Provocation (18+)

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19. Do Better

Holy Mother of blue balls. This is how I’m going to die. With my cock so hard it could jackhammer through cement after being tongue and knuckle deep into the sweetest pussy I’ve ever tasted.

Fuck. My. Life.

“H-how... how do you not go around with some sort of protection?” Leila asked. It made no sense to her. A man walking out of the house without a condom stowed somewhere on his person was like a woman leaving home without her purse or cell phone. It was unimaginable to her.

“Well, despite the rumors of my playboy lifestyle, I don’t usually take them with me when I’m attending weddings,” Nate told her a little dryly. “And I’m not all that fond of having a circular shape embedded into my wallet either. I don’t do randoms.”

And that made Leila respect him more. He wasn’t one of those men who took a rubber with them everywhere on the off chance he could get his dick wet. It was further confirmation he didn’t see women as many men saw them, as a chance to be balls deep in an anonymous pussy.

“You don’t ever... ever bring condoms with you?” she asked. She looked up at his tense face and almost wanted to smile at the barely concealed frustration she saw in it.

“Well, I mean... on dates and shit, or if I’ve already been fucking the girl- yeah,” Nate said, sighing in resignation. “But I’m not some asshole that expects to go to a bar and blow his load in the first available woman he meets. I’m usually ‘premediated pussy’ only.”

Always. He’d never done this before.

Leila’s hands ran through his ruffled hair and she smiled.

“I... actually kind of like that,” she told him. “I mean, not having a condom blows- no pun intended- but well... every guy I’ve been with had one of those little fuckers tattooing itself like a second skin in their damned billfolds. It’s nice to see not every prick with a dick has assumptions.”

Nate rolled off her, mussing his hair up with a frustrating groan.

Leila looked down at his boxer briefs and the hard, long length pressed up against in underneath. She could swear she could almost see a vein pulsing there they were so strained against his manhood.

“Fuck,” Nate muttered, closing his eyes and cursing God for making him an actual gentleman for once in his life. His dick was being denied and it wasn’t all that fucking happy about it.

“I’ve never had sex without a condom,” Leila told him, her voice methodical. “I get tested regularly and I’m clean.”

“I believe you,” he told her, clearly not getting it.

“I’m on birth control,” she added, hoping he took the hint.

All of Nate’s blood circulation was clearly centered in his dick because the man’s brain still didn’t understand what Leila was laying down.

“Well... that’s a responsible choice.”

“Nate,” Leila chided, getting up from her back and lifting a leg to straddle him.

His eyes popped open, capturing hers in confusion for a brief moment until she slid her wet slit against his groin, making him groan.

“I’m going to give you two choices,” she told him, and leaned over him, her mouth speaking the words at his lips.


“Would you rather come in my mouth... or in my pussy?” she asked, that gentle purr of her voice speaking directly to his dick and stiffening it further.


She trapped his bottom lip with her teeth and nibbled on it, watching his eyes slowly blink.

“I can guarantee you I’m clean, and I know that if you say you are, you’re telling the truth,” she told him before running her tongue over the line of his shaven jaw.

“Fuck, Leila.” Nate could feel his shaft twitch and his hips bucked upward, wanting the friction of her body against his.

“What’s your choice?” she asked, her mouth flicking a tongue at his ear while her hands replaced his in his hair. “Pussy... or mouth?”

Pussy... please brain, make those words come out of my mouth like, yesterday.

“Pussy, always your pussy,” he told her on a groan after a pause. “I want to feel it squeezing my dick while you come all over it.”

Leila’s mouth spread in a slow smile.

“Excellent choice,” she told him and proceeded to move down his body and rid him of the last layer of clothing.

Leila had seen her share of dicks, but she had to admit that Nate’s was probably the prettiest she had ever seen. With a long, thick shaft and a crown she wanted to wrap her lips around, she licked up from root to tip, chuckling when she heard a surprised hiss.

“Fuck... Leila, I thought-”

“You want to come in my pussy, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t want to suck it into my throat first,” she said, her breath fanning over his length before wrapping her lips around him with a heavy suck.

Fuck shit holy mother of God. Where did this woman learn to suck a dick? Dyson? She had some serious funnel action going on and if he wasn’t impossibly hard already, this would have deemed his dick titanium alloy.

She bobbed up and down on him, taking in half his length in one go and using her hands to pump the base of his dick and play with his balls. Leila used her tongue like a demon as she spread her mouth and throat wider, inviting him in deeper before she was just a couple of inches shy of taking him completely.

Nate was amazed. He hadn’t measured his length since he was in college- a drunken bet between a few of his buddies- and if he remembered right, there were very few women who could take seven of his nine and a half inches down their throat so completely and with such prowess.

Dear God, don’t let me come down her throat when I could have her sweet squeezing pussy milking it instead. Pretty fucking please, you asshole.

Nate looked down at her taking his cock and watched as her mouth stretched around him as his hands reached out for her hair. It slid smoothly between his fingers, but he didn’t yank or pull at it. He simply held it away from her face so he could watch her take him down.

“Fuck me... your mouth,” Nate groaned out, feeling her tongue flattening against his shaft and massaging him with the tip. It made him twitch, which in turn, made Leila moan around him as her lips slid over his moistened skin.

Leila’s mouth popped off his dick and she moved up his body to press her lips to his. He looked deprived of her for a moment before she slid her slit up and down his length, eliciting a long drawn out moan from him.

“Well, you told me to fuck you,” she said, grabbing his length and placing at her entrance. “So that’s just what I’ll do.”

She sat down on him, pussy parting for him as his hands slid up her sides to cup her perfect breasts. He molded his hands to them and squeezed, feeling her walls squeeze him back in response.

“Oh, yeah... you ready to ride this dick, kitty cat?” he asked, thrusting his hips up to meet with hers. “Take it all the way in for me, darling.”

Sheathed to the hilt, Leila cried out, gasping at how full she felt and wondering how he had so easily let her take the reins after dominating her pussy so completely with his mouth. Apparently, Nate knew when to give and when to receive, and the transition flowed easily for him. It was... perfect.

“Yes, God... yes,” she cried out as she lifted off him and came back down. Her tits bounced and Nate removed his hands from them so he could watch the way they swayed as she rode him. His hands grazed over her skin, lighting up nerve endings Leila didn’t know she possessed and causing her to shiver as she lifted from him again.

“Favorite position?” he gritted out as his hips thrust up against hers again.

“What?” She was surprised any sound beyond a moan could come out from her mouth.

“Favorite... sexual position- what is it?” he asked again. “I’ll make sure you’re coming around my cock while I bust deep inside you.”

“Mmm... agai-against the wall,” she told him, thinking it over for only a second as she slid up and down his length and feeling him pulse inside her.

“Perfect. Spanking- yes or no?” he asked, his eyes moving from where they were joined to her face. Her eyes blinked slowly open and closed and her mouth parted slightly before biting down on her lip.

“Yes... please, yes,” she told him.



Leila cried out and lurched forward, her hands coming down on his firm chest, planting there like they had grown roots.


“Never have before,” she answered.


“You’ll slice me in two,” she told him, wanting to stop that line of questioning. Sort of.

“So you’ve never done it, or won’t do it with me?” he asked.

“N-never done it,” she told him. “You?”

“Never wanted to before,” he told her, landing another loud smack to her other cheek.

She was about to respond when his voice cut her off.

“...before you,” he finished and gave her a thrust from below, surprising Leila with both his words and actions.

She opened her mouth to protest. Surely he didn’t want that tonight... he would wreck her.

“Not tonight,” he told her, reading the hesitance in her face. “You wouldn’t... be able to take... all of me.”

If he hadn’t been so well-endowed, Leila would have had words for him, but he was damned right and she wasn’t one to lie easily about things of a sexual nature. Still, she felt she should at least protest a little.

“I... I dunno if I would be interested in that,” she moaned out. His answering chuckle made her eyes pop open again. She didn’t know when she had closed them.

“Is that why your pussy keeps gripping me so tight every time I mention taking you up the ass?”

Damn it. He was right again and she felt her body pulse around his, growing tighter and wetter, her inner thighs coated with all the proof he needed to win his case. Winters v. Anal.

Angling his hips, Nate took more control, throwing his hips up into hers until she felt that hot and heavy ball of arousal low between her hips.

“Oh, yes... take it, I can feel you getting tighter,” Nate told her, adding a grinding motion each time he bottomed out in her. “Come for me now. I wanna see it, feel it... fuck!”

Leila’s whole body tensed, her legs shook and she thought that maybe the top of her head had come off momentarily with the intensity of her release.

“Nate!” she cried out as he continued to pump his hips up into hers before rolling them over until he was hovering above her instead.

With her hands splayed like a ginger-haired starfish, her chest heaved as he continued to fuck her, his mouth and tongue sliding over her flesh as she arched her back.

Her arms were exhausted from holding herself upright on top of Nate and while she had been on top many times before, this time seemed different, more complete and all-consuming.

Nate’s mouth wandered lower, nipping at her collarbone, sucking harshly at the swell of her breasts and then fitting his mouth around one nipple and sucking it between his teeth. It immediately contracted, became hard and he could hear a soft whimper as he felt her pussy tighten around him again. He bit her pink tip and felt as she squirmed and bucked beneath him as he kept up his steady pace inside her.

One sensitized nipple later, he switched to the other side of her chest and blew on it first, watching it pucker under his gaze as Leila moaned and arched her neck back into the pillow.

“Wh-what was with the... the twenty questions before?” she asked. She had to know.

“Just wanted to know... what you like, what you don’t like, what to avoid,” he told her honestly.

A trickle of desire slid down her spine at his words. If only her previous partners had been as courteous. Men- by Leila’s understanding- just took. They took and took and gave back grudgingly, which is why she always held a more dominant role in bed. She was getting what the majority of women were not. Control.

She felt like the Grinch on Christmas Day, her heart expanding to three times its size in her chest, a warm glow settling there as he took her mouth with his in a long, sensual kiss. Their tongues slid easily against each other like a well-choreographed dance, and they both independently thought of how easy it was with each other, how right it seemed.

“I need to slow down,” Nate growled out. “This pussy’s too good not to savor.”

Leila’s eyes lit up as he pumped his hips slower into her, adding a swivel with each thrust.

“Are you saying you’re a one-a-night man?” she asked teasingly.

Looking back down at her, his eyes grew dark before a lopsided smile curved his lips.

“Ask me that tomorrow when you’re walking around bowlegged, Kitty.”

“Challenge accepted,” she purred, leafing her hands through his curls, loving the way the slid easily through her fingers before finding his scalp.

Nate only smiled and took her lips again, scorching them as they moved against hers in perfect counterpoint. They swallowed each other’s sounds, giving them back to each other like a game of table tennis, neither one winning over the other, unless you counted in orgasms.


“Oh fuck! I’m coming!” Leila cried out, long having forgotten their little bet from earlier.

Nate had her pressed up against the wall, plowing into her with punishing thrusts he wasn’t quite sure wouldn’t eventually push their through the wall into the hallway. If it did, he would keep going and hope none of the staff came by to fluff their pillows or offer more towels- whatever ridiculous and inane chores that the Claremont had them doing for the ludicrous prices for the lodging there.

“Ah, yes, Baby.... take it. Take this dick for me,” Nate groaned, ratcheting up his thrusts until he was sure she could feel him in her stomach. “Squeeze my cock with that tight fucking cunt of yours.”

For someone who had grown up with Harry and Mathilde- the epitome of high-class- Leila wondered where he had learned to talk like that. University... it had to be. She should learn the alma mater to her new favorite higher educational institution and hum it with her mouth full of his long, hard...


“Shit... I’m coming,” Nate announced for the fourth time that night. Leila would never downplay his stamina again. Not unless she wanted to have him fuck her comatose or into a permanent limp.

Leila didn’t know how many times she had come, but she had learned something new about herself. She had the ability to squirt and had found herself embarrassed by that fact. That and by the knowledge she would probably have to request housekeeping to change the sheets sometime within the next hour or so. Because she was done. Swollen, damp seemingly everywhere, aching everywhere and covered in sweat and come, she was completely and utterly finished. If she had to take any more dick, she might have to swear off it completely.

Leila’s cries mingled with Nate’s moans and grunts until she was sliding down the wall, her wobbly knees barely able to keep her upright against Nate’s glistening chest.

“Best... wedding... ever,” Nate told her between kisses to her lips, their heavy presence feeling like warm caresses on the swollen skin.

Leila hummed into his lips before smiling.

“Do you think we outdid the bride and groom on their wedding night?” she asked, giggling into his mouth.

“Probably,” Nate told her, joining in with a smirk. “They’ve been fucking for years and Vi’s had a baby.” He paused. “Plus it doesn’t hurt that I haven’t had sex since leaving the U.K.”

Nate helped a weary Leila to the bed, tossing the ruined duvet onto the floor before helping her down onto the bed and rolling in after her.

“I haven’t had sex in...” She tried to think. Week? Months? When was that last date with Jim? Jon? Leila had a tendency to squeeze out the bad memories before they could take root too deeply in her mind. “It’s... been a while.”

Nate stayed silent for a minute before clearing his throat.

“Please don’t take this the wrong way but,” he sighed out. “How long is it’s been a while for you?”

Leila didn’t take offense to the question. Nate, after all, had been much more forthcoming with his time table and she should reciprocate.

“Over a month,” she told him, feeling him stiffen.

Looking up at him, his face had a mixture of emotions passing over it before settling on a cautious, playful look.

“Is that why your pussy was so thirsty tonight? Lack of playtime?” he asked, tucking her into his arms as neatly as if he’d been doing it for years.

“No,” she said, the dry chuckle bubbling up against her own will. It was a bitter sound. “He... let’s just say he left a bad taste in my mouth. Well, not literally.”

The hand that was caressing her arm stilled and she felt his head move, looking down toward the crown of her head.

“Did he... do anything to you? Hurt you?”

“No... not physically, at least,” she said. “It was more of his demeanor that turned me off. He dominated. Not that I don’t like a bit of that. Hell, if I was into whips and chains I’d be decked out in a rubber suit and sporting nipple clamps everywhere I went, but this guy... it was... he was selfish. Made me feel like an object. I... I didn’t like it.”

“Is that what made you stop with the casual sex?” Nate asked, wondering if that was what this was to her. He didn’t want it to be. Not by a long shot.

“Partly,” she said, dipping her head into the crook his neck and smelling the clean scent of his aftershave there.

“But mostly it was because I knew I could do better.”

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