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Friends With Benefits Melissa and Adrian have been best friends since they can remember. They are always together. Nothing can change that. That is until they both find out they are both virgins. Soon Adrian recommends that they should hook up once and get it over with. So they are no longer the virgins in their friend group. They soon hook up and they can’t stop and they soon make themselves friends With Benefits. Trying to make sure their friends never find out. And also trying to make sure neither of them grow feelings.

Romance / Drama
Victoria Conners
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Chapter 1

Dear Readers,

this book is actually complete but I was unhappy with the book. So I have decided to revise it. So most of the chapters have been taken off. I will be combining many of them so it will make the chapters longer. If you want to read the completed book, you can go on Wattpad! Sorry about the inconvenience.

“So. Who’s next?” Jennifer asked. We all looked around. We had forgotten who was suppose to go next.

“I guess I’ll go since you morons aren’t the best with memory,” I said. I knew Jennifer really well, and she loved truth or dare. And whenever she got the chance to ask you a truth you would probably end up saying a huge secret.

“Fine. So Melissa, truth or dare?” She asked.

I didn’t which one to pick. Either I let out a huge secret or do something totally embarrassing. Now I totally regret opening my big fat mouth and telling her I would go.

“Now thinking about it, it’s Adrian’s turn.“I lied. It wasn’t his turn. And I knew it. He had just gone. I just didn’t want to go.

“Bullshit. I just went. Just answer the damn question.” Adrian gripped. He didn’t want to go again and I knew it. A few minutes ago he picked dare and he had to exchange clothes with Elizabeth, my sister.

“Yeah Melissa, Adrian’s right. He just went. And he’s wearing your sister’s clothes to prove it.” Blake said. I looked behind me since I was sitting in Adrian’s lap and looked at the shirt he was wearing.

He was wearing a Minnie Mouse shirt that was pink and had sparkles. I then looked over to my sister who was wearing a black shirt.

“Fine.” I groaned out. I didn’t want to answer at all. I thought about it for a second. My friends knew all of my secrets so why not go with the truth?

“Truth,” I said thinking I had just beat Jeniffer. But of course, I was wrong. As I usually am. I never seem to learn my lesson. This happens at least once a week. My group of friends LOVE truth or dare. That’s why we are all so close, cause we know all about each other.

Jennifer thought for a second. Which I knew was bad. She was probably thinking of something embarrassing to ask me. Or something she didn’t know. After a few seconds, she smiled that devious smile which meant she had a good question. That would 100% embarrass me.

“Is it true you are a virgin?” She asked me.

It was true, but I didn’t want to admit it. I was 18 and a virgin. As far as I know, the rest of the group has had sex. I know Jeniffer has. She was basically the school slut. Of course, we didn’t call her that. But she had slept with half of the school by the time we graduated.

I know Blake had sex the night we graduated, the only reason I know this is because he slept with Elizabeth. Which of course was a huge mistake on both of their parts. The only reason we found out, was because the next morning, Elizabeth woke up screaming.

She is a year younger than me and I was really mad at Blake for deflowing my little sister. And they barely just started talking. Even though it has been an entire 4 months. Everybody in the group except Elizabeth started college so it gave them a chance to not speak to each other.

“Um, it’s true. I never had sex.” I said and everyone stared at me.

“Really? I’m surprised. I didn’t expect you to the group firing. I would have expected Elizabeth to be. But thanks to BLAKE, that didn’t happen.” Jennifer said glaring at Blake who was now embarrassed.

“I’m sorry I don’t whore around with the college,” I said rolling my eyes.

“Actually, she isn’t the only virgin in this group,” Adrian said.

I looked at him in shock. About 1 year ago, he had told us he had lost his virginity to his ex-girlfriend. But she ended up moving away, so we could never ask her if it was true. “What about Brittany?” I asked Adrian.

“I lied. She was too much of an “I won’t do that until I’m married” Adrian said.

I chuckled. “Well welcome to the virgin club,” I said shaking Adrian hand and he rolled his eyes.

“Damn, I wouldn’t’ have asked that question if I would have known this. I can’t believe you are virgin Melissa. I thought you would have had sex by now. I mean you’re 18 and in your first year of college. I mean it’s kinda depressing. I mean sex if fun and amazing. You really need to get laid.” Jennifer said.

“I’ll try my best. Maybe the next party I can get a random guy to fuck me.” I said sarcastically.

“Yeah.Yeah. Can we get on with this damn game? It got boring listening to your sad virgin story.” Jennifer said.

We soon continued with our game and ended up doing some pretty stupid and embarrassing stuff. Jennifer had to go to my next door night who was a 20-year-old guy and kiss him. Which to her wasn’t really a dare because she’s actually hooked up with him before. Not surprising.

Elizabeth had to kiss Blake. Then she got up and vomited. Which Blake took horribly.

Blake had to tell about his first kiss. And Adrian had to drink a bunch of soy sauce, then he threw up. After playing Truth or Dare for hours, it was now 9 pm and my friends decided to leave. But not surprised, Adrian decided to stay the night.

“Bye guys!” I yell out the door. Once they got into their cars I shut the door and walked up to my room where Adrian was.

“What is this?” Adrian asked me coming out with one of my bras.

“Put that down. And don’t act stupid, you know what that is. ” I said rolling my eyes.

Adrian laughed and went back into my closet. He came out without the bra and sat on my bed.

“You just love going through my stuff don’t you?” I asked Adrian annoyed.

“Sure do. And I wanna talk to you about something.” He said now not joking around.

“Yeah sure, you know you can talk to me about anything,” I said.

“So this is about the whole virgin thing. I seriously didn’t know that you were a virgin.” Adrian said.

“Yeah, I guess I didn’t really wanna say anything since it’s kinda embarrassing being an 18 year old viring,” I said rubbing my arm in embarrassment.

“Well since we are both virgins, I kinda had an idea. Now before I say it, don’t get mad at me. It’s just a simple idea. And I think it will fix both of our little virgin issues.” He said.

“Um, sure. What’s the idea?” I asked him concerned. What is the idea? To go out to a club and find some random to fuck?

“I was thinking that me and you should hook up and get it over with.” Adrian said.

“You’re joking, right? I mean seriously, we are best friends. Why ruin that?” I asked him. What is he thinking? I mean, having sex with him would ruin everything. We’ve been best friends forever and I don’t want to risk that just because I want to lose my virginity.

“Look, Melissa, I mean we are both best friends. And yes it could ruin our friend’s ship. But we are such good friends that it wouldn’t faze us.” Adrian said. What a shitty excuse.

“I want a better reason. Until then, my answer is hell no. I’m not gonna have sex with you, Adrian.” I said. Adrian laid against the bed.

“Come on. It could be fun. We both trust each other. It would be a one-time thing. And we will never talk about it again. And we don’t have to tell anybody if you don’t want to. Not even the gang. I swear Melissa, 1 time. And that’s it. And the best thing about losing your virginity to me is that I’m your best friend and I’m not some random dude who will leave you after. ” Adrian said.

He was right. I would rather not get my virginity taken by some loser.

“Can I think about it? I mean it’s something huge. Once we do that, there is no going back.“I asked him and Adrian nodded.

“Yea, take your time. I know it’s a lot to think about. And according to Instagram, sex means more to girls than boys.” Adrian said.

“That’s so not true,” I said.

“Yeah, it is. The internet said so.” Adrian said. I rolled my eyes.

“Look I got another idea,” Adrian said.

“You are your ideas,” I said and he chuckled. He moved himself up so he was sitting next to me.

“My ideas are amazing,” he said defending himself.

“yeah sure. So what’s this idea?” I asked him.

“It might make you think better.” He said and I was confused by what he meant. He grabbed my waist and pulled me on top of him and I wrapped my arms around his neck so I was straddling him.

“What are you doing?” I muttered.

“Helping you decide,” he said before slamming his lips onto mine. We have both kissed before.

He was with Brittany for 3 years. Surprisingly he never slept with her. But as he said, she didn’t want to have sex till marriage.

My first kiss was my ex-boyfriend Michael who ended up cheating on me because I wouldn’t have sex with him. But we were only 15. So I was WAY too young.

And soon I was back to reality. Adrian was kissing me! Of course, we had kissed before, but they were more pecks.

He bit my lip begging for entrance into my mouth and I gladly accepted. Mine and his tongue battled for dominance as he wrapped his arms around my waist pulling me closer. I put my hands into his hair and pulled making him groan.

What am I doing?! I’m turning on my best friend! Before anything could go farther, I pulled away.

We both didn’t say anything as we tried to catch our breaths.

“Adrian,” I said.

“I know.” He said. He was saying how amazing that kiss was. And fuck was he right.

I’ve never been kissed like that before. If I knew kissing him would be this good, I would have done it years ago. “So what now?” I asked him.

“Now you decide. If you want to do it or not. I mean it’s totally up to you. I don’t want to pressure you into anything. As I said it would be a 1-time thing.” He said.

I knew the kiss was supposed to make me know what to do, but hell it just made me more confused. But all I know is that if the kiss was amazing how amazing could the sex be.

“How about you kiss me again and I’ll be able to know more,” I said. Adrian chuckled pulling me in again for another kiss. This time it wasn’t shocking. Our last kiss I was surprised and I didn’t know what to do. Cause my best friend was kissing me, what was I suppose to do?

This time he was totally in control. His hands moved down to my pants and he started to unbutton them. For some reason, I wasn’t stopping him. As he unbuttoned my jeans I slipped off my shirt revealing my bra.

Adrian pulled away from the kiss for a second.

“So what does this mean?” He asked me.

“It means you are about to get laid, now shut up and kiss me,” I said and he didn’t even hesitate before he kissed me again and flipped us so he was on top of me.

“Holy shit,” Adrian said staring at my boobs.

“Adrian focus!” I said annoyed. “Sorry, I’ve never seen boobs except on porn.” He said and I rolled my eyes. “Well you’ve got all night to do whatever you want, so quit staring and do something,“I said. Adrian nodded and started trailing kisses from my neck to my breast.

“Adrian.” I moaned out. I felt him smirk when I moaned his name. I closed my eyes for a second to enjoy his touch as he kept kissing my body.

“Wait,” he said stopping.

“What?” I asked him opening my eyes.

“I don’t have a condom.” He said.

“Um, maybe Elizabeth has one,” I said.

“She’s a year younger than you. Of course, she doesn’t have a damn condom.” Adrian said.

“Adrian we can’t have sex unless we have protection,” I said. “Hold on.” He said getting off of me. “What are you doing?” I asked him as I sat up.

“Remember the game we played a couple weeks ago when we tried to see how much water it would take to make a condom break?” He asked me as he walked into my closet.

“Yeah,” I said.

“Found them!” He said coming back into the room with a package of condoms.

“I left them here,” he said taking on and throwing the rest to the ground/

“Thank god you did,” I said as he crawled back on top of me.

He kissed me again igniting the fire and passion again.

He took off his shirt and I slipped off my pants leaving me only in my underwear.

“This is gonna be fun.” He said smirking.

He took off his pants and we got into the bed and underneath the covers. I took off my bra. And my underwear and laid down in the bed. Adrian took off his boxers and slipped on the condom before climbing on top of me.

“Are you sure?” He asked me and I nodded.

“I’ll try and not to hurt you. Tell me if I am and I’ll stop,” he said and I closed my eyes.

A few seconds later he slammed into my making me yelp.

“Shush, your sister is in the next room. We don’t want her coming in.” Adrian said. He hasn’t moved. I nodded. “Do you want me to keep going?” He asked me. Probably to make sure I was okay, and that he wasn’t hurting me.

“Yeah, keep going,” I said. “Does it hurt?” He asked me. I didn’t want to lie. It hurt really badly.

“Yeah, just keep going okay?” I asked him. He nodded and he slowly moved in and out trying not to hurt me. I wrapped my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck. The more he continued to thrust in and out of me, the less it hurt.

“Oh god Melissa, this feels so fucking good.” Adrian moaned out as he continued to thrust in and out of me. He started going faster. I was now a moaning mess as I dug my nails into Adrian’s back making him groan.

“Adrian.” I moaned out. He put his head between my neck and my shoulder. He grabbed my waist and slammed into me.

“We should have done this years ago.” He groaned out as he sped up. He felt so good. I’ve never felt anything this amazing.

“Get on top.” He said and I nodded. He slipped out of me and sat up against my headboard and I sat on top of him to ride him. He wrapped his arms around my waist and I sat down on his dick allowing him to enter me again.

“Adrian!” I moaned out forgetting my sister was in the next room.

Adrian put his hand over my mouth.

“I told you to shush.” He said.

He moves his hand from my mouth.

“It feels too good,” I said as I began to reach my climax.

I felt my stomach tightening up before I came. Seconds later Adrian came and he rested his dead on my breast all out of breath.

“Wow, Jennifer was right. Sex sure is fun.” Adrian said.

I think about what just happened. I just had sex with Adrian, my best friend!

“Fuck.” I said as I got off of him and laid next to him.

“God that was fun. I didn’t know sex was that amazing. Sure does relive stress though.” He said.

“What stress did you have?” I asked him.

“That college is tomorrow. Duh.” he said.

I rolled my eyes.

“So now what? I mean we both aren’t virgins anymore.” I asked him and he shrugged.

“This was your idea, and you have no idea what to do,” I said annoyed.

“I didn’t think this far into it. I actually thought you were gonna turn me down.” He said in defensive.

“Well how about we go eat? I’m hungry. ” I said and he nodded.

We both got into our pajamas and headed downstairs. I didn’t see Elizabeth in her room and I assumed she was still downstairs. Probably waiting for mom and dad to get home.

“Beth!” I yelled once we got to the first floor.

“In the kitchen!” she yelled. Both Adrian and I walked into the kitchen to see my sister sitting on the counter eating cereal.

“What are you doing down here?” I asked her.

“I got hungry. Mom and dad should be home soon, mom said she got me something and wanted to show me. And I just had to see what it is.” Se said hopping off of the counter and walking toward me.

“What are you doing down here?” She asked me.

“We are just hungry,” I said going over to the fridge.

“You guys just ate. I mean you guys ate like 4 pieces of pizza before you guys headed upstairs about 20 minutes ago. What made you lose your food?” She asked me as I grabbed the chicken from the fridge.

“Nothing. I guess we just have huge appetites tonight.” I said trying to back away from the question.

Beth is the person who is in everybody’s business. She is so damn nosy.

I use to write in my journal, and one day I had written about a crush and the next day the boy found out because Beth told him. Since she had read my journal and now I don’t keep them anymore.

“I mean it’s impossible to eat all of that and still be hungry 20 minutes later. I mean what were you guys doing?” She asked me.

“Really none of your business,” I said.

“Maybe it’s moms. I’ll tell mom that you were smoking pot.” She said.

“Go ahead, cause I wasn’t. Search my room and they can make me take a drug test. I have never done a drug before.” I said. And that was true. I couldn’t do drugs. I don’t want to ruinmym life.

I’ve seen most of my family die or go to jail due to drugs or alcohol. My aunt died overdose on pills. I would never forget that, she was such a normal person.

“You really are a bitch.” She said.

“What happened to the Beth from earlier?” I asked her.

“It’s called acting.” She said.

“Now I’m wondering if you seriously slept with Blake,” I said.

“No, I would never purposely sleep with him. He’s a player and everybody knows it. Screwing his best friends sisters and cousins. That’s just fucked up.” She said.

“So Adrian, got a girlfriend yet?” she asked him walking over to him.

“Nope, and don’t plan on one anytime soon. Too clingy.” Adrian said and it made me chuckle. Beth rolled her eyes and walked out of the kitchen.

I call Beth Bipolar. She is the sweets girl around others but a complete bitch to me. And the whole thing of hitting on Adrian happens pretty often.

I would love to rub it in her face that I had sex with him. So badly.

She uses to try and kiss him all the time.

“Moms home!” I heard Beth yell.

“I wish she never came home, “I told Adrian.

“Don’t say that. One day she could be gone and you are gonna regret saying that.” He said getting up.

“I like my dad 100% better. My mom is too much like Beth.” I said.

“Come on, let’s go back upstairs and watch tv. I’m bored and there has to be a movie on Netflix or something.” Adrian said and I nodded.

As we got into my bedroom I stripped down into my bra and underwear.

“Are you going to bed like that?” He asked me.

“You’ve already seen everything Adrian calm down,” I said slipping into bed and taking off my bra.

“Fuck.” I heard Adrian mutter.

Adrian put on his shorts and took off his shirt and climbed into bed.

He soon put on a movie and i laid on his chest.

“Night Adrian,” I said before falling asleep.


“Melissa!” I heard a voice say. I opened my eyes and saw my little cousin Callie in front of me seconds later she jumped on the bed right where Adrian was.

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