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Little Flowers To The Face

Sacha's POV

I allowed Remy to crash at Christian's summer house while she grieved and I silently coped with the heartbreak from not having Christian in my life.

It was Saturday. The day of Christian's wedding. There was to be a live stream on the whole event and I had logged on to view it. I wanted what was best for him and to see him happy even if that meant seeing him married someone else.

"Hey, good morning," Remy greeted me when she saw me sitting by myself on the patio close to the outdoor swimming pool.

"Good morning," I answered and tried hard to cover the sorrow in my voice.

"What are you doing?"

"Oh, umm, watching the early preparation for the wedding."

"What? Sacha, no. You can't be doing this to yourself," she said and took my cellphone away and turned off the live streaming.

"Christian made his choice. You just need to accept that and move on with yourself. You still came out on top. You got this house and a paycheck."

"And his baby," I added.

"You're pregnant?"


Remy's eyes popped. I hadn't told her since we had just rekindled our friendship and we hadn't a chance to speak on my personal matters.


Christian's POV

I got out the shower and yet again, watched the tux laying on the bed. I toweled off myself then applied lotion. I slowly got dressed in front the body mirror while thoughts continued to rain in my mind. My hands were shaking but I managed to pull myself together and completed my attire.

I took one more glance in the mirror before leaving the bedroom to find Kevin and Tim who were both my best men. I didn't want one to feel better than the other so I made them both Best Men.

Together, we walked outside to the limousine. Audrey was already at the church, preparing herself with the help of my mother.

Upon arrival, Tim,Kevin and I took our place at the alter. The church was already filled and people were still entering, squeezing in on the rows of benches just to be apart of this wedding.

"Hey man, are you okay?" Kevin asked me when he noticed I wouldn't stop toying with my fingers and staring down at my feet.

"Huh? Yeah. I'm good," I answered.

"Okay. Well look sharp because your bride is about to walk through those doors."

Immediately, the 'here comes the bride' tune started and everyone rose up in unison. The doors drew open and Audrey was standing there with her wedding dress that looked as big as a cloud and the veil covering her face. Her father, whom I met only once, took her arm and started leading her down the aisle.

With every footstep, my heart raced more and more. My mother gave me a pleasing smile from the front row and I coldly returned it.

When Audrey finally reached the alter, I took her arm now and we took our place in front of the priest who started his lengthy speech and long bible reading. Several yawns were heard followed by laughter until it was time for the vows.

Audrey took the liberty in speaking first.

"Christian, you're everything a woman wants and more. The first day I met you, I knew we were perfect for each other and I also knew that we'll find ourselves here, to be husband and wife. I promise to do right by you and to be the best wife I could ever be. The past is the past and I don't care about what happened there anymore. I need you."

"And you Christian?" the priest said.

"Audrey," I started, "You're an amazing woman. You're headstrong, beautiful and incredible and you deserve your happiness. You really do."

"Christian," she tried to cut me off.

"Let me finish," I told her. "It had taken this very moment, right here, in front of our family, friends and people I've never even met to realize that this isn't what I want anymore. You're not who I want anymore. Marrying you would be a burden on the both of us and you know that."

"Christian, it's your cold feet again," she covered. Her smile erasing and turning into a frown.

"No it's not cold feet. It's my heart. I'm not in love with you. I never was but I want you to know that this has nothing to do with you. You're incredible, you're....."

"SHUT UP! JUST SHUT UP!! DON'T SUGAR-COAT ME! You think you're so perfect with your money and your billionaire status while I had to put up with your bullshit for years!" She slapped her bouqet of flowers across my face.

There were 'ooohhhh' and 'ooooooossss' from the crowd.

"But I got some news for you buddy. While you were accomplishing your brown benefit, I was doing some of my own. I was still sleeping with my ex and I fucked Tim while you crashed at Kevin's place."

I turned towards Tim.

"Hey, hey , hey. I swear, it wasn't like that," he quickly defended.

"We're in a church, Tim," Kevin snapped at him. "Don't be lying in front of the Holy Spirit."

Everyone's eyes were on Tim. He dropped his head and ran out of the church like a wet cat.

"The wedding is off!" I shouted and I walked off the alter. My mother called after me and so did Audrey but I had nothing more to say to them and I wanted nothing to do with Audrey.

Some might say it's Karma. They're not wrong but Karma works in mysterious ways which you have the opportunity to spin around in your favor if you can and it did for me. I used that opportunity to end things with Audrey because we were not the perfect match. No much thing as the 'Perfect Match'.

I had the limo driver took me to the only place I knew I could blow off steam. Half an hour later, Kevin found me.

"How you knew I'd be here?" I asked him, punching the bag.

"Because I knew you were angry and I also know that when you're angry, this is the only place you'll be at."

"Did you know?"

"About Audrey and Tim?"

"Yeah. Did you know?"

"I suspected but I wasn't certain. Audrey would always have information on your whereabouts and what happened on trips even though she wasn't there. So it had to be someone telling her those things."

"I don't blame her. I just don't want anything to do with her again," I said and punched the bag even harder than before.

"Why don't you just leave the gym and go to her. It's not too late. Go tell her how you really feel and take another shot at love, Christian. No walls up."

"No walls up," I repeated and stopped punching the bag. I heaved an exhausted sigh and Kevin and I left the gym.


Sacha's POV

Judy had been pleading to stay up late to watch a movie with Remy and I but eventually fell asleep right on the couch and I wasn't about to carry her up all those steps with a pregnancy.

"More popcorn?" I asked Remy.

"Nah, I'm good," she answered.

A knock came on the door. I looked at the time. It was 10:30 pm.

"You expecting anyone this late?"

"No," I answered. I slowly got up and went for the door. I opened it slowly and saw his luminous green eyes and wide smile.

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