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Little Happy Ever After

Sacha's POV

After accepting Christian's proposal to marry him, my kid sister and myself moved into his extraordinary mansion.

I was so thrilled to be 'at home' with him finally. He was always present in my and Judy's life. And he was extra excited in becoming a father. He never missed an OBGYN appointment.

Judy regained full usage of her legs and she no longer had to use a wheelchair to get around. She told me exercising was now her favorite thing to do and that one day she wanted to own a gym.

You Go Girl! Dreams are meant to be conquered.

As for motherhood, it came all too instantly. I gave birth to a bouncing baby girl and we named her Christina.

Christian Alexander. She has such a nice ring to her name.




The wedding day was magical. I wore a white dress as big as a cloud which dazzled with rhinestones. I couldn't stop crying as I walked down the aisle to my husband-to-be.

I wished my parents were alive to see this moment but I heard heaven had a better view anyways.

When the vows were exchanged and the wedding official allowed us to place our rings on each other's fingers, my heart couldn't stop fluttering. It felt like it would leave my chest and fly towards Christian.

I wouldn't mind. After all, my heart belonged to him.

"By the power vested in me, I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss your bride," the official said.

Christian's lips captured mine. At that moment, my life flashed and played out before me.

A simple girl with a kid sister to care for. Living in a tiny apartment in which a landlord had the audacity to kick me out of.

Remy, turned around to be a snake in the grass, came to the rescue. She did a good deed and I'll remember her for it.

Meeting Christian at the club, having him take Remy and myself home when I had no idea who he was. It was there it all started.

I became a little brown benefit to Christian. I was having sex with him in the exchange of money.

It only lasted a month before everything blew out of proposition and as a result, I was given one million instead of twelve but that didn't mattered because now, I have a whole billionaire for a husband.

Money meant nothing to me. I was born without it and I grew up with nothing much. My first paycheck was the most money I ever had in my life.


My honeymoon with Christian was everything and more although Christina was present.

We took her along with us because she was only a baby and I didn't trust to leave her with anyone. Judy insisted on staying behind with Christian's mom. She took a strong liking to Judy as if she was her own grandchild. I knew she would spoil her and I didn't mind. Judy deserved the best things in life.


"Mrs. Alexander, you're not coming to bed?" my husband asked me.

"Of course yes, Mr. Alexander," I answered seductively. Christina was already fast asleep but I was staring at her, watching her sleep.

She was so beautiful and sleeping so peacefully in her crib.

When my eyes were contended, I wrapped up in Christian's arms, inhaling his wonderful scent. He planted a kiss on my forehead and we listened to the waves crashing on the beach from our hotel room.

I was happy. I was at peace and I was in love. I loved my daughter, my sister, my husband and I loved myself.

Life couldn't get any better than this.




Thank you for reading Little Brown Benefit. I really appreciate you being here and making it to the end.


*Look forward to more books from me in the future*

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