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4 sexy Ultimates have been designed as slaves for the princess of the underworld; that is until they decide to be the masters of their destiny and her Sally has trouble falling in love in Frankincense City, being the daughter of the Gang of Shadows that rules the underground. She's not allowed to talk to boys, basically ever. It's especially hard when a single night on the town, while trying to expand her friendship and identity, will impact and change the lives of four innocent teenage boys from Atlantis forever. They'll meet her again 6 years later and when they do, the tables will be turned. The boys will be different, known simply as A.R.M.Y. They are looking for Sal' and they're hungry for revenge. --This is a spin off from my F.C. Series, book 1. The Diamond Spy book 2. Princess of the Shadows book 3. Ultimate Underworld. However, A.R.M.Y can be read as a stand alone--

Romance / Scifi
C. Swallow
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Part 1. Ch. 1

Part 1

Sally’s First Love

INFORMATION: All of Part 1 is going to be in Aaron’s [POV] Point of View. There’s 3 chapters to Part 1 before Part 2 starts and then the story will be in Sally’s POV. A.R.M.Y is a spin off from my F.C. series, it’s set 12 years after book 3. Ultimate Underworld and book 4. Reigning Shadows. However, A.R.M.Y can be read as a stand alone.

Part 1 Ch.1

A.R.M.Y is set 12 years in the future from the present time in the FC series - Sally is now 18 years old. Stand Alone Read.

Aaron’s POV [Point of View]

The most anonymous girl in school was a girl with light blue hair, that sat in the furthest corner of each room, wearing fake glasses, hand me down clothes and she always, always harboured her hair in two kiddie style pony tails. To attract the least attention as humanely possible.

She held secrets though, and I knew one of them.

“For the last damn time, get your homework in on time next week, now get out,” the Science of War teacher rolls their eyes and slams open the door for us to leave.

Everyone jumps up and I’m usually the first out with my best mates, my squad.

“Friday night clubbing, come on, you really out, Aaron?” York nudges me as he stands and I see Renny and Max already leaping out the door.

“Yeah, I’m out,” I wave him off, snapping because he was really wanting me to go but I was sick of the same old, same old weekend trip, “I’m done with Derelict, it’s a shit club… I told you, I’m busy anyway. I got plans.”

“Whatever, I’ll call you later to check in,” York rolls his eyes and heads out the door while I glance to see where Sally is.

She’s left the class already.

Damn it, I was going to ask her out.

As long as no one was looking, heh...

“Don’t even try, dickface!” I yell back at York because I was sick of him badgering me. I run out the door next. I look both ways down the green tinted hall walls, York is grinning at me from his locker on one end and I happen to see her blueish pig tails swinging behind her as she dodges past all the snickering popular girls and heads for the stairs already. Right, she always walked home.

I grab my bag and stuff and run after her. I tail her through Quarter Gate high school, waiting until she passes from the grounds towards the dirt oval, where she leans over to tie a loose shoe lace.

I almost run all the way to her but I don’t at the last second, straightening my simple shirt and pushing a hand through my white blonde hair, I try to appear like I’m walking casually.

“Hey,” I call out as I near her, and I gulp as I see her pause. I think I see a blush creep up her neck when I stop by her. Now, she slowly lifts her head and she watches me… while she slowly turns bright red. I’m a little shocked, even though I didn’t expect her to react this way.

Unless she had a crush on me already? I was used to that kind of attention, but I didn’t expect it from her… not after what I saw her do the other night. If she did have a crush, I guess I shouldn’t be too fazed. A lot of the girls in the school seemed to like the hot headed guys. And I’ll admit, my tempter was short.

Ehy,” she coughs into her hand, “I mean h-hey!” she stutters and keeps blinking too fast.

“Sally, right?” I ask, licking my lips, I tilt my head up, trying to look… I don’t know, cool or something.

She seems to go more red.

Cute… we hadn’t even talked properly yet.

She nods and closes her eyes for a second, breathing in… she goes to reach up, as if she is tempted to take her fat round glasses off her face… but for some reason she hesitates and drops her hand.

“Yo, um,” I pause for a second, wondering why she’s acting so weird, “You doing anything tonight? Um. Are you okay?” I reach up to take the glasses off for her and I watch as she halts her breath as I pinch the bridge of the glasses and take them off gently. Once off from her pretty little face, I wipe them in my shirt for her and then glance back up to see how she’s reacting.

Now I pause.

She’s just waiting patiently… but she looks so damn cute.

She really did look just like that girl from the strip club that I remembered.

That’s why I was so interested in the first place. I thought I was going crazy, but I had these sudden ideas that Sally, the loner… from school… was that same girl I saw that night last weekend when I went out with my cousin Ricky.

“So, Aaron, uh, why are you talking to me?” Sally asks, raising a brow quite smoothly as she suddenly snatches her glasses back from my hand. She dances back a step, “I mean, did you ask me out? If you did –”

I laugh a little over her, scoffing, “Obviously, I said are you doing anything tonight? Take a hint.” I tease her a bit and while I expect her to maybe blush again, this time she seems a little more confident.

“Is it a joke so you can laugh with your friends if I say yes?” she asks, quickly.

“No way,” I shake my head, “I’m just… interested in you, Sally. You look beautiful, by the way, without… I mean, with the glasses, without, it doesn’t matter.”

“I think…” Sally seems close to instantly rejecting me, I can feel her nerves amplifying as her eyes skit over me, “We shouldn’t… date… at night. Tonight.”

“It doesn’t have to be a date if you just want to hang out, with no pressure for anything else–”

“Just not at night,” Sally hisses in quickly and I bite my bottom lip, smiling.


She was busy at night.


I knew it.

“Okay,” I lightly respond, “You work at night?” I try to be casual about it.

“I have curfew –”

“At 18?” I ask, lowering my brows, “Really?”

“You know, I got to go soon, I uh… do you want my number? Actually no, you don’t want my number,” Sally shakes her head, her statement makes no sense but she’s clearly exasperated about something, “How about, we just meet up tomorrow… for lunch… at a library?”

“Sure,” I answer quickly, uncaring about tomorrow.

“FC City Library,” Sally nods and takes another step back. She looks over my shoulder, my other shoulder… as if searching for eyes, “A real date… Aaron?” she whispers this at me, suddenly… just a little bit sultry.


She’s testing that side of her out.

“Yes,” I try not to sound too impatient but Sally smiles sweetly and comes forward, leaning up towards me… I completely freeze… and she pecks my cheek.

“Bye,” she grins as she pulls back down and turns, running away.

“I think you meant, see you tomorrow!” I call out, hoping she turns back to see me smiling.

“Don’t act desperate!” Sally calls over her shoulder… a bit too sassy.

I wonder what it’d be like to tug on those pony tails… get her to shut up that way, pull her back and watch her panic as I leaned in to kiss her…

I shut my mouth.

A little bit of attention… and there was a different woman underneath her little girl clothes, fake glasses and ‘quiet’ appearance.


As she walks out the back gate of the school, I turn and head my own way.

I didn’t care about the library tomorrow.

I wouldn’t see her tomorrow.

I’d see her tonight.

I’d corner her at the strip club and confirm my suspicious.

It was going to drive me crazy until I got to the bottom of this connection I had made in my head.

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