Magic and Mystery

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Chapter 3 - Hunter

Hunter was taken by the minx, and he didn’t even know her name. She seemed shy and unsure of him, but she had so much life to her she drew him in. She radiated innocence and purity, and it was something he hadn’t even known he was attracted to. Most women threw themselves at him, so the change caught his attention. When he caught her and pulled her close, he realized how fucking tiny she was. She barely reached his shoulders, and he loved that. It brought out a protective feeling he’d never experienced before because the girls he normally chose were taller. She smelled like fresh peaches and he had to restrain himself from capturing her lips and claiming a taste. Every time she looked at him, the poor thing stumbled, and he knew she was just as affected by him. He found that cute, and he loved how she was flustered around him.

“Listen,” Hunter ordered, as he leaned down and got close, breathing in her peach scent. “I know you like the house, but you can’t be too obvious about it. I can tell you right now that agent thinks you’re a sure thing, and she’s ready to throw one over on you. She’ll jack the price, and you’ll end up paying more than it’s worth,” he explained.

“How do you know?” she questioned curiously as she crinkled her adorable nose.

“Because you fell in love with it the minute you stepped out of the car, and she saw the look on your face,” Hunter reprimanded.

“But I do love the house,” she sighed. “And I really want to buy it.” She then shuffled from foot to foot nervously as she waited for his response.

“And that’s fine, but let me do the talking,” Hunter told her.

“Why are you doing this?” she asked as she took a step back and frowned up at him.

Hunter couldn’t help but grin. “Because I hate seeing someone take advantage of a pretty girl who lets her heart rule her check book. Now move before she notices we’re not behind her,” he ordered.

As he watched, the girl looked between him and the real estate agent, and then she hurried away. He shook his head as he followed them, knowing this would be an interesting afternoon.

When he reached the porch he held the flimsy door, and they both stepped inside. The interior was completely empty, and it made it seem a lot larger than he knew it actually was. The house was painted a bright cream colour, and light poured in from all the windows. They were in a small mud room, and he could see into a tiny kitchen off to the side.

He turned to look at the minx and sighed when he saw she was grinning and looked starry eyed again. He tagged her tiny hand with his huge one, and she looked at him in surprise, but she didn’t pull away and that pleased him immensely.

“What do you think pretty girl?” Hunter questioned, then he turned away from the agent and winked. Immediately she blinked, and then lost her smile, catching on to his gentle nudge.

“It’s kind of small,” the girl replied as she looked around. “And the boring paint colour makes it look dull,“. Then she nodded, happy with her answer, and looked at him for approval. He smirked, and she smiled again, proud of herself. He sighed, as he looked towards the agent who caught the girls grin, and smiled smugly at him.

“Show us the rest,” Hunter grumbled as he shook his head in frustration. The girl had no game face at all.

They spent he next twenty minutes going through the rooms. The girl seemed to catch on, and pointed out something wrong with each room, but she still had a sparkle in her eyes as she glanced around. She’d be shit at poker, her facial features and body language gave her away. She was biting her lip to hide her enthusiasm and clasping her hands together to stop from touching everything. When they reached the door to the solarium, the girl suddenly turned to the agent.

“Can you wait outside? I want to see this room by myself, and I want to talk to Hunter alone,” she requested.

The real estate agent smiled and turned to head back to the front of the house without a word. When they heard the door shut, the girl threw open the solarium door, and practically ran inside. He chuckled at her obvious joy and followed her at a more sedate pace.

“You know,” Hunter said as he leaned against the door jamb, “you’d be okay if you stopped grinning at everything.”

“I can’t help it,” the minx said as she twirled in the centre of the room. “This is gonna be my first house. I absolutely love it, and I can’t imagine looking at anything else.”

“What your name?” he asked realizing she’d never told him.

She stopped twirling and looked at him. “Mystery,” she whispered.

He couldn’t help it, he laughed again. “Of course it is,” he declared.

“You don’t like it?” she said with a touch of hurt, looking down at the floor and away from him.

“I do,” Hunter immediately assured her as he stepped into the room. “But you’re the exact opposite of your name. You wear your heart on your sleeve, and anyone can tell just by looking at you, what you’re feeling. You’re not a mystery at all pretty girl.”

“Who are you?” she asked in confusion. “And where did you come from?”

“I’m the man that’s gonna go out there and tell that money grabber everything that’s wrong with this house,” he declared, ignoring the second part of her question. “Then I’m gonna finagle with her until I get this house for what it’s actually worth,” Hunter told her.

“Your name suits you,” she suddenly blurted. “You’re dangerous when you get all riled up.”

He smirked at her, and she looked completely lost again.

“I think you should wait right here,” he advised her.

When she simply nodded, he turned and walked away, but he knew he’d do whatever it took to get that house for her. She needed to have it, because he couldn’t see her living anywhere else, but right next door to him. She would be his, and he needed her close so he could work on making her see that too.

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