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Little Confrontations

Christian's POV


I was in my home office when the doors slammed in rather loudly, disturbing me from the task at hand. I looked up and saw my 'beloved fiancee' with a nasty scowl on her face.

"What is it this time?" I asked, turning my eyes back to my computer but turning a listening ear to her.

"I cannot believe you would stoop that low, Christian!" she yelled. I looked at her for a quick second, just before she walked back out of the room.

'What the hell! Does she actually know about what I've been doing with Sacha? No, it can't be. There's no way she could find out so soon.'

Then I heard the mellow greeting of my mother's voice, calling from downstairs. I got up and met her in the foyer.

"Hello mother, so you've finally decided to come," I greeted her back.

"Oh Christian, I'm here for one reason and one reason only. Audrey told me that you're moving up the wedding, so I'm here to help my future daughter-in-law plan for it."

"Wait, Audrey told you......"

"Mom!" Audrey cut in and my mother pulled her into a warm embrace. They exited into the living room, leaving me standing there like a fool without a brain.

When in the hell did Audrey decided to go behind my back and talk to my own mother about moving up our wedding?


At dinner, we sat around the dinning table to eat.

"Oh, and the wedding dress should be specially made, of course," my mother and Audrey couldn't stop bickering about the wedding plans.

I cleared my throat.

"What is it Christian?" my mother asked very sharply.

"I'm sorry but this is all very new to me. Especially the plans on moving up the wedding," I honestly stated.

"What's new to you? Were you in a coma when the two of you got engaged?" she asked.

"No... but."

"No buts Christian! The two of you are engaged and living under the same roof. It's only right that you get married to her and stop stringing her along because I swear, if you break her heart, I'll break your every bone."

Audrey gave me a sly smile as she ate off her plate. It was quite obvious that she played her game well by winning the favor of my own mother. I heaved a sigh, lost and appetite and excused myself, all the while, they continued their discussions like if I didn't matter anymore.


Sacha's POV

*Several Days Later*

I hadn't seen nor heard from Christian for days and that was unlike him. He would usually send me a quick text just to check in or stop by when Judy was at school, but lately, he had been cold and there was a rumor circulating about him being engage and to wed very soon.

I was home alone. Judy was at school and I decided to call Christian's company but the assistant had informed me that he wasn't in today.

I called his cellphone - No answer and he wasn't responding to my text either. It dawned on me that Christian was ignoring me. It was times like these that I wished Remy was close by. She would know what to do or what to say to make me feel better but ever since she ran out of the house she had been avoiding me too.

What was wrong with me?

Do I have a virus that only her and Christian can see?

I was frustrated and being caged inside of a house wasn't helping me. I went upstairs to my bedroom and changed into my bikini and a beach wear. I then packed a basket of goodies and drinks and took it with me to the beach.

Although the house possessed a swimming pool, it couldn't be compared to the actual beach itself, with the sand and salt water.

I sat down close to a rock. I laid out a blanket and my basket of eats and drinks. I put on my sun-glasses and popped my earphones into each ear as I browsed through my RnB playlist and settled on Rihanna.

I was enjoying the fresh air of the ocean breeze, and the warmth of the sun, when a ball came bouncing into my direction. I dodged quickly, avoiding the hit to the face.

"Oh damn! Miss, I'm so sorry," a guy apologized and he fetched his ball.

"It's okay. I didn't get hit."

"You would have sued me over a ball?"

"Oh please, I'm not that petty." I removed my sun-glasses to get a better look. He was very fit, with a visible six-pack. He was only only his beach shorts, a tempting sight for sore eyes indeed.

"How about I make it up to you though, dinner with me tonight?" he asked and I was caught by surprise by his offer.

"I don't even know who you are."

"I'm Joshua, but everyone calls me Josh."

"I'm Sacha. Everyone calls me Sacha," I joked and he laughed.

"I love your sense of humor. So, it's date then?"

"Sure," I answered and we exchanged numbers.


I left the beach before Judy got home from school. I had requested a babysitter just for tonight so someone could keep an eye on Judy. She was ten and she shouldn't be unsupervised at the house.

Evening came quickly. I had washed my hair and gave it a slick press. I applied little makeup since I wasn't a professional like Remy and I didn't want to look a hot mess. Afterwards, I stepped into a yellow fitted skirt that reached my ankle but had a decent split to the front and a crop top to match.

Finally, I put on a pair of black wedges and held onto my black clutch. I stared at myself in the long body mirror.

"Wow," Judy said when she poked her nosy self into the bedroom. "You look amazing. Christian would be struck."

My blood ran cold. "I'm not going out with Christian tonight. I made a new friend."

"What's his name?"


"Okay. Hope you have fun. The babysitter is here, by the way."

"Okay, I'll be down shortly."

I texted Josh's number as Judy disappeared. He informed me that he would be here in five minutes so I went downstairs and inform the babysitter about Judy's rules.

"She's allergic to nuts so please refrain from giving her anything that contains nuts. No water before bed and her bedtime is strictly nine. Don't let her try to bribe you in staying up late."

"Noted," Jessica, the babysitter assured.


"Josh is here. Bye you two. Be on your best behavior Judy," I called as I walked to the door.

Josh was standing outside, looking very handsome with black jeans and white t-shirt.

"So, you didn't say where you're taking me," I told him when we got into his car and were on the highway.

"A company I work for is having a grand restaurant opening tonight. I thought it would be nice to bring along someone."

"Sounds entertaining," I said.

We chatted until we pulled up into the restaurant's packing lot. Josh got my door and held hands with me as we walked to the red ribbon, waiting to be cut by the owner or manager or whoever.

"My boss is about to cut the ribbon now," Josh told me as he went up on his toes, trying to scan above the crowd. I couldn't see anything but within seconds, the crowd thinned because people started heading inside.

"I guess we missed the speech," I told Josh as we followed.

"My boss is a man of few words anyways."


Josh found us seats with others from his work place. He introduced me to his peers and they seemed very friendly. The food was heaven and the wine was one of best wines I've ever tasted.

"Wanna get out of here? I feel like this more of a company dinner than a date," Josh whispered.

"Okay," I answered and rose from my seat. Josh did the same.

"Josh, you're leaving already?" one of his co-workers asked.

"Yeah, I promised Sacha a date," he replied.

"But you haven't even said hi to the boss," a voice came from behind us.

"Hi boss," Josh said as he turned in the direction of the voice, "Let me introduce you to my date, this is Sacha. Sacha, this is my boss, Mr. Christian Alexander."

'oh sweet Jesus' I was shaking in my new wedges.

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