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Little Drama

Sacha's POV

I was glad to have Remy in my corner like a time like this. I needed my best friend back and I had her.

After hours at the hospital, after down pour of tears and after I threw my hormonal tantrums, I was at home resting on my favorite couch.

I mind instantly went back to Christian. He had me on this couch just some hours ago, kissing me and holding me in his strong arms.

I exhaled heavily. No matter how much I tried to calm myself, my mind would visit memories of him or my little sister and I would get angry all over again.

I reached for a vase and smashed it and screamed with rage and pure anger.

"Sacha," Remy said.

"I needed to let that out, Remy."

"How about we try to take your mind off what happened?"

"How? Huh? How are you going to do that when my life is practically built around Christian and my sister. They both make up the most memories of my life and my happiness."

"Girl, I can understand that, but it's not paying you any good to be moping around here. How about we take a trip?"

"Are you high? A trip, when my sister and my man are fighting for their lives in some cold ass hospital rooms. You want me to take a trip?"

"I'm sorry. I meant just take a break. Sacha, I don't want to see you get worked up and overwhelmed here. I'm just trying to be a friend and be by your side."

"Then understand that I'm not going anywhere in a time like this. Judy needs me. Christian needs me. This baby needs me!"

"And you need to rest and get yourself back together. You're only one person, Sacha! You're not superwoman."

"Remy, I get what you're saying. I really do. But I just don't want to hear that shit right now so I suggest you shut up or change the topic!" I snapped at my best friend.

She threw up her hands in defense. "I'm sorry. I'm sorry."

She fetched me a glass of water afterwards but I didn't drink it due to it's cloudy contents.

"Heard anything back from the police?" I asked Remy as I eyed the glass of water suspiciously.

"No. I think they're still on the hunt for Audrey. She's probably in another state by now."

"There's nowhere for her to run forever. How I wish the police let me beat her ass before sticking her behind bars."

"You really want to give Audrey those hands, huh?"

I laughed lightly to myself. "I'm heading up to my room, turn the AC on full blast and get some rest."

I peeled myself off the couch and went upstairs to my bedroom.

On opening the door, it smelled like Christian's perfume. I engulfed myself in the bed sheets and cried myself to sleep.


I woke up at the next sunrise. Tears stained the pillow underneath me and I felt how swollen my eyes were.

I made my way to my bathroom and did my usual morning feminine hygiene routine. Afterwards, I went downstairs for breakfast.

I walked past the guest bedroom and heard Remy on the phone with someone.

"Who could she be talking on the phone with this early?" I questioned myself.

"I don't know what is wrong with you. You went too damn far. Where are you?" I heard her end of the conversation.

Shortly after, she emerged and caught me in the act of eaves-dropping.

"Sacha? How long have you been standing there?" she asked.

"I just got here. I was about to wake you so we can start breakfast."


"Who were you on the phone with?"

"Just a friend from the club. She got into some drama and I was just giving her some advice."

"Oh. Okay."

We went to the kitchen and made breakfast.

"Remy, when is your mom's funeral?"

"Soon. Next week Thursday actually."


Remy and I had breakfast then started watching an episode when a knock came on the door.

I opened it.

"Are you happy what happened to my son?" his mother asked as she barged into the house uninvited.

"How can you ask such a question? In case you haven't noticed, my sister was in that car too!" I instantly snapped.

I didn't give a damn if she was his mother. What she's not going to do, is walk in here and disrespect me.

"All of this could have been avoided if he had only listened and you had stay away from my son."

"Are you serious right now? You have the audacity to bring such foolishness to my house so early."

"Your house? Little girl, this house belongs to my son. Not you."

"He gave it to me."

"Got proof of that. You're not even entitled to a breadcrumb as far as I know."

"That's what you came over here for? Hug? Your son is in a coma and all you can talk about is what the mother of his unborn child is entitled to. What the fuck is wrong with you?"

"Watch your mouth! My son can't talk to me like that and neither can you!"

"Well obviously someone should. I can't stand people like you. Always worried about material shit when a life is at stake. Your son! You should be at the damn hospital instead of my house!"

Mrs. Alexander was shell-shocked. "My word. You'll never amount to this family."

I watched her walk out the door.

"Girl, you handled her," Remy said as she left.

"Where were you?" I asked, remembering she surprisinhly disappeared as Mrs. Alexander appeared.

"I was eating, girl."

I eyed her and walked away. Remy was something else, and a feeling in the pit of my stomach wasn't settling right with her. I wanted to trust her again because I forgave her, but I couldn't for some odd reason.

I decided to confront Remy about my suspicions.

"Remy, are you betraying me right now?"

"What? No! Sach, I would never. Not again."

"I just have a feeling that you are not telling me something. I want to be wrong, I really do, but Remy, if you've gone behind my back again....."

"You're not going to do anything because I didn't. You're being paranoid right now and dramatic."

"I really hope so Remy. For your sake."


A few hours later, I got a call from the hospital. Judy was awake and she was crying to see me.

That was the fastest I arrived at the hospital. Her eyes sparked with happiness when they landed on me bursting in her door.

"Judy! My baby girl. My sweet baby girl. How are you?" Tears of happiness slipped out my eyes.

"I'm banged up."

"You'll be okay."

"I can't feel my legs, Sacha. I can't feel my legs. Am I going to walk after this?"

I couldn't answer. I didn't know what to say after the doctor said that it was a fifty-fifty percent chance of Judy using her legs again.


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