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(Eva P.O.V)

I get ready in 10 minutes and get out of my room while grabbing my purse and car keys.

“Mom, I and Ashly are having a sleepover at our house so I am going to pick her up,” I said to my mom while getting out of my house and drive away to her house.

I reach there in 25 minutes. Ashly house was 25 minutes away from my home and 10 minutes away from the office. I push the horn when I reach her house signaling that I am here. She comes out of her house carrying her purse in one arm and a bag in another arm and get in the passenger seat. She put her bag in the back seat and fixed the belt I start the engine and drive away to my home.

“So how was your interview,” she asks me while arranging her purse.

“I got the job but I don’t like our boss Kriti prank”, I said scowling and Ashlyn start laughing.

“She is not the boss here but just a manager,” she said after recovering from her laughter.

“If the manager is like that then the boss must be a devil,” I said sighing.

“I don’t know. Kriti here handles all the works here. We haven’t seen him yet.”

“And I know she is a certified bitch but you will get used to her with time”

“I don’t know Ashlyn I just don’t like her. And how you didn’t know about the boss?”

“I only know his name is Mr. Green. He only meets with the managers and other tops management people. They handle the work and the workers.”

“Mr.Green hnn? And why it’s so?” I ash her getting interested in the story.

“I don’t know the only manager is allowed to meet him not the workers like us,”

“Interesting,” I said while parking my car near the groceries store.

“What are we doing here?” she asks.

“I want to buy some groceries and Ice cream for our sleepover,” I said while taking my purse from the back seat.

“Stay here I will be back soon,” I said getting out of the car and running towards the store.

I enter the store and take the list out of my purse. I take the shopping cart and start collecting the things mentioned in the list, then I walk to the I cream section grab one brick of chocolate cookie ice cream and one brick of blue current berry ice cream. After that, I walk to the paying desk to pay for the groceries and then walk back to my car.

I open the back door and kept all the bag in the back seat and take a driver seat then drive away to our destination. We arrive at my house in 10 minutes. I park my car in my compound and open the back seat after getting out of the car.

I take Ashlyn bag from the back seat and give it to her. I take my purse and bag from the back seat and walk inside the hose with Ashlyn walking behind me.

“I’m home,” I said and walk to the kitchen to see my mother cooking food.

“Hello, aunty how are you?” Ashyn said going towards my mother to give her a hug.

“Hello, Ashlyn I am fine what about you?” she asks returning her hug.

“I am doing good, what are you cooking there smells good?” she asks.

“Ravioli and fried rice,” she said smiling.

“Yum, I love your ravioli,” Ashlyn said with a huge smile.

“So what’re your guys plan for tonight, movies or games,” my mom asked her.

“Movies because we have office tomorrow,” I said while putting groceries in the fridge.

“Good, you guys go upstairs and select the movie I will bring the food, ” My mom said. I and Ashlyn grab our stuff from the kitchen counter and make our way to my room. After some fight, we decided to watch crazy stupid, love.

I put the connect my laptop with my T.V and open the movie when my mom comes with our food. If you don’t know then let me tell me, Ashlyn and my mom get together like the best friend and me and my friends have so much when she was with us. She acts like a teenager when she was with us.

It was 10:15 in the night when we decided to the sleep so we can get up early in the morning and go to the office. Me and mom sleep in our room while Ashlyn goes to guest room to sleep.

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