Provocation--SAMPLE (Book 3 of The Conquest Series)

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Chapter Six


Leila was on top of Jason, riding him as his hands gripped her hips, pulling her up and down on him to go faster.

As she bounced on his dick, his hand came down to stroke her clit, thrumming it fast as he tried to get her to bounce harder on top of him.

“Fuck!” Leila called out as her pussy spasmed around him, eliciting a groan from the man beneath her.

His hand slipped from her clit and gripped her hips tighter before thrusting upward to fuck up into her. His knees bent further, causing his dick to assault her g-spot with more force.

“Gods, yes,” she called out, hoping his neighbors weren’t light sleepers or that the walls weren’t thin as paper like in some condos.

“Yeah, ride that dick, Baby,” Jason groaned, but all Leila heard was whore.

Her rhythm faltered as her eyes blinked open.

Where had that word come from?

Pressing her hands onto his chest, she tried to gain rhythm again until Jason got impatient and pulled her down to his chest, not allowing her to move as he continued to fuck up into her.

“Yeah, baby,” he muttered in her ear. “Squeeze that cock good with your nice, tight pussy. Shit!”

He gave a particularly hard thrust and Leila almost floundered, his dick popping from her hole almost completely before being slammed back down onto his formidable length.

Crying out, she felt herself tighten around him, her abdomen seemingly rigid with her impending orgasm. It wasn’t that she was so easily aroused that she came on command, but this man’s dick was like the yellow brick road to The Wizard of O’s.

“Fuck... I’m gonna come,” she whimpered out as her orgasm took hold of her, ripping from her body like a spark to a match.

“Oh... fuck, yes!” Jason cried out as he felt her spasm around his length, nearly choking his dick in its tight hold.

Flipping her onto her back before she could come down from the hazy heights of her climax, Jason continued to snap his hips into hers. It was a back and forth, to and fro power play for control. They were both dominance personified in the bedroom, though they somehow made it work without tearing each other’s heads off.

“Take this dick,” Jason commanded and laid a harsh smack to her ass.

Leila cried out and whimpered. His hand was a little heavier than she liked it, though she wasn’t usually averse to spankings.

Take this dick, you whore.

She heard it in Nate’s voice, as if he were right in the room there with her. It made her want to weep. The tone was accusing, not sexy.

Jason fucked another orgasm out of her and she cried out, tears pooling in her eyes from the suddenness of her release before he flipped her over onto her front so he could fuck her from behind.

She needed to wrest control from him. Again.

“No,” she whimpered out. It was a plea. She didn’t like to be taken this way. The man held too much power over her and it made her feel small, powerless.

“Yes,” he told her as he stabbed her quickly with his length and started to slam into her as if she hadn’t just come down from another mind-blowing orgasm.

Fucking you doggy-style like the bitch in heat you are.

That voice. She couldn’t get it out of her head and she truly started to weep, though Jason thought it was from pleasure, not from an emotional pain he had no idea she felt.

The hard sounds of skin against skin smacking were suddenly all she could hear until Nate’s voice intruded again just as Jason opened his mouth.

“Fuck, Baby. Who owns this pussy?” Jason called out, as if demanding a real fucking answer.

Whore. Whore, whore, whore, whore.

Me. I own my own pussy, you asshole. Assholes. Whichever.

“Who owns it, bitch?” SLAM.


Leila screamed and cursed her libidinous nature as she felt herself tighten around the man again. For the fourth time in as many hours.

And as her final climax met with Jason’s, she screamed out again, a garbled version of ‘me, me you asshole’.

She was sure he didn’t hear it, just as he didn’t hear what the other voice in her head was telling her.

Fucker probably tore the condom he rode you so hard. Another STD test and Plan B for you, Leila.


Leila left the condo and was almost relieved. The man had been rough, though she usually liked it that way.

And... she couldn’t remember where she parked the car, though she supposed it was probably in the guest parking lot. She remembered as much from the ride over. Jason apparently lived within walking distance to the pub she had gone to that night so they had rode in her car to the condominium.

Hitting the car remote with one hand, she heard a beep and a flash of amber light to her right.

Following the sound, she almost cried when she saw her car. Little dependable four-wheeled chariot to bring her home to... nothing. An empty apartment with an equally empty apartment downstairs. She would really have to take care of that soon. The end of the month was coming too quickly.

Walking into her lonely apartment that night, Leila did something she rarely did. She drank. And she drank and she drank. She rarely did so alone and... at home. She was a social butterfly, though you would think that was synonymous for floozy with the way Nate had talked to her.

She was on her fourth shot of vodka when she stumbled into her room, stripping herself of her clothing and tossing them unceremoniously onto the floor. She should burn them. She felt they shamed her with the stench of her one-night stand.

Her cell phone was flickering and she saw that she had a few texts and a voice mail. Seeing it was from her mother, she listened as her mother sobbed over the phone, nearly unintelligible.

Seeing as how she couldn’t just drive over to her mother’s in her state, she called her mom’s cell phone and heard her mother’s warbling voice answer the line.

“Mom? What’s wrong?”

Hearing a sniffle, Leila’s heart broke a little for her mom. This probably had all to do with the cad that was her father.

“I need to leave him,” her mom’s voice croaked.


“Then do it,” she told her mother, releasing a breath in exasperated relief.

“I... I can’t,” Mom said. “I still love him.”

Leila snorted before speaking.

“You act like ‘love’ is a cure-all for him being a dick,” she told her. “Love isn’t going to force him to be faithful any more than it’s going to keep you from getting hurt.” In fact, it hurts even worse.

Pushing the thought aside, she listened as her mother sobbed and Leila made a deal with herself. She was going to talk to her father. Soon. Really soon.

After all, Leila made enough to hire a private investigator and lawyer for her mom and take the man for every penny he fucking had.


“Who’s she?”

Nate looked over and saw Leila at the bar. Of fucking course. She was smiling at another gentleman as they both headed in the direction of Nate’s booth. He was sharing it with an old college acquaintance of his that was in town for business. The two had decided to head out for drinks to catch up.

“My sister’s friend,” Nate said, voice bitter. “Trust me, you don’t want to get involved. She goes through men like Kleenex.”

“Well she can certainly blow me,” Russ told him.

Russel Crane could have been the female equivalent of Leila as far as Nate was concerned. He was just better company than the prickly bitch who was walking his way.

“Hey, Gorgeous,” Russ said as he stood up from his seat. “Care to join us?”

Nate groaned audibly and Leila looked down at him, frowning. She was going to pass the man by so she could spend some time with her friend Jared, but since Nate was being such a prick, she decided to stay. Just to be petty.

“Sure, I’d love to,” she said, looking pointedly at Nate. “Besides, it’s been a while since I caught up with my good buddy Nate here.”

“Outstanding,” Russ said as he grinned.

Leila took a seat next to Russ while Jared sat down on Nate’s side. Just because she wanted to sit there just to irritate the man, it didn’t mean she should have to suffer his company too closely. She’d rather stick a pinecone up her ass and try to shit it out again.

“I’m Leila,” she told Russ, sticking out a hand to him.

“Russ, Russ Crane,” he introduced himself, holding onto her hand longer than was deemed necessary.

“Who’s your flavor of the evening, Lei?” Nate gritted out. “I thought you just picked up the men and took them home, not have a leisurely drink with them first.”

Leila blinked at him. So, that’s how it was going to be.

“This ‘flavor’ is my friend and personal assistant Jared,” Leila told him, her face emotionless.

“Pleasure, Doll.” Jared affected an even more effeminate tone of voice and Nate blinked before a tinge of pink sprung to his cheeks in embarrassment.

Nate grasped Jared’s hand for a brief moment before letting it go, seemingly subdued for the moment.

“So, sweetheart,” Russ asked, turning back to Leila after taking in the interaction between Nate and Jared. “What do you do for a living?”

“I’m an architect,” she told him. “I own my own company in San Leandro.”

“A woman like you must love being her own boss,” he told her.

“Yes, it has its... advantages certainly,” she tossed back, affecting a flirty smile.

Nate was at a disadvantage for a while, though he did speak with Jared for a bit about what he did for Leila.

“Now she has me dealing with her craigslist postings,” Jared said, affecting a long-suffering air.

“Really? I didn’t know Craiglist still had whores placing ads after those unfortunate incidents on Long Island,” Nate said, the words slipping out automatically before he internally winced.

He saw Leila’s face pinch and he could’ve sworn her eyes got a little glassy before she excused herself to the bathroom.

“I think that was a little unnecessary,” Jared told him. He loved Leila as a friend and was immediately irritated by Nate’s words.

“Yeah, I’m sorry,” Nate said, sighing. “We just... we have a combative history. Not physical. The words slip out before I can stop them, I guess.”

“Well, you shouldn’t apologize to me, Dearie,” Jared told him, his gaze steely and determined. “You should apologize to the person you keep demeaning every time you seem to be in the same general vicinity.”

Leila didn’t come back to the table and texted Jared that she wasn’t feeling well, though she was sure Jared knew the truth. She couldn’t go back out there and had slipped out the back entrance before making her way back to her car.

“This is my number,” Russ said as he pushed a napkin toward Jared. “It’s for Leila. Tell her to call me when she feels better. And I apologize for my friend here. He doesn’t think before he speaks.”

Russ may have been a manwhore, but he was at least gentlemanly.

Jared thanked him and glanced over at Nate disapprovingly before plunking down some money on the table to cover his and Leila’s last couple of drinks and a generous tip.

“What the fuck is your problem?” Russ asked Nate after Jared left the bar.

“Nothing,” Nate said. “I said I was sorry.”

“To the wrong person.”

Nate just shrugged.

“Not my fault she left before I could apologize properly. That chick brings out the worst in me,” Nate admitted.

After a minute of silence between the two friends, Russ broke it with a single word.



“Look at me.”

Nate leveled his gaze at Russ who was frowning back at him.

“You have feelings for her,” Russ told him.

“Fuck no!”


“I admit I had a crush on her when we were young, but I’m definitely over that who- girl now,” Nate claimed.

“No,” Russ told him. “You had a crush, but you still have feelings for her. Why else would you care who she slept with? Or how often?”

Nate had no answer for that and looked out the tinted window next to him. He could swear he saw two people hugging, one with fiery red hair that resembled Leila’s in length and hue.

“If you truly thought I had feelings for her, you wouldn’t have given her your number by proxy,” Nate finally said as he watched the two people eventually leave in a car. It didn’t look like Leila’s, but it could have been Jared’s.

Russ shrugged and crumpled up a loose napkin from the table.

“Not my fucking fault if you don’t go for it,” he told his friend. “I’m here for a week. You’re here for... life. Want me to let you know how she is? Sort of a test drive so I can tell you what you’re missing out on?”

“Remind me why I’m friends with you again,” Nate said, closing his eyes.

“The pussy,” Russ said loudly. “I attract tons of it and I’m more than happy to send my sloppy seconds to you.”

“Fuck you, Russ.”

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