Provocation (18+)

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26. Let Go

Nate’s whole mouth and chin were soaking wet, dripping. Leila’s hands had traveled from the sheets to Nate’s head, her hands fisting his soft curly locks as he licked her to two orgasms in a row. She was coming up on a third when she practically begged him to stop.

“N-no... m-m-more,” she pleaded, her legs quivering with the onset of another blistering release.

“One more,” Nate coaxed from between her legs. That’s what he had said earlier when she had come the first time, dammit.

With a flick of his tongue, he finished her off, feeling her thighs clamping down around his ears as her whole body shook.

Nate knelt upon the bed as soon as her thighs relaxed, though her chest still heaved rapidly. A thin sheen of sweat was on her brow and a dot of perspiration twinkled before trickling down into the hair at her temples.

Nate was so hard, it literally hurt. The only thing that would help this sort of hurt was Leila, but she was looking wrecked.

“More?” Nate asked, grabbing his dick and giving it a quick upstroke and an even slower downstroke.

Leila’s eyes flickered down to his cock. They were dilated and hazy, and her tongue slid over her lips.

“Only if you’re inside me,” she told him.

Thank God.

Without looking away from her face, Nate rubbed the head of his dick up and down her sex, pausing to tap her clit with the underside of it just slightly. It caused her to flinch just a bit and her hips began to writhe.

“Now... please,” she called softly.

Leila had never had such a generous lover who had gotten her off so many times before they had gotten theirs. Though it was a surprise, it was one she loved and craved more of. She had come three times even before Nate had even gotten inside her and now all she wanted to do was watch as he came deep within her, watch as the pleasure rolled in waves over his face, the way his body stiffened right as his orgasm washed over him. Leila- the taker- wanted to give.

Nate pressed down at her opening, letting the slick flesh welcome him inside as he felt her still-pulsing sex grip and clench around him.

Pushing deeper inside, he felt how the tight muscle enveloped him as he slid in her. He groaned when he eventually hit bottom, wedged deep inside her, his body splayed over hers carefully, keeping contact but not crushing her.

His mouth hovered over hers and he leaned further down to seal his lips to hers, one hand cupping her face, the other planted beside her head for leverage.

They both gasped as his hips withdrew and a soft moan left hers as he moved forward into her again.

Nate uttered a soft curse, pulling out, pushing in. Slowly, but with force behind it, almost as if he couldn’t completely control his need for her.

A hand lightly scraped through his hair as their lips met again, their tongues tangling and weaving. It was desperate yet soft, warm and eager, both of them feeding the other’s need as their tongues thrust and hips met in perfect rhythm.

Faster. Harder. They both met in the middle, Leila’s hips tilting upward to meet his as he threw himself into her with abandon.

For once, Nate had no words, only feelings. They were muddled and hazy, and scrambled his brain. Try to snatch one and it flew right out of his head. He couldn’t pin one damned thing down. It was all about sensation now.

His head nuzzled into the moist skin of her neck as his hips drove into her, unable to keep his tongue and mouth still. He nipped at a tendon, drawing a gasp from Leila as she threw her head back in response. It made Nate’s cock twitch inside her and he drew a ragged breath in as he inhaled her scent while his tongue slid over her flesh. It was salty yet sweet and reminded him slightly of salted caramel.

And fuck, it was heaven.

A hard grunt escaped him, his hips circling as he moved deeper inside her. The smell, the sweat, the sound of flesh against flesh- it was making him dizzy. He was pretty fucking sure half his blood supply was in his groin by now.

Leila called out his name. Damn it sounded good on her lips.

“So... close,” she called out to him, her hips circling as his did in perfect counterpoint. “Right... there.”

He hit that sweet spot inside her over and over again as her thighs shook and her stomach tightened beneath him. He could almost feel the quiver of her clit against his pelvic bone, but that could have been because he was so attuned with her body now.

“God... please.” She was squirming beneath him, her hands on his shoulders, fingers digging into the flesh there.

Nate laid a kiss on her collarbone before sucking the skin there, marking it.

“Oh, fuck!” He was so close and he could feel the tightening of his balls as he continued to drive into her. His hips slammed into hers “Shit... get there, Baby. I need you there with me.”

Slick hands slid over flesh and Leila grabbed anything she could to steady herself. They ended up gripping his ass and she felt his muscles flex and relax, faster, harder until they quivered beneath her fingers.

Then... she was there. She didn’t honestly think she could have come again, but it was blinding in its intensity. Her lids slammed close as she cried out, feeling the waves of her orgasm spreading out on her body, the push and pull of Nate’s body moving above her throwing her under, sinking her into a deep place she didn’t think she could come out of.

A few more thrusts of Nate’s pelvis had him spilling into her, the throb of him and tingling in his balls eschewing out as his hips jerked. His lips encased one nipple, tugging at it. He felt her pulse around him again and he pumped his hips again, emptying himself out completely.

Innumerable ragged breaths later, he pulled out of her, watching as her eyes fluttered open, one, then the other. A small smile filtered across her face and she pulled him to her with a tug at the back of his neck.

Moaning into his mouth, she sounded particularly feline, almost purring. The way her nails scraped against his skin certainly was claw-like. When their kiss broke, Nate gave her a lopsided smile.

“Feeling less homicidal?” he asked, smile widening.

Homicidal? Right... Mickey.

“Mmm... the only thing I could murder right now is a piece of cheesecake,” she told him. “Want some? It’s covered in cherries and that cherry goo that tastes like heaven but is hell on your hips.”

“I don’t mind a little more hip on a woman.” My woman, he wanted to say as he gripped hers to show his devotion. “I don’t shy away from a curvy girl.”

“So... cheesecake or no?” she asked.

He grinned down at her.


“Sure... cheesecake,” he said slowly. “But only if I get to eat some of it off you.”

Her lips quirked up a bit.

“I think that could be arranged,” she said softly and slid her body over to the side of the bed to get up.

Nate laid back and watched the show. Leila picking up pieces of her clothing off the floor like fallen fruit from a tree.

“Are you just going to stare, or are you going to follow me upstairs to get some of that cake?” she asked over her shoulder.

Nate’s breath caught at the profile of her. Red hair mussed up, sleek, long neck with her chin jutting out and the button of her nose. It was so tempting and he wished he could freezeframe her in that position.

“Y-yeah,” Nate said, tripping over his words. “I’m coming.”

He got up from the bed and pulled on his sweats, not bothering with his boxers. He had a feeling going commando in Leila’s apartment would be a wise decision. A wise decision indeed.


“Why won’t your mother just leave him?” Nate was spooning up another bit of cheesecake.

Leila shrugged. “She loves him. Probably thinks he can be ‘saved’ or whatever. I originally bought this house, turned it into a duplex in the hopes she would come to her senses and leave him.”

“You wanted your mom to live here? Below you?” he asked, his fork not quite making it to his lips.

“That was the idea,” she told him, mouth encasing her own fork of cheesecakey goodness. “But... she’s never even come close to leaving. If there was something else- besides being the manwhore he is- I’d be able to do something.”

“What other ‘something’ are you talking about?” he asked.

“Well, this sounds horrible, but I almost wished his hurting her was more... just more,” Leila said, her mouth turning down. “If he was threatening or something like that, maybe she’d do something, ya know?”

Nate’s face twisted. “Yeah, but who would say he would only threaten, or that it wouldn’t get physical or that she’d still be on his side and refuse to press charges?”

“Macabre, isn’t it?” she asked. She hated when she thought in ‘what ifs’ and ‘maybes’. It made her feel helpless, hopeless. “I would never want anything to happen to my mom, but being with him and seeing him screw his secretaries or have flings with strangers he meets in bars on the road is killing her just as much. It’s killing her spirit. I hate it.”

Nate’s hand reached out after dropping his fork, his fingers smoothing over the skin across her knuckles.

“It’s her life,” Nate said quietly. “It’s hers to... to ruin or to try to salvage. Everyone has a rock bottom. Let her find hers.”

Leila thought about that. He was right. Jesus fucking Christ, he was right.

Leila changed, was changing. Was it for her? Most definitely. Her mother though... could she, would she change for herself? It seemed implausible at this moment in time. She had weathered so much over the past two decades, plus some. It was like she was in a rut that she didn’t know how to get out of. But still...

Maybe it was just a matter of time. Time that was getting to be a smaller and smaller increment in an aging adult. Angelica Winters deserved to have someone in her life that loved her, respected her. She didn’t deserve... this.

“You’re right, but it’s... hard,” Leila said on a sigh. “It’s hard to sit back and be a spectator in this drama. It’s not like soap operas where people are thrown into amnesia after car accidents or marry and divorce with ease. This is happening right in front of me. I know there’s something I can do, but I don’t know what.”

“Baby, just let it happen. Let her live her life and stop trying to live it for her. It’s stressful and wrong on so many levels.” Nate clasped her hand in his, the other moving up to cup her cheek. “Just... be here with me. In the moment. We all have one life to live and it’s difficult enough to do that without taking on other people’s problems. Other people’s relationships. Your mother knows you’re there if she needs you, but if she needs to work this out for herself, let her. Let you be you, and her be her.”

Leila dropped her fork and moved into his arms, onto his lap. Her throat clogged with emotion. It welled up inside her and threatened to spill out of her eyes, throat, lungs. It threatened to annihilate her.

If Nate had said something, she would have broken. But he didn’t. He just held her close, rocking back and forth, his hands on her back and stroking her, allowing her to release the tension in her shoulders and neck, and allowing her to breathe freely.

She could do this. She could let some of her worries go, let her mother do as she pleased no matter the consequence. It would be difficult, nearly impossible, but she’d work on it. She had to.

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