Magic and Mystery

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Chapter 6 - Hunter

Hunter was having a blast painting Mystery’s house. After the last visit, and him informing her he would help with the renovations, she’d conveniently run away. It had been two long, agonizing days since he’d seen her, so the minute she turned up lugging paint cans up to the house, he couldn’t resist heading over to help. He’d changed into some work cloths and hurried over to stand behind her as she yanked yet another can out of the trunk of her car. It was obvious she was struggling with all the grunting she was doing.

“Need help?” he whispered in her ear, as he leaned down over her. The poor girl shrieked, dropped the paint cans back in the trunk and banged her head. Then she whirled around and glared at him.

“I’m permanently going to call you the ass,” Mystery complained, as she placed her hands on her hips. “You knew I didn’t here you come up, and you did that on purpose.”

“Yep,” he grinned. “Takes the fun out of scaring someone if they hear you coming.” He chuckled when she rolled her eyes and dropped her arms. When she twisted back around and reached for the paint cans once more, he stepped in front of her and grabbed them himself.

“What are you doing?” Mystery questioned, and he turned to smirk at her.

“Helping,” Hunter replied, then he turned and headed for the front door. Seeing it was already open, he stepped inside and laid the cans down in the front room. Like last time she had all the windows open, and the fresh air blew through making the room smell like flowers. Sunlight poured in, and bathed the room in a warm glow, and it surprised him how much he liked it.

“I plan on painting it a light coral colour,” Mystery said from right beside him. Startled, he jumped about a foot in the air before turning to her with a frown. She giggled as clapped her hands and bounced on the balls of her feet in complete happiness, thrilled at getting him back.

He couldn’t be angry with her though as she looked so carefree then. The girl was definitely like no other girl he’d ever met. Today she was wearing cute little denim overalls that looked like she had cut them off herself and made them into shorts. They had a sunflower patch on the pocket and were frayed at the bottom. A white tank top was underneath, and white chucks were on her tiny feet. Her hair was tied back into a wavy ponytail, and a scarf was wrapped around the tie. Once again, the ends hung down the sides and swayed with the hair as she moved. The whole outfit looked to be work clothes, but on her it was just another outfit to drive him wild.

“Do you want to start on this room?” Hunter questioned, as he crouched down to the paint tools she already had on the floor. He found a can opener and held it up in the air. “I can open this one now.”

“That would be great,” Mystery said. “If I can get this one done first I can move in some of my furniture. At least then I’ll have somewhere to hang while I’m doing the rest.”

Two hours later, the first coat was dry, and they were starting on the second. Hunter had taken off not long after he arrived when he found out she only had one roller. He had extras at his house, and it had only taken him a minute to get them. While he was gone, she had turned on some music and was swaying enticingly as she sang and painted. It was a female singer, and she sounded like a hippy version of Sarah McLachlan.

“Who is this?” Hunter questioned as he watched her. Mystery turned and grinned at him.

“Florence and the Machine,” Mystery replied. “She’s a little eclectic, but I absolutely love her.”

“I can see that,” he smiled, as he realized the music suited her. “When are you moving in?”

She dipped her roller in the paint tray and turned back to the wall before she answered him. “I have a moving truck coming tomorrow. The movers will take care of everything, so all I’ll have to do is tell them where to put everything.”

“Isn’t that expensive?” Hunter questioned.

“Not really,” Mystery answered. “I only had my room at my aunt’s house and a bit of storage in the basement. There’s really only enough to fit in one small cube truck. The movers said they can get me in fairly quickly.”

“So you want the entire place painted before then?” Hunter questioned in surprise.

“No,” Mystery giggled. “This room should be done soon, then I can start on the kitchen. The kitchen isn’t big so it shouldn’t take too long. After that, if its not too late, I’ll paint my bedroom. The rest can wait.”

Hunter nodded, then pulled out his phone. He scrolled through his contacts until he found the one he wanted. He hit the button to connect the call then waited. A minute later his buddy Raid answered. He explained what he needed, and the man agreed right away. Grinning, he hung up the phone and turned to see Mystery gaping at him.

“Did you just call in reinforcements?” she asked curiously.

“I did,” Hunter admitted. “A couple extra hands won’t go astray. We can get the entire house done that way you won’t need to move things or paint around them later.”

“I don’t have food or anything to drink here,” Mystery replied sadly, as she rubbed at her forehead. When she pulled her hand away, she had a smudge of coral paint there. Hunter chuckled as he reached up to roll the paint near the ceiling.

“No worries,” he assured her. “I’ve got beer and pop at my place and we can order a couple pizzas.”

She huffed out a relived sign and nodded at him. “I can spring for the pizzas.”

“Nope,” Hunter denied her. “My friends, plus I invited them. I’ll pay. How about if you tell me what colours you want painted in what room? I can put the paint and extra supplies in the rooms to make everything easier.”

Mystery readily agreed, and for the next fifteen minutes they sorted everything out. As soon as they were done, the roar of loud pipes sounded in the distance. Hunter grabbed her hand and pulled her through the house. As soon as they hit the front step, four motorcycles were pulling up. Mystery gaped at them as she turned to face him.

“Your friends are bikers?” she asked in surprise as he dropped her hand. He nodded as they powered the motorcycles down and climbed off.

“They are,” Hunter responded while the men headed up the walk. “Mystery, I’d like you to meet Raid, Sniper, Wrench and Trike. Boys, I’d like you to meet Mystery.”

“Nice to meet you,” Mystery stammered with a slight blush, as she got an eye full. Hunter scowled as the poor girl seemed flustered in front of the large men. Then she grabbed his hand this time and pulled him back into the house, with the bikers following.

Once inside she kept a hold of his hand, making him feel like he’d just been handed the key to the world. After a short conversation, the bikers broke off in partners and headed into the other rooms, leaving them alone again. Hunter looked down at Mystery to see her staring at the door they had disappeared through.

“I don’t know whether to thank you or kick you in the shin,” Mystery professed, and he couldn’t help pulling her close and giving her a feather-light kiss on the lips. When he pulled back, she was staring at him. “Thank you it is,” she hummed, then she moved away and continued painting. All he could do was stand there and stare at her hips as she went back to her singing and swaying, oblivious of the effect she was having on him.

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