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Little Talk

Sacha's POV

After being discharged from the hospital a day ago, I was sitting on my bed, in my bedroom, pondering on how my life had taken a drastic turn. I wasn't ordinary Sacha Rish three months ago. I had over one million dollars in the bank - with interest and previous savings from my job, and I was pregnant with a billionaire's baby.

A small wave of excitement rushed through me as I pictured myself being a family with Christian, raising our child and Judy together, but that excitement faded away when a knock came to the door downstairs.

I picked myself up and went to open the door. In walked Christian's fiancee with another woman whom I assumed was Christian's mother since she held the same emerald green eyes like his.

"Can I help you ladies?" I asked, turning around to face them.

They laughed in unison.

"So this is the one who has been screwing my son?"

"That's the one," Christian's fiancee answered.

"You're not showing as yet?" the woman asked again, staring at my stomach with livid rage.

"I'm about a month," I awkwardly answered, covering my stomach with my hands as if she was attacking it.

"Okay. I came here to tell you a couple of things. One, you're to stay the hell away from my son. He's about to be married. Two, you're going to abort that bastard inside of you and three, you're to return every penny Christian spent on you. If you don't comply with anything I've just said to you, I'll make your worst nightmare a reality.

Audrey, let's get out of here." The women went for the door.

"Oh!" Christian's mother inputted again, "This summer house belongs to my son. You have less than twenty four hours to leave so I suggest you get packing." They turned on their heels again and left, slamming the door after them.

I watched as they got into a Range Rover and their personal driver drove out the gate.


Tears of embarrassment scrolled down my face as I started packing my belongings. I didn't know what those women were capable of and I wasn't about to put my kid sister in harms way all for a man who wasn't mine to begin with.

After stuffing and shoving clothes into garbage bags, another knock came downstairs. My heart raced with fear.

Did they come to make sure I was packing?

I didn't went to the door. I didn't want to have to deal with them anymore. I stayed in the bedroom, concealing myself behind the door but when I heard footsteps, coming up the stairs, getting closer and closer to the bedroom, I took a picture frame and made a swing.

Luckily, he had great reflexes or else that picture frame would have smashed against his head.

"Sacha, it's only me."

"Christian, you almost give me a heart attack. What are you doing?" I asked as I put the picture back on the night stand.

"What are you doing?" he asked, looking at the bags. "Hold up, are you packing?"

"Yes," I answered.

"What's the reason?"

"Because your mother told me to."

"My mother?"

"Yes. She was here a while ago, with your fiancee. She wants me to stay away from you, get an abortion, hand back the money you gave and spent on me and lastly, she wants me to leave your house so I'm doing just that, Christian," I cleared for him and I resumed packing.

"No. You're not doing any of those things!" Christian shouted and started taking my belongings out of the bags that were already filled.

"Christian! Stop!" I yelled, trying to stop him.

"No! I'm not going to stop. You're not going anywhere!"

He wrestled the bags away and after five full minutes, I grew tired of the tug-of-war between us and the bags. I watched as he unpacked every bag, putting everything back in its respective place.

Afterwards, he sat down on the bed beside me.

"Christian, at one point, you'll have to let me go."

"No, I don't."


"You think I can just let you walk out that door without knowing where you're going or where you might end up?"He turned to me, giving me the serious look.

"This is for the better. I don't want to get involve in your personal life. Everything has been a big mistake. I shouldn't have slept with you and I shouldn't have gotten pregnant with your baby!" I cried.

"Do you regret meeting me, Sacha?"

I lowered my head.

"Look me in my eyes and tell me that you regret getting to know me," he commanded but I couldn't because I didn't regret meeting him one bit.

With the courage I had left, I looked him dead in the eyes. "I don't regret meeting you."

As fast as lightning, he was at my lips, kissing me feverishly. His tongue caresses mine and his minty fresh breath calm me down and erased every fear and confusion I was going through. Having my eyes closed, I felt my body being gently pushed back onto the mattress. He hovered over me. The kiss never broke.

My hands went underneath his T-shirt and peeled it off his impressive body while his roamed all over me, causing me to beg for him. I was never this hot for Christian. I threw him over, not knowing where I found the strength to do, and removed my clothes before he could. I quickly took his pants off and took his member out.

I had never pleased him with my mouth, and after watching many adult movies in his absence, I was confident enough to deliver my first blow-job to him.

I took him into my mouth slowly like a huge lollipop. I used my tongue as a form of massage to the tip of him. He moaned slowly and I took upon instincts to start bobbing up and down on him until ...


"I'm sorry. I'm sorry," I said and embarrassment wrapped its cold feeling around me once again. I was moving too quickly and let's just say so was my teeth.

"That was great though, being it's your first time and all," he said and pulled me onto him. "Now, it's my turn."

His define tongue and lips went to work on my folds, clit and opening until I was beyond wet. Maybe it was the hormones or lack of him for weeks, but I found myself putting him inside of me before he could. My hip bucked and rotated while he was pinned against my body. My climax at that time was one I had never experienced before and what was amazing was that we both did it at the same time.

He fell next to me, panting and laughing. "You're fucking amazing. I love y.. I loved it," he corrected.

"Christian, are you going to marry Audrey?" I asked out of nowhere. He cleared his throat before responding.

"Yeah. I mean...yes. Look, Audrey and I.. we've..she's been there through everything."

"Okay," I simply answered as I concealed my disappointment.

"Hey, let's not talk about my marriage. Let's talk about our baby."

I smiled at those words. 'Our baby'.


Christian and I spent the rest of the day together, cooking and looking at movies like a regular couple would and when Judy got home, she was happy to see him as well.

Then, it was time for Christian to leave. I walked him to the door. He turned to face me and cupped my face in the palm of his hands and planted a kiss on my lips.


"No! Please don't say 'goodbye' Christian," I pleaded.

"I wasn't going to. I was about to say goodnight," he chuckled.

"Oh, goodnight then."

We kissed again and I watched him leave as the butterflies flew around in my stomach.

I wanted this. I wanted him to be mine but he wasn't.


The week seems to go faster when you're dreading a day. It was Thursday. Two days before Christian's wedding. I was emptying the pool when I looked up and saw Remy standing there, with tears in her eyes and snort from her nose.

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