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"I just hope that you don't give up on me. I feel like if I make one wrong move, you'll just get rid of me. Leave me for someone else..." Once again, Ariana finds herself at the mercy of her friend Taylor as she is invited to the club. Unfortunately for Ariana, it was more than just a normal night at the club. It was a Chicago Meet up for the DDLG community. Ariana stands out in her warm coloured clothing in a sea of pink white and blue. She is Left to her own devices as her friend "promises" to come back and directs Ariana to just get a drink. While googling everything she can about the event, Alec steps in to save her from a sticky situation that was about to turn bad. Alec a caregiver and daddy of his own take on the role of protecting Ariana at the event and inquiring on her thoughts about the event. Eventually, The two of them decide to take on a relationship together after a series of events happen.

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Chapter 1 "It's a Meet Up"

Chapter 1

It’s a Meet Up




Come on!

You really should come!!!

Taylor a ‘friend’ was texting me trying to invite me to a club. Every bone in my body told me that going was a bad idea. Her eclectic taste for sex brought her to several events that made me feel uncomfortable.


What are you taking me to?

I didn’t know why I even asked this question. She never gave me a straight answer.


It’s just a little event at that club you like.

It’s nothing big. I PROMISE!!

Shaking my head, I started to type a response, deleting it halfway through to give attention to the twenty-five-pound cat rubbing against me. Binx: the orange and white Maine Coon meowed at me.

“I’ve already fed you,” I said to him. “You don’t need any more food.”

My cat was my best friend. You would think he was a human the way I talked to him. Pulling Binx on top of my stomach I ruffled his fur. I would have been content watching the ceiling fan rotate if it wasn’t for my phone to buzz with another text message from Taylor. She had sent me multiple messages with single question marks.

Taylor often made me wonder why I was still living in America. For two years I had lived in Japan teaching English to Japanese speakers. I missed the friends that I made, and the feeling of belonging. Every spring, in Japan, Starbucks would bring their specialty Cherry Blossom Frappuccino’s and they were delicious. Winter was great because it rarely dropped below zero and typically lasted only three months. Chicago on the other hand was winter from November to April, sometimes even May. Thinking about winter made me realize that it was the end of August, and it was right around the corner.

My phone buzzed again.


Ariana? Come onnnnnn!!!

I want a friend to come with me!

She called me her friend, but I was more of an acquaintance. The friend that comes when no one else wants to: the back-up friend. The only reason why I considered her my friend was because I didn’t have many since returning to the US. The only reason I had returned was because of my strict father.

He was diagnosed with terminal cancer and didn’t have long to live. He was going to die of cancer, just like my mother. My father made my life hell growing up, disappointed that I didn’t become the military daughter. He always asked me why I couldn’t be like my adoptive older brother. My dad would tell me: “Your brother isn’t even related by blood and he knows what he should do.”

The only reason why I returned was because my brother begged me to.

“Binx, do you think I should go to the club with Taylor?”

Binx meowed.

“Well, it is Saturday. It means that community classes don’t start until the afternoon tomorrow.” Even on weekends I worked. This job was the only reason why I was still in Chicago. This job was eventually supposed to give me the ability to make it to Japan again. “What do you think Binx?” Binx meowed at me again. “Is that a yes or a no?” I questioned and then settled. “I’m going to regret this, aren’t I?”

Letting out a breath I reached for my phone to type a response.


Fine, I will come with you.

If I had better friends, I wouldn’t have this problem. My phone began to buzz over and over as I received a string of texts with emojis and gifs expressing happiness.


Yes, Ari!!! I’ll be there in an hour. BE READY!!!

I was going to regret making this decision.

Taylor didn’t give me any instructions on what to wear like she normally would. I liked wearing pastel colours. In Japan, everyone thought I looked cute. But here in America, they said I looked like a child and should look more mature. Instead of choosing the pink dress that I wanted to, I chose a dark red one that snapped with a button around my neck and flared at my waist.

Rubbing my face, I investigated the mirror. My face looked puffy, even though it wasn’t. I turned in the mirror, looking at my figure, trying to suck my stomach in, and running my hands along my arms. I wrapped my fingers around my wrist and let out a groan. They looked fat to me and so did my legs. A cream coloured cardigan and a pair of black tights was able to cover the fatness that I felt.

Somehow I managed to make my long black hair that hadn’t had a single inch cut off in fifteen years look presentable with half of it in a bun. A shiver went through my spine as I remember why I hadn’t cut it in so long. I was securing my bun when my phone began to ring.

I didn’t realize that an hour had already passed. Had I obsessed about myself that long? The moment I picked up my phone I realized the time and answered the phone. Her voice was irritated. “Where are you, Ariana?”

After lacing my brown ankle boots, I grab a small handbag. “I’m just opening the door Tay.”


What kind of event was this?

It didn’t take a rocket scientist to know that the bar “Dance and Chill” wasn’t just hosting a sports night like they normally would. I was also coming to an understanding of why Taylor may not have told me what to wear because even she was dressed out of her normal attire.

Her blonde hair was in pigtails with bright coloured scrunchies that matched the pink shirt she wore with a teddy bear on it. The denim overalls that covered the rest of her had patches that matched the scrunchies. She even had a pacifier for a ring on her hand.

As I looked around me nervously to see that she wasn’t the only one in this type of clothing I turned to talk to her, scared to even ask. “Tay…” my voice started hesitantly. “What have you brought me to?” She didn’t answer me. She was too concerned with the person she was waving at. I squinted as I saw the person was being pushed around in a stroller. The person inside of it was not a child.

“Taylor,” I said sternly, trying to get her attention. To show that I needed her to notice, I grabbed her hand to make her face me. “What is this?” I demanded. She looked at me with a quirky smile and pointed towards a whiteboard sign. The sign had ‘baby shower’ designs on it along with the words “Chicago DDLG Meet-Up.”

“It’s a place where people meet up,” she said simply. She made it sound like I should know what the hell she was talking about. I gave her a dissatisfied frown.

“I gathered that much. Thanks for stating the obvious- “

“Oh Ari, don’t get huffy with me! I thought you would like it. You know, because it’s your kind of thing.”

Jaw dropped, my head craned to the side. I was containing my anger with the fact that I was nervous about being here. “Thing? What thing? I don’t even know what DDlg is!” I hissed. She looked shocked as I said this. Did she really think that I knew about something like this? “What is it?”

Taylor didn’t even give me a two-minute explanation of what it was. I didn’t even get a chance to ask her why she brought me here because a male in a suit walked up to Taylor, giving her a kiss on each cheek and whispering something into her ear.

“I’ll be right there,” Taylor told the man and I wondered what I was getting looped into.

I became cautious as Taylor didn’t loop me into anything with the man. She started backing up from me.

“Hey, I just have to go say hi to some people. Why don’t you go inside and get like a drink or something and wait for me?”

She didn’t give me a chance to answer because she had dashed off towards the man.

I stomped my foot in frustration, curling my hand into a fist. Once again, I had been thrown into a situation where I was the odd one out. No female here looked like they were wearing dark coloured clothing like I was. I stood out in a sea of pink, white, and blue clothing. On edge. Every movement someone made spooked me.

I considered leaving. Even pulled out my phone to text Taylor that I was going to call an Uber and leave. But there was an unknown feeling in my heart. I was curious. I wanted to know more about what was going on.

So, I entered the bar with intentions of finding a place where no one else was sitting. I needed to google information about DDlg.

Dance and Chill was a locally owned establishment that had two separate areas to enter after passing the security check. While Taylor would spend her time on the side of the bar that had loud music and a dance floor. I preferred to spend my time in the lounge with music that was turned down and conversations could be had. It was my favorite because most people didn’t hang around in it.

But the bar was packed. There was no shortage of people in age play related content.

“Is she wearing a diaper?” I comment under my breath as my eyes fell on a large crib on the opposite side of the room with someone my age in it. I couldn’t tell for sure and decided I didn’t want to know if she was.

“Nande,” I mumbled ‘why’ and a dozen other Japanese phrases under my breath. It was my way of coping with stressful situations.

Managing to make my way through a crowd of people I looked at the selection of specialty drinks that were on for the night at the bar. Little-one, Baby-Girl, Peachy-Princess, and other theme-related drinks. “I think,” I paused. “I’ll try a Baby-girl?” My voice was so unsure but, the bartender started to make my drink.

“Would you like it in a bottle or a sippy cup?” The bartender asked unphased by the astonishment on my face that he would even ask that.

A bottle?

A sippy cup?

“Can I have it in a glass?” I inquired, hoping it was an option.

“Baby girls shouldn’t have big people glasses.” I turned to my left to see who had spoken. Unsure of what he meant I ignored him as the bartender handed me a glass. It was filled with something pink and a gummy pacifier hung off the straw.

I paid in cash and moved from the bar.

Looking around I noticed a booth that had just been vacated and claimed it for my own. Immediately I started to use my phone to google information about DDlg, convincing myself I would stand out less if I did. After several minutes I had a very basic understanding of what it was, noting that a person would choose an age to act as a “little.” Or, someone would choose the older role as a “Daddy.” The relationships could either be platonic or have sexual elements.

After other several moments pass my attention was drawn upwards as I could hear someone scream out in pain. I gasped as on the other side of the bar, a female was bent over a man’s knee. She was being spanked.

I knew now that it was something related to DDlg, but for it to be done in public?

Trying to ignore the public spanking I took a sip from the pink concotion. The more I had taken in my surroundings, the more I realized that there was a group of men not dressed like the other men in the bar. Their hair was greasy and their jeans were tattered.

They were looking straight at me.

Cautiously I looked at my phone breaking eye contact with them. I sent a text to Taylor, asking her where she was. Hesitantly I looked up to see if the men were still in the same place.

They weren’t.

They were approaching me.


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