Provocation (18+)

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23. Simple

Nate groaned, stiff dick cradled in Leila’s mouth like it was born to be there. In his mind, it might as well have been because as far as he was concerned, it could stay that way for the rest of his life.

He could feel it twitch and throb, hard and wet from Leila’s saliva and the friction of her lips against him.

“Shit, Babe... I’m gonna come,” he warned, groaning as he felt the heaviness saturating his balls, making them tingle.

Leila said nothing as there was nothing really to say. She only moved her hands faster on his nuts, using her other hand to grip his hair-dusted thighs as she took him down deeper, quickening her pace.


Nate cursed, long and loud, hissing as he tried to keep from waking Mason up in the other bedroom. There were a few doors in between them, but he didn’t know if the little monster was a light sleeper or not. If he was anything like Violet, yes and they were fucked. Carl could sleep through Armageddon and wake up to the Second Coming of Christ.

Leila swallowed down around him, keeping all but a few drops of his seed from leaving her mouth, then cleaning him up with her tongue.

“God damn, Sweetheart,” Nate groaned, sifting his hands through Leila’s hair, occasionally fisting it.

Pulling back from his manhood, Leila smiled up at him, cocking her head prettily before wearing a pout on her swollen, pink lips.

“Care for your dessert?” she asked, her voice a low purr. His kitty.

Pulling her up from the floor, Nate tossed her onto the bed before climbing on, settling himself between her open thighs and watching as her pussy glistened for him.

“I’d love to spread all this chocolate sauce and whipped cream all over your body and eat it off every inch of your delectable skin,” Nate growled.

“Sounds good to me,” Leila said, her green eyes darkening at his words, mouth parting as she inhaled an unsteady breath.

Nate picked up the chocolate sauce, uncapping the top and pouring a generous amount on Leila’s tits and pussy, adding a line he can lick down her stomach. Adding some whipped cream to her nipples, he then tossed the can over his shoulder onto the floor, hoping it wouldn’t bust open with the amount of air pressure inside.

With light licks, he took the top layer of the whipped cream into his mouth.

Leila watched as his throat moved with his swallows, thinking how sexy it was to watch him take down the sweets with his thick gulps.

He worked his way down to one nipple before sucking it into his mouth, nipping and biting as Leila let out steady moans, needy ones that had Nate’s cock at full salute. He had halfway deflated for maybe a minute at most.

Challenge won.

After the first nipple had been sucked and ravished, he moved over to the other side. The cream was dribbling, having warmed up with the room temperature around them, and dripped down around her breasts. He licked everything clean before honing in on her nipple.

Brown sauce and white cream, the colors mixed and swirled, colors combining as Nate’s tongue worked itself around every inch of sugar-coated flesh like it was his last meal and he was an inmate on death row.

He sucked the nipple into his mouth, almost painfully and then bit down gently. Leila moaned, gasping as her nipple became stone, her cries an utter delight to his ears.

As soon as her flesh was licked clean, Nate’s tongue dipped lower, following the line of sauce he had used like a treasure map to the sweetest of honeypots.

Smooth flesh gave way to her folds and he sucked her clit up into his mouth, drawing a soft moan from her mouth as her head tipped back in ecstasy. As he cleaned her dripping cunt, Nate thought that Leila’s natural taste was sweeter than the sweetest of confections, bar none.

“Please... Nate. Fuck me,” she begged, her voice throaty and raw. The words spoke directly to his dick and if it hadn’t been a damned steel pole before that, it was now.

“With my tongue, darling?” he asked, his amusement apparent in his voice.


“Okay then... with my fingers?” he razzed gently, a chuckle bubbling up into his throat.

“Your cock. Fuck me with your cock.”

Nate felt as if he swelled about two inches in length, maybe one in girth, when she said ‘cock’. Leila made the word seem like an aphrodisiac, though it was probably just her.

“Not until I get this pretty little pussy to come in my mouth first,” he told her, pulling it up into his mouth and sucking like his life depended on it.


Her clit quivered between his lips, the feel of them between her thighs ratcheting her up until she was moaning in bliss, soft, heavy pants punctuating them.

“Please... Oh God, please.”

His tongue licked a line down to her hole and he thrust his tongue through the rim, using the muscle to lick up and assault her g-spot. He felt her tighten around him and then her hands were on his head, rifling through his curls and pulling gently as her hips rocked into him.

“So... so close,” she murmured sounding almost bereft.

“Come on, Baby,” Nate mumbled against her. “I want this pussy coming all over my tongue, flooding my mouth.”

Her orgasm was a tight knot in her gut, ready to release in crashing waves.

“Yes!” Leila cried out, rapture surging throughout her body like an electrical pulse. Her heart pounded and ears buzzed like a roar of waves on the sand. She could only feel, not think, and her body craved only the blissful moment when her body came alive at the touch of a man. Her man.

She didn’t know why she thought of him as hers. It had only been a week, not even, yet it resounded deep within her like a mantra. The Gospel According to Leila’s pussy.

Nate brought her down, licking and sucking until her body was pliant beneath him. His tongue didn’t leave her skin and he licked a path up her torso, between her breasts, over her clavicle, neck and finally settling on her lips.

Grabbing onto his dick, he pressed it up against her slit, moving it gently over her wet flesh until she was squirming beneath him.

His eyes pierced her, strong and blazing with need as his cock slid between them, stirring the fire that was lit between them.

“Eyes to me,” Nate told her. The three words meant everything. He wanted to bask in her pleasure, soak it up and bathe in it. It meant that hers meant more to him than his own.


He impaled her in a slow, luxuriating thrust, not stopping until she was gripping him so tightly he thought he might split her in two.

“Shit, Leila,” he groaned out into her neck before pulling back to look her in the eyes again. “This pussy... so fucking tight and wet for me. It is just for me, isn’t it, Kitty?”

“Yes... God, yes.” Her hands curled around his neck, pulling his mouth to her and dipping her tongue inside.

He retreated slowly, driving his hips up against her quickly, like he couldn’t bear to be away from her before he pulled out again again.

Nate’s forehead dropped to Leila’s, their breath mingling in a series of pants, gasps and breathy moans. They all made him weak, weak for her, wanting to do anything to keep hearing them over and over again, for as long as he could.

As Nate’s hips pick up speed, Leila’s eyes blinked slowly, her mouth sometimes parting in a small ‘o’ and other times releasing little whimpers that make his dick jump inside her.

“Can’t fucking wait ’til your coming all over my cock, sweetheart,” Nate said on a groan. “Love it when your pussy’s pulsating around me. You love my mouth on that sweet cunt of yours?”

“Yes,” Leila moaned.

“Love it when my dick’s fucking you?”

“God... yes.”

His hands roamed down, squeezing her ass cheeks as he spread her thighs wider for him.

“Will you let me fuck your ass someday, Baby?”

Leila nodded fervently and Nate slammed his hips into her, feeling his cock swell inside her.

“Good,” Nate groaned. “I want to claim every hole. Mouth, pussy and that tight little ass of yours.”

It was like he was raising his country’s flag on some previously unknown piece of land that he had just discovered and Leila, surprisingly, loved it.

“Oh... please. Nate! I’m gonna come.”

His thumb found her clit, stroking and pushing her to climax around him. He was impatient to feel her walls clenching deliciously around him.

“Fuck, sweetheart... so fucking good,” he told her, peppering her face with slow kisses before finding her mouth again and pushing his tongue into it.

Leila moaned, her legs squeezing his hips as she came, calling his name reverently as his cock ground into her, the swivel of his hips hitting her in just the right spot.

“Fuck, Leila,” Nate gritted out, jaw clenching as he fought the need to come in her away. “You’re gonna be so full of my come by the time you fall asleep.”

That didn’t sound as unappealing as Leila would have thought if this was anyone but Nate. She was a strict condom supporter, but the trust she had in her man outweighed any other emotion or aversion to bodily fluids. Odd for someone who ate and drank sex like it was a meal before this. She liked her sex wrapped up neat and tidy, like the tied off rubbers that could be found near any bed she had been freshly fucked in.

“Yes, please,” Leila moaned, voice louder, more sure. “Come in me, please. Fuck me raw and deep. Fill me up.”

Nate groaned, and he was sure as shit ready to come. Probably go for a few more rounds after this, so long as Mason stayed quiet.

His hips flexed quickly, slamming into her like he knew she wanted. The driving force behind it not only to come, but to get her to come as well, preferably at the same time as him.

“Come on, Baby,” he said. “Give me one more. I wanna feel you milking me while I come in you.”

Leila cried out, her body wrapped around his like a vine as the force of his thrusts impaled her over and over again. She clung to him tightly, hands digging into his flesh and embedding little crescent-shaped marks as he powered on.

The thick spear of flesh between them seemed to swell as she grew tighter, their bodies drenched in sweat and sliding against one another.

“Get there, Baby,” Nate pleaded. “I need you to get there, sweetheart.”

His fingers flicked at her hot clit, feeling it swell immeasurably beneath his hands, the quiver setting off a series of groans in Leila. Nate knew she was close.

“Shit, Baby... I’m fucking coming!” Nate growled out, his eyes inches from hers as he watched her fall apart beneath him with a loud cry.

The look on her face bowled him over and he fought back words. Way too many that flooded his tongue and wanted to spill out of his big, fat mouth.

He felt her pulse and quiver beneath him as the ache in his balls receded, his seed spent inside her with short, twitching thrusts of his hips into her.

As Nate pulled out of her, he watched as some of his jizz leaked out of her. A proprietary grumble was covered over with a well-timed groan as he lay on his side next to Leila, pulling her so they were facing each other.

Light kisses were traded, Leila’s eyelids grew heavy and Nate wrapped an arm around her before pulling her into his chest.

“Was that all bullshit, or not? Would you really let me take you in the ass?” he asked quietly. Yes or no, it didn’t matter to him. He just wanted to know. Somehow yes would be the ultimate display of her trust in him.

“I would let you,” she told him, her voice muffled against his hard pecs. “But only you.”

“I’m surprised,” Nate told her, his lips pressed against her hairline. “You’re experienced and have never had someone get their dick in your ass.”

Leila could feel him smiling against her skin and she laughed.

“It’s for from lack of trying,” she told him, voice still partially muffled. “I just... it’s a control thing.”

“Control?” he asked, confusion coloring the word heavily.

“Yes,” Leila spoke. “If I didn’t want it to happen, it didn’t happen. I don’t- usually don’t- like men having control over me in bed.”

Nate was silent. Leila was pliable with him during sex, letting him do what he wanted with her body, though he let her steer them at times as well. Sex was all about the give and take to him, the pleasure in giving almost as good as the receiving.

“You’re different with me.” It wasn’t a question, though it was sort of posed as one. He felt her shrug slightly in his arms as they lay there.

“I don’t know what it is,” Leila told him, honestly. “Maybe it’s because I’ve known you for so long, or that I trust you more than most other men. I mean, I know you don’t fuck around a lot, so it might that. Or it could just... be you.”

“Me?” he questioned.

She pulled away from him, looking him square in the eye.

“Yes. You,” she said, a wry smile pulling up one side of her mouth. “I don’t know yet. I haven’t worked it out. But it could be as simple as that.”

And if it was as simple as that, Nate could not have been happier.

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