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A Little Comfort

Christian's POV

I gathered the guys in my living room the very next day. I handed them each a cold beer before taking a seat, opposite them.

"So, what's up man, are we on for the trip or not?" Kevin eagerly asked before drinking from his beer.

"No, because someone couldn't keep their mouth shut!" I answered and dart my eyes on Tim. He gulp and drank his beer as a diversion.

"And, my mother is coming over this weekend," I finished and my friends' faces turned sympathetic. They knew my mother was a very obnoxious woman who always wanted things her way or no way at all. She thought she was always right and her favorite line was 'mother knows best'.

"Christian, I'm so sorry. I left a message and Audrey must have listen to it. I just wanted to know if we were taking your private jet or mine," Tim explained.

"Look, it's fine. That's Audrey for you. We could always do the Caribbean trip another time."

"How about next month?" Kevin asked.

"Next month would be perfect," I answered.

"What's happening next month?" Audrey asked, walking into the room with a tight fitted dress and red bottom heels. Her sweet perfume burned my nostrils as she approached and flopped down into my lap.

"What were you three talking about?" she asked again.

"A function at the company," I covered.

"Fundraiser," Kevin lied.

"For the homeless," Tim chimed in.

"Oh, okay then," she bought, "Babe, I'm heading out with my girlfriends. It's Callie's birthday and she's throwing a party at her place and of course, I'm invited," she stated.

"Okay, have fun," I told her and she got off me and walked out of the room.

"She's really dressed up for a girlfriend's party," Tim said after she left.

"What are you implying?" I narrowed my eyes at him.

"Nothing, well guys, I think I'll head out," Kevin said.

"Me as well," Tim let out and I walked them out the door. They got into their cars and left.


I took a shower and got dressed then I went into my garage and got into my matte black Rolls Royce. I called Sacha to let her know I was in need of her company at my apartment and she insisted on meeting me there.

A knock came one hour later. I opened the door to my apartment and found her there, wearing black shorts with a black crop top and gold gladiator heels.

"You look tempting," I told her and she chuckled and walked in. She went straight to the couch and locked her eyes onto me, just letting a thin smile display on her lips. She crossed her leg over the other and bounced it up and down.

"What's the matter?" I asked her when her smile disappeared and her eyes welled up with tears. She shook her head saying no but I knew something was wrong and she was trying to play it off as nothing.

"Be honest with me," I told her and slide in right next to her on the couch. I circled her neck with my arm and looked attentively at her, waiting for an answer.

"Remy and I had an argument," she let out.

"Over what?"

"She keeps taking my stuff. The ones you bought for me."

"Why is she taking your stuff?" I asked.

"She feels like she's entitle to it because I'm living at her place. Like it's a form of rent or something and I can't say anything much about it because I'm afraid she trips and throws me out along with my sister."

"But I bought those things specially for you, not for her. Even if you're living with her, she shouldn't feel entitled to your personal belongings."

"Yeah, well, she took the majority of my stuff and she keeps saying that brand names aren't for me because I'm too simple."

I scuffed and an idea crossed my mind. "Would you like your own space with your sister?"


"A place with enough space for you and your sister. I have a nice summer house, just south of here. I purchased it last year but never got the chance to even sleep in it. You could make it yours until you get something better."

"Really Christian, are you sure on this?"

"Of course."

"But Judy, and her school?"

"It's not far from Judy's school. When I said south, it's like ten miles away from here. We can go there right now if you want to check it out, although it's dark out."

"Yes, please let's go check it out!" she said and was already walking towards the door. I took my car keys and followed suit.


Several hours later, we were at the summer house. There was a pool at the front and a two slot parking space to the side. Sacha's eyes went wide when I opened the doors and entered into the foyer. The house was only two story tall. The upstairs consisted of three bedrooms and three baths and the downstairs held the kitchen, laundry room and the living and dinning room.

"This is beautiful. I can't believe it. Thank you so much Christian," she said with teary eyes when we walked into the bedroom she said she'll be taking. She turned to me and wrapped her arms around my neck and landed a kiss on my lips.

"You're welcome. I just want you to be comfortable but with twelve million dollars, you could get something much bigger and better than this."

"What? No. This is perfect," she told me and our feet went over to the bed. She hovered over me, taking control and I wondered where that spark came from. She was new to this. Her mouth enclosed mine and I didn't hesitate to kiss her greedily. I pulled her even closer, running my hands all over her body as we both moaned with passion. I felt my manhood hardening in my pants, begging to be launched inside of her.

I slowly undid the zip to her shorts and removed her crop top and her bra. She took her pants completely off and unzip mine. Her hand held onto my rod, running her fingers up and down the base to the tip.

"Fuck," I breathe out, "I want you on top, right now."

She bit her lips and started to saddle me but just as she was about to slip me into her moist and heated opening, my cellphone rang.

"You've got to be kidding me!" I yelled and mentally cussed who it was that decided to call at such a bad time.

Sacha moved off me and reached for my phone in my pants pocket. Audrey's name flashed on the screen.

"Hey," I answered.

"Christian, can you come get me?"

"What? Why? Where are you?"

"I'm at Callie's and she's acting like a total bitch and I had too much to drink and I can't drive home like this!" she was screaming hysterically into the phone.

"Why not just call yourself a cab?"

"Because I lost my purse Christian!"

"Okay, I'll be there soon. I'm leaving right now." I hung up and heaved a loud sigh before turning to face Sacha. "Sorry, but we've got to go."

"Okay," she answered and we got back into the car and I dropped her off at Remy's and went to get Audrey at Callie's place.

I found Audrey sitting on the curb, with her heels in her hands and her makeup a mess. I help her into the car and she dozed right off into a sound sleep. I was happy about that because I couldn't take on her drunk nagging. When I arrived at the mansion, I carried her upstairs to the bedroom and put her to bed.

"What kind of mother would you be Audrey," I mumbled. I got in next to her with thoughts of Sacha all over my mind.

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