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Its a story of a CEO and A girl who is working his company who's relation start with a lie. What turn this story will take for it you have to read it. Luke Green is the CEO of one of the companies of his father who just take it over it a few days ago. Meet Eva blacky a sweet, kind, talkative and wonderful girl on the office his terrace and get attracted to her. But when they fall in love and decided to marry his past come to them to hunt them. Will they able to face the problems and trouble the world throws over them and have their happy ever after or they get separated from each other forever.

Romance / Drama
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(Eva P.O.V)

“wake up, wake up

do as I say

wake up, wake up

it’s a brand new day

wake up, wake up

please don’t delay

wake up, wake up it’s time to play”.My alarm clock started to ring. I started hitting my hands here and there for my clock to sneeze it until I hear my mother calling me or rather I say shouting my name from downstairs.


“Geez! I’m up! I’m up!” I said waking up from my sleep and rubbing my eyes to remove all the remaining sleep from my eyes.

“Get out from your bed and get ready for office it’s 7:30 already and I am sure you don’t want to be late for your interview today.” my mom said.

“What? it’s 7:30 already.” I ask freaking out. My mother just shakes her head on me while smiling and get back to her work. I run to my wardrobe Grab a white shirt, the grey color skirt which comes to my knee, my underwear and runs to my washroom to take a short shower and get ready.

In 15 minutes I come out of the washroom brush my hair, arrange it in a high ponytail. After that, I do a minimum amount of makeup which consists of eyeliner and lips gloss.

Oh sorry, I introduce myself. My name is Eva blacky. I am 22 years ago. I have just finished my masters three months ago. I live in California with my mother in a two stories white house. My father was a busy man and always keeps traveling, but he keeps visiting us in holidays and let me tell you I’m a daddy’s girl. I have no sibling I am the only child in my family.

So I got ready and walk to the garage to my baby my red Mugen car and drive away to my destination. I reach there in 15 minutes and park in the building. There are two building in a white and blue color standing side by side and on the top of the building there is written is Green enterprises one in the first building in which I was standing in and green enterprises 2 on another building in a golden color.

I take out the mobile from my purse and look at the message again which they have sent me to make sure that I am standing at the right building and I was.

I enter the building and go the receptionist who looks in her late fifties and busy in typing on her computer. She reminds me of my grandmother who I love with my whole heart. Since I am the only child in my family my grandparents love me very much and love to spoil me.

“Excuse me, ma’am, I am here for the interview,” I said to her with a polite smile.

She looks at me with a smile and asks my name.

“Eva blacky,” I said and she nodded at me. She someone on her phone and talk for some time with someone.

“Okay I will,” she said and look at me.

“You can go inside, the fifth-floor second room to the right. All the best for your interview dear, ” she said with a motherly smile. I tank her and started running towards the elevator when I heard a familiar voice.

“Hey, girl slow down,” Ashly said and I turn to see her walking to me.

“Don’t worry forehead you are not late.” She said while engulfing me in a bear hug and I return it gladly.

“What do you say blondie?” I ask her.

“You heard, me forehead,” she said with a smirk. We stare at each other for some time then burst out laughing. I and Ashly were the best friends since 2nd grade in Riverhood high school. Our mother and father also are best friends. Both of our father work in the same company but in a different department.

“It’s just like schooltime...” She said still laughing.

“Yeah, I missed those days,” I said still laughing. We enter the elevator. I pressed the fifth number and she pressed the third number.

“Anyway, all the best for your interview,” she said to me.

“Thank you, I hope I got the job it will be great to work together,” I said when we reach the third floor. We wish our goodbye and she walks away. After a few seconds, the elevator ding and I walk to the cabin.

I knocked the door a few times and enter the interview room to see the redhead girl of my age reading a file. She looks at me with a scowl.

“So you are for an interview” she ask harshly.

“Yes, my name is Eva Blacky, “I said with a smile.

“Whatever, let’s start it already, “she said while scowling. the interview goes for fifteen minutes.

“Okay, you are selected for this position. Give your documents to Ms. Mathew sitting in the next cabin. You can join from tomorrow. Come at 9:00 am sharp not a minute late. Understand? ” she asks.

“Yes, I understand.”

“Good. You can leave now.” She said making a face and I did what she said snickering from inside. I walk to the next cabin and Knock a few time before entering the cabin. Ms. Mathew looks at me with a smile.

“How can I help you?” She asks me with a smile.

“I am here to submit my documents,” I said with a small smile.

“Oh, what’s your name?” She asks.

“My name is Evan blacky, ” I said and she types on her computer.

“Your Documents, ” she asks while stretching her hand out. I take out all the xerox of my all her documents and put it in her hands.

“Done,” she said with a smile.

“Thank you,” I said and walk out of the cabin and to the elevator. When I walk out of the building and walk up to my car I look at my surroundings and did a victory dance when I was satisfied that no one was there.

I got in the driver seat of my baby and drive to my home. I reach home in 10 minutes. I run inside the house and to the kitchen to saw my mother cooking lunch for us. I walk closer to her on tip tose making sure I didn’t make a single noise and hug her. She jumps in startled when I hug her.

She turns towards me and starts beating me with a rolling pin when I let her go.

“Are you crazy or what you almost get the cardiac attack,” she said still beating me with a rolling pin. I chuckle when she stops to take a breath.

“Your laughing, huh, your laughing at me when you almost scared me to death and I almost get cardiac attack because of you,” She said and start beating me again.

“I got a job mom I got a job,” I said taking her hand in my her to stop her from beating me.

“What? Really?” she asks getting excited and I nodded with a huge smile on my face.

I start jumping up and down in excitement and hug me in a bone-crushing hug.

“But don’t you ever scared me like that. I swear to god this girl will be the death of me one day.” She said pulling away from my arms and shake her head at me with a smile.

“What are you making?” I ask smelling the delicious smell of food.

“Your favorite chicken rice, mashed potato, and chocolate brownies, ” she said with a smile. And I hug her again.

“Let me help you”

“Okay, but first change your clothes then you can help me,” she said with a smile and I follow it. We spend time talking and cooking food. When we finished eating our food and finished all the cleaning up I go to my room to have a nape.

It’s 3:30 when I wake up from my phone ringtone. I pick it up to see its Ashly and receive a call.

“Hey girly, I have decided that we will have a sleepover at your house and we will go office from there together. Is there okay with you.”

“Of course when will you come to my house and what about your car.”

“I will go directly to my house to keep my cat there. So you can pick me up from my house okay.”

“Okay at what time?“.

“6:15 pm okay”

“okay fine. Bye.”

“Bye,” she said and hang up the phone. I walk to the kitchen to make all the arrangements for a sleepover and then go to have a shower and get ready to pich her up.

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