Provocation (18+)

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33. Great Power

Leila squirmed in her seat. Her face was flushed and she jumped every time Jared called her or came into her office.

Is it written all over my face? God, he must know. Best friends have like some sort of radar when their friends are acting squirrely.

The thoughts flew through Leila’s mind. Every phone call, every question Jared asked her about upcoming meetings or calls from contractors- they were all said with an accusatory undertone.

At least Leila thought they were.

The truth was, no one cared that Leila was acting a little strange. That was, no one except Leila.

Damn it! Why did I decide to go birthday present shopping today? This is going to be torture.

She shifted in her seat again thinking this was complete madness and looked over at the clock. Half an hour to go before she left work. And until Nate picked her up. They had decided to go shopping for Mason’s birthday together. He had dropped her off at work that morning so they didn’t have to take two cars to work and then to the store.

Since all the Toys ’R Us in the area closed, they were heading to a Target to pick up Mason’s gifts. It was a popular store nationwide, and the people of the Greater San Francisco Bay Area shopped there more than any other place on the planet. At least, it seemed that way to Leila.

Violet had given in to her mother’s idea of a birthday party registry merely for the fact that this way, Mason was sure to get what he wanted (or what they thought he would like), but not get the repeats that had to be brought back to the store to be returned. That was just a pain in the ass.

After a trip to Target, they’d grab a bite to eat and head home. No sweat.

But not really. Leila wouldn’t be surprised if she sweated through every layer of clothing by the time she got back home.

At least Jared was looking better. He hadn’t gone on any dates yet as he was still licking his wounds. Since Leila was the last one to push casual sex at this stage, she wasn’t about to urge him to get back onto the dating scene. Jared and Mickey had been together for two years exclusively, and the bruise from his betrayal was still purple, swollen, and tender to the touch.

“Lulu, I’m heading out for the day,” Jared called, 15 minutes before the usual closing time. “That okay with Mistress Winters?”

“Why are you leaving early?” Not that she really cared. Jared had stayed plenty of times after hours with her, but he so rarely left early, she felt she had to ask.

“I’m heading out for drinks,” he said. “Nothing special.”

“Not with Mickey, right?”

“Right.” It was subtle, but there was hesitancy in his voice.

“Jare-bear? Don’t lie to me,” Leila called. “If you’re going to go see the hussy, at least be honest about it.”

There was a pause in the other room as Jared thought of what to say.

“We’re only talking,” Jared claimed.

“And probably fucking,” Leila said under her breath. “Be careful, Jare,” she said out loud.

“We’re not getting back together, but there are matters to discuss,” Jared proclaimed.

“How can you talk when one of you has a mouthful of the other person’s dick?” Leila asked wryly.

“That’s not happening! Lord know what filthy diseases he could have contracted from that one-nighter in Texas.”

“I can already smell the dick on your breath,” Leila called, smiling.

“Shut up,” Jared said, but it lacked his usual punch.

Leila just laughed and waited for the day to end.


Nate was already outside when Leila left the building. He was leaned up against his sedan with his right foot crossed over the left at the ankle. His hands were stuffed in his light dress jacket.

Leila sauntered up to him, kissed him quickly on the lips before turning to get into the car.

“Wait,” Nate said and pulled her back to him. “I need a better kiss than that. It’s been a long and tiring day.”

He pulled her hips to his, forcing her body into close proximity and leaned down to seal his lips to hers. It was slow, sensual and downright hot as fuck.

Leila’s arms curled around his neck, sifted through his hair as she kissed him back, parting her lips to make way for his tongue.

Nate groaned as their tongues touched, softly at first, then tangling and dancing. He pulled back after a minute, a little reluctantly.

“You keep kissing me like that and we’ll never make it to the store to pick up Mason’s gifts,” he told her softly before nipping slowly at her bottom lip.

That seemed like a fine idea to Leila, foregoing the gift-seeking for sex, but she was Mason’s godmother and she needed to get this done. Sister’s (kids) before misters. Or something like that.

“The sooner we get this done, the sooner we can eat,” Leila told him, pulling herself away from Nate’s delicious lips. “And other things.”

She could almost physically feel Nate’s groan and she smiled as she opened the passenger door and buckled up. She was never one to tease much, but with Nate, anything was a turn-on.

Target was as packed as they had thought it would be, and they found a parking spot at the furthest end of the parking lot. Walking to the front of the store was difficult for Leila, and she wished she had thought to bring a change of shoes.

They both looked at the long list of things that Violet had added to the registry and thought of what Mason might like. It was difficult when one was twelve months old because he didn’t actually verbalize his needs too much. Except to cry or whine, which- thankfully- he rarely did unless absolutely necessary.

“I want to get him some cute outfits to wear as well,” Leila said, though there were only a few that Violet had listed. “And cute shoes.”

Leila usually loved to shop for others, especially Mason, and she was constantly picking up little things to bring with her when she met up with Violet to see the little monster.

“This is gonna take longer than I anticipated,” Nate groaned. He had already made his selection for what he wanted to get his nephew and had picked it up in the electronics department. It was an iPad- the newest version- and he had bought a case to go with it for clumsy little fingers. It was a true techie’s kid’s dream. He was only surprised Carl hadn’t bought one for him in utero.

“Nonsense,” Leila said. “I’m quick when I need to be.”

And boy, did she need to be. She was becoming swiftly uncomfortable with the number of people in the store. They all didn’t know what she knew, not even Nate did, but it was enough that she knew it.

Leila picked up a few cute outfits and a little red wagon that was on the list for baby gifts. She could just see Carl pulling him around in it and Mason laughing with glee. Thank God he was a relatively happy baby.

After purchasing their items, they ordered take out from an Indian place that had opened up about ten minutes from their duplex. The wait was short and they had to stand around for ten minutes, but the place looked clean, the people were cheerful, and the customers eating inside all looked happy with their food.

Nate attempted to drop his gifts off at his apartment, but Leila told him to bring them upstairs. They could have a wrapping party after dinner or... well, just after.

With their grumbling stomachs finally full and their gifts off to one side in the living room for wrapping later, Leila moved over to Nate, sat on his lap and kissed him, curry lips and all.

Her fingers played teasingly with the lapel of his suit jacket and curled into his dress shirt as she slipped her tongue into his mouth on a groan. When the kiss finally broke, her green eyes searched his and she spoke.

“How long until you’re ready for dessert?” she asked.

Blood immediately fled south to Nate’s groin.

“Not as long as you’d suspect,” he said, his voice low and husky.

“Good,” Leila said and got up slowly from his lap. “I have a surprise for you.”

Nate followed suit and got up from the table.

“I do like surprises,” he said and followed Leila to the hallway. Not that he had much choice. Her hand had slipped into his and she was pulling at it to follow.

“It’s been about a month since we started seeing each other,” Leila said, pulling her blouse off over her head. They were in her bedroom. Nate mirrored her and started to unbutton his shirt.

“Yeah, that’s about right,” he agreed.

“Do you remember what you asked me about that night?” Leila asked, a brow cocked upward. Shit was always said during the heat of the moment, some of which flew in one ear and out the other.

“I said a lot of shit,” Nate said, surprised. “Enlighten me on what specific topic we were talking about.”

Leila unzipped her dress, shimmied out of it.

“You were asking me my likes, my dislikes, in bed,” she reminded him.

“I remember.”

“Do you remember a specific question you asked about what I had done and... not done?”

Nate stopped. She didn’t mean...

“About squirting?” he asked. Yeah, maybe that was it.

“No,” Leila said, pulling off her panties and climbing onto the bed still facing him.

“About... anal?” he asked.

Leila simply nodded, her face pinking up at the word.

“We’d have to start slowly, baby,” he told her, removing his boxers. He had no idea how he had gotten his pants off without thinking about it but they were already in a heap on the floor.

“I’m... too big to take if you’re an anal virgin.” At least he thought he was. Never having done it before, he only had to go by what he had heard.

“And what if I was already... prepared?” she asked, spreading her legs. Something peeked out from between her creamy thighs.

Ho-ly. Shit.

“Are you... is that...” Nate couldn’t seem to form the words he needed to say. Whether it was from lack of oxygen-rich blood to the brain or the fact that she was definitely wearing something between her legs that she wasn’t born with, he couldn’t tell.

“I wore it all day,” she said, tapping the end of the pink-jeweled butt plug lightly. “I figured if I got used to it enough, we could try something different.”

“Anal.” Nate seemed breathless.

She nodded. “Anal.”

He moved over to the bed, got on and leaned down to kiss her.

“You know you don’t have to do this just because I spoke about it once in bed,” he told her. She nodded and smiled.

“I understand that, but I want to,” she told him, pulling his head closer to hers to deepen the kiss. “I’ve always been... a little curious. And I trust you. So... will you?”

Fuck yes.

“Fuck me, you’re amazing.” Nate kissed her lips, her neck, sucking at her flesh as Leila’s huge smile faded and her mouth dropped open with a sigh.

Nate’s mouth dragged south, over her collarbones to her nipples. They were already little hard stones and his thumb brushed one as his tongue flicked out to taste the other. He looked up at her. Her eyes were shut in bliss, her mouth opening and closing on its own, her tongue sliding out to wet her lips at times.

“All day?” Nate asked, his teeth tugging at one hard tipped peak. “You wore it all day?”

She only groaned and nodded her head quickly, her hips moving in a circular pattern beneath him.

Nate sucked the nipple back into his mouth on a groan and let his tongue flick out to lap at the tip.

One, then the other nipple, hard against him, puckered tightly until he moved his mouth lower, lower.

He was between her legs, the scent of her arousal making his balls ache and tighten. The pink jewel at the base of the plug glinted up at him like it was teasing him.

“I’ll take your ass,” he told her. “But not before I’ve had my fill of your pussy.”

His tongue dove between her legs, entrenching itself inside her, thrusting to and fro as Leila’s hips rocked against his face.

“Damn, Nathan! Your tongue... mouth- fuck!”

Nate groaned, his tongue working in and out of her and feeling the clench of her sex around him. He licked her up and down, side to side, sucking at her labia, that little jewel below her pussy taunting him the whole time.

Nate felt as her clit started to quiver against him and he sucked it up into his mouth with a nip of his teeth. Leila called out, rocked against his face, almost throwing him off her with the bucking of her hips.

Once her orgasm took over, she cried out his name. Her release was so hard and long, it made Nate’s balls ache and nearly made him come himself.

When it was over, she was a pile of pliable bone and skin, her hand still fisted in his hair, the touch lighter though.

“It should... be a crime to... wield a tongue with... that much power,” Leila breathed out, her eyes still closed and chest still heaving.

“With great tongue, comes great responsibility.” He smiled up at her from between her legs. “That’s how the saying should go.”

“What?” Leila asked, almost a scoff.

“Think about it,” Nate said, jutting up to kneel between her thighs. “All that spidey sense was just really a man’s inner urge to please his female.” He shrugged.

“So whenever he shot out his web, it was actually a metaphor for his ejaculate?” Leila asked with a grin.

“More or less,” Nate said. “Some of us have to have some help. We don’t shoot off whenever we feel like it.”

“Poor Mary Jane,” Leila said on a sigh. “A skinny dude in spandex that pre-ejaculates more often than not.”

Nate laughed and slapped one of her thighs gently.

“Please tell me you have lube somewhere around here before my balls fall off from lack of attention,” Nate said.

“Of course,” Leila said. “I’m not cruel.” She thought again. “Most times, that is.”

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