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Little Discoveries

Sacha's POV

The very next morning, I was rather nervous about packing and moving out of Remy's place but I knew I couldn't stay with her forever and this was for the better.
I collected some large garbage bags from her kitchen and started throwing all my belongings, along with Judy's, into them. At mid-day, Remy came home and saw me packing.
"Sach! What's going on?"
"Hi, I'm..ah...Judy and I are moving out but I want to thank you for having the both of us here," I told her.
"Moving out? To go where?"
"I found a place."
"What place? Where? Why didn't you say anything to me about this before?"
"Remy, I just got the place, and it's for the better. You're always telling me that I can't sleep on your couch forever."
"I know you can't but this is too sudden. Is this about the stuff? Sacha, I'll give you back everything, I swear."
"No, it's fine. Go ahead and keep it. Christian gave me his summer house until I can get one on my own."
Her face fell and she looked like she was about to cry. I even heard her cussed Christian underneath her breath but I let it slide as I resumed to my packing. Christian had told me that he'll be by to collect Judy and me.
"Hey." I followed Remy into the living room and pulled her into a tight hug. She was still my best-friend and I had nothing but love for her although she could be quite over-bearing most of the times.
"I love you girl."
"I love you too and I'll miss you like crazy."
"You can always come by for a visit. I'll leave the address with you."
"Okay." The remainder of the time, we spent it making cookies in the kitchen until Judy.

Christian's POV
The day was almost over and I had promised Sacha that I was going to come by and move her to the new house. I took my Range Rover to work with me as it had much more space for storing her belongings.
As I made my way to my private packing lot, Callie ran towards me.
"Christian, I'm so happy I caught you. How's Audrey doing?"
"She's upset about what happened at your place between you and rest of your group." As I recalled, Audrey claimed they were being rude towards her for no good reason.
"Christian, I'm so sorry about that but it had to be done."
"Why?" I folded my arms as I leaned against my vehicle.
"Audrey showed up late, a mess, and drunk."
"What?" I was surprised by her response. Audrey was drunk?
"I'm not kidding. She even threw her purse at one of my friends." Callie handed me back Audrey's purse. "I really don't think I can be friends with her anymore."
"Hold on, I don't understand the fact that she was drunk because Audrey didn't leave home drunk. Where did she go before coming to your party?"
"That's something you'll have to ask her. Although we had always been friends, she had been very secretive lately and had been acting a lot different. Look, I just wanted to give her purse back to you because I don't want to face Audrey."
"But don't you think you two should talk about it?"
"I don't think so. Bye, Christian." I watched her walk back to her car before I got into mine and drove to Remy's place to get Sacha and her sister.
"This is our new house? We'll be living here?" Judy asked when her bright pair of eyes caught sight of the new house she and her sister would be living in.
"Yep. All yours," I answered and unlocked the doors to let them in. Judy instantly started running through the house with screams of delight while Sacha laughed and tried to get her to settle.
"Thanks again Christian. We appreciate it," Sacha said and wrapped her arms around me for a hug.
"You're welcome. I'll leave you two to get settle in. There's a security system right by the door. Please enable it when I leave. In case of any incident, the police would be knocking on your door in sixty seconds."
"Sounds comforting." I gave her a quick peck on the lips and walked out the door. I drove back to my place with Audrey and found her talking in hush tones on her cellphone. She ended her call as soon as her eyes met mine.
"Hey babe, how was work?" she asked.
"Here." I handed her purse to her.
"Oh. umm, Callie found my purse at her place?"
"It wasn't found because it wasn't lost. You threw it behind someone.What the hell is going on with you Audrey, and where did you go before going to Callie's party?"
She became silent as a lamb and started walking away from me but I wasn't having it. I trailed behind her.
"Answer me!" I demanded.
"What do you care, huh? I have a lot of shit on my mind Christian and you're not even seeing that! I told you countless times that I want to start a family with you and you keep shutting me down on that!"
"That doesn't answer my last question, Audrey."
"Okay! Fine! I went to a bar and while I was there, I met Randy."
"Your ex?"
"Yes. We had a few drinks. I guess I had one too many but nothing happened."
"Was he the one on the phone when I walked in?"
"No. It was your mother. She wouldn't be here on Friday so she wanted us to know that. She has a dentist's appointment."
I narrowed my eyes at her and it was my turn to walk away. I went into the master bedroom, asking myself if I should be angry at her having drinks with an ex or if I should just play it off as if nothing happened since I was doing worse.
I got into the shower to take my bath. I heard Audrey getting in also. Her arms circled my waist from behind and she plastered her soft lips all over my naked back.
"I miss us," she whispered. I pictured the very beginning of our relationship and it was the best times between us. Love making happened frequently and she was less demanding and more pleasing. She would tease me with her newly purchase lingerie sets so I can tear it off her and have her anywhere I felt, but that activity died and Audrey changed.
"Make love to me. Right here, in the shower."
I turned towards her and exhaled loudly. "I'm not in the mood, Audrey."
"Okay, who is she?"
"Who's who?"
"I'm not stupid Christian! Who's the girl you're sleeping with?"
"In case you haven't noticed! You and I haven't had sex in a while. You can't just hop into the shower and suddenly demand it. And you got some nerves accusing me of cheating when you're the one getting drunk with an ex!" I flipped the table.
"Nothing happened!" she yelled
"How am I to know that nothing happened?" She stayed silent and I rinsed the soap off and left her in the shower.
I stepped into a simple sweatpants and a vest and went into the kitchen for some orange juice. Audrey appeared again.
" I knew it! I knew it! Christian, you cheating on me?"
"No," I lied.
"Then who's 'Little Brown Benefit?" She asked and threw my cellphone after me. A messaged from Sacha was on the screen.
"I'm going to find out exactly who she is and when I do, she'll regret ever getting to know you!" she finished and stormed out of the kitchen.
This wasn't good.

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