Provocation (18+)

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48. Laid Bare

With a few predatory steps, Nate was at Leila’s side and jerking her into his body. She yelped a bit but didn’t pull away.

“Do you know how difficult it was to watch you with your tits hanging out while I tried to play a couple of lousy hands of poker?” he asked softly against her lips.

“I believe I was the one all for doing away with the game and getting down to business, so it’s your own fault,” she told him chidingly. His lips brushed softly against hers and he groaned.

“I always was my own worst enemy.”

“Truth hurts doesn’t it?” she asked, wrapping her hand around his cock through his boxers.

“More like aches, but yes- it does.”

He bit down on her bottom lip gently, sucked it into his mouth, groaning.

“I always ache... for you,” he told her before sealing his lips to hers in a kiss. “I always will.”

Leila’s chest thumped loudly. She swore it could be heard over the wet sounds of their kisses, over the soft groans they gave each other.

Nate was pushing Leila onto the bed, gently urging her ass to find the soft duvet, the mattress beneath her. He pulled her hand from his dick, pushed his shorts off his hips to the floor and crawled onto the bed after her.

Hovering over her, he kissed her again. And again. His kisses drugged her and she wrapped her legs around him, pulling his body toward her. He denied her and started to kiss down her neck to her collarbones.

“Move in with me,” he said between kisses.


“Nate... we sort of... live together already,” she told him and his lips closed around a nipple, sucked at her.

“We’ll find another place, a bigger place. Just move in with me,” he implored before going back to suck on a stony-tipped peak.

“Wha... I- the duplex...”

“Can be rented out,” he told her. “Your mother can live on the bottom floor and you can rent out the top.” He sucked at her other nipple, watched as her whole body shivered. “Move in with me.”

“O-okay,” she murmured and felt his tongue slide down the space between her breasts.

It probably wasn’t the smartest idea to agree to such a big decision while someone was doing such delicious things to your body, but, her answer was out there, and she found she didn’t regret it.

His mouth wandered lower, lower, and her hands came up to fist into his curls, pulling gently as his tongue flicked out, tasting her skin. He mumbled something softly, something she couldn’t hear over the thrum of her blood as it roared in her ears.

“What?” she asked, gently, her hips circling as his mouth wandered closer to her sex.

“Nothing, sweetheart,” He told her and dipped his tongue into her center, tasting her where she was most flavorful.

He licked up and down slowly, a flick of a tongue, a thrust. Her legs were spread wide for him and she moaned a familiar symphony, her body thrumming along as it shook and shivered, writhed in place.

“Nate,” she moaned out, his name and the feel of him on her body was a tonic, the perfect tonic, for her anxiety and worry.

“Mmm,” he answered absentmindedly, content to simply keep her body occupied when her mind would not comply with his wishes.

“I’m...” She lost her train of thought as his lips sucked her clit up into his mouth and she was awash with sensation. If she didn’t know any better, she would have thought he had done that on purpose. Distracting her from her words, from whatever they were, and what she was about to say.

He continued to suck on her, lap at her, allowing his teeth to scrape along the hard edge of her clit, feeling it pulse against his tongue.

Nate could tell she was close, so close. Her moans became whimpers, her breathing made erratic. It was a tune he knew well, had written himself- with his lips, his tongue, and later on, his cock.

Every ounce of her pleasure seemed to saturate his brain and he licked faster, harder, used more suction. All until her body was so tensed, it seemed ready to implode in on itself.

“Fuck... right there,” Leila breathed out, the oxygen coming and going in soft, hard pants.

He sucked her up again between his lips, used his tongue to lick her in short, quick laps as her body convulsed and released in a earth-shattering orgasm.

She swore aloud as Nate continued to use the hard-edges of his teeth to nip and grind at her, adding a useful little circling of his tongue around the perimeter of her clit.

“Nate! Please,” she begged, her body coming down from her orgasm only to stir a deeper hunger. One no tongue could feed.

Nate said nothing, simply kissed her tummy and moved up the bed, sinuous as a snake. His mouth, once it made the trek to her lips, teased hers open for him and she could taste both Nate and herself.

Wrapping her arms and legs around him, this time he conceded and grabbed his shaft, pointing it toward her still quivering sex.

“I love you,” she told him as he pierced her with the first thick inch and closed her eyes.

“I love you,” he stated back, purposely leaving out the ‘too’. It wasn’t needed. The term seemed somehow grudgingly spoken when you added that small three-letter word to the end. And there was nothing but pure heart when he spoke it.

He filled her slowly, gently, thrusting his hips into her to find the perfect rhythm from the other day. When he did, a moan filtered into the room, and he found it was his own.

She echoed the sound with her own feminine one as his dick slid further into her, filling her in the way only he knew how.

“Fuck, Leila. You’re so fucking wet for me,” he told her, a groan leaving his lips simultaneously. “I want to wake you up like this every morning. My tongue in your pussy until I make you come, your sweet cunt wrapped around it afterward.”

That sounded like the best alarm clock ever to Leila. Who needed the shrill, unwelcoming ring of an alarm when you could wake up moaning your ‘good morning’ to the world?

His hips circled, pushed into her and she breathed out a quivering sigh of satisfaction. The heavy friction between the two of them swelled and he felt it as she gripped him even tighter than before.

“Come, Baby. Come for me,” he urged, hips driving into her to speed up her release. “I need to feel it, feel you.”

Fuck, she was tight. Even tighter than before. Her hands ran from his hair to his shoulders, driving her nails into the skin and muscle there, causing little indents in his flesh.

“Yes, I’m... coming,” she was barely able to grit out. She cried out his name as her climax crashed through her, leaving her breathless, white spots blinding her of her vision.

Nate felt as her clenching walls pulled him deeper with each contraction, drawing him in and massaging his cock. It made it hard not to slam into her to finish himself off.

Operative word being hard. Because he was very hard.

“Fucking hell,” he groaned out, snapping his eyes shut and tightening his lids. “I love it when you come. Best fucking thing in the world.”

His pace hastened as he threw his hips into her, chasing his own release. He was going to get another one from her, and he knew just what to do to get her coming for him again.

Each stroke seemed to push a breath from her body, his lungs expanding as he pulled away. They were like a single organism, feeding off each other, breathing as one.

And fuck it- this felt right. More right than leaving Lorelei, more right than coming home to California. Even more right than biting the bullet and apologizing to Leila for his past wrongs. He was still trying to make up for that. He felt like it would never be enough. No matter how many times he said sorry, no matter how often he told her he loved her, it all paled in comparison to what he felt for her. It was... more than words.

And for the first time, he felt he couldn’t wait for the next day when those DNA results came back and he was absolved of any responsibility toward Lorelei and her newborn baby. Ainsley? Aislinn? He couldn’t remember off the top of his head. Not when the majority of his blood flow was otherwise occupied in filling his dick.

He stroked in and out, grunting as his body became sweaty, his pace ratcheting up as he took her hard. The repetitive movements of his hips as he thrust deep caused a small ache in his thighs, but he pressed on, eager for the feel of her as she came again for him.

It was late, so late. After a late dinner and chatting with Leila’s mother and the game of strip poker, he knew Leila was depleted. Both mentally and physically. He needed to hurry this up.

His hips slammed into her and he felt that head-spinning sensation only Leila could pull from him. It was like vertigo, only he felt it in his chest as well. The dizzy feel filtered into his sternum, making it tight, but not uncomfortably so.

“Shit.” His release was close, possibly closer than Leila’s, and he couldn’t have that. “Baby... I- I need you to get there, sweetheart. I’m gonna... fuck... come deep inside you real fucking soon.” His words were desperate and needy and Leila could feel them sink into her skin like warm sunlight.

Nate felt her clench around him and her grip on his shoulders tightened, cutting off circulation. His hips continued to snap into her, though it was more difficult with the way she had him trapped like vice grips.

Giving her a searing, deep kiss, he continues to throw his hips into her and felt the familiar sensation as his balls drew up tight, ready to spill over.

“That’s it, sweetheart,” he groaned out when his lips came off hers. “Feel it... just fucking feel it. Come for me.”

Nate watched as her eyes fluttered closed and her teeth sank into her bottom lip. He wanted to taste that lips as well and he pressed another hot kiss to her mouth, teasing her bottom lip to him and sucking it inside his mouth.

She tasted of... Leila. Perfect, soft Leila. Sweet like honey with a spicy undertone like wine. He could drink it in forever if he could.

His cock swelled, balls drawing up still as he felt the first pulse of her sex around him. It grounded him, and he felt himself starting to spill deep within her, her name on his lips.

He rocked into her, riding out his own orgasm, and hers, before he stilled. His forehead came to rest on hers and their heavy breaths mingled for a moment, waiting for the formation of words to come freely to them again.

“Still want to move in with me and wake up like this?” he asked when he was able to pry his eyes open to look at her.

Her own green orbs gazed into his, her mouth curving up in a slow smile.

“Yes, I do,” she told him and kissed his lips softly. “Maybe not every single day, but I want this. Always.”

Not every- dammit!

“And why not every day, sweetheart?” Nate asked. “My stamina too much for you?”

Leila gave a small shrug, though it was a lazy gesture.

“I might be too tired some mornings,” she told him, cupping his face in her hands. “Late, interrupted nights, doing a little of this and a little of that.”

“Late, interrupted- what exactly are you going to be doing these late, uninterrupted nights? Reading a book? Quilting? Or are you one of those people that gets a good idea and has to jot it down immediately and work on it?”

“I’m not,” she told him as he slid off to the side, pulling out of her. She could feel his seed spilling from her slit, dribbling down to the crack of her ass. “But what if there are things that need to get done in the middle of the night?”

Nate was flummoxed, confused.

“What could possibly have to get done in the middle of the night that can’t wait until the next day?”

“Oh, you know... feedings, changings- that sort of thing...” She let her voice wander off, hoping he’d get the hint.


Nate felt his chest go still and tight until it screamed for air.

Feedings. Changings.

Holy fuck. Was Leila saying she was pregnant?

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