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Little Pain In The Ass

Christian's POV

I pulled onto the pavement and Audrey immediately got out of the car when it came to a stop. She walked quickly into the mansion and I followed behind.

"It's nice that you're finally home, Christian. How was work?" Her voice carried anger.

"Work is work. What's the matter with you again?" I asked her as I checked my emails in my phone.

"You're seriously asking me that question. YOU'RE NEVER HOME! I feel like it's me alone who's in this relationship here."

"Audrey, why are you complaining when this is what you asked for. You knew about my busy schedules but you wanted to move in with me regardless. You chose to quit your job because I've got money. Now you expect me to stay at home with you and keep you company?"

"I want a baby, Christian!"

"And I told you that I'm not ready for kids!"

"We've been together for two years, Christian! Two Years! I'm your fiancee! I'm not some housemaid to just keep in your house! I want us to get married and have kids and be a family."

"Well I'm not ready for all those things," I told her and walked away. I got back into my car and drove to Sacha's.

I knocked on the door when I arrived and Sacha came out.


"Hey," she answered coldly.

"Can we head out?"

"Yeah, give me five minutes."

I waited in the car for over ten minutes, ignoring all the calls and lengthy text messages from my fiancee. Everything she says and does lately pisses me off and I couldn't remember the last day we had sex together. She was always not in a mood or going out with her friends, then she complains about being lonely and wanting a baby.

A baby for what? She wasn't fit enough to be a mother. She wasn't even a good fiancee.

"Sorry for making you wait. Judy was having trouble with a homework question," Sacha explained as she got into the passenger's seat. She fastened her seat belt and flashed a short smile at me.

"It's okay."

I drove us back to my apartment and as soon as the doors closed in behind us, I was at her. Kissing her feverishly as our bodies drifted over to a near by couch. I removed her T-shirt and rained kisses all over her stomach. She giggled lightly from the tickles I caused and then I removed her skirt next.

She was wearing a pair of pink lace underwear with black bow ribbons underneath. I thought it looked extremely sexy against her skin but I took more pleasure in removing them. She help me undressed and my body shivered under her touch as her hands glided on my skin to remove my black T-shirt.

Being both naked, I pinned myself over her like a thundercloud. I kissed all over her body, lingering at her very tight opening.

"Christian," she moaned my name when I shoved my tongue into her. She wiggled and her moans grew louder when she released all her pleasures on my tongue. I devoured every bit of it and slide my finger into her, gently. She grip a handful of my hair when I started shoving my finger in and out of her.

I waited until her next release before entering my penis. She was wet and heated and it felt fucking amazing altogether. Her tight walls hugged all the nine inches of me as I drilled into her.

"Get on all fours for me," I told her. I wanted to have as many positions as I possibly could before I nutted.

"But, wouldn't it hurt?"

"I wouldn't hurt you," I assured her and got into the doggy-style position as I commanded. I took her in. Her small ass was perfect and the way her body arched forward made her appear to be a professional fucker.

I spanked her and she hissed with pleasure. I gently slide myself into her again, watching her folds part to the side to let me through the opening. When she groaned with more pain than pleasure, I halted myself from pushing into her. Her vagina only wanted half of my dick in this position for now so I gave her just that.

I was gentle. Easy stokes. I didn't want to hurt her by bruising her or causing her to bleed. She was still new to this but I was happy she wasn't shy or disobedient. She'll make the perfect one.

"You feel so good, Sacha," I said as I fought to hold back myself. I pulled her onto me so that she was saddling me like a cowgirl on the couch.

"Bounce on me to your own will," I told her and slip myself into her. She took a good ten seconds before bouncing up and down like a ball. I couldn't fight the urge anymore. I quickly pulled myself out of her and poured my cum all over her stomach. I wrapped my arms around her slender waist and sealed my face into her small chest.

"Was that good?" she asked.

"No. That was excellent."

I cupped her face in my hands and kissed her passionately this time. Something, just something about her that felt right but I didn't want it to.


The next day at my office, my best friend and partner walked through the door and took a seat at my desk.

"What's up?" I asked him as I continued to type on the computer without making eye contact with him.

"You haven't told me about your final mission. How's that going for you, man?"

"It's going fine. She's great."

"Really? So you've finally managed to screw every race of women. When are you going to let her go?"

"At the end of the year."

"What? Why? You never went a whole year before!"

"Yeah, well. Sometimes, it's good to make a change."

"Ha! And what would Audrey do if she finds out about your little miss brown benefit?"

I eyed him.

"Hey man, my lips are sealed," he quickly defended.

"Are they, because the last time I checked, you almost outed me right in front of her. If it wasn't for Tim, she would have known I fucked with that Asian girl!"

"And I apologized. I honestly didn't know she was in the car. The seat did a good job at hiding her."

I shook my head with a smirk as I went back to writing out my email.

"Hey, are we still on for the trip on Friday?" he asked next.

"Yes, Kevin," I answered.

"Awesome. Can I bring someone?"

"Of course."

"Audrey coming?"

"Trips are not usually her thing and I know if I ask her, she'll just complain about not spending enough time at home with her and how she'll rather have a baby than to go on a trip, so no, she'll not be coming."

"What, but you'll be the only one there without a date. Tim is taking Jenny. I already asked him."

"Well, I guess I'll be taking Sacha. If she accepts."


I went home to my mansion that evening. Audrey was sitting in the bedroom, combing her hair.

"Tim called. He wanted to know if you or him were going to get the jet to your trip," she started and I cussed Tim mentally.

"I'll call him back," I coldly responded.

"You and the guys, along with their girlfriends or fuck friends, whatever the hell they are to them, are going on a trip and you didn't tell me!" she shot out and walked over to me.

"Look, I know trips aren't your thing."

"Bullshit. You like judging and taking control of my decisions without even asking me first! Whatever plans you're making in your head, you better cancel it because you're not going anywhere. Your mom is coming on Friday and she'll be spending the weekend with us!"

My blood came to a boil. My mom could be a bigger pain in the ass than Audrey.

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