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Little Revelations

Sacha's POV

I couldn't visit Judy without seeing Christian as well. Although he was still in a coma and no telling when he'll wake up, I still wanted to be close to him.

I sat next to him quietly as I observed his motionless form. Memories flooded my mind.

The first time I saw him at the club.

When he pulled up and offered me a ride home.

When he took my virginity away and used the term 'make love' instead of 'fuck'.

The times when I talked to him about my troubles and he gave me his entire Summer house that looks more like a freaking mansion.

"You have to wake up," I whispered in his ears as I held his hand.

And then I felt it. I felt his fingers wrapping around mine and a firmed hold occurred.

Happy tears slipped from my eyes as his eyes started to flutter-open.


His eyes opened fully and they darted right towards me.

"You're awake. Oh my God, you're awake."

"Sa.. Sa... Sacha?"

"Shh. Shh. Shh. Save your strength. I'll signal for the doctors." I pressed the doctors' button located on the right side of the bed and within seconds, the doctor and nurses were present.


"He's making excellent progress. He's breathing on his own again. He's now being transferred to the Male Medical ward where we'll observe him further as it relates to his head injuries and other injuries he sustained," the doctor explained to me and Christian's mom who arrived within an hour after I called her to inform her that Christian was awake.

"Sacha, for what it's worth, I want to thank you for being there for my son. I know we got off on the wrong foot and I gave quite an impression. I hope we can move pass this and start over," Mrs. Alexander said to me before she left to go see her son.


One Week Later

Judy was home at last but it wasn't the same active, fun-going Judy. Instead, it was a quiet, sad-looking Judy in a wheelchair who couldn't start therapy until her broken leg was healed.

I watched her from the couch as she wheeled herself to a corner of the living room.

"When is the cast coming off?" Remy asked.

"Doctors said within five weeks. The silver lining is that she would be able to use her legs again. She'll just have to endure weeks of therapy."

"And what about her school? Is she going to stay absent so those weeks?"

"Definitely not. I know she's not in a state of mind for school so she's going to be home school for that period of time. I've already arranged it."

"You're coughing up a lot of money, girl. Therapy ain't cheap. Neither is paying someone to home-school her."

"I have a million dollars in the bank with interest. I can afford to have my sister back on her feet and some education in her head. No amount of money is too much for that."

"Understood. When is Christian coming home?"

"Soon," I simply answered and headed towards the kitchen to make Judy something to eat.


"HEY! SACHA! HAVE YOU SEEN MY PHONE?" Remy came running into my bedroom to ask.

"No. I haven't. Where were you using it last?" I asked.

"I can't remember. I used it in my bedroom and then I went to the living room but I've looked almost everywhere and I can't find it."

"Pretty sure you left it in a bag or a pants pocket or underneath your bed or somewhere. You've always been careless."

"Not when it comes to my phone. I need my phone!"

"I'm sure it would show up. I'll call it."

"No. It's on silent. It wouldn't make a difference."

"You never put your phone on silent before."

"It was annoying me."

"I'll help you look."

"Thank you so much."

We left my bedroom and went downstairs to look for Remy's phone but we came up empty handed. Eventually, Remy gave up and left for her job without it.

The next morning, after Judy had finished her class sessions, she rolled towards me with a device in her hand.

"Judy, what's that?" I eyed the phone.

"I found it on the table," she answered.

"Give it here. It's Remy's. How many times should I tell you not to touch what doesn't belong to you?!" I snapped as I took the phone from her.

I looked at the screen and it was covered in text messages from a contact with 'A' as the name saved.

"Okay. Remy got a boy obsessing over her," I said and curiosity got the better of me as more text messages popped up. That feeling came back. The feeling which rang that I shouldn't trust Remy.

But her phone was secured with a password.

I called Josh.

Josh had a friend who was a hacker. She was so brilliant, she could get pass an FBI firewall.

I knew Josh was still low-key mad at me for blowing him off and getting involved with his boss, but he promised to still be my friend.


"I ran away from work for this," he said as he walked into my house with his friend.

"And by ran away, he meant he lied about being sick. Hi, I'm Sarah. World's best hacker," Josh's friend introduced herself.


"Sarah and Sacha," she said with a smile.

"Sounds like we're sisters," I laughed.

She was very pretty with a caramel complexion and a kinky Afro like mine. Hers just a little shorter and less thick.

"Alright, let's get to it. What exactly you want to get into?"

"My best friend's cellphone."



"Piece of cake."

I handed her the cellphone and she drew out her own computer from her bag pack. She attached the phone to a USB then to the computer. I watched her fingers moved like lightning over her keyboard.

"I'm in," she said.

"No way. It's been like thirty seconds." I was amazed.

"What do you want to spy on?"

"Her text messages."

She pulled up the text messages on the computer screen and I scanned through it.

Tons and tons of messages between her and A. Messages about money agreements, time, places and addresses from since months ago.

As I read on, Christian's name came into view.

"Why would she be talking about Christian with this 'A' person?" I asked aloud.

I read on as Josh and Sarah watched me do so.

"Hold up. What the actual fuck is this!" There, in front of my eyes, was a text conversation with 'A' about Christian's whereabouts that Sunday. The Sunday where my worst nightmare became a reality.

"A for Audrey. A is Audrey," I revealed. It hit me.

Everything Remy said was a lie. She never returned any money to Audrey, instead, Audrey was giving her more money for information on Christian's whereabouts while he was here with me.

Audrey attacked Christian that very Sunday, using her vehicle as a weapon and putting both him and my kid sister in the hospital.

My blood ran hot.

"I'm going to kill Remy!"



It's about to get TURNT UP!

The truth is out and blood is running HOT.

You wouldn't want to miss what's coming next.

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