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Little Bad News

Sacha's POV

I simultaneously glanced at the clock again and tried Christian's number for the thousandth time.

It wasn't like him to ignore my calls when he was out with my little sister.

"Hey," Remy said, walking into the living room area to join me.

"Hi," I answered coldly.

"What's wrong?" she asked, looking as I removed the phone from my ear to no avail of getting Christian.

"Something is wrong. I have this pit feeling that something is wrong with Christian and my sister."

"Oh, come on Sacha. He took her to the doctor. What can possibly go wrong? His phone is probably in the car and he's with Judy, spoiling her with shopping and stuff."

"No. Judy isn't well. I don't believe he'll take her shopping after the doctor."

"Well, maybe they went to get a bite to eat. Don't worry yourself too much. You'll get sick too."

I let out a loud sigh and almost jump out of my skin when a loud thump came to the front door.

"I'll get it," Remy said and went to the door. "Sacha! You need to come here!" she called.

I went to the door and saw two police officers. "I'm officer Reigns and this is detective Finn. Are you Miss. Sacha Rish?" he asked while showing his badge to identify he was who he said he was.

"Yes I am," I answered. My heart started racing.

"Ma'am, I'm afraid we have some bad news. There was an accident involving your sister. Does the name Christian Alexander ring any bells?"

"Yes. He..." I stuttered as the information registered in my brain. "They were in an accident? Are they going to be okay? What kind of accident, how did this happen?"

I was asking questions after questions until Remy wrapped me in her arms and comforted me. I didn't know I was crying until Remy handed me a tissue from her pocket.

"Ma'am, we're still investigating the accident. His 911 call stated that his ex-fiancee was trying to run him off the road. Call died right after that," Detective Finn responded.

"So why aren't you out there arresting her?!"

"We have officers after her, ma'am. We're just here to deliver the news. You should get dress and head down to the hospital."

"Yes, of course."


Within one hour, Remy and I were at the hospital, frantically asking for Christian Alexander and Judy Rish.

"I'm sorry, you're not allowed to see them at the moment," every doctor and nurses would say whenever we asked.

I was beyond worried. Their situation was probably pretty bad as to why we weren't allowed to see either of them as yet.

It was 3:00 pm when a doctor walked towards us in the waiting room area with a sad expression on his face.

"Hello Miss.Rish, I'm Dr. Hanes."

"Doctor, what's the news?"

"I'm afraid that it's not so good.

Mr. Alexander has slipped into a coma. There was major impact on his brain from the accident. We don't know when he's going to wake up."

"And my sister?" I was tearing up again.

"Little Judy is fighting for her life. She has an injury to the back of her head and her spine."

"Her spine?" Remy asked him, "Is she going to be able to walk after this?"

"It's a fifty-fifty chance that she will or wouldn't be able to ever again."

My loud scream flooded the hospital. My body slumped onto the floor as hot tears poured down my face. I felt like great walls had dropped down on me from every angle and they were crushing the shit out of me.

I found it hard to breathe and think. I only had an emotion of regret. I shouldn't have let them walk out the door. I should have made a home remedy to get rid of Judy's cold.

Doctor Hanes and Remy help me back into a chair once I couldn't cry anymore.

I was drained. Empty.

"When can we see them?" Remy asked while rubbing my back gently as a form of comfort.

"You can see them right now if you wish. Right this way." We followed the doctor to Christian's room first.

I couldn't believe the sight. The once handsome man I admired so much, looked like a fragile vulnerable thing now.

There was a big bandage wrapped around his head. Cuts and bruises were visible all over his face. He was unconscious and it broke my heart to be in the same room with him and he wasn't aware of my presence.

"How am I going to do this without you?" I asked myself as I looked at him. He was motionless and what hurt more, the doctors had no idea how long he would be like this.

"What if he never wakes up?" I turned to Remy.

"He'll wake up. You have to think positive, Sacha."

I nodded in agreement, kissed Christian on his forehead and went to see my little sister afterwards.


Just when I thought my heart couldn't break any worse, it did, tugged out of my chest and I wanted to have Audrey's head on a platter.

Judy looked terrible to the point where I couldn't even recognize her. She was unconscious too. More than fifty percent of her body were in bandages. The way her leg as elevated, I knew it was broken. Her face was swollen to the point of being blue.

"Audrey better hope that the police gets to her before I do, because I swear, on my parents' grave, I'm going to kill her," I let out.

"Sacha, you're pregnant. You can't go after Audrey in this condition. You think Christian would want you putting yourself in harms way?"


"She should be at home watching cartoons or singing along to Alvin and the goddamn Chipmunks or reading one of her school books!

Not fighting for her life in a hospital!"


Remy's POV

Sacha was a mess and I was trying my best to keep her level headed. I couldn't make her go after Audrey and get hurt by her.

It was obvious that if Audrey would hurt Christian like that, she could shoot Sacha and careless about her unborn child.

Sacha wasn't meant to even become pregnant for Christian. That was just careless and silly of her to bare child for a man involved with another woman.

She should have had that abortion and get her life back. The baby would only get the way of her becoming someone in life.

I thought she wanted better. I thought she wanted more and her own independence but here she was, crying over Christian.

In my opinion, he deserved being a coma. He made a fool out of Audrey and she handed him back his karma, served hot.

Men shouldn't play with women's emotions because we're capable of being crazy and dangerous and revenge is always at the tip of our fingers.

My only regret was that Judy was caught in this. She was just an innocent child. She didn't deserve any of this.

I thought Audrey and I had an understanding but she went over the edge now.

A form of guilty crept through me and made a tear slipped out my eye.

"It's my fault," Sacha said, waking me from my thoughts.

'No. It's my fault. I texted Audrey. I told her where Christian would be. I knew she would do something crazy, like burst out his car windows while he was at the doctor's office with Judy, or confront him and make a scene for the blogs and media with some dirty secrets that all billionaires and millionaires had, but I never thought she would have do what she did.'

I wanted to tell Sacha but I was too afraid. She'd kill me if she finds out I was still friends with Audrey while living underneath her roof.


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