands at the table at the entrance, turning to look at him. He cut me off as his lips fell on mine, pulling me close towards him.

His hands started tugging my black shirt up and I lifted my arms up for him to peel it off me. His hands reached behind me to undo my bra, instantly taking it off me. “You have beautiful breasts,” He let out as his mouth fell on one nipple, sucking the tiny bud into his mouth.

I let my head lean back as his fingers started playing with the waistband of my sweats, slowly pulling them down my legs. I instantly stepped out of them, lowering down my panties as he started taking off his boots.

“Bed or couch?” He asked as I saw him quickly reach behind him to pull out a condom, undoing his pants and taking off his boxers in one tug and taking off his coat. His again hard cock sprang free from the restraining pants and he instantly tore the packet of condom, sheathing himself. I held back a smile, he could always get hard so easily.

“Couch,” I muttered, preferring to go to the surface closest. He nodded, lifting the last item of clothing, his tshirt keeping his body away from my gaze.

His lips again fell on mine as he picked me up, his hands flat on my ass and my legs wrapping around him. I tugged on his hair, melting in his touch. I felt like putty in his large hands and sighed when he sat down.

I desperately clung onto him as his cock started teasing my folds, our lips again finding each other. I let out a moan as he finally slipped inside me. A gasp escaped my lips at his size, as usual. It had been a month since I had slept with him and apparently my pussy already forgot how big he was.

“Fuck...” I cried out,“You are so big.” He started thrusting into me. “Relax Rebecca...” I slowly accommodated his size as I sank myself down his length.

A gasp escaped me again as his phallus brushed the most sensitive part deep inside me. “Oh my god! Right there!”

“You are too tight...” He grunted out, grabbing a nipple and squeezing the small rosy bud between his fingers. I let out another moan as he filled me to the hilt, filling me up completely. “Tell me you how much you like my cock inside you...”

“Nathan,” I moaned out as I felt my pace quicken and I used his muscular shoulders as support to ride him. “I-I like you cock deep inside me...” I moaned out for his satisfaction as his hands drifted to my ass, squeezing the skin there.

“Rebecca...” He grunted out, holding me as he started invading me ruthlessly. I felt him turn us over, making me lie on my back as he sat halfway between my legs and started entering me. Just that quickly, I felt my walls tighten around his length as he hit my g-spot over and over again, his hand coming between us to rub my clit.

I felt the overwhelming sensation to piss and I let myself go, unable to hold back and realized I had squirted my release between us. He chuckled above me,“Such a good little squirter.”

I blushed as he continued invading me, his green eyes holding me victim. I let mine shut close, melting into the feel of his touch as he ran his hands up my body, from my waist to one breast that he squeezed again.

“Nathan...Shit...” I hummed out, my mouth forming into another O. He allowed his thrusts, filling me up completely before entering me only halfway, bending at an angle to make sure he was hitting my sweet spot. I grabbed onto his arm resting on my breast for support as I again came and screamed his name.

“Shut that pretty little mouth, the entire building can hear you.”

I ignored him, my nails sinking into his arm as I again found my release, shaking under him. I couldn’t even believe that I had come so fast, let alone three times already.

“Fuck...” He muttered out and I felt him shift deep within me as he reached his own high. He unloaded himself into the layer separating us, the feeling driving me over the edge, triggering another wave of sensations for me.

I finally opened my eyes, taking a deep breath as he exited my hole, leaving me satisfied but still begging for more.

I hoisted myself up on my hands as he instantly picked up his clothes, heading over to the washroom and I tried to catch a breath. My pussy clenched at the loss of his cock, missing him already.

I looked down at her, shaking my head in disapproval.You can never get enough, can you?

I entered my room, picking up my robe and wincing as I walked and felt some pain between my legs, an obvious after effect of fucking Nathan. He exited the washroom, walking over to me.

“You are leaving?” I asked, my own voice sounding a little sad and strange to my ears.Was I literally that desperate?I suddenly wrapped my arms around myself.

“No hanging around, cuddling and all that bullshit. Remember?” He asked and I nodded. He stepped forward, caressing my cheek and kissing me gently as a goodbye.

“Right,” I hummed out as I broke the kiss, turning on my heel to guide him outside of my room. “That was...great, I’ll see you soon.”

He slipped on his boots and his coat, “I’ll send your car over by tomorrow morning, my little squirtle.”

I again nodded at him, flushing as he opened the door, his dark hair the last thing I saw as I shut the door and leaned against it, feeling cold and alone in my apartment.

I wanted to break my own rules. I so wanted to break rule number one.

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