Provocation (18+)

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22. Promised Land

Mathilde made it a whole three days before starting to call up Constance for advice. Then when Constance wasn’t available, she started to call Nate to fret over the phone. Nate was no help with babies, so she ended up calling Mrs. Winters and that, in turn, ended with Leila offering to babysit Mason overnight the next weekend.

“Mattie! How did Mason stay in this carrier? You forgot to put the seatbelt through the slots to keep it in place!”

Dear sweet baby Jesus, it was a miracle the child had survived as long as he had in Mathilde’s care. For someone with 2 children of her own, it was like watching a new mother struggle for the first time.

“I didn’t? Damn it!” Mattie fretted, wringing her hands and looking frazzled. Her usually perfect hair looked unkempt and the black circles under her eyes belied the fact that she was worn out from caring for Mason.

“Leila, I am useless with babies,” Mattie told her, picking up the carrier from the car- thankfully- the correct way. “I thank Providence every day that I had the wherewithal to hire nannies to take care of Nathan and Violet.”

Leila thanked Providence, Lucifer and everyone in between that the Charlses had been well-off enough for nannies as well. Mattie was a wreck.

“Nonsense,” Leila told her easily. “You’re just out of practice.”

Lies. Mattie was loving, but a mess of a mother.

“Thank you so much for taking him tonight,” Mathilde told her, brushing Leila’s cheek with a kiss. “I don’t think I’ve slept but a couple of hours a night. I keep thinking he’s going to die in his sleep of that Infant Death Syndrome thing.”

It was macabre, but Leila could see that the woman meant every word she said to her. SARS, Bubonic plague, swine flu... if there was a name for it, Mattie was concerned about it in regards to her first grandchild. The woman needed a chill pill and some serious time with a bottle of wine right about now.

“I’ll grab the playpen,” Nate said, walking up to the back of the Range Rover Mattie had driven over in. It was a vehicle she had purchased after Mason had been born so that she could transport some of his things if she ever had the babe for more than a few hours. Loving, but a bit clueless Mattie was.

Nate quickly pulled out the playpen that Mason would be using as a crib and walked it back toward the house. It was just after work on a Friday and Leila was prepared for anything in her home after telling Nate that she was going to be keeping the little munchkin overnight. He had gone out and gotten those child-proof locks you put on all the cabinets so the kid didn’t open up a bottle of bleach and chug on it.

Mattie pulled away from Leila’s house a few minutes later after thanking Leila another hundred times. At that point, though, Leila was more concerned about Mattie getting home safely than Mason being in good hands. She wasn’t a pro when it came to babies, but Mattie looked so tired she could have fallen asleep at the wheel.

Mason was in the midst of an afternoon siesta as Leila brought him upstairs, leaving him in his seat for the rest of his nap.

“Mind if I stick around for a bit after setting up his playpen?” Nate asked. “I’d like to hang around with the little guy for a bit once he’s awake.”

“You just want to watch me struggle with a baby,” Leila accused, winking at him playfully. “But yes you can. You don’t have to ask for some time with your nephew. You’re always welcome.” And you can help change his diapers as well.

“Organic strained peas?” Nate asked, watching as Leila organized the baby food on the counter in her kitchen. His face was crinkled up as if Leila were going to feed Nate the green mushy stuff instead of Mason.

“Yes, like a bite?” she asked as she smiled and held the glass jar up to him as if trying to bait him with lobster instead of a green vegetable of dubious quality.

Nate’s lips twitched before spreading in a slow smile.

“Only if it’s slathered on your luscious tits or pussy, Kitty,” he told her before licking a line up her neck and kissing the soft flesh beneath her ear slowly. “Otherwise, that’s a hard no.”

The whole week had been like that. They visited each other and flirted, Nate usually trying to one-up her. And doing a damn fine job of it too.

“It would look like my nipples had grown mold,” she said, hiding her own reflected merriment. “Not very sexy. Or appetizing.”

“True. I find what’s underneath much more edible if you ask me.”

Nate smacked her ass lightly, walking into the other room whistling, like he hadn’t just turned Leila all the way on.

“Hands to yourself when your nephew wakes up,” Leila scolded, narrowing her eyes at the back of his curly head of hair. Hair she had fisted last weekend and had wanted to have settled between her thighs all week while-

A small cooing sound came from the other room, causing Leila to scoot quickly into the room, only to find her actions unnecessary.

“Hey, little buddy,” Nate whispered, bringing Mason up from the carrier and into his arms. He settled him there before bouncing up and down lightly, taking in the little yawns the boy was giving.

Leila smiled, thankful Nate was there.

“Are you hungry? Huh?” Nate asked, his nose pressed up against the child’s soft, fine hair. “Auntie Leila’s gonna fix you some din-din. Would you like that?”

Leila’s nose twitched, certain Nate wouldn’t have been speaking baby-talk if he knew he was being scrutinized from the kitchen door.

“Does Uncle Nate want din-din too?” she asked, smile brightening when she saw Nate flinch.

“Christ, woman.” Nate turned and smirked at her. “Like a ninja. You need bells on you, like a leper.”

“Or maybe one of those little collars with the bell they put on cats?” she asked, amused at the turn of conversation. Kitty cat.

“Is that a hint you want to be collared, Miss Winters?” Nate asked, smirking over at her as he settled Mason on one trim hip.

Her eyes widened, taken aback at his words.

“In a BDSM way or the nice way?” she asked, curious to know the answer. Nate was always a surprise.

“I would never make you a slave, darling,” he told her, covering the distance between them with a few swift strides toward her. “Unless you wanted to be one.”

He continued past her toward the kitchen, leaving her with a wetness in her panties that wasn’t there a few minutes ago.


Mason wouldn’t go to bed any earlier than 9 PM he was having such a good time playing with his Uncle Nate and Aunt Leila. He had been fighting his yawns for over 45 minutes by the time he finally passed out, completely exhausted, on Nate’s broad hest.

“Well, at least we don’t have to read to him,” Leila said, as she turned on the small nightlight she kept in her linen closet. She rarely used it, but it had been in her own bedroom when she was growing up and she was loath to throw it away.

“Do babies at his age even understand what you’re reading?” Nate asked, closing the door behind him and holding the baby monitor with his other hand.

“I think it’s more of the tone of voice that soothes them to sleep,” Leila said. “Plus some babies like noise when they drift off.”

Nate grunted, yawning into his hand and walked into the living room. He sat back on the couch in his old position, Leila moving toward him to sit next to him. At the last second, he pulled her onto his lap and kissed her lips gently, his arms wrapping tight around her waist.

His lips tugged gently on hers before he pulled back.

“Do you have any of those pureed peaches?” Nate asked, voice husky and low. “I believe I need to cover you in something tasty before I have my dessert.”

Leila’s smile was slow, precise.

“I think we can do better than a little bit of baby food if you wanted dessert served off of me,” she told him and got up from the couch before heading into the kitchen.

Nate was intrigued and sat up, arching his neck to try to see what Leila was doing from his position. He heard the fridge door open and close, every second dragging on. By the time he could hear her moving toward him again, it felt like a year had passed.

“Chocolate, whipped cream or... both?” Leila stood there with a container of each in her hands and Nate’s cock went from semi-hard to fully erect in half a second.

“Shit...” he muttered, fighting off the dizziness the displacement of blood sent to his head. The one atop his shoulders, that is.

“We could do both,” Leila mentioned, acting like she was thinking hard about it. “Or... we could go without.”

“Leila, for the love of God, get in that fucking bedroom right now before I fuck you against the wall,” Nate told her, slowly getting up from the couch like a predator about to pounce and readjusting himself to a more comfortable position in his trousers.

“Aye aye, captain.” She sauntered off with an exaggerated sway of her hips down the hall, Nate following eagerly behind.


“This is such a turn-off type of question but... did you bring the baby monitor?” Leila asked, setting the can of whipped cream and bottle of Hershey’s chocolate sauce on her nightstand.

Patting his pocket, Nate nodded before taking it out and placing it on Leila’s dresser.

“Good,” Leila said, turning around and starting to unbutton her blouse. She hadn’t had a chance to get undressed from work, with Mattie bringing over Mason and Nate there in her apartment the whole time.

“Stop,” Nate told her, causing her to look over her shoulder at him with wide eyes. “Let me.”

Nate walked over to her, spinning her around and covering her mouth with his, teasing the seam of her lips open before swiping his tongue into her mouth. With every stroke of his tongue, Leila could feel the pop of her buttons until he slid her top off and onto the floor. Reaching around, he unsnapped her bra, peeling it from her body slowly and warming the flesh being uncovered with his large hands as they became exposed.

His hands cupped her breasts, stroking the flesh before squeezing, drinking in the soft moan she gave before thumbing her nipples and teasing them until they were hard little points that poked at his palms.

Sliding his hands down to her hips, they searched for her zipper, the buzz of it parting the air as he slowly unzipped the skirt and let it fall to the floor in a heap of black fabric. Her panties went next and then his hands are parting her folds, seeking her clit before rubbing it with the pad of his thumb, fingers drawing a slick line down to her slit and pushing inside her.

“Wait, Nate,” she said, pulling her mouth from his lips. “I want to do something first.”

Her hands grazed over his clothed torso and up the line of his buttons before starting to pop them open, revealing inch after inch of hard, perfect chest. Her nails brushed over his skin, leaving goosebumps in their wake before she pushed his shirt off his shoulders and onto the accumulated heap of clothing already on the floor.

The pads of her fingers slid down his chest and molded to the taut skin of his abs before finding the top of his pants, undoing the button and pulling his zipper down slowly.

As Leila thumbed his pants and boxers down over his hips, she folded herself onto the floor, on her knees and cupping his balls in one warm hand.

Kissing the tip of his penis, she let her tongue flick out to taste, moaning when a drop of pre-cum dripped down the crown onto her waiting tongue.

“Shit,” Nate cursed, his head tipping back as her mouth encased his head fully.

Leila’s eyes blazed, watching Nate’s throat bob as he swallowed thickly every third or fourth time she took him deep in her mouth. It’s when she swallowed around him that he couldn’t help the roll of his neck as his throat worked up and down, trying to contain the guttural groans he wanted the world- or at least the neighborhood- to hear.

Bobbing back and forth, Leila moaned as she took him deep, allowing him to feel the vibration that had his balls drawing up tight against his cock, filling with his come.

“Oh, fuck, Leila,” he groaned, his dick throbbing for release, so close to spraying the back of her throat.

Nate had never had a woman take him so deeply, so expertly. A fact that invigorated and annihilated him at the same time.

“Shit... stop, Baby. I’m so close to fucking coming and I want it to be in your pussy, not your mouth,” he told her, grunting again as she swallowed him down.

Nate had always found it more difficult to come from head. To him, having his dick in a woman’s mouth was always what it was meant to be. Foreplay. An appetizer before the main show. The opening act. This woman, though... She was like a rock star on a crack binge, playing 1st, 2nd and opening act. It was fucking heaven.

“Afraid you won’t be able to get it back up?” she asked after popping off his cock long enough to challenge him. Her eyes pierced him, playful and heated at the same time.

“Sweetheart, I’ve been rock hard just thinking about you all week,” Nate told her on a groan. “If you think I can’t get it back up after choking you with my dick, you have another think coming, Baby.”

“Prove it.” It was all she said before deepthroating him again, her cheeks puffed out and then hollowing as she sucked at him vigorously.

“Open your throat wider,” Nate told her, caramel eyes shooting sparks as he ordered her.

Obliging, Leila slackened her jaw even more, taking deep breaths as he took over from her, thrusting his hips into her mouth, pushing into her deeper than he’d seen anyone take him before.

Fuck Nirvana, fuck Valhalla. This was the fucking promised land. Leila’s mouth, tits, ass, and pussy all rolled up into one fine package he wouldn’t mind taking for a ride over and over again.

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