Provocation (18+)

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34. Pink

Nate slathered an ample amount of lube onto his cock. He was taking no chances, even if Leila had made the proactive choice to ready herself for him without him even knowing. It was a preemptive strike, one that Nate loved.

When he was slick and ready, he leaned down and tugged at the bejeweled plug, twisting it, pulling it, pushing it back in. He toyed with her for a moment before stilling his hands.

“Pink?” he asked, smiling. “I thought redheads weren’t supposed to wear pink.”

She shrugged and squirmed beneath him, her breathing heavy again.

“It’s not like anyone could see it.”

“I would hope fucking not,” he said and pulled the plug from her ass.

Leila’s back arched, surprised at the sudden feeling of being free of it.


“Hush, sweetheart,” he said and added more of the lube to his hands.

Rubbing the lubed fingers against her anus, he used the other hand to toss the plug onto the pile of discarded clothing on the floor. He worked his fingers up and down until she was slick and ready.

With one hand, he gripped himself and stroked up and down slowly, over and over again until he was satisfied that not an inch of him was devoid of the needed moisture. He tapped the crown of his dick against her clit, watched as she jumped and relaxed, and then slid it down to her ass.

He probed gently for a moment, nudging the thick plum-shaped tip against her until he could feel her relaxing under the strain and then... pushed in.

He groaned out as her muscles flexed around him, grabbing him and squeezing before she loosened a bit more.

Another inch, two whole inches, encased within her and he felt her insides slowly give way for him the further he pushed inside her.

When he was halfway in, he felt her bear down. Instead of pushing him out of her, it sucked him in further and he groaned again, louder this time.

Inch by inch, be made his way into her, always careful to look for signs, for indications, that this was all too much. He never got it. Her eyes sometimes shut, her lips may have pursed, but they were the same things he saw every time they had sex and didn’t prove to be anything more than an indication of her pleasure.

Fuck, she was perfect.

As the last few inches slid into her, Nate reached down, rubbed at her nipples with one hand, the other stroking her clit.

“You okay, sweetheart?” he asked when all of him had been swallowed by the tight ring of her ass.

“Yeah, I’m good,” she said, her voice breathy. But then again, it always was when they were intimate. “Doesn’t hurt.”

He wouldn’t have thought it would. At least not much. Not after having that plug in her all day.

“I’m... going to move now, babe. Let me know if I’m doing anything wrong or if it’s too much.”

God, he hoped he didn’t hurt her.

Slowly he retreated from her, felt the drag of his cock against tight muscle, the pull of her ass as it tried to suck him back in.

Back and forth a few times and her muscles relaxed further, made way for the breathy moans she was giving. Her hands reached up and she took her nipples and pinched them. Nate’s dick jerked, watching her like that.

He loved how in tune with her body she was, how open. She didn’t seem to care much about him seeing her please herself when he was inside her. Her uninhibited manner was one of his biggest turn-ons.

Watching her stroke her clit while he fucked her, pinch and fondle her nipples or fingerfuck herself got him rock hard, ready to burst. He didn’t realize he was such a fan of simply watching someone pleasure themselves. But it was a green light for Nate’s libido and it only made it harder for him to go slow with her.

“Nate,” she murmured and reached for him. He lowered himself onto her, kissed her lips deeply, slipping his tongue inside.

His thumb came down to strum at her clit and he swallowed the helpless moans she gave, devouring them as surely as he was devouring her lips.

As he stroked in an out of her, slowly gaining a faster tempo, he felt her clit quiver beneath his touch and he knew she would come soon for him. It didn’t feel the same as being in her pussy, but it was so tight, it didn’t really matter much.

Hard breaths, panting mixed as their mouths parted and he stroked her faster, harder, right in the spot where he knew would make her come.

“Oh... God, Nate,” she whimpered, her breath catching on his name.

“You gonna come for me?” he asked before sucking at her thick bottom lip.

“Yes, please... yes,” she said, her voice barely intelligible with the way she was panting.

“Come for me then,” he told her, kissing her between words. “I want to feel it.” He stuck two fingers in her cunt, curled them while rubbing his thumb against her clit.

“Yes!” she cried out. Nate felt the pulse of her sex around his fingers and his dick. He was a little more surprised he could feel it in his cock, but then most of the pelvic muscles were somehow attached the other. It wasn’t as intense as when he pussy milked it, but it didn’t have to be. Not with Leila, at least.

He continued to work his fingers inside her and against her, his hips meeting her ass with a steady smack until she came down from her orgasm. When he pulled himself out of her, he tapped her thigh, waking her from the haze of her release.

“Roll over onto your knees, sweetheart,” he told her, voice rough, dick jutting out and looking an almost angry shade of purple.

She got onto her knees, pressed her chest to the bed, offered her ass up for him on a silver fucking platter. This time when he entered her, it was smoother. It didn’t have the bite or sting it had before, though she had hidden it from Nate.

She had wanted to do this, give him something she could never imagine giving someone else. Something she didn’t want anyone else in the world to have. It was more intimate it seemed. And so, so intense.

But perfect. It felt perfect to her, to give this to him.

His strokes became longer, harder and she didn’t know if he even knew that he was being a bit rougher than she’d like. But she took it and bit back any discomfort until there was none there to take.

His hands rubbed her ass as if soothing her and his eyes slid closed as he felt her throw her ass back to meet his pelvis.

“Fuck,” he uttered. He was close to coming and he wanted her to come with him.

Nate pulled Leila’s body up so her back was pressed firmly against his chest, both of them on their knees. His hands ran over smooth flesh until he cupped one of her breasts, her left, with one hand and squeezed gently.

The other hand, his dominant one, held her close to him, skating over the skin over her hips, her ribs, down her stomach and to the top of her folds.

A flick of his middle finger and her clit pulsed against it. Leila cried out a little, her sex clenching tightly between her thighs.

Full. She felt so full and the feeling was so intense, not as unpleasant as she had worried. But it also felt right.

Nate rubbed at her clit, dipped his fingers lower and slid two into her, curling them to rub at her front wall.

Leila’s knees almost buckled, she was so sensitive, so close.

“Baby,” Nate breathed out. “I’m close, and I want you coming with me, around me. I want to feel your pussy and ass milking me.”

Another notch highers and Leila was on the ledge just before coming.

“I’m... so close,” she told him, the words feeling almost ripped from her throat.

His thrusts became deeper, harder. His fingers played her like an instrument, like his guitar. No wonder the man’s fingers were absolutely fiendish.

“Shit, Leila,” he said as his fingers rubbed harder, feeling her pussy clamp down on hm as she was tossed over the edge.

His own orgasm washed through him like he had been run over by a river of molten lava and he could feel every pulse being squeezed by her ass as he emptied himself out into her.

He kissed her neck as they both came down, sucking it into his mouth, licking it to soothe.

Once he pulled out, he immediately dragged himself off the bed and toward the hallway.

“Come,” he said. “We need a shower after that.”


Nate cleaned Leila off first, scrubbing her from head to toe in her favorite shower gel. The scent was clean, fresh- unlike a lot of the more flowery stronger fragrances that Lorelei used to use as part of her daily ablutions. And Nate loved that. It was so different.

“Are you alright after that?” Nate had asked while he scrubbed her pert backside for her.

“I’m fine. Really, Nate,” she assured him, placing a hand on his chest. “If I wasn’t, trust me, you would have been the first to know.”

“Wasn’t it... uncomfortable?” he prodded. He didn’t know if he would have been as easygoing about taking it in the ass if he had been in her position.

“A little at first,” she admitted. “But mostly it was just really intense. I never knew that the nerve endings down there were so sensitive.”

“So you’d... do it again?” It didn’t matter to Nate if she answered yes or no. He just wanted to make sure she was okay enough with what they had done.

“It’s not my favorite feeling in the world,” she admitted. “But I’d do it again from time to time. I think it would be too powerful to do that on the regular.”

They continued to talk while Nate probed, trying to assure himself he hadn’t hurt her. He wasn’t one to blow his own trumpet, but he knew he was thicker and longer than average. Definitively so.

“What about you?” Leila asked, catching Nate off guard. “Was that something you enjoyed enough to repeat?”

Nate’s lips pursed, flattening out.

“It was great, but mostly because it was with you,” he told her after a beat. “I prefer your sweet, sweet pussy over your ass if that’s what you’re getting at.”

“It was.”

After Leila washed Nate and they both dried off, they dressed, Nate having left some sweatpants and t-shirts at Leila’s, though his place was a hop, skip, and a jump from hers. It was a little ludicrous actually. But at times like this, necessary.

“Are you ready to wrap some gifts?” Leila asked, her lips quirking upward in a smile.

“I should have gotten gift bags instead,” he said, looking at the bags of gifts they had bought for the soon-to-be one-year-old.

“What’s the fun in that?” Leila asked. “Half the fun of opening the gifts is to watch the kiddo ripping open the wrapping to get to the gift.”

“I suck at wrapping,” Nate told her. “My shit ends up looking like a one-year-old did the wrapping.”

“I’ll help you if it looks like the ship’s going down,” Leila assured him.

It turned out Leila had finished all her wrapping by the time Nate had wrapped his one gift. It was cut awkwardly and actually did look like a kid had wrapped the present. Fortunately, there was enough gift wrap left so that she could wrap his present again.

After she was done, she put them all off to one side, placed in the bags again to keep them from getting scuffed up.

“Should we to the party together?” Leila asked. It was kind of stupid to take two separate cars to the function when they lived at the same address, but they also weren’t ready to announce to the world that they were together. At least not yet.

“It would be silly to do otherwise,” Nate told her.

“Do you think they will know?”

“Well, it’s not like we have a neon sign plastered over our heads reading fucking behind everyone else’s back or anything.” Nate shrugged. “If we play it cool, it won’t seem unusual we’re coming together. If we come separately, that might ring an alarm bell for someone.”


They sat in silence. Nate had opened a bottle of wine and they were both sipping slowly from the glasses as they sat watching crap TV.

“You don’t think Violet would care that we’re together, do you?” Leila asked. She thought she knew her best friend pretty damn well, but Nate had lived with her for 18 years and if anyone knew her better, it would be him.

“I doubt it,” he said. “She was dating and is now married to a man who’s one of her father’s best friends and is a whole thirteen years older than her. If anyone is going to be open-minded about us, it’s her and Carl.”

“And your mom?”

“Mom’s always been hard to read,” Nate said, a brow furrowing. “I don’t think she’d care. She sees you as a daughter anyway. Knowing her, she’d probably start picking out wedding decorations or looking into fine China to give us for our impending marriage. She likes to think ahead, way ahead.”

Leila laughed at that.

“Besides, she’s always thought of you as a second daughter to her,” Nate said. “I know you have your mom, but your dad’s pretty absent from what I’ve gathered.”


Nate looked over at her, taking another sip of her wine.

“Your mom will get it one of these days, Leila,” Nate soothed. “If might be next week or two years from now, but everyone has a rock bottom. That point where it’s either dig yourself out of the hole you made for yourself or pull the earth in after you. Your mom’s been strong enough to get through this so far, and she’ll be strong enough for you when the time comes she’ll leave your dad.”

“I hope so,” Leila said, her face a mix of emotions, none of them good.

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