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Little Expressions

Sacha's POV

Remy turned towards me with fear in her eyes. I was the last person she was expecting to run into and when the van pulled away with a loud screech, she had no other choice but to face me.

"Remy, how could you? How could you betray me like this?!" I yelled at the top of my lungs.

"I didn't swear my loyalty to you!" she had the audacity to snap back at me. The center of my palms heated up because it was taking every nerves in my body to not hit my former best friend.

"You're a snake," I told her.

"Oh, so now I'm the snake because I'm making my money moves."

"So that's what this is about, huh, money?"

"You know what is your problem Sacha, you think you're so perfect and such a saint but when Christian came along and offered you money in exchange of sex, you had no problem spreading your legs for him.

I may be a snake, but at least I don't sleep with men for their money, bitch!"

"You're a stripper slash bar tender, of course you've slept with men for their money before so don't you dare try to convince me otherwise!"

"You know what, I don't have to listen to you. I was there when your landlord threw your ass, along with your little sister, out. You lived with me rent free. You used up my water, my couch and my food stuff for FREE! But when you got your money, you forgot all about me and moved out without even telling me in advance and you're calling me the snake. You did what you had to do and so did I."

I shook my head at her. Remy wasn't patient enough for me to hand her some money. Of course, what she said was true about her being there for me and I knew that but I would have given her two million dollars if only Christian had kept his words to the contract but it was her fault all together.

She went behind my back and betrayed me by telling Christian's fiancee about Christian and me.

"Fine, you did what you had to do. I hope every penny is worth losing your best friend," I finished.

I left her standing there and went back to Judy and took her back home.


Upon entering the house, I had a terrible headache. I laid myself down on the couch and Judy rested a cold rag on my forehead. I felt myself heating up again and the movement of vomit making its way to the back of my throat. I slowly peeled myself off the couch but I collapsed onto the floor from dizziness.

"Sacha! Sacha!" I heard my little sister's voice and saw her fading figure besides me before everything around me went dark and darker.


*Beep Beep Beep*

I woke up to a beeping sound and a white lit room. My eyes hurt as they adjusted to the bright light and the unfamiliar environment.

I was in a hospital bed with an IV stuck in my hand and a monitor that was showing my heart rate and made a beeping sound to every beat.

"You're awake," a female doctor said as she walked into the room, "I'm Dr. Ramsey, how are you feeling?"

"What happened?" I asked her.

"You fainted at your house. Your kid sister called 911, and here you are," she explained as she wrote down something into a chart.

"What caused me to faint, what's wrong with me?" I asked.

"I can tell you've been under a great deal of stress and you haven't been eating right or as you should. You can't be doing that you know, it's not healthy for the both of you."

I nodded my head. "Don't worry, I've been feeding my little sister as should. I always make sure she gets her breakfast on mornings before going to school and dinner when she gets home from school. I know she'll be fine."

"That's lovely but I wasn't speaking about your sister."

"Then what were you talking about when you said 'the both of you'?"

"I'm talking about the baby."


"Your baby, you're pregnant."

My mouth shut and my eyes popped opened as I tried to digest what Dr. Ramsey just told me.

"You weren't aware?" she asked me.

I shook my head no, lost for words.

"Well let me be the first to congratulate you. If you turn to the left, that's the monogram right there. I'd say you're about a little over three weeks, close to a month approximately."

"But how could I....when did we..... oh my god!" I shouted as I recalled the very last encounter between Christian and myself. It was basically our goodbye sex almost one month ago indeed.

Now, I'm pregnant. I'm pregnant with Christian's baby and he was about to get married to someone else.

I broke into tears once again and sobbed loudly like a lost child. Dr.Ramsey came over and comforted me with tissues and small taps to the back.

"It's going to be okay. You're young and these sort of news are usually shocking at first."

"It's more about the circumstances now. How am I to bring this child into the world without his or hers father in the picture? I can't do this on my own, plus I have a sibling to take care of," I cried.

"Oh, I'm sorry. The dad isn't in the picture?"

"No!" I sobbed louder, "This wasn't meant to happen. He has his own life with someone else."

"There are other alternatives to the problem, Sacha. There's adoption. You can bring this baby into the world and give him or her up for adoption to a family who can't have a baby. Or, you can terminate the pregnancy."

My chest heaved as I weight my options.

If I carry this child, Christian would know, and his fiancee would know and by her reputation, she would destroy me but if I have an abortion, no one would know and I can move on with my life like nothing had happened. But I'll feel so guilty about it. Just terminating an innocent life, a life who didn't even have a chance to see the world.

"I don't know what to do," I said.

"You don't have to decide right now. You can sleep on it, or call the father and decide together what is the best option for this. I'll leave you to it."

I watched as she left the room and I took out my cellphone to call Christian. With every ring, my heart raced faster and faster.

He picked up after the fifth ring.

"Sacha," his voice came and a smile instantly spread across my face. It amazed me how just his voice made my world seemed alright and melted all my troubles away.

"Christian, there's something I need to tell you."

"Now is really not a good time."

"Christian, I need your input on something."

"Sacha, I'm sure you can work it out on your own."

"Why are you talking to me like this, are you not interested in anything I have to say to you anymore, Christian?"

"Look, I really have to go." He hung up without another word.

It was clear now. Christian wanted nothing to do with me.

I looked down at my stomach, knowing what my option is going to be. "I'm so sorry little one. I'm so sorry."

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