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20. Owed

Nate thought long and hard about what Leila had said about doing better for herself. He thought he could help her see that she deserved that, was owed it even.

First things were first, and Nate used his considerable charm and amped up accent to weasel a clean set of sheets from a passing housekeeper. When the middle-aged woman offered her assistance, he only smiled and told her he could handle the swapping of the sheets. The lady, in turn, told him to put the dirty ones outside the room door and she would come back later to pick them up for the laundry.

After changing the sheets in the buff and tossing the dirties outside, they climbed back in bed, this time to sleep.

At least Leila slept, either helped along with the booze from earlier or the vigorous sex. And Nate watched as her soft inhales and exhales moved her body slightly, giving him a calming, steady feeling. It was languorous and toe-curling. If he had been a cat, he’d have been purring.

As serene as he felt, he almost wanted to wake Leila up, have a chat about what they were doing. He felt like a fucking woman, wondering where this was going, whether it was a one-off or something they would continue to do.

Fuck, he didn’t want to stop. Not now. From what Leila had said, it didn’t seem that she was too fond of continuing her string of meaningless sex partners. It may have just been words said while in the throes of passions or she may have meant them with all her heart. They could have been tinged with alcohol, but one thing Nate knew about Leila- she wasn’t a liar. Never had been.

Finally curling up around her body, one hand found her breast, the other planted underneath the pillow. He pressed his longer body up against her more petite one, weaving around her like ivy, hoping to get her as close as possible. And hopefully keep her there.

Nate slept a good long time, sometimes waking when Leila moved, only to doze off a few minutes later. But he was refreshed when he finally got up for good, used the toilet and brushed his teeth.

He watched his reflection in the mirror as he brushed, trying to tame the wild curls on his head with one hand and giving up on it after spitting out his last mouthful of paste. A rinse of mouthwash later, he was back on the bed, ducking under the covers and settling his minty lips between her legs as he pulled them wide for a proper wakeup call.

Tongue flicked out against her clit and circled, running the tip against her a few times as he felt her shift above him. Then, a soft moan.

Placing a wet, open kiss on her sex, he sucked her clit up into his mouth and felt as she arched against him, stirring, her mind in a half-awake state. He worked her up slowly, gently rousing her from whatever dream or state of sleep she was in until she was wide awake. Her hips rocked against his mouth and he felt the quiver of her sex against his lips before sinking one, then two, fingers inside her and working her core.

Hands fisted his hair, a series of soft moans punctuating each churn of her hips against his mouth as his tongue and mouth ate her in measured licks, nips, and suckles.

“Fuck... Nate,” Leila moaned, earning a smile from his lips. Good. She knew exactly who was eating her and how well.

Moaning softly against her sex, his tongue worked her faster, tongue flicking out, teeth adding a delicious spine-tingling pain as he ground it against the soft, fleshy nub. His mouth added more suction as he went on and his fingers fucked her and rubbed that sweet spot inside her, urging her further along.

“Shit... Nate- I’m... God, I’m about to come,” she announced on a moan, her voice raspy with desire as her fingers gripped harder, digging into his scalp.

She shattered beneath him with a cry, a wail so long and fervent that Nate was certain it woke the entire floor. He drew out her orgasm before pulling away and kissing across her hips, up to her navel and then between her breasts, finally capturing her lips in a wet, heated kiss.

“Good morning,” he told her when he closed out the kiss.

“Mint,” she said, smiling. “No wonder my pussy tingles.”

“Hmm... who knew Crest could be used as some sort of oral sex gel,” Nate surmised, chuckling.

“Probably tastes better than most sex gels on the market,” Leila replied, looping her arms around Nate’s neck and pulling him down for another kiss.

“I’ve never have been woken up with a man’s face shoved between my legs before,” she told him. “I must say I approve of that particular method of waking up.”

“You’ve never been woken up by sex in any fashion?” Nate asked, brows raising.

“I never let a man sleep in the same bed as me before, remember?”

“Ah... yeah, I forgot that little nugget of information,” Nate said, the smile on his face fading slightly.

“What?” she asked, watching his lips turn downward slowly.

“I was just thinking,” he told her, the smile reappearing, but not reflected in his eyes.


“About... fuck, I’m going to sound like some clingy little weasel but here goes.” Nate took a deep breath before releasing it. “What was this, Leila? Just a fuck or something you wish to repeat?”

“Straightforward, as always,” Leila said, blinking a few times before speaking again. “I... I told you I don’t want the random casual sex anymore. I can’t do it. It’s fucked up. I’m fucked up for doing it so long. I-”

“Stop,” Nate told her softly. “Don’t fucking beat yourself up. There’s no formula for this, no right way. I think I understand why, I just have a hard time coming to terms with how. How you’ve been able to keep up this relentless pace for so long.”

Leila knew why and she owed it to Nate to explain it.

“I get constant reminders,” she told him. “Speaking to my Mom, witnessing my father, every time I see them it makes me want to run. Hide. Do whatever I can not to have to fall into whatever trap they’ve found themselves in.”

“I’m not like your father,” Nate told her. “Never have been. I know a few people who are like him. Russ... I could see Russ or maybe Parker pulling some shit like he does, but for the most part, the men I know are faithful and caring to their women. Fuck... look at Carl. He all about did a 180 for Vi and he was as bad as any. Your father... he’s ass backward. Whatever the hell that man thinks he’s doing, it’s fucking wrong. You don’t deserve to suffer because of your father’s mistakes. You were right. You deserve better.”

Nate blinked and Leila was surprised at the passion she heard in his voice. This wasn’t a man that was anything at all like her father. He had hidden behind harsh words, but what bloomed underneath his bitter exterior was washed away like a fine layer of snow after the spring thaw had finally come.

“Thank you,” she said, a burning building up in her chest at his words, spilling out with raw emotion. Her bottom lip trembled and her breath hitched, fighting back a wave of emotion she couldn’t seem to tame.

“No need to thank me,” he told her. “You deserve more and if you’ll take it, I’d like to show you how good it can be.”

The burn in her chest seemed to slice through her and explode as it washed over her body in soft, wracking sobs. Not those of hurt, but those of gratefulness at his sincere words and offer of, maybe not love, but of support at the very least.


The two lazed in bed for a while, chatting, catching up, sometimes joking until Leila’s phone rang and she jolted upright in bed.

“Shit! It’s almost 11 AM!” She shot up from the bed, starting to pull clothing from her half-open suitcase and tossing it on her body in a frenzy of limbs that amused Nate as he sat up slowly on the side of the bed. He had put on some clean boxers he had stolen from his room down the hall earlier that morning before Leila had woken up. He had brought a clean shirt and pants, socks and some comfortable shoes, but needed to get to his room as well before check-out to grab the rest of his stuff.

“Where’s the fire?” he asked, finally getting up from the bed lazily and walking over to his clothing. He could shower at home, maybe convince Leila to join him.

“I... fuck me, I promised Carl and Vi I would take them to the airport,” Leila told him, tossing on some shoes and closing up her suitcase, placing it near the door.

“Who’s taking care of Mason while they’re gone?” Was he always the last to know what was going on in his family, or was he that poor of a listener?

“Your mother,” Leila threw out as she walked quickly into the bathroom to toss some toothpaste onto her toothbrush and do some quick maintenance. “She’s babysitting while they’re on honeymoon. It’ll be a fucking miracle if she survives.”

“My mom’s not that bad,” Nate protesting drolly. “I survived, didn’t I?”

“Yes, thanks to a plethora of nannies,” Leila reminded him.

“Touche,” he said, laughing. “I’m going to grab my things down the hall. I’ll be back in a few. You look rabid, by the way.”

Leila did indeed. She was brushing so vigorously, she looked like she was foaming at the mouth and she gave him a saucy one-finger salute as he left the room, chuckling.


“Love? Are you home?” her voice rang out, small and tinny against the walls of her flat.

As she walked into the front room of the place, she looked around seeking all the change in the home that had happened over the past few months.

The place was not as neat, but she had never been as tidy as most women. Still, she liked to keep it semi-clean and living with Conlan made it difficult to keep house. The man was a slob.

She set her handbag down and tossed her housekeys into the dish near the door, listening for the telltale sound of Conlan’s large body shifting as he came into the living quarters of the flat.

Silence greeted her and she sat her ass down on the sofa before flicking on the television and perusing the channels until she found she didn’t even care to watch it at all.

She laid on her side on the small sofa and pulled the afghan her gran had crocheted her before she had passed a few years ago. It was her favorite form of comfort, making her feel like a small child without the worries of being an adult looming heavy on her mind.

She needed for Conlan to come home. She needed this over with. Over the last week since she had gotten the verification that she was in a family way, she had tried to bring up that news to him and always chickened out at the last second. He was starting to get suspicious.

As the girl dozed, her dreams were plagued as they always were, with uncertainties. Having this child alone, having it with the wrong person, the baby coming out deformed... sometimes with the features of one man, sometimes with another. It wasn’t until she was deep in REM sleep that a sound roused her. The door.

A key turned and a wide body opened the door, shielding her from the bright light of the outside world as her eyes blinked, fighting with the sunlight as the man entered the home.

“Sweetheart? What ’ya doing asleep on the couch?” the man asked, his deep rumbling voice booming throughout the room.

“Con... must’ve fallen asleep watching the tube,” she told him. She yawned and then sat up, her golden hair falling around her shoulders like a spray of sunlight across floorboards.

“How was your day?” Conlan moved into the kitchen to get himself a drink, his wide mass making the floorboards creak with his every step.

“It was fine,” she said rubbing the sleep from her eyes. It seemed she was always tired. No amount of sleep would make her fully awake it seemed, and she wondered if it would be that way for the rest of her pregnancy. In constant need of a nap. At least the morning sickness had subsided somewhat.

“Want a water? Soda?” Conlan’s voice asked from the other room.

“Water. Please,” she added, “Sparkling if we have it.”

The girl was just drowsy enough to get off her rump and walk into the other room to blurt out her news finally. If she hadn’t been pregnant, she would have needed a good, stiff drink in order to say her next words.

“I’m pregnant.”

Conlan looked at her and blinked. Not angry, not disappointed. Merely shocked.

“You... you’re pregnant?” he asked, the corner of his lips turning up slightly when she nodded.

“Lore-” Conlan started to say.

“That’s not all,” Lorelei said to him.

Taking a deep breath, she felt ready for this news to be known, ready for the ax to finally drop.

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