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One Year Later

“Aren’t you done in there?” Leila called from the bedroom. Nate was taking forever changing their daughter’s diaper.

“In a minute!” Nate’s tight voice called.

“It’s a diaper, Nate, not the Gordian Knot!” she teased. He was still having a hard time dealing with diapers of the number two variety. It cracked Leila up every time she saw him attempt to change a crap-filled diaper, so she had eased up and let him try it without her watching over every step of the production. It was the only way she didn’t giggle every time he turned green from the smell.

“What the hell is in breast milk that makes poop smell like this?” he mumbled to himself, though Leila heard. She clapped her hand over her mouth, stifling her laughter and trying to think unfunny thoughts.

Roadkill. Hemorrhoids.

Nate’s reaction when she had passed the mucus plug.

Okay. That was a little funny. His reaction was pretty hysterical. Even Dr. Garant, her ObGyn, had tried to school her face not to laugh at the shade of green Nate had turned.

“She’s dilated 5 centimeters,” a voice called. It could have been the doc’s voice or it could have been Santa Claus’. At this point, Leila didn’t care if the Pope was playing midwife. Someone needed to get this baby out of her already.

“Has she passed the mucus plug yet?”

A groan came from behind Leila and her head swung up to meet Nate’s green-tinged face.

“For God’s sake, no one say mucus plug. Please,” he muttered, begging.

Leila cried out as another nauseating belt of pain ripped through her stomach.

“Yes, the mucus plug and the water had broken.” That was definitely Garant speaking.

“Ugh,” Nate said, closing his eyes.

“Get ahold of yourself, Nathan!” Leila yelled, cutting him with a glare.

“Okay, just... try to tone down the ick factor,” he mumbled quietly.

“Mucus plug! Mucus plug! Mucus plug!” Leila screamed at him in a hurried manner.

“What the hell? Are you trying to get me to vomit?” Nate asked, a hand over his abdomen, rubbing.

“I’m desensitizing you to the word, you asshole!” Leila gritted out, breathing through the searing pain in her lower abdomen.

Nate flinched, turning a sickly pale green, his brow sweaty.

“Vagina vulva cervix dilation placenta effacement uterus PENECTOMY!!!” Leila cried out, the words almost flowing into one another.

“Penectomy?” Nate asked, eyes going wide.

“Oh, Lord,” one of the nurses said, her lips twitching into a smile.

“Yes! Penectomy!” Leila screeched. “It’s the removal of a man’s junk from his torso, which is the exact operation you’ll be getting if you don’t get your shit together, Charles!”

A chuckle faded out as one of the nurses left the room to cackle quietly in the hallway. Penectomy wasn’t a word you heard too much of in a delivery room, but she had a feeling this feisty redhead was a cut above the rest.

Luckily after that, Nate got said shit in order and the labor progressed with fewer threats to his genitalia.

“What are you smiling at?” Nate asked as he walked into the bedroom.

“Just remembering something,” Leila said as she schooled her face. “Is Cadence already asleep?”

“I played the guitar a bit for her,” Nate told her, popping the top couple of buttons to his shirt to pull over the top of his head. “Works every flippin’ time. She’s out like a light.”

With Cadence Angelica Charles sound asleep in the next room, all was quiet in the two-story home that Nate and Leila had bought a month before the baby had come. It had just so happened to come on the market a few days after Nate decided to buy them a new home. It was serendipitous as it was only down the road from the duplex her newly-divorced working mother now lived in.

“You missed your calling as a folk singer,” she told him as she laid her head back against the cool pillow behind her head.

“Yes, The Voice must be really missing me,” he said with a roll of his eyes.

“I prefer The X Factor,” Leila said. “They make more stars than The Voice any day of the week.”

Nate pulled back the covers to slide into bed next to his wife before pulling her onto her side to face him. He placed a slow, lingering kiss on her mouth before pulling back a few inches.

“Ever regret getting hitched and having a baby with a reformed asshole like me?” he asked, breathing in a deep inhale after the long day. At almost three months old, Cadence was every bit as fiery as Leila, though she sported Nate’s unruly mane of curly, light brown locks instead of Leila’s flaming ginger hair.

“Never,” she told him, punctuating it with another kiss. “Even if you do almost faint at the words mucus plug and cervix.”

He smirked but didn’t flinch at the word. Leila said it often enough now that he actually was getting desensitized to it. That and seeing a small bowling ball shooting out of your wife’s pussy had pretty much done it.

“Not anymore,” he told her and kissed her again. “But with all this hot medical jargon floating around, I dunno how I’m going to last when I fill you up with my cock and get you coming around me.”

Leila didn’t know how he did it. He made the sentence both sarcastic and hot as fuck.

“I have some medical jargon for you,” she told him, rolling over onto Nate to straddle his hips. “Pussy. Cock. Penetration. Ejaculation. Semen...”

She rubbed her clothed sex up and down his hardening dick and felt his groan right before he flipped her over onto her back and started to peel her clothing away.

“Don’t stop baby,” He told her as he pulled her panties down her legs. “Keep going.”

“Uhm...” Leila closed her eyes as his hands skimmed up her thighs and his thumb brushed over her dripping clit. “Orgasm... uh... come...”

She couldn’t think as Nate pulled his boxers down and his cock sprung free, smacking the flesh of his taut abdomen twice before he kicked them off with his feet.

“Areola? Nipple?” she mewled out as he sheathed himself in latex.

“Are you asking or telling me, kitty?” he asked once he grabbed his cock and rubbed the head of it up and down her slit.

“T-telling you,” she said, her eyes fluttering closed. “Boner. Breasts.”

His mouth closed around a nipple and he pressed against her hot, wet sex, filling her slowly as he bit down around her pebbled peak.

“Erection! Clitoris.... fuck!” Leila moaned out.

“Hush, sweetheart,” Nate told her from around her breast. “Don’t wake the baby.”

“O-okay,” she murmured as he slammed into her to the hilt. “Shit... Nate!”

Nate groaned out as he pumped his hips back into her, feeling her walls squeeze at him.

“Quiet, love,” he told her and groaned. “Hell, even with a condom on you’re so fucking tight.”

Yes, after little Cadence was born, they started using condoms. It had been several weeks since Leila had been given the go-ahead for sex again, and Nate had already gone through several boxes. They probably should start looking into buying them in bulk.

“Kegels,” she groaned out. “Still do ’em.” Leila had been religious in her kegel exercises after giving birth. Not only was it important to tighten her back up to fighting shape, but it was good after having so much pressure on her bladder and her other internal organs that were packed in like sardines at 9 months pregnant.

“Leila... oh fuck,” Nate murmured out as her pussy squeezed him again. “Get on your knees. I want to fuck you from behind.”

“My ass-” she protested.

“Is perfect still,” he assured her. Leila had been okay with her tummy bulging to gigantic proportions- it was only natural- but she had been really concerned when her ass had grown with her belly. “More to spank as well.”

Nate positioned her in front of him and kneaded the flesh of her cheeks as he squeezed them. She lifted it higher for him in offering when he groaned at the sight of the round globes in his hands.


Leila groaned out, throwing her ass back into his groin.

“What did I say about thinking your body is anything but perfect, baby?”


“F-f-uckkkkk,” she moaned and swiveled her hips as he thrust hard into her again.

“This body had my baby in it,” he rasped out as he pumped his hips into her again and again. He cupped the soft flesh of her belly which was still pouched but getting smaller every day.

“This belly, if it never gets small again, I don’t fucking care,” he told her. “No matter what you look like or how much weight you gain in future pregnancies, you’re it for me, Leila.”

He slammed inside her again, his dick twitching and swelling and he angled his hips to assault her g-spot.

“Nate,” she whimpered out. “So... fuck...”

Throwing his pelvis into her over and over again, he got her close to orgasm only to slow it down when she was at the precipice.

“You want to come on my cock, sweetheart?” he asked, giving a small jerk into her to accentuate the words.

“Yes... yes, please.”

“How many babies do you want with me, Leila?”


Her eyes blinked open at the question.

This was so not the time to discuss it, him being balls deep in her. She might agree to a hundred if he would just let her come.

“What?” She looked over her shoulder at him, at the dark gaze he was giving her. It was apparent immediately that he wasn’t fucking with her.

“Do you want 1? 4? 20?” he asked, his grip tightening on her hips until they dug into her soft, pliant flesh and branded themselves there.

“Uhm,” was her only response.

He slammed into her again, demanding his response and feeling as she clenched around him, her sex fluttering and on the edge again.

“Tell me how many and I’ll let you come,” he told her.

Well shit.

He slammed into her again when her breath hitched and she let out a soft wail.

“Fuck! I don’t know! Three? Maybe four?” she whined out. “Please just let me come!”

“Good enough, sweetheart,” he said and started to slam hard into her again, his fingers dipping between her folds and rubbing vigorously at her clitoris until she was contracting around him in hard, heavy pulses.

After they both came, Nate pulled her down onto the bed with him, spooning her from behind.

“I want at least two more babies with you,” he told her, nipping at her ear. She murmured a soft ‘okay’ at him, her eyes closed and brow sweaty.

“When do you want to start on the next one?”

Leila’s eyes blinked open wide and her breath caught again.

This man.

The End

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