Provocation (18+)

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25. Jared's Distraction

Between the glares he got from Leila and Jared- both for differing reasons- Nate wished he could melt into the wood outside of Leila’s apartment.

“Not now, Jare,” Leila said. “I have a bone to pick with the downstairs neighbor an-”

“And I have a bone to pick with you!” Jared said, his eyes narrowing on his friend. “So I suggest we all go into the living room, put a pause on the movie, and you two can fucking explain to me why Nathan here went from slut-shaming to possessive Alpha male in the matter of a few weeks.”

Leila sighed and moved aside to let Nate in the door. Nate hesitated for a moment, took a step in and moved over to Leila to peck her jaw by her ear. Leila could have sworn she heard the word ‘sorry’ being whispered, but her blood was pumping so fiercely in her ears, she wasn’t quite sure.

“Okay, so- how did this happen?” Jared asked when he had finally flopped onto the small loveseat across from Nate and Leila. He had the same look as a father would if he had found his daughter’s boyfriend balls deep in her in her bedroom. Righteous indignation mixed with homicidal rage. There was that twinkle in his eyes, but still...

Leila shrugged her shoulders heavily. There was no stopping Jared when he was onto some juicy gossip. Reaming out Nate would have to wait for a little bit.

“It just did,” Leila said at the same time Nate blurted out, “At the reception.”

Jared skimmed his eyes from Leila to Nate and then skewered Leila with a glare.

“It seems like your little boyfriend here is more forthcoming than you are,” he told her. Leila sighed in response. Nate didn’t know Jared like Leila did. The man wouldn’t stop until he had every filthy detail engraved in his grey matter.

“Okay. You can’t say anything to anyone else,” Leslie said on a groan. “We’re keeping this on the down low until we figure out if it’s going to work or not.”

Jared seemed to weigh her words for a few moments and then nodded his head. He’d have been more pissy about it if he also wasn’t working on a broken heart at the same time.

“I can work with that,” he said. Leila sighed. That had been easier than she thought it would be.

“Why do you look like you’ve spent the last several hours dehydrating yourself by crying?” Nate asked bluntly.

“My questions first, Conan,” Jared said with a twitch of his wrist from under the blanket he had wrapped around him. “You come and interrupt our ‘girl’ time and I get to interrogate first. Especially since you almost knocked the door down thinking Leila here was entertaining a man with tongue in pussy and not listening to me whine about my fucked up love life.”

Nate and Leila exchanged a questioning look.

“O-o-okay, go ahead,” Nate said, wondering if he was going to regret this interrogation later.

“How did you go from calling my girl here a whore to tapping that ass?”

Shifting in his seat, Nate looked to Leila who looked like she wanted the answer too.

“Too personal, next question,” Nate said. He wasn’t ready to admit to a near-stranger that he had been damned jealous of anyone Leila had been with. Even now, and there hadn’t been anyone to be jealous of.

“Fine.” Jared rolled his red eyes. “We’ll skip the feelings and get right to the good stuff. What happened at the reception that had you two letting bygones be bygones and knocking boots instead?”

Leila did the explaining. She knew just the right amount of information to give her friend without giving too much away while keeping his curiosity sated. No doubt Jared would attempt to pry later on, but that was a battle for another day.

After Leila had gone over the events of the day, most of which Jared had missed for some ill-conceived phone sex, Jared sighed.

“Are you two a thing? A real live relationship or is this just sex between neighbors? A coupling of convenience?” Jared asked once he had gone over the scenario in his head for a moment.

“I’d like to be a ‘thing’ as you put it,” Nate said. “But it’s up to Leila. We haven’t put a label on anything really. Too soon, I think. Though I don’t plan on being this friendly with any other women.”

“Me either,” Leila said, eyes flickering over to Nate’s face with a scathing look. “Or men.” She couldn’t help the small smirk the twitched at her lips when she realized what she had said.

“I am sorry,” Nate said. “But what would you have thought if you heard female moans coming from downstairs?”

“What did you think was going on?” Leila asked, lips turning down in a frown.

“Well, I was hoping that you had put on some really loud porn. After that, I didn’t know what to think.” Nate said. “I went temporarily loony. I didn’t want to think anything worse than that, but...”

That look in his eyes told Leila pretty much everything. Lorelei. His ex had really fucked him in the head.

“My longest relationship ended with me walking in on my girlfriend banging another guy,” Nate explained to Jared, but really wanting to refresh Leila’s memory. “That was only months ago, so my mind automatically goes back to the last relationship I had.” He turned to Leila. “I told you I’d fuck up and I am sorry, more than I can say. Can you forgive me?”

Leila’s lips twitched. She had forgiven him before his mention of Lorelei, knowing that when it came down to it, Nate was just as vulnerable in this new relationship as she was. Maybe even more so. He had been burned before and she was a novice. The heartbreaker didn’t know what it felt like to be heartbroken. Not in this sense at least.

“Yes,” she told him, softly. “I forgive you, but we’ll talk about this. Later.”

Nate nodded, his whole body relaxing as his face melted from one of grave concern to relaxed acceptance. Leila couldn’t help but smile a little.

Nate left a few minutes later, letting Jared and Leila have their ‘girl’ time, whatever that portended. Jared looked like a mani-pedi type male and Nate, as polished as he was, wasn’t about to subject himself to that.

Jared waved a goodbye with a look that said he was about to get the dirt on the dirty, come hell or high water.


After a couple of beers while watching a Giant’s game on low volume, Nate got up from the couch. It was a bit too early for bed, but that didn’t mean he couldn’t take out his guitar and strum a little. He didn’t know if Jared had left yet or not, so he left his upstairs neighbors alone, not wanting to interrupt whatever it was they were doing. Jared had obviously been upset enough and Nate wasn’t very comfortable with a normal Jared, much less the weepy version he had encountered earlier today.

As he walked toward the kitchen to grab himself a bottled water, he heard the sound of feet coming down the stairs and a few mumbled words. They were unintelligible and soft, so Nate didn’t bother straining to hear.

A door opened, then shut and Nate waited for the footsteps to climb the stairs again. When they didn’t, he walked to his door, looking through the peephole to see Leila standing there, body half-facing the stairs, the other half facing his door. He hesitated for a bit, then opened the door.


“Hmm?” She seemed deep in though.

“What are you doing?” he asked, opening the door to invite her in.

“Trying to keep from getting into my car and beating the ever-loving snot out of Jared’s ex,” she mumbled. Her face was tense and dark, the sparks practically shooting out of her eyes.

“Okay.” Nate was glad that look on her face wasn’t aimed in his direction. “What happened?”

“Mickey- Jared’s ex- was out of town on business the weekend of Vi and Carl’s wedding, as you know,” she said, sighing. “While Mickey was out of town, he had meetings all day with investors and spent most of his nights at his hotel in Houston, Texas. One night, he decided to go out. The concierge, who was also gay, gave him the location to a nice little bar near the hotel. Close enough to walk to and drinks strong enough to grow hair on your ass.”

Nate snorted. He’d stick to beer or scotch, thank you very much. His ass was smooth as a baby’s bottom and he didn’t need that changing any time soon.

“Well, the concierge was right, only he had given him the address to a gay bar that was also a huge hook-up spot,” Leila explained. “It should have come with a warning label, a 12-pack of condoms, and a referral to the nearest clinic for the eventual STD testing needed after just being there.”

“In Houston?” Nate’s brows crinkled.

“Who knew?” Leila said with a shrug. “In a nutshell, he ended up getting pretty fucking wasted and took a guy back to his hotel room. He says he didn’t realize what he had done until he woke up with some young twink in his bed with him the next day.”

Nate paused.

“Do you believe him? Moreover, does Jared?”

Another limp shrug.

“It could be true,” Leila allowed. “But it doesn’t matter. Cheating is cheating. You know that better than anybody.”

Thanks for the reminder, Leila.

“Do they, or rather, did they live together?” Nate asked. As much as Jared and his odd behavior baffled him, he didn’t wish the man to be homeless because of some cheating asshole.

“Sort of,” Leila stated. “They both have their own apartments, but they spent most nights together either at Mickey’s condo or Jared’s apartment.”

“Not anymore, I’m assuming,” Nate said, frowning. “I’m glad he has a place to go to, and a friend as good as you.”

Leila looked at him, wondering if he was full of shit, or truly glad. Ass kissing was a a wide spectrum.

“Leila, I’m sorry I made assumptions earlier,” Nate said, moving closer to her. “I... I let my own past with Lorelei affect us. I know you’re not like her, honestly. If you didn’t want this, you would let me know, and I know that. It was a... knee-jerk reaction on my part.”

“I know that.” Her voice was soft. “But I never take men home with me, you know that. I’ve even told you that. And I wouldn’t be so stupid as to try to change that now. The only man I’ve had in my bed for years has been you.”

“I’ve never had a woman in my bed,” he said, with a strange look on his face. “I mean, the one I own now. It’s brand-new and all, just having bought it when I moved here.”

Leila smiled.

“Are you offering to break in the bed the only way it should be broken in?” she asked. Her lips quirked up further as she said it.

“Well, it is a very comfortable bed and the only ass it has seen is mine,” Nate told her, his own smile tugging at his lips. “I’m sure it would appreciate yours just as much as I do.”

“Hmm... I wouldn’t want to deprive it of sex- or my ass,” Leila said, a full-on grin covering her face.

It might have been only 24 hours since he had last had his hands on every inch of her flesh, but they ached to be all over her again. On her breasts, between her thighs, digging into her hips as she rode him or gripping her ass as he licked her cunt until she was shaking with her release.

His control snapped and he picked her up from beneath her thighs, forcing her to wrap her legs around his hips to keep aloft. Leila moaned as his mouth sealed over her, sucking the soft flesh of her lips before tangling his tongue with hers.

His body moved toward the bedroom until he dropped her on the side of his bed, grinning as he watched her bounce once, twice, and then relax into the duvet.

His grin widened as he took in her ridiculous figure. She was wearing pink flannel sleep pants and a t-shirt with a tank top underneath. It read as girls night and no boys allowed, but he found it sexy on her nonetheless.

“What?” she asked, watching his grin widen.

“Is this what you wear to bed when I’m not around?” he asked. “I like it. It reminds me of a younger Leila. Very hot.”

“This is my usual ensemble when a good friend needs a couple of pints of Ben and Jerry’s and some sappy movies to help a friend get over a cheating ex,” she told him. “But I’m glad you like it.” She grinned back.

“I do,” Nate told her, grabbing at the fabric by her hips and dragging it slowly down to reveal inch after inch of pale, smooth flesh. “I’d like it even better on my floor while your thighs are wrapped around my head as I lick your sweet little pussy.”

She gasped a little, again surprised that proper little Nate could have such a filthy fucking mouth. The man dressed like a banker but talked like a shill for a harem. Leila loved that.

His mouth followed the path of her pajama bottoms, his lips nipping and sucking all the way to her ankles before dropping her bottoms and panties on the floor. He then licked a path up her other leg before stopping just shy of her sex and placing a kiss just below her belly button.

Lips moved softly over supple flesh as his hands skimmed her tops off her body and over her head, then tossing them onto the floor to join the puddle on the ground.

Nate pulled the t-shirt he was wearing off but made no move to rid himself of his sweats. Instead, he moved his mouth over hers, nibbling on Leila’s lips before biting down hard to open her mouth with a gasp.

His tongue explored her mouth, dipping and weaving as he stroked, massaging and kneading with an ability Leila had yet to experience with other men. Other men... so sloppy with their kisses, only wanting her tight, wet pussy and begrudgingly gifting her with the kisses because they had assumed she had wanted that. No style, no finesse. Only thinking with their dicks and where they wanted them to be within the next few minutes.

Leila wondered why, just then, she had waited so long to have this. It was more. More intimacy than she had ever experienced and more understanding as his body bespoke of devotion with every caress, every stroke of his tongue against hers and every heartbeat that thumped against her chest. More.

His mouth lingered on hers until he drug them away, wanting to taste her jaw, neck and collarbone, the latter being nipped at as he made his way to her peaked nipples, elongated and stiff.

“Such perfect tits,” he uttered, his mouth encasing one nipple as soon as his words were complete. He sucked them and nipped, talking between little bites to her flesh.

“Such pretty pink nipples,” He murmured. Suck. “So fucking hard against my tongue.”

He continued to whisper his reverence for her breasts as he nibbled, sucked and drug his tongue over them, making Leila’s hips lift unconsciously, seeking his warm mouth on places lower on her body.

Her body arched, pressing her breasts deeper into his mouth letting him consume her before his lips let her left tit go with a pop.

Nate got on his knees and hooked his thumbs into his sweats before pushing them off his hips and to his knees. He toed them off and pushed his boxers down as well, his cock stiff and pointing straight out, twitching as his gaze lowered to her sex.

“Fuck, Leila.” Her shaven pussy glistened for him, as if winking come a little closer.

Mouth filling with saliva, he had never seen anything in his life as tempting as her. Naked. Spread. Teasing him with a sideways smile as her hand went down to her stomach, the fingers sliding over smooth skin to tease at her folds.

Fuck no. That’s my damned job.

His face was so taut, it almost screamed the words for him.

With firm hands, Nate spread her thighs, wedging his body between them as he buried his face in her pussy, licking up her lips before sucking one, then the other, into his mouth. His hand had urgently pushed away her fingers and he held them away from her body.

“Fists the sheets or my hair, but when I’m here, my face, fingers, and cock should be the only things bringing your delicious little pussy pleasure,” he told her, accentuating it with a long lick up her slit. Opening... to clit. Over and over again.

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