The Rise of Fire

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Dragon Riders have taken over the town Iron Valley, killing everyone who once inhabited the land, who grew their crops and the town that had a trading income and was thriving well. The Dragon Riders created their own empire, had their own rules but two amongst them disagreed with how things were run and decided it was time to leave. However it wouldn't be easy, they would be hunted down. Their leader wanted them returned to him. Nothing would stand in his way, he would make them pay for their mistake. They were breaking the oath they promised when they were enlisted into his army. 'I will serve no matter what, loyalty is all that stands between the world and us, we will die with honour, and we will never betray our own kind.'

Romance / Fantasy
Raven Valentino
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Chapter 1

Kreishka and Argon walked through the city of ash that was once The Valley of Iron, the destruction of their kin gracing their eyes. “Argon this is wrong,” Kreishka said and kicked the ash with her black plated boot, the pair stopped walking and he gently gripped her arms.

“Krieshka this is our choice but we can’t fight, there’s too many here and Lord Byron will have us executed on the spot,” he reminded her and gently cupped her cheek, he gently caught the braid with his fingers as it hung over the shorn left side of her head, a silver dragon charm sat on the end of it. “You know I’ll be at your side always.”

“Argon, I can’t, I just can’t watch this death and destruction anymore.” She said. She whistled and her black and red horned dragon landed, it let out a deep growl.

“Kreishka don’t be stupid,” he said gripping her arm a rather little too hard, even though she was wearing chainmail he was hurting her.

“Argon let go!” She snarled, her eyes began to glow like flames in a threatening manner. “If you want to watch this massacre then go ahead but I won’t be a part of it.” She pulled her arm away from Argon, mounted her dragon and took off into the sky. Three other dragon riders sat atop three emerald green land dragons came riding towards him.

“Argon where is she going?” A young man dressed in silver armour asked.

“Krieshka is checking the perimeter,” he lied.

“Go after her, bring her back or we’ll shoot her down!” Another growled.

“Yes mam,” he said and mounted his green and black dragon, he ascended into the sky and allowed his dragon to pick up Kreishka’s scent. She had stopped over at a lake, Bracken was having a drink at the water’s edge. Argons dragon landed on Krieshkas and pinned him to the ground, Argon jumped off his dragon and grabbed her by the arm, and pulled her away from her dragon. “You have made us fugitives, you idiot!” he growled.

“I’m sorry but I have standards!” she growled.

“You have standards after all the beings you have killed?” he asked mocking her.

“I didn’t have a choice.” She said trying to pull away, he grabbed her by the shoulders and threw her back against a tree, he gripped her shoulders hard and she couldn’t move.

“You can’t keep making excuses! Byron killed your mate, your child and made you what you are, but there is nothing that can change that!” he yelled, Argons beast began to dig its claws into Bracken.

“Argon stop, he’ll kill Bracken!” she exclaimed.

“Not until you come to your senses and we return, Krieshka we find a better time to take our leave,” he told her.

“No, I’m done with all this killing, this devastation!” she growled and tried pushing him off her, but Argons dragon bit into the side of Bracken, Krieshka buckled over gripping her stomach as Bracken roared loudly.

“Maximus enough!” Argon called turning his head towards the two dragons, Maximus snorted and reluctantly prised his jaws off Bracken, he then turned his head back to Krieshka and saw her collapsed on the ground, her arms wrapped around her stomach as the bite mark had appeared on her just as Bracken was bitten.

Argon sighed to himself and picked her up off the ground, he lay her on the blanket from under her saddles back, built a fire, used his dragon to start the fire and began to boil some water over the fire. He took her out of her armour and began to clean her wound, he then searched his own saddlebag and found an elixir used for accelerating healing.

Krieshka had been out for most of it, Argon now lay on his back with Krieshka laying on his chest, there was no going back now, a decision had been made.

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